Supah Ninjas

Supah Ninjas – Nickelodeon

The most high-kicking, karate-chopping sitcom on TV today is on it’s way back with a ton of brand new episodes. Nickelodeon fan favorite Supah Ninjas is back for an all new season of hilarious adventures.

Supah Ninjas tells the story of Mike Fukanaga who is given a letter after the death of his grandfather telling him that he is a descendant of a long line of ninjas. Mike learns to accept and develop his talents with the help of a hologram version of his grandfather that he calls Hologramps. Soon, along with his best friends Amanda and Owen, Mike creates a crime fighting team known as The Supah Ninjas. Each week millions of viewers are treated to the hilarious, inventive and action packed adventures of The Supah Ninja team. This wildly creative series stars Ryan Potter as Mike Fukanaga, Gracie Dzienny as Amanda McKay, Carlos Knight as Owen Reynolds, George Takei as Hologramps and now maybe you in an exciting new role. Stay tuned for every exciting update for Supah Ninjas.

All new adventures of televisions funniest and most entertaining crime fighting team are coming soon. Save the world and be a part of fun with the hit Nickelodeon show Supah Ninjas.

Supah Ninjas Cast:

Ryan Potter – Mike Fukanaga

Gracie Dzienny – Amanda McKay

Carlos Knight – Owen Reynolds

Matthew Yang King – Yamato

Randall Park – Martin Fukanaga

George Takei – Grandfather

Series Directed by:

Clark Mathis

Alex Winter

Series Written by:

Leo Chu

Eric Garcia

Visit the official Supah Ninjas show page:


156 thoughts on “Supah Ninjas

  1. deena marie vodila

    Supah ninjas is one of my favorite shows!!! I would love to be on their, it’s so funny!!
    Name: deena marie vodila
    Age: 17
    Race: whiteEye
    color: brown
    Hair color: brown
    Skin color: brown
    Trained in: theatre
    Special skill: dance

  2. Natalie Basilio

    Hey I’m Natalie Basilio,
    I sing, dance, act and play my ukulele.
    Brown/Black Hair
    Brown Eyes
    Chubby (give the chubby kids a chance)

    I’m from Perth, Western Australia and I’m a hard worker and I’m great with people. If you need a funny and new character for the show send me an email. Oh and I’m 16. In Perth you can’t really make it big so I’m hoping this is my chance.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. Jhadiah green

    Hello nick my name is jhadiah green
    I am 14 years of age african american
    I play basketball,sing,rap,dance,act
    I am very talented and funny
    I hope I get a shot at proving my talent

  4. Shannon Harrison

    Helloo Everyone,
    My names Shannon M. Harrison. I’m 13 years old girl. My birthday is March 24, 1999. I weigh 85 pounds, and my height is 5’3. I have brown hair. I am multi-talented. I can do it all singing,acting,comedy & dancing. A picture of me can be easily given upon request! I love taking pictures. The reason I would be great for the Nickelodeon team is because I love Nickelodeon. I grew up watching Nickelodeon and always dreamed about being on Nickelodeon. I’m always ready to wow the crowd! Hopefully I can get a audition and show you guys what I got!
    -Love, Shannon

  5. Ilyas belhana

    Name:Ilyas Belhana
    Age:15/16 in july
    Height:1.88 (6ft2)
    Location: Westmidlands,UK
    Ethnic: Moroccan British, Spanish
    Info: i have always wanted to act all my life and i know the UK is very far place but i can and will show you why you should choose me to be on this fantastic show. i work well with new people and always love to have a laugh and play but when it comes to show i can prove myself,Also i am a muay thai expert which is a fantastic art and i will be starting capoeira which is brazilain dance fighting i think i will be perfect for this role because im athletic and do a lot of sports. At school i was gifted and talented in drama and was always the main character in the school play. so please email me and i will give more information to you please
    Thank you

  6. Brennan Moore

    Hi my name is Brennan Moore!!!! I am 16 and I love to be the funny guy/kid!! I have blonde hair, blue eyes and I am 5’11”. I am a farm boy from Ohio but now live in Northern New Jersey!! Pick me and I will make you laugh!!!! Thanks for your consideration!!!

  7. Janiz Trisha Guatno Sarong

    hi my name is Janiz Trisha Guatno Sarong, I’m 14 yrs. old turning 15 this June 23, 2013. I live at Philippines, Bohol, Tagbilaran City. I love to be a movie actress since I was young ,and so I’d practice hard and trained hard with my acting talent. I guess this is my opportunity to show the world what I can really do..thank you and God bless you

  8. Kasiem Medley

    I believe that i would be a perfect match for this show based on my extensive acting background( Just accepted a scholarship to Miami(OH) for acting. My range of emotional explosiveness, leaves me able to perform any role or character type needed although lacking martial arts training i have a quick learning ability and a muscular athletic build.
    Height: 6’1 1/2
    Weight: 180 pounds (athletic build)
    Age: 17 6 months
    Hair: Black
    DOB: 06/12/1995

  9. Aleceia Smith


    BD: 01-23-1991 (age 21)
    HEIGHT: 5’5
    WEIGHT: 125 lbs
    EYES: brown
    HAIR: brown

    Hello, I know that getting an opptortunity like this requires experience, I’m sure the casting crew for this show is looking for someone who has starred in broadway or something spectacular like that. I’m sure you’re looking for someone talented someone who dances and who writes their own songs with a pleasant voice and probably years of practice. Or even someone who has been to the most credential acting academies with references and valuable recomendations. I do not acquire all of these qualities but I can provide some. I have no acting experience except a year in drama as a freshman but I am very ambitious and willing to learn I a also willing to face whatever challenge is put in front of me and execute it. I know the values of this opportunity as well or even better than any other. I did not go to any dance academies or I have not had any voice instructors but I will dance and I have perfect rhythym..I can also carry a tune. I do not have any references, recomendations, or even a lot of money but I am willing to do whatever it takes to get this audition and if put to the test I know if given this opportunity I will succeed at anything I do with enough faith. I did go off of faith to actually write this because I know its a long shot but I did it because I never know if I don’t try. I thank you for reading this and considering. Good luck with the show and good luck to all of the potential contestants! :)

  10. edward shaw jr

    hey nickelodeon my name is edward but people call me ed, I am 20 years old but I look 17 lol anyways I have a PASSION for bringing love and laughter to the audience or people in particular. I grew up watching nickelodeon its help me through a lot of tough times in my life. an it would be great to work for you guys. I would do it for the love not the fame.

  11. LaVelle S.

    I’m always watching this with my little brothers
    25 5’6″ 145
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown

  12. Bladyn Breaux

    Hi my name is bladyn michael breaux.i am 11 years hair .brown eyes. I weigh 145. Please consider me as a choice on your great show.i live in erath louisana

  13. derek hirose

    age: 15
    eye color:brown
    hair color: black
    ethnicity: asian, hispanic

    I play guitar and have acting experience.

  14. marlo garcia

    My name is marlo garcia and I am in japanese martial arts. I have been training four five years and I am a blue belt. I am a learning how to speak Japanese. I have a lot of talent to show you. I have studied acting as well. I would love to be in “Supah Ninjas” and show what I can do. I would love it if you accepted me for supah ninjas!!!! I will work so hard on the shows!

    Marlo Garcia
    Hollywood FL
    Height: 57 inches
    Age 11
    DOB: 09/04/2001
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Hispanic background
    Clothing size: 11

  15. Jamie

    I’m interested in being part of this show!
    I grew up in California pretty much my whole life except for the 6 years I spent in Korea. I just turned 17 years old, and I’d love to get a chance to star in this show even though it’d only be a few seconds. I’m outgoing and I LOVE to entertain and make people laugh, although sometimes I can be a pretty shy girl. I achieved a black belt in taekwondo. I grew up watching disney channel and nickelodeon and it has always been a dream for me to appear on any of the shows. I’d love to step out of my bubble and try something new for myself by getting a chance to star in a Nickelodeon show.

