iCarly Starring Miranda Cosgrove

An all new season of Nickeldeon’s biggest hit show is here and so is your chance to watch Carly, Sam, Freddie and the rest of the iCarly gang in all new comic adventures.

iCarly stars Nickelodeon superstar Miranda Cosgrove as Carly, a fun-loving Seattle, Washington teen who spends her days going to school and hanging out with her best friend Sam. When Carly and Sam decide to enter their school’s fashion show their friend Freddie videotapes it and uploads it to the Internet without them knowing it. The clip receives thousands of views and fans soon begin asking for more hilarious videos from the dynamic duo – and the iCarly webcast is born. Each week the trio create new and entertaining iCarly episodes all while dealing with their growing international Internet fame and the everyday adventures of school and growing up. iCarly is the crown jewel of Nickelodeon programming seen by millions of loyal viewers every week. The show has spawned popular merchandise of all kinds including multiple video games, a book series, two soundtrack albums and much, much more. This is a worldwide phenomenon that shows no signs of stopping! Stay tuned for all of the up to the minute updates!.

iCarly Cast:

Miranda Cosgrove – Carly Shay

Jennette McCurdy – Sam Puckett

Jerry Trainor – Spencer Shay

Nathan Kress – Freddie Benson

Noah Munck – Gibby

Series Written by:

Dan Schneider

Series Directed by:

Steve Hoefer

Adam Weissman

Visit the official iCarly page here: http://www.nick.com/icarly/

626 thoughts on “iCarly

  1. deena marie vodila

    hi nickoloaden, i am wanting to audition for i carly, i know everything about i carly i watch it every time, i am a 17 year old teenage girl. i have the scripts of i carly.

  2. Madison

    i am 12 years old i have blonde hair blue eyes ever since i was five i was always wanting to sing soon throught life i wanted to act evryone one in there minds think acting is great because can be on tv .. but actually if you know you want to act when u say a line you can actually feel the emotion of the script ..and feel like your living it thank you for you time …. and even if dont respond back I WONT GIVE UP on my dreams

  3. Jordan Hall

    I am the mother of a very lively 9 year old boy who has big dreams of becoming an actor. He has been cast in 4 musicals just this year and has preformed in front of thousands of audience members. Just this week alone he has 10 shows. He is super talented with the ability to sing, dance, and act. He can learn really fast and memorize anything. One of the directors asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and he replied, “My goal is to be on Nickelodeon!” I believe that he would be a wonderful addition to your production. Please keep us posted on all upcoming auditions!


  4. Natalie Basilio

    Hey I’m Natalie Basilio,
    I sing, dance, act and play my ukulele.
    Brown/Black Hair
    Brown Eyes
    Chubby (give the chubby kids a chance)

    I’m from Perth, Western Australia and I’m a hard worker and I’m great with people. If you need a funny and new character for the show send me an email. Oh and I’m 16. In Perth you can’t really make it big so I’m hoping this is my chance.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  5. Jamie Harrell

    Hey there Nickelodeon, my name is Jamie Harrell and I would like to be given the opportunity to become an actress for the Nickelodeon company. I am from a little ol’ city in Texas called Nederland. I am 22 years of age and am only 4’11” and have a slightly younger appearance as I always get mistaken for being a young teenager. This has been a downfall of mine my whole life but I have realized it may be a blessing in disguise. This younger appearance could portray me as a teenager or young adult, but have the maturity of an actual adult.

  6. Aja Monique Young

    Hair Color– dark brown
    Eye Color- dark brown
    Race- African AMerican and Native American
    Height- 5 feet
    Weight- 123 lb
    Age- 15 (almost 16 march 19th, 1997)

    Helle Nickelodean,
    I would love the oppurtunity to appear on the show iCarly. I am new to acting but i have dreams and will do anything to achieve them.
    Thank You

  7. JaQuan Carr

    My name is JaQuan Carr a hardworking dedicated person with a great personality and good memory. I wont just act out anything like it is. I will give it all I have and become that character. Just looking for a chance. There will be thousands who will say what they will or wont do but only one will show you and its This GUY!!!(Two thumbs at me )

  8. Sarah June Gentile

    I would be interested in auditioning for any nickolodeon series. Please email me when an where I could audition for a role.

  9. Camille Villaflores

    Hi my name is Camille Villaflores
    Race: Asian,filipino, american
    Height: 4’9
    Eye Color: dark brown
    Hair color: brown
    weight: 97
    Languages: english, tagalog
    Gender: female
    Birth: May 28, 1999
    Hair Length: medium
    Description: -full of energy
    -love to sing
    -love to act
    -love to dance
    -hard worker
    -was offered to be on nickelodeon but turned down it
    -dream to get discovered
    -good at playing softball
    -good at playing tennis
    -love to play basketball
    -loves to model
    -good listener
    -took drama club in sixth grade
    Skin color: tan

    There’s nothing better than this because I’ve been in the shadows sometimes but this might help me get noticed and feel like being somebody and being myself.