  16. Israel A Bamidele

    To whoms it may concerned
    hi i name is Israel bamidele live in Nashville
    15 years old
    born on october 3rd 1997
    my height is 5″6
    my weight is 120
    my hair color is black
    am black
    i have act at church, school and another school
    i sing
    i dance
    i want to be part of this shows coz i have being dreaming to make a word a better place and assisting people..i also have an accent that is funny..i hope i can be assisted even if in another show i am ready to make world a place for everyone
    thanks very much

  17. sebriah gardner

    my name is sebriah gardner im 15 years old, african american and i sing act and dance. although i dont have acting experience i know i can do it. i’ve been in the posta and pops concert at my school and i use to have a dance group, and the reason im mentioning all of this is because i know the actors/actresses on nick are all multi-talented and so am i.

  18. Jerry Choi

    uhh lets see…
    gender: female
    height: 5’1
    weight: 140
    hair: dark brown/black with red highlights
    race: asian >:D haaaha
    skills: mmm… ive done taekwondo for about… 9 years now and im a 3rd degree black belt
    about me: im chinky:)) [chubby] so other people dont think im very athletic but im strong^^ i may be a “teen” but im hyper:D like a lil kid hehe
    thats it.. k buyee

  19. Justin Bent

    Hi my name is Justin Bent
    Race;African American
    Hometown:New York, New York
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    I am 5’8
    Facts about me: I love to get in front of cameras and be myself i’m a ver nice and inergetic person and everyone loves me because i’am so conffident in my self i am a very independant person I do have alot of insparation but i wanna be myself and inspire others ive been wanting to get in front of cameras and take nice big footsteps to the real world and show them who i am ive been wanting this since i was about 4 years old and i want to persue my dreams and get myself out to the world and show them Justin bent. I will love to be apart of this adventure

  20. Bria Ashley

    Supah ninjas is one of my favorite shows!!! I would love to be on their, it’s so funny!!
    Name: Bria Ashley
    Age: 16
    Race: African American
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: brown
    Skin color: brown
    Trained in: theatre
    Special skill: dance

  21. Marina M Williamson

    Well I’m short and have no karate experience but I can be in extra if needed plus need the money. does age matter to be in Nickelodeon tv shows?

  22. Marshelle Kemp

    Name: Marshelle Kemp
    Age: 15
    Ethnicity: African American
    I’ve always loved acting but I fell in love with it when I saw my rolemodel, Selena Gomez in a movie called Wizards of Waverly Place ever since I saw that I fell in love with acting. I’m good at memorizing lines and making people laugh. I’d love to pursue my acting career and being in this movie would help. I’m not in it for the fame. I’m in it to be me and to tell a story to people. I want to be able to inspire people like Selena Gomez did for me. you should email me because I’m different I’m not like everyone else I’m just me. thanks!

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply.. Look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

  23. Aleeta Rampertab

    My name is aleeta I live in hartford
    D.O.B July 8,1999
    Height 5’2
    Hair really dark brown
    Eye really dark brown
    Weight 120 lbs
    Gender female
    I have freckles ^.*
    I am really looking forward to see the new episodes

  24. Kim Reyes

    Dear Nickelodeon,
    I would be delighted and honored to be a part of this show. No matter what character I would get, I’m willing to participate and do the best I can. Acting, singing, and dancing is my passion. I would rehearse as much as I can just to get my role perfect. Some of my past experiences are doing theatrical comedies and musicals such as South Pacific(Liat), Mystery Murders of 1940s(Elsa Von Grossenkneuten), M.A.S.H.(Ho Lan), and Godspell one of the 12 leads, I was named Katherine).
    I’m originally from Philippines and raised in US. Even though I wasn’t born in America, I can speak fluent English and Tagalog. I
    also have Spanish and Chinese descendants so I can speak both
    of those languages somewhat. I would love to learn other languages if I have to. Here are some information about me that might be useful:
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Brown-black
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 105 lbs.
    Body type: Slim/Petite
    Location: Miami,Fl

    E-mail me please if I pass your standards. Thank you.

  25. Dahlia Xie

    Name: Dahlia Xie
    Age: 12
    Height: 4’11”
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: Black/dark brown
    Hometown/currently living: Bellevue,WA (basically Seattle)
    Ethnicity: Chinese-American

    I’m dahlia and I would love to be on Supah ninjas for many reasons. I love sports and I am pretty fast and I can do some basic gymnastic moves like a back walk over, track and field and soccer. I play basically every sport. I love ninjas and I’ve always had a dream of seeing myself on tv I know the job to be on tv is going to hard but I am willing to do anything for it

  26. Wilson Nguyen Jr.

    I’m very interested in being a part of this show or even just a fan and stay tuned for every exciting casting update for Supah Ninjas.
    I’m 5″9
    age: 14
    race: Asian/ Dominican American
    I have done acting classes and all my friends think I’m very funny 😛

  27. Dante' F.

    Hey guys,

    I’m Dante’ and I’d like to become apart of the Nickelodeon Team. My personality is charming, witty, with a twist of sarcasm. Throughout my growing years I am always told that I act mature for my age.
    My time of practicing Shotu Kan will contribute to a show such as Supah Ninja. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    12 yr old male
    5′ 2″
    Blk hair
    Dark Brown eyes

    Thank you

  28. Tito Torres

    Hi my name is Tito Torres and i hope you pick me to be on the show. I am a part of John casablancas modeling and career center.I know I’m ready for this and if you let me show the world what I got I promise it won’t be a let down.
    born dec.29 ,1994
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 110lbs
    Gender: male
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: sandy blonde
    Race: Hispanic/African american

  29. Joshua Brown

    If I get on this show it will make me so happy. I always wanted to be an actor. It was my dream to be one. It lets me express who I am and do the thing that I love is to be an actor. my name is Joshua Brown that is why I won’t to be an actor.
    Age: 13
    Height: 5 2 in a half
    Date Of Birth: 2/26/99
    Eyes: Dark Brown

  30. Jade Castle

    Hi my name is Jade and I am 11 years old. I graduated barbizon school of acting and modeling and just returned from the passport to discovery cruise. I also am a brown belt in karate. I have been an extra in one feature film and a main ghost in another feature film coming out this fall. I am attending the premier in two weeks. I would love the opportunity to audition for the show and I think I would be a great asset. I hope to hear from you soon :)

  31. Matthew Metzger


    My name is Matt and I truly am a ninja. I have been involved in sports such as parkour, pole vaulting, high jump, wrestling, muay thai, and ninjitsu for 4 to 12 years respectively.
    I recently graduated from NYFA for acting, where I recieved 30 hours a week of on camera training, as well as combat for film and stage courses. I’m very energetic and optimistic and love to jump around and do tricks…I’m basically a dog 😉 I would love to be a part of the show in anyway that I can be. If interested, I would be happy to send in my headshot and resume.
    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 130lbs
    Locations: NYC

  32. valeria E.

    hi I would really like to be in this show I loved and I am a very good actriz I have been in a lot of plays in my school and my drama teacher say that I am good actriz I a good actriz for comedy cause I am very funny and I am also very dramatic please I would like to be in this play please!!!

  33. destiny

    Hi im Destiny. Im 12 years old I turn 13 in January. I have been in gymnastics for 2 years. I love the show super Ninjas.
    Birthday-January 6 2000
    Body type-slim
    Hair color-brown and blonde
    Eye color-dark brown
    I did ballet jazz and hip-hop for about 3 years and I have been in choir since kindergarden and I have been in a play when I was 7.

  34. Christopher Meador

    I’d just love to star in this. I just worry I won’t be good enough. I try very hard for acting. No one thinks I can do it. I want to prove them wrong. I wanted to be an actor since I was very young. I got inspired by Miranda Cosgrove in Drake and Josh. I can play almost any role. I’m 16 and out of school. I think I’m ready for this.

  35. Natasha Legros

    Greeting to whom it may concern,
    I am Natasha Legros Female, 5″4, 21 years of age, hazel eyes and weigh in at 127 pounds. I will do well in a organization like this. Entertain is what I am awfully good at. I never work in a huge company as this but I was involve in small plays. I do VERY well with following directions. I am very good at what I do and I do it very well. If you choose me you will have no regrets. Thank very much for the opportunity.

  36. Marissa livingstom

    Hello people. My names is Marissa. I am 16 about to be seventeen next week. My friends and family have always told me I should be a model be ause of my height and looks. They also tell me I should be an actress because of my outgoing attitude and love of life. I’m not afraid of how people view me so I’m willing to live life to the fullest. I am 5.5 with brown eyes and dark brown hair that has a mind of its own. I love this show so much. I can’t say I’ve seen every episode because I haven’t been able to even though I try. I don’t stalk the actors lives or really follow them but I admire their talent. I believe I have just as much talent as they do and if I don’t that isn’t anything a bit of hardwork and dedication can’t fix.

  37. Yvonne Cazarez

    I would first like to know mor about the audiotions.
    My name: Yvonne Cazarez
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Race: Mexican/American
    I don’t have much experience, but I do love acting.

  38. Jon O'Brien

    Hi, my name is Jon O’Brien, and I am 12 going on 13 November 19, and i have dirty blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. (the ladies love them) and i weigh 104lbs and i am 5’7. To be honest, i happen to be a ninja myself. Thanks! 😀

  39. Bria hamilton

    My name is Bria and im 15 years old.
    I feel like i should be in this show because ive always been saying that i have a passion for acting. i sing,skateboard,and dance. It would be an honor to be apart of something in my life.. atleast for once. never really got my big break but i know i would be a great actress.

  40. dontrell cage

    Hi my name is dontrell cage my age is 12 i would love to be in your show I am the type of person who like to be funny I. would not say i will be perfect for your show cause no one pf but I will be great

  41. Ly Huong Nguyen

    Hello there! My name is Ly (lee) I am an asian vietnamese born in Australia. I am supah interested in being part of this disney series (; I’ve always loved acting ever since I was young and is currently looking for as many acting auditions and opportunites as possible. I make You Tube videos of myself, showing just pure randomness and hopefully to entertain viewers and I also do Taekwondo. I am a very energetic 18 year old, although i don’t look 18 because my my petite figure and my height haha
    I hope you take me into consideration 😀 and I am willing to travel far and do anything to audition for any disney series!

    Ly :)

  42. Andres Rodriguez

    Hey I’m Andres Rodriguez , I’m a boy 14 year old looking to be in a show, my dream have always been to be a nick star, I’m a great singer and actor, in school I’m always that main character, I’m in highschool freshman
    Thank you for your time

  43. jabril

    I am really interested into auditioning in a role for supah ninjas.I loved nickelodian since i was a kid it amazed me and made me laugh. I am funny, talented, and active.I will be the right person to be casted on nickelodian fro supah ninjas.

  44. Kara

    Hi, my name is Kara, and I’m really interested in being able to be on this show. I always get told by my friends that I should be an actress, they say because of my fun, energetic, and unique personality. This would be one of my dreams come true to be on a t.v show, doing what I love. I have lots of talents, I can tumble from years of cheerleading and gymnastics, I can dance, and sing.
    Height: 5’6 1/2

  45. indyha fielder

    name: indyha fielder
    Location: Pittsburgh PA!!!!
    age: 14
    birthday: october 11th 1997
    ethnicity: african american
    personality: nice friendly outgoing .i am a dancer ( ballet here and there , jazz , tap , hiphop aftrican , and modern) my whole life i have been in plays at my school and a also a play at the universatity of PITT(
    4 years to date ) , I also had taken some karate before , I’ve played basketball and i currently run track also . i would love to be in Supah Ninjas 2. I love to act I would really like to be apart of this show.

  46. Vivian Chen

    Hello Nickelodeon :) My name is Vivian Chen, I am 20 years old and has the appearance of a 15 year old girl. I currently graduated from LaGuardia Community College with an associate degree of fine arts. with a 3.3 GPA. I believe i would be a perfect candidate to addition in Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat show, because i am a spontaneous, fun, out going person who is ready for anything. i can play all kinds of sports such as volley ball, football, handball, soccer, and tennis. I bring out joy and laughter into people and believe that is what the show needs. i can prove more of what i can do as i audition for this show. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED! :]

  47. Jose Suero

    My name is Jose suero, I’m 20 yearls old and I’m from Dominican Republic but I’m living in the Bahamas Right now I Speak Speanish Fluently and ENglish I also know some portuguese how can I audition My dream is To become an actor I wish I could be in one of your shows…..please answer me.

  48. Jarmin Runes

    Age 16 male, 5’4, 125 lbs, black hair, asian, outgoing, social, love being in front of cameras, able to do stunts.

    Tae Kwon Do 12 years
    Gymnastics 10 years
    Dance 7 years
    Wrestling 3 years
    Basketball 6 years
    Volleyball 2 years
    Playing the ukelele 4 years
    Singing 1 year

  49. Stephanie

    ello! My name is Stephanie Perez. Im Puerto Rican. I love acting, and i would like to make a career. I have little expirience with acting but if given the opportunity i would work hard and give my 100%.
    • Height: 5’2
    • DOB: 11/23/1994
    • Age: 17
    • Hair: medium light brown
    • Eyes: hazel

  50. Kelly

    Height; 5’6
    Weight; 128lbs
    Age; 13
    Sex; Female
    Ethnicity; Singaporean, Irish, and Finnish

    Hello! I would like to be a part of this show because I would like to be a role model for people, showing them to go after their dreams like I am right now.
    I am a black/brown belt at kajukembo and I work my hardest in whatever I set out to do.

  51. Gavin Santiago

    I am a fourteen year old male. I weigh about 95 pounds, and i am almost 5 feet tall. I would really like to be on supah ninjas. I have a red belt in tae-kwon-do, i have been doing this for 2 and a half years. I also do gymnastics, and am beginning to learn a round off back handspring on the floor. I can also almost do a front flip on the floor. I took a drama class all year in the eighth grade, and i put alot of enthusiasm and effort into my acting.

  52. fatima

    hiii my name is fatima i love acting and im always watching supah ninjas and my dream is to be on nickelodoen is my favorite channel ever im 11 years old im turning 12 on september 21 i live in winter garden florida i have black hair and again i love acting and please please please let me be on supah ninjas please and let me me know if i can audition for it please please thank you

  53. Jessica

    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 120 lbs.
    Eye color: Blue/Grey
    Hair color: Brown
    DOB: April 29th, 1997

    I’ve been in multiple school plays such as Fiddler On The Roof andHigh School Musical, both of which I had speaking parts. I can be quite athletic, and am somewhat flexible. (Somewhat. xD)

    Acting is my dream and my passion, so it’d be amazing to get a role on the show. Thank you!

  54. Susan

    Take some instruction off and on road it’s hell out there in trfiafc with the blind tin toppers. Might cost a bit but worth it in the end.You could learn your riding skills with a cheap trials bike off road or with a local club. Taught me a heck of alot and how to fall off with hurting!!!Which ever way you go, lights ON at all times and the brightest yellow jacket you can find.Helps the blind Ba88888s get you at one swipe!