  10. Brady

    Hey I’m age 10 boy and I would love to be on the show tho you may not pick me but I relly love acting and I’ve wanted to be an actor for a long time and I don’t care about the money relly I just want to have fun. I’m also a go with the flow kind of guy and I went to some acting thing that was relly fun but I’m to young to do the auditions and I love it because my family support me I’d love it if you’d pick me by the way eyes are brown my hair is brown and my family is willing to travel

  11. Rahnyah ( nyny) Domino

    name: nyny domino
    twitter: @tOONYfOrtv
    facebook: facebook.com/k00hki3c
    height: 5’6
    age: 17 1/2 :}
    race: african american/ jamaican
    well my names nyny and im super fun and cool i am a singer and actress and im very good at what i do i am 100% dedicated and im strong willed so check me out on my pages and maybe you can help me make my dreams come true. Thank you.

    nyny Domino

  12. Kevin Parasca

    Hello, I would love more than anything to be in your show,
    I am 11 years old ,/5’tall,74 ponds , blond hair , blue eyes , very motivated and well oriented , I love acting

  13. Kellie

    Hi! I’m Kellie Nee:)
    Im 15 years old and i love acting!
    I have Brown hair and its medium length
    I have Blue eyes and i am medium height
    Im from England but would be willing to go anywhere for acting!
    I would love to be on the new season of Icarly because i watch it all the time and i love there work, i would also like to achieve my dream of becoming a successful actress:)

  14. Miccella Chenoweth

    Name:Miccella Chenoweth
    Age: 11
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Live: Maize, KS
    My mom has always wanted to be an actress. I decided it would be cool to be one. I think it would be a fun and exciting experience. I don’t think my mom will mind if we have to move or whatever as long as its for acting. Anyway I love icarly and I really want to act to be on tv… at school when we are doing skits or plays, I can’t wait until I get choosen. Anyway I feel I would be great.
    ♥ Miccella

  15. Shannon Harrison

    Helloo Everyone,
    My names Shannon M. Harrison. I’m 13 years old girl. My birthday is March 24, 1999. I weigh 85 pounds, and my height is 5’3. I have brown hair. I am multi-talented. I can do it all singing,acting,comedy & dancing. A picture of me can be easily given upon request! I love taking pictures. The reason I would be great for the Nickelodeon team is because I love Nickelodeon. I grew up watching Nickelodeon and always dreamed about being on Nickelodeon. I’m always ready to wow the crowd! Hopefully I can get a audition and show you guys what I got!
    -Love, Shannon

  16. Ilyas belhana

    Name:Ilyas Belhana
    Age:15/16 in julu
    Height:1.88 (6ft2)
    Location: Westmidlands,UK
    Ethnic: Moroccan British, Spanish
    Info: i have always wanted to act all my life and i know the UK is very far place but i can and will show you why you should choose me to be on this fantastic show. i work well with new people and always love to have a laugh and play but when it comes to show i can prove myself. At school i was gifted and talented in drama and was always the main character in the school play. so please email me and i will give more information to you please
    Thank you

  17. Mollie Gregory

    Hi im Mollie Gregory

    I am 15 years old and has a huge dream of being a actress and singer.

    Ever since i was younger i watched nickelodeon since i was a little girl. Although I haven’t had any experience except from the odd dance show or school play i love film and tv. Some of the most talented actors and actress haven’t had any experience before they were cast. I am British and live in the UK and i know thats a long way away from where you shoot the show and would love to be apart of it I am willing to travel over and stay if i get cast

    Thanks for reading hope to hear from you soon

    Mollie x

  18. Cara Jade

    iCarly is one of my ALLtime favourite sitcoms! it would be absolutely amazing if I could be a part of it. I am 13, with brown hair and brown eyes.

  19. justin grim

    Name: Justin Grim
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Location: Bobtown
    Height: 5′ 8
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Green/blue

  20. Bonnie Jean Bartlett

    Hi my name is Bonnie Jean Bartlett I am 17 years old. (2/21/95). I live in Streator il. I am 5’7″ and 135 lbs. I have blonde hair I am very fun to be around I can make anybody smile no matter their mood. I am very energetic, and very weird, im basically louis twin in girl form! I’ve always wanted to be an actress

  21. Bonnie Jean Bartlett

    Hi my name is Bonnie Jean Bartlett I am 17 years old. (2/21/95). I live in Streator il. I am 5’7″ and 135 lbs. I have blonde hair I am very fun to be around I can make anybody smile no matter their mood. I am very energetic, and very weird, im basically louis twin in girl form! I’ve always wanted to be an actress.