  55. Alexa Ortega

    My name is Alexa Ortega I am 13 years old going on 14. I have brown, curly hair that reaches my hips. I am tan, brown eyes,clear skin height 5’3,weight 99lbs. I am in cheer leading and I have always wanted to be an actress. Please contact me at my email address. Thank you.

  56. Brittnini

    Height: 5′ 0”
    Weight: 105
    Age: 17
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Clothing Size: 1 or x-small
    BIO: Hi my name is Brittni and I love to act. It is my passion. Though I am just starting in my career with only a few plays underneath my belt, I have discovered what I want to do with the rest of my life. I am easy to work with, and I become my character. I can also sing incase needed. I would like to audition so I can get my start in the world of acting. Thank you.

  57. Allie Robinson

    I’m 16 and i love acting and ive beendoing it for a long time now. I have blue eyes and light brown hair. I hope you take intrest in this and in me and email me. Thank you for your time and i’m looking forward to be able to work with you.

  58. Allie Robinson

    My name is Alexandra Scott robinson but you can call me Allie, Alex, or 16 years only turning 17 in october and im 5’5”. I got bright blue/grey eyes and light brown hair. I’v been in theater or alomost 2 years, show chior for 2 year, begining chior for 1 and this is my second year in advance chior. Nothing matters more to my dreams then to be a actress. I never back down and I never go down without a fight. Im strong hearted and outgoing. I figh for what i believe and nothing can change that. I have experience. Maybe not alot but i wont dissapoint you. Acting means everything to me. please email me if you are intrested to know more. I’m a open person and i love adventure and making people laugh. I’m funny and i love to make people smile. If you trust me then i promise i will NOT LET YOU DOWN. Pleace consider me and get back to me.
    Alexandra Scott Robinson
    Thank you for your time to read this.

  59. Nishae Falu

    • Height: 5’3
    • Age: 20
    • Hair: Short and Dark Brown
    • Eyes: Brown
    • DOB: 11/17/1991
    • Bio: I’m half black and Puerto Rican. I love music and acting, both which i would like to pursue as careers. I can rap, sing, dance, and songwrite. I have only a little bit of experience with acting but I am a hard worker and i always give 110%. I would love to work with Nickelodeon if given the opportunity.

  60. piper

    I like acting and am 11 years old. I do track, swim, and soccer. I get good grades and am in advanced classes but i am not a nerd. I hav blonde hair and blue eyes. Iv always wanted to learn martial arts too!

  61. piper

    Im easy going and am not a drama queen. Iv always wanted to be on tv and like to sneek around. I am 11 years old and watch suppa ninjas whenever i can. Just email me and u will here back soon after

  62. kevin medina

    age – 17
    height – 5’7

    im very easy to work with
    ive had experience on set
    i have attended acting classes
    i love to act and act professional towards being on set
    thank you,


  63. mayeesha moyeen

    hi, i am mayeesha nd i wud luv to audition fr supah ninjah nd i think i’ll be perfect for getting a role in this show is because um adventurous,i hv a gud acting skills,um passionate abt my work nd can nail any scene perfectly!! thank you!! hope 2 hear frm u!!

  64. Brittany

    hi my name is Brittany Robinson I’m an amazing actress i can do any genre of acting from drama to comedy and horror to romantic i am a 13 year old black girl i have dark brown eyes that could be mistaken for black i have dark brown hair that could be mistaken for black i am 116. 9 pounds i can play many instruments and i can sing and dance i would love to be on supah ninjas not only because it is one of my favorite shows on nick but i would also love to learn martial arts and work with amazing cast of supah ninjas please email me to at least give me a shot for an audition

  65. Steven Doaty Jr

    im 14 years old i act at the KAramu house in Cleveland Oh on 89 and Quincy i love to act i can sing and im not afraid to do it infornt of no one i box and play multiple sports and i would like to be in one of these shows

  66. Larry Ung

    My name is Larry and, I want to star in supah ninjas.
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 140
    age: 15
    ethnicity: Asian
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Hazel
    DOB: 9/20/96
    Athlete, Musician/Choreography/dancer/boxer.. I’m left handed and my eyes or originally hazel but, changes colors thru Light green and, blue. Geek/fun/creative/talkative following new paths and walk it on my own.

  67. Elora Harris

    hey, my name is elora harris im 10 and ima fun, energetic and, outgoing person. I love to sing none stop 24/7. im athletic i play basketball and cheerleading and track

  68. Jayneira James

    Hi my name is Jayneira James, I am 14 years old. I am average weight, with dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, in between brown skin, and I am 5’3″. I have been in a few plays and I am a had worker and fast learner. I would play even the smallest part if necessary.

  69. sydney

    im 14
    martiarl atrs assitiance instructor well taekwondo
    blonde hair and blue eyes tall and slim but athletic looking
    very family oreinted
    was on demo team for martial arts .

  70. charles

    hi my name is charles goodman im 14 years old i can dance rap and act and i would love to be in the show its awsome and its one of my favorite show

  71. janelle moreno

    hi my name is janelle i am 12 years old and i am from la habra California.i am mexican american,5 ft,brown hair,hazel eyes,skinny,and i have a nice smile.i am smart,funny,easy going,and fun to be family says that i am very creative and can make friends easily.i am learning how to play the drums.i have always wanted to try karate but never got the chance.but i am a fast learner but i also have if you are interested just contact me at my email adress.thank you.

  72. drew

    hey im drew i would like to me in the show because ever since i can remember i loved ninjas when i first saw the show i new i would like it but when it whent of i was realy disapointed but now that i now its comeing on again i was so happy sence i knew that seson2’s are better then season1’s i disided to adition plz let there be a spot for thx either way

  73. Theresa Riley Cole

    NAME: Theresa Riley Cole
    AGE: 12 (born June 18th, 2000)
    TALENTS: Singing, Dancing (all kinds), acting, karate.
    ETHNICITY: Vietnamese (Asian)
    HAIR: Dark brown/black
    EYES: Brown/black
    HEIGHT: 5″9

    I want to make it in the music and acting industry. I consider myself a very outgoing girl with loads of confidence. I currently reside in Ontario, Canada

  74. taylor

    Hi im taylor! Im 12 years old, i sing, dance, i play 6 different instruments, gymnastics, and last but not least I can ACT! I have plenty of experience so you could count on me!

  75. Laith Saleh

    Age: 15
    Height: 5 foot 5 inches
    City: Los Angeles
    Gender: male
    Skin color: tan
    hair: black
    Eyes: brown
    About me: I have a loud voice, I am never shy, I am very outgoing, I am smart and very active, I move around alot, I am helpful, I never back down, I complete my role always with a little extra dash. My hobbies are basketball, football, acting, and being a kid. I love acting for many reasons. I know how to learn my lines fast. I also use lots of gestures. I know how to improv. I have a great personality. And i know i am up for the challenge.

  76. Ashley St.Pierre

    name: Ashley St.Pierre
    age: 13
    D.O.B: February 9th 1999
    hair color: brown
    eye color: blue/green
    weight: 125
    body type: skinny/athletic
    skills: soccer, very athletic, have experience in guitar,

    Hi, my name is Ashley St.Pierre, I live in Tarpon Springs Fl. I am going into 8th grade I keep up my grades in school with all “A’s”. It’s always been my dream to act i love meeting new people and i catch onto thing’s very quickly. I also have a very good memory.

    In the beginning of my school year i received a monolog that was a good length and i memorized it in a few weeks, and i still remember it, also i received an “A” on the project. Even if i do not get a part i wish everyone the best of luck! Thank you for you’re time and i really hope i get the chance to show you that i would be a good fit for the upcoming TV show thank you.

  77. Tamila

    Name: Tamila A
    Age: 15
    Location: Germany Cologne,Uzbekistan Tashkent ( distance is not a problem for me)
    Eye colour: green with grey
    Hair colour: Dark brown
    Nationality: Russian a little bit of Armenian and Uzbek
    Languages: Russian ( native language), English, French and I am lerning German.
    Hobbies: Acting and Photography
    I was in one movie in my country and really want to acting because
    Its my life I really like it and I also was in one magazine in my country. I
    Want to acting because I am this kind of people who was born with it. And I hope I will act somewhere I really want it.Thank you.

  78. Brittany White

    I’m 14 proficient at singing dancing and acting! I love this show and I DONT disappoint I guarantee it. Email me if you have any questions comments or concerns.
    Truly yours,
    Breezy Bri

  79. Hayley Honeycutt

    Weight: 115
    Build: athletic/slim
    Age/range: 25; 17-25
    Eyes/hair: brown/brown
    Ethnicity: Chinese, Caucasian
    Special skills: sneaking up on people, fitting into small places, hiding, wearing black, picking things up with my feet (weirdly enough), and kicking some serious honey buns.

    Actual Asian with background in performance in film, theatre, and background performance! Willing to eat sushi on set and has many accents in her talent bag including: Asian (comical), British (Queen’s and Cockney), southern, and Jamaican (Jamaican ninja, writin’ teem, you’re welcome, mon!). Has had some stunt/stage combat training. Martial Arts training: Watermelon Wushu. Currently is working for the Mouse and portrays a ninja of sorts.

    Perhaps it is my density or destiny rather to become part of this show. And now a haiku I have written just for this ocassion:

    I bring much honor to you,
    With turtle power.

  80. Shawn Pires

    Age: 21
    Weight: 148 lbs
    Height: 5’10”
    Hair: Dark
    Eyes: Brown
    Build: Slim/athletic

    I’ve trained in Shaolin Martial Arts for several years, and am skilled with the use of various weapons. I am capable of doing right, left, and center splits and also have some acrobatic ability as well, although hand to hand combat is specialty. I’ve been told many times, that because of my demeanor and fighting style I could play a great villain and I think an opportunity to work on Supah Ninjas as an antagonist would be amazing. Thanks for the consideration.

  81. joe

    NAME – Joe
    ETHNICITY – Caucasian
    Height – 5’8
    EYE COLOR – brown
    HAIR COLOR -black
    AGE – 15, turning 16 in august
    PERSONALITY – funny, active, loves to have fun and laugh
    WHAT DO I DO ON MY FREE TIME – hang out with friends, play sports and rest
    WHAT DO I WANT TO DO WHEN I GET OUT OF HIGHSCHOOL – i would like to be in the entertainment business of some sort.

    Thank you for reading this,

  82. Sam Cohen

    Dear Supah Ninjas,

    My name is Sam Cohen. I am 15 years old . I am a high school wrestler, lacrosse player, hockey player, and golfer. If you dont believe me look at my berecruited profile page. I would make an amazing supah ninja teammate. No doubt about that. I have 4 siblings. 3 younger brothers, 1 older sister. A mom and dad. My dad is a former actor. I have 6 dogs. Brown eyes, and hair. 5’2 tall. 110 pounds. Athletic, Muscular. My Birthday is 05/28/1997. If you have any other questions just email me back t me email.

    Sam Cohen

  83. Jordan

    Name: Jordan Hobson
    Age: 12
    Birthday: October 13,1999
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: 4’11
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue

    I live in Taylorsville,IN and would love to be part of this show I really enjoy acting, even though I don’t have any big experience, If I was given a chance, I could pursue my dream of acting. I am obsessed with ninjas and enjoy them alot. I would really appreciate if you have me this opportunity. Thanks

  84. Lidia

    Hi my name is Lidia. I would really love to be on the next season of Supah Ninjas. I love to act and its a big passion of mine. This chance would be a huge opportunity for me. I’ve been in acting school for about 5 years. I’ve also been accepted to proscout. I was also in a commercial so I have a little taste of what the business is like. I’m a very dedicated and hard-working girl. I have a really good and fast memory. Which means I can memorize lines quickly. I love to goof around with friends, I love making people laugh, I get along with people, and love to have a good time. I’m very outgoing and love to sports. It would be a honor to work with the Supah Ninja cast and the great producers and directors. I promise I won’t let you down. Thank you for your time and please consider me.

    Name: Lidia
    Gender: Female
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Hobbies: Acting, Singing, Basketball
    Role Model: Selena Gomez

  85. phillip javon baldwin

    im phillip im 13 i have been taking karate for 5 yrs im a black belt i have takin 4 yrs of acting classes im a awesome rapper im 5’1 im mixed and hope to be on your show in the near future

  86. phillip baldwin

    Uhmmmm Hey im phillip im 13 yrs old i have been taking karate for 5 years and i have a black belt i have takin 4 years of acting classes and im awesome at rappin if u need me to spit out some awesome rap lyrics on the show im 5’1 and i hope i can be o your show in the future btw im mixed

  87. Dragon Two-k Vongkham

    Name: Dragon Two-k Vongkham
    Age: 11
    Birth: July 5, 2000
    Race: Asian
    Religion: Laos
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Height: 4″11
    Hobbies: Dance, Football, Basketball, Games
    Location: Dallas, Texas

    I Would Like To be On This Show. I Like Fighting/Ninja Shows. I Like Pretending To be a Ninja. I Usually Climb Like A Ninja (Parkour) , Fight Like One (Martial arts, Muah Thai, I Never Took Classes) , and I Think I Have A Speed Like a Ninja. I Would Like To Be on This Show alot. 😀 Ive Always Liked Movies/Shows That have action in Them. (EDITED) I Am Typing This Again because I Just Saw Some Of Supah Ninjas and The Sereies is Awesome! I Mean, I didnt See The Whole Season but I Saw The Last Episode 26 and It Is Really Suspensful Right Now. & I Was Wondering If I Could Be On This Show I Would Love To Be A Cousin of Connor or Mike. Explanation as I Can Be Mike’s Cousin that His Father Never Knew About, Mature, Nice, Fast, and Mike’s Cousin can Have Some Sort of Special Abilities Where He Knows Martial Arts and He Doesnt Know. or Connor’s brother like person or Cousin. I Can Help Connor and Hologramps Brother and The Other Ninjas Go Against Mike, Owen, and Amanda. This All Here Is Like My Fantasy Act of The Show. but I Would Really Like To Be On This Show. 😀 Ohkay, Thank You If You Read This Far.

  88. Yves EsApa

    Name: Yves EsApa
    born: 10 11 1995
    Eye Color: black
    Hair Color: black
    Height: 5″11
    Age: 16
    Language: english (brittish accent and an american accent), spanish
    Hobbies: singing and acting

    Hi this is a bit of facts about me. Two more things are that im a boy and i live in florida
    Thanks for taking your time reading this.

  89. trevor banks

    I am trevor banks but my friends call me stupid. No im kidding they call me trev-bizzle. I am 15 years old and everyone has been urging me to try out for tv. I am 6’4 164. I am athletic & a great actor, singer, & dancer. I love to play the basketball, football, baseball, run. I have a wonderful personality and tend to think of myself as the funniest dude on earth. I would make a great actor addition to your show. p.s. im African American ( black )

  90. Maria Carbajal

    Name: Maria Lourdes Carbajal
    Age: 18
    Birthday: March, 26, 1994
    Race: Hispanic
    Height: 5”2
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    I’m from Riverside, California. I love singing, dancing and acting. I’ve never done anything professionally but I would love to one day. Ive singed in places and ive acted in plays before and it was really fun! I’m very out going I like to meet new people and just have a good time. It would be an amazing experience if I do get in audition for this. Singing and acting is my passion I always wanted to do something big with acting or singing. Hope to hear from you guys thank you.