  22. tatyanna sanchez

    hello im tatyanna

    im 14 years old
    i play the trumpet
    i can speak in a chipmuck voice with out auto change.
    i am 134 pounds
    i make everyone laugh
    even if i cant make it in to icarly i would even be happy to go in the show with fred. i think we would make a awesome team :]

  23. ronan mc nulty

    i would love to be on icarly its amazing i watch it every day my favourite chracter is spencer (jerry trainer) he is so funny iam very good at acting icarly is the only show i would like to be on because its my favourite show my family would be so proud of me if i got to be on icarly i what to have experienceon acting so when i get older i will have a good chance of getting to be on movies and tv shows.

  24. Caitlin Brennan

    I’m Caitlin
    I have brown/green eyes (they like to change a lot),
    I am 11 years old,
    I am quite slender,
    I have dark brown hair,

    I adore icarly soooooo much. Please if possible can I be in the next season of icarly-not beacause I want to be on tv because I’ve been on that already I just love to act :)
    So please can you contact me but if I’m to late it’s all right.
    Lots of love,
    Caitlin xxxx

  25. Brennan Moore

    Hi my name is Brennan Moore!!!! I am 16 and I love to be the funny guy/kid!! I have blonde hair, blue eyes and I am 5’11”. I am a farm boy from Ohio but now live in Northern New Jersey!! Pick me and I will make you laugh!!!! Thanks for your consideration!!!

  26. Janiz Trisha Guatno Sarong

    hi my name is Janiz Trisha Guatno Sarong, I’m 14 yrs. old turning 15 this June 23, 2013. I live at Philippines, Bohol, Tagbilaran City. I love to be a movie actress since I was young ,and so I’d practice hard and trained hard with my acting talent. I guess this is my opportunity to show the world what I can really do..thank you and God bless you

  27. saif

    hi my name is saif i am handsome funny and i speak 5 different languages i acted on shows before iam 14 years old and i would love it if u give me 1 shoot for auditions

  28. Matt Caruso

    Not sure if this is the application or what.. but hmu with an email. I could be quite an addition to this pretty awesome show making it a pretty amazing show.

  29. Giovanni Hernandez

    I WOULD LOVE TO BE ON ICARLY! You can’t imagine the fan I am! I love icarly and I have watched it beginning to end (in which I cried). This could be the start of my new acting career! I am enthuastic of being on Nickelodeon and being an actor on Icarly! PLEASE CONTACT ME! You can’t imagine my dream of being on icarly! please.

  30. shania dennison

    i am 13 yrs old with dark brown hair with brown eyes it would be an awesome experience for me to be on icarly 2 because i love to act and sing! i am 180 ibs and 5.0 height i live in johnston ri and ny birthday is september 5th 1999! and HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU! :)

  31. Jacob Haddoud

    Name: Jacob Haddoud
    D.O.B : October 16th 1993
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Dark brown shoulder length
    Location; montreal QC, canada
    Hobbies: music (guitar) baseball cooking
    Idol: myself
    origins: half filipino, half algerian

    im gonna be your best character

  32. Jessica Lee McLeary

    Eya* I’m 15 years old love iCarly its awesome I find that your programme is enjoyable for the whole family . I am a ballet and modern dancer I did drama classes and I can act I have many talents …… I think that Sams character is hilarious and I just love your whole programme. I am a fun loving caring person I do a lot of sports and love acting and I’m quite compatible with many things.

  33. Aleceia Smith


    BD: 01-23-1991 (age 21)
    HEIGHT: 5’5
    WEIGHT: 125 lbs
    EYES: brown
    HAIR: brown

    Hello, I know that getting an opptortunity like this requires experience, I’m sure the casting crew for this show is looking for someone who has starred in broadway or something spectacular like that. I’m sure you’re looking for someone talented someone who dances and who writes their own songs with a pleasant voice and probably years of practice. Or even someone who has been to the most credential acting academies with references and valuable recomendations. I do not acquire all of these qualities but I can provide some. I have no acting experience except a year in drama as a freshman but I am very ambitious and willing to learn I a also willing to face whatever challenge is put in front of me and execute it. I know the values of this opportunity as well or even better than any other. I did not go to any dance academies or I have not had any voice instructors but I will dance and I have perfect rhythym..I can also carry a tune. I do not have any references, recomendations, or even a lot of money but I am willing to do whatever it takes to get this audition and if put to the test I know if given this opportunity I will succeed at anything I do with enough faith. I did go off of faith to actually write this because I know its a long shot but I did it because I never know if I don’t try. I thank you for reading this and considering. Good luck with the show and good luck to all of the potential contestants! :)

  34. Christin Moore

    My name is Christin moore. I am a very blunt person. I love to sing competive and win!! ha sometimes. I really am nice. and love to goof off. I love acting! and have lots of personalitys! I am 16 and white\ tan! I love to smile and laugh, and its even hard for me not to smile