  91. Britan Blair

    Awesome i love acting and this is my dream ive been acting my whole life like putting on shows for my family and writing plays and I also enjoy singing im 13 and i would do anything to make it big its always been my dream. hope you can consider me thank you sooo much.

  92. nisha basheer

    hi i would like to be part of this show because it touches on what i am about. not only have i mastered tae kwon do but i believe in what is right.i believe in justice without recognition. this is what u ninjas are about so holla at me.

  93. Kiana

    I’m Kiana! i’m 13 years old and I live in Arizona. I’m a 5’4 caucasion and i have long brown hair and brown eyes. I’ve been singing and acting and dancing since i was five years old. i look older than 13 so i can play pretty much any part. i have an angent and she lives in New York. I’d be great for this show because i have a lot of talent and experience and i’d always make it fun. I look frward to hearing frm you guys. Thank you!

  94. April Wilkins

    Name: April
    Gender: female
    Color: african american
    i really have a pasion for acting&&singing and i cant say so much but i would loved to be casted in this show , n if you pick me. i promise you , you will be happy.

  95. Manyia McClain

    Hey my name is manyia and I really wanna be on supah ninjas I really really wanna be on this show so please email and if you need more information then just email me

  96. araceli bazaldua

    name: Araceli Bazaldua
    body:skinny (athletic)
    town living:Chicago,Illinois
    skills:acting, and dancing
    about me:
    im really fun and athletic girl, i love making people happy, im smart,I student, i do track, im really fast, im energetic, i was born in Chicago, white skin, Asian looking , i speak English,Spanish and i bit Japanese. once people know me they’ll love me <3

  97. Vasco Sanders

    Wazzup Supah Ninjas i’ve always have wanted 2 be a ninja plus iv’e been taking karate i’ve just started karate and my instrutors already want me to compete in a tournoment with them but anyways i’ve been ready to show my talent and im ready if you give me a chance you’ll see why i should be a Supah Ninja thanks see you when i see you.

  98. Naima Osman

    okay so you’ve probably heard the same story over and over again about how people have been wanting to be an actor/actress since they were little.. Well thats not how I am. I’ve actually started out with wanting to be a lawyer or working with something involes law and I’ve dreamed of doing that since I was little. But since I reached 5th grade I realized I love acting so much more that kicking criminals butt. I love the thrill of being on stage and entertaining. Since I realized that acting is what I really want to do, i’ve been in two scouting agencies. I have been in two professional photoshoot, and im experinced since i’ve been taught by a professional acting teacher and has been offerd a contract by an angency. I love acting sooo much, so i’ll hope you consider me. Thank you

    Name- Naima Osman
    Height- 5’3
    Age- 13
    Eyes- brown/black
    Size- 5
    DOB- 8/06/98
    Race- African Anerican
    Hair- Black
    I also live in sioux falls, SD
    -Thanks for you time:)

  99. Meghan Thompson

    Name: Meghan Thompson
    Age: 11
    Birth: 8/3/200
    Race: Chinese
    Hair color: dark brown with light brown highlights
    Eye color: brown
    Personality: I can make people laugh very easily
    Talents: I’ve danced for about 8 yrs. I’m very flexible and I can act quite well.
    I can speak some Chinese.

    Please contact me for auditions or questions and thank you for your time :)

  100. Nissi

    hey im Nissi..i live in Ireland and trust me im a great craack to be with im and irish broaad hahaha lol
    but thats not the point i alwways wanted to be an actress/singer/presenter and me being in icarly would be the biggest dreaam come truee.. Trust me if you pick me you will never regret im very serious at what i do .. and trust me i would be a great crack
    love nissi

  101. Adonia Atkins

    Acting is my passion , im sure this will look like anyone of these other posts. But I cant imagine doing anything else with my life . I plan on being on TOP shows… so hopefully this can be a start for me. Trying something new is always protrayed on this channel so why should I try ?
    I’m 16 , african american and love challenges !

  102. christopher

    Hello I’m Chris and I’m 10 years old and living in Florida I would like if I got Got to be on the show and has always been my dream to be a nickelodeon star. I like playing sports my favorite is baseball. I am just a ordinary kid following his dreams and getting an acting experience. I have red hair and blue eyes. I like to do magic tricks and to ride my bike. I also enjoy going outside and playing with my friends. I do good in school and get good grades I really hope I get the part thank you and Hope to hear back from you

  103. hailey francois

    Age-13 Height-5’4″ Experience-some Hello I’m 13 years old and I love to act and sing and I have been acting and modeling since I was 2 I have acting classes and stuff.and I think y’all can help me become big in my dreams.i really want to auditioni have been following to famous ppl footsteps and stuff for a while so For this it can help me become e big I always wanted this for a good time now.please give,me my audition and contact me back and it would be a honored to work with y’all

  104. hailey francois

    Age-13 Height-5’4″ Experience-some Hello I’m 13 years old and I love to act and sing and I have been acting and modeling since I was 2 I have acting classes and stuff.and I think y’all can help me become big in my dreams.I have meet 1d a couple of times on the street and stuff but I really want to auditioni have been following to famous ppl footsteps and stuff for a while so For this it can help me become e big I always wanted this for a good time now.please give,me my audition and contact me back and it would be a honored to work with y’a

  105. Merissa Rieken

    I watch supah ninjas all the time and I would be perfect for the show. With my background in gymnastics and my extreme flexibility, I can do everything a ninga can do and more. And on top of all that, I’m an amazing actress.

  106. Devante

    Hello I’m interested in auditioning for the show I live in PA but currently in new york for vacation I am a singer and I have been singing for almost ten years please contact via email hope to hear from you soon also I forgot to mention I am seventeen

  107. Deissy

    Name:Deissy Garcia
    hair:brown-golden blonde
    Personality:down to earth,some what flexible, funny,I am loud but I have a calm side,I never tried going professional nut my drama teachers thought I should so if you van consider me and reply that would be awesome please and thank you

  108. Shakir Philippe

    Name: Shakir Philippe
    Gender: Boy
    DOB: May 16, 2000
    Weight: 107
    Ethnicity: African American
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color:Dark Brown
    Skin Color: Brown

    I been dancing since i was just four years and i have so much experience. i danced as a Nets Kid professionally and i believe i am right for Shake It Up or any Television/Film. I’ve also been taking many professional actng classes in NYC/NJ.

  109. devin bruner

    my name is devin i live in oklahoma im 5 2 im 11 years old im afican american i wht 112 pounds I really want to become a actor because thats my dream job i might not know karaty but i know how to act i mean acting is what i want to do with my life but i understand if you dont pick me

  110. Datianna Tolbert

    Name: Datianna Tolbert
    Birthday: September 19, 1995
    Eyes: Bright brown
    Hair: Sandy Brown and curly
    Height: 5″6′
    Ethnicity: Hawaiian and African American
    Body type: Skinny with feminine curves

    Skills: Acting in high school productions, singing, dancing. I am currently with One source Talent Chicago and looking to expand my work. I love acting and dancing it’s my passion and dream to make it big. I’ve been in choir for many years and I am a soprano 2. I also do fashion, and have even walked the run way in some school fashion shows.

    I am willing to travel for this oppurtunity

  111. Nelson Llanos

    hello I am 15 years old and i am looking foward to be a apart of the show Supah Ninjas on Nickelodeon. This show i find it very active and creative two words that describe me .

  112. Dragon Two-k Vongkham

    Name: Dragon Two-k Vongkham
    Age: 11
    Birth: July 5, 2000
    Race: Asian
    Religion: Laos
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Height: 4″11
    Hobbies: Dance, Football, Basketball, Games
    Location: Dallas, Texas

    I Would Like To be On This Show. I Like Fighting/Ninja Shows. I Like Pretending To be a Ninja. I Usually Climb Like A Ninja (Parkour) , Fight Like One (Martial arts, Muah Thai, I Never Took Classes) , and I Think I Have A Speed Like a Ninja. I Would Like To Be on This Show alot. 😀 Ive Always Liked Movies/Shows That have action in Them.

  113. Taniqua

    i will really love to be on super ninja i have been acting since i was 5 years old.And my favorite character is owen he is the funniest.But i don’t want to come all pricey but you guys should put me into the show because i will be your guys best friend.And i wont let you down.I will be the best person for this role please i am 10 years old is that enough.i kind of thing a little girl she was evil so she fought all of the super ninjas and she continuing doing evil things so when the super ninjas catch the girl she had gotten away and never returned that all i got so far but i really hope that i can meet you guys. i know this a long paragraph so bye

  114. Brianna Faith Penn

    HI everybody! I’m Brianna!
    Alright, let me get started ha ha. Although I’m already 16 and will be a senior this coming school year, my ultimate goal in life has been to become a star on television, specifically Nickelodeon. I’m very outgoing and bubbly, not to mention, known to crack a few jokes every now and again. Countless people have told me I should be in the acting/music/modeling business based just off of my personality, knowing me personally, and from hearing me sing! This has honestly been my goal my entire life, this is the the one thing that I have been looking forward to! I love being in front of a loving audience and performing! I have even spoken on my county’s school channel for the news going on throughout the schools (which i enjoyed doing VERY VERY much). I have been selected by Barbizon, but my family has never had the money for me to pursue my dreams. I’m active in my school’s theater arts program (being in a play and musical), so I’d say I’m pretty well rounded, being 1st chair trombonist in Symphonic Band, keeping a 4.0 GPA, and have been in marching band, as well as cheerleading. Plus, you will have no doubt in knowing that I am able to memorize and deliver lines exceptionally well!! (:
    I promise I will not let you down, Nickelodeon! You will not be dissapointed in my abilities, I assure you! I’ll give you my all in everything I do! Please get back to me, you’ll be very happy that you did! I hope that you can give me the chance that I’ve needed for so long!! (:

    By the way guys (:
    Nationality: African American (5/8), Native American (1/8), French(1/16), Caucasian(1/16).
    Age: 16, 17 on September 25th, 2012
    Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia
    Height: 5′ 2 1/4″
    Weight: 130
    Eyes: dark brown
    Hair: brownish black

    Extra Specialties:
    I am very flexible, as well as a Varsity cheerleader as a base (I lift girls into the air). I have an average/athletic build, so I can assure you that I have a great deal of strength. I am working on my back handspring, which i have on a slightly bouncy trampoline, but I am working on it for performing it on a regular floor.

  115. Daniella Doromal

    Full Name: Daniella Doromal
    Bday: March 23, 1994
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’1
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: black
    Ethnicity: Asian ( Filipino)
    I live in Torrance, Ca. I’ve been singing, dancing ever since I was a little. I’m an experience dancer and singer, I sing for the church choir, and I was a part of the school choir and I was able to perform with the LA master Chorale at the Disney Concert Hall last 2011. I also auditioned for the California Honor’s Choir. I can sing and dance any type of genre’s and I can say Im a very good actress too, since I always take part in our church’s play. I took 2 years of dance class and was a part of the Folk dancer in the Philippines.

    I know I deserve to be in the show cause I have confidence in myself and Im experienced and mature enough to handle the stress that Im gonna face on the taping. I learn really fast and I’m very attentive, obedient and responsible. I hope I’ll hear from you guys soon! Thank you!

  116. Frirsta Ali Karem

    Name: Frirsta Ali Karem
    born: 1998 4/2
    Eye Color: darkbrown
    Hair Color: darkbrown
    Height: 1,45m
    Age: 14
    Language: english (brittish accent and an american accent), swedish and kurdih
    Hobbies: singing and acting

    Hi this is a bit of facts about me. Two more things are that im a girl and i live in sweden.
    Thanks for taking your time reading this.

  117. Charlotte Desormeaux

    I used to take mixed martial arts classes and am a green belt… please email me more details…

  118. Caroline Vazquez

    Gender: Female
    city: chula vista ,ca
    Birthday: october 23 1996
    Age: 15
    Acting age range: 13-19
    Race: puerto rican , white
    Height: 5′ 4
    Weight: around 120
    Eye color : hazel
    Hair: dirty blonde , wavy
    Body type : average/athletic
    Preformance skills : marital arts, acting , dancing

  119. Jesse Timmerman

    i would be great to put in this show because i do karate classes and could make the show supah cool. I am 13 years old but i look like im 10 got brown hair and eyes, 5′ 1″

    P.S Im really good at acting example: i pretended to be a hobo one time and someone gave me money but then i revealed that i wasn’t a hobo and gave their money back

  120. Masa

    OMG this is sooo mee!!

    Im a ninja almost 😀 and im funny
    15 year old girl (tall & slim)
    Good looking :)
    Can ACT SING DANCE. Movie like 😀

    Contact me

  121. Danny Hernandez

    I’ve always wanted to be an actor! I’ve done some acting and Im good at it to. I know how to use facial expressions to go with my part. I really hope to be on tv and I know I can.

  122. ronique lucas

    Hi I’m ronique Armani I’m 14 and have big dreams on becoming a big actress. I taken acting and modeling class and o been a fan of the show and I think I can bring good things to the show have some background in stunts and I really hope I get chose :)

  123. Aliah Garza

    i love Supah Ningas i love bruce lee i see his movies and copy him all the time and now my dad teaches me bruce lees moves

  124. Blake Morris

    My name is Blake Morris and i 18. I dont have any experience in karate if thats whats actually need for this show. But i have taken a couple of boxing classes if that means anything. I have a big dream of one day becoming an actor. im already taken some acting classes and am enrolled in more at my college. I’ve been a fan of nickelodeon for many years and would be a dream come true to actually be on this channel for any show. I love Supah Ninjas. Its an absolutely great show, very funny, and i feel i could help bring some laughter especially working with Carlos Knight (Owen) on the show hopefully. Please get back to me :)

  125. Rin

    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5”4
    Weigh: 115
    Ethnicity: African-American
    I’m sure it would be fantastic to be apart of the crew.
    I’ve been taking taekwondo for a while now.
    I don’t know what kind of role your looking for, but I’m pretty much sure I’m it.
    I can do anything I set my mind to and I never back down.
    I enjoy meditating, reading, hiking, and eating. I’m always looking to challenge myself. I have no experience in acting, but I’m not afraid of a challenge.
    I look forward to the future. Lets go!

  126. Alisa Hall

    hi im alisa hall i’am 10 years old i’am Thai, American,Swedish,German,and more

  127. camila Robledo Cisternas

    the story really is great, , would be so exciting! new challenged

    Name: Camila Robledo Cisternas
    18 years

  128. camila Robledo Cisternas

    realmente la historia esta genial! me imagino actuando en supah ninjas, seria muy divertido , seria un nuevo desafio :)!

    Nombre:Camila Fernanda Robledo Cisternas
    Edad: 18 años.

  129. mecallon hartzell

    im 13 have dirty blonde hair at medium length and blue eyes im 5’6 and weigh 110 pounds i live in Tucson Arizona my birthday is march 29 1999 im a very determined person and i am female i am mature but can have fun and hope you will consider me

  130. Samantha Turret

    I would love to audition for Supah Ninjas. Could you please e-mail me more information?

  131. RENE MENA

    this is RENE MENA and I am very interested on auditioning for any roles that I may qualify for. Thank you

  132. Nardica Tyner

    D.O.B: March 13,2000
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Hair color: Sandy Brown ( hair changes color in light)
    Location: Dearborn Hieghts, Michigan, USA
    Hobbies: Cheerleading, Acting,Caring for pets, and Track Competitions
    Idol: Supah Ninjas
    Talent: I can move m ears up and down like Dr. Suess and i am very athletic

    Ive always loved all of my hobbies and ive been looking for the perfect audition, and i think i may have found it and also my dad is a proessonal boxer and his name is Lanardo Tyner . Thank you
    – Nardica Tyner

  133. elijah

    Gender: Male
    Birthday: 06/21/1999
    Age: 13
    Race: African American
    Height: 5′ 7″
    Weight: about 133 ID
    Eye color : Dark Brown
    Hair: Dark brown
    Body type : thin/fit

    extra: hey you got to start some were

  134. Prime

    i am very active. im also fun to be around. i love to act. i find myself getting into alot of trouble because of it. i am also very athletic in track. i came in 25th place in the state of georgia for the 400m dash. and i help my 4by4 relay team come in 12th place in the state of georgia. i’ve also won the most improve player of the year award for my track team. oh and i am 14
    eye color: dark brown
    hair color: black
    height: 5’6

  135. Destiny Jardin

    I’ll be honest, I am not flexible but I did take one year of karate, and I love acting so much! I did one year of modleing and I auditioned to be on Disney and got it but I found out those people were lieing to me so I didn’t do it. If it counts they were only going to 3 people out of 500! And I really like this show and I know that I’m a good actor. It would be an ouner to have someone make my dreams come true. My mom told that since I was 2 I wanted to be on TV, and to me thats a big deal and I want this so bad! My age is 10 and I am 85 Lb.

  136. Sondra Montague

    My name is Sondra Montague and I am 13 years old. I live in Tracy, California and my ethnicity is Russian and Mexican, but my dad was born in Scotland. I love to walk my dog, listen to music, and shop. I am 5’7″ and I am medium weight. I think I would be a good addition to the show because I love to act and I have a passion for it, I have experience from doing small school plays. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you.

  137. Brianna

    Im Brianna
    Im 16
    Im Blonde
    i live in Georgia
    Im a female
    I am mixed but i have a white skin color
    I have Hazel eyes
    I act, sing, and dance
    I can do a British accent fairly well to be believable
    My hobbies are singing, acting, and danceing
    Please email me about auditions.
    Thank you for your time
    Brianna Flowers

  138. Shawna

    Hi my name is shawna, I am 16 years old, Im not going to lie, i have seen this show Twice, but i love to act and i love to dance and sing and just be very funny and to wrap that all up and put it in a bag i have just a awesome bubbly personality. :)

  139. Sondra Montague

    My name is Sondra Montague and I am 13 years old. I live in Tracy, California and my ethniciy is Russian and Mexican, but my dad was born in Scotland. I love to act, listen to music, and walk m dog. I would love to do this because I have passion for it and I have experience from acting in school plays. I would love to audition for this, thank you.

  140. Brianna Flores

    Age: 15 going on 16 on july 16th
    Height: 5’1
    Hair: long, brown
    Eyes: big, brown
    Body type: slim

    Hello, I am Brianna Flores, I live in Corpus Chrisit,TX i’m a sweet, loving, down-to-earth girl, I love meeting new people, I play tennis, I like to dance, and I love acting! When I was a little girl I knew instantly I wanted to be an actress I was so amazed how someone I don’t know could make me laugh,cry,smile,or be mad.. acting is truely beautiful and I know in high school people want to be doctors, nurses, teachers, but I always have and always will want to be an actress, and I hope to be able to follow my dreams wether its a main part in the show or a minor part. Just the opppertunity to be doing what I love would make my life complete. I hope I will be recieving an emai from you soon, I won’t let you down I will give it my all everyday, thank you for your time!

  141. T'erica Johnson

    Name,T’erica Johnson
    Birthday:October 20,1996
    hair color,brown
    eye color,brown
    I have no expercice with karate but I’m eager to learn I’m a cheerleader so I’m kinda flexible can’t do any flips though. Very hard working and willing try somethings.
    Acting experice: School Musicals

  142. Christina Stevens

    Hey, my name is Christina and I would love to be on Supah Ninjas. It always was my favorite show and thats the truth. I believe acting next to three ninjas would be quite an experience. I want to start my acting career and I believe this is where I can start. I am 12 years old and i have black, black eyes, I am 5,2, and I would absolutely just love to be on this show!!!!! Please consider me and thanks.

  143. Natalie Nichols

    My name is Natalie. I am 13 years old but I look much older. I love to sing and act. I have had many roles in many plays and I was recently in the movie 42 about Jackie Robinson. I was just an extra but I had a great time filming. I have sung in singing competitions, talent shows, and recitals. Singing and acting are very big parts of my life; even in school. I take lessons and classes in both of the arts. I love Supah Ninjas and it would be so amazing to even have a shot at this show. Thank you so much.

  144. Nyjuwon Hatcher

    Hey there!! My name is Nyjuwon Hatcher! I am an 18 year old male who is willing and wanting to help make this show more exciting!! I love ninjas and acting so that’s a great combo all in one! I hope you guys pick me and I thank you for giving opportunites of a lifetime to teens just like me! :) Hope to hear/talk to you soon!! Best wishes everyone! XD

  145. Ryland Tucker

    Name,Ryland Tucker
    birthdate,january 7 2002
    hair color,brown
    professional singer,8years
    professional dancer,8years
    other shows,wizards of waverly place,pair of king both sesson1
    why i want to be on show,becuse my dad says ill never getin but i now i can
    commet,i hope get in :]

  146. Sidney Hernandez

    My name is Sidney Hernandez & Disney need more hispanics on their tv sitcom shows (also it would bring in more audience viewers). i am very athletic & of course love acting. Furthermore , i deserve to have a chance. I wouldn’t care if i even get payed just give me a chance I would take your breath away (like i do to most people). Disney i wouldn’t care even if i wasn’t on the show for a whole season i could get a small part & thank you all for giving me a small part!
    height:5ft’5 1/2 inch
    weight:107 (ideal weight)
    age: 13
    dob: 7/7/1998
    eyes: brown
    hair: chesnut brown

  147. Allison

    Hah. I have no experience at all with karate, judo, martial arts, mixed arts. Whatever. All I know is that I’m flexible and I can throw a punch and a kick. I like this show, it has edge. That’s cool. Well conatct me.

  148. imani reeves

    i am 15 years old
    my birthday is march 12 1997
    i am 5’3
    weight 110lb
    i have dark brown hair and eyes
    my ethic is African American/Native American

    i did some school plays and i took a modeling and acting class i did some product prom for macy’s, runway, and photography i run track and cheerleading, and i’m from Michigan thanks <3

  149. Stephanie

    Why I want to be an actress is because it’s what I love to do, it calms down and it’s something I know I’m good at. There aren’t many films and casting role in the UK since Harry potter happen, but I’m hoping I can get my big break in Hollywood and leave my mark. I also just want to live my life meeting new people and act. This is my dream and it’s the only thing I have that I call support because I don’t have anyone to support me, no father, my mum doesn’t have a permanent job to pay for acting classes and to barely feed me. But that why I need to help her, to show her I’m not a mistake and I can be become big in life, and I’m hoping you see it in me to.

    • Height: 5’6, 167cm, 1.69m
    • Weight: 9stones, 60lbs
    • Age: 15 9 months.
    • Hair: Dark Brown
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Clothing Size: 8-10
    • DOB: 19/09/96

  150. Destiny La'mone Tatum Jr

    iI belive i am the perfect person to be cast a role in the show supah ninjas. I say this because I have an unbelivable amount of talent that i think the world should see. I have a Background of taking Karate, judo, and boxing classes. I am also a Free Runner, so Ninjas Look out!!!!!!!!!!!!

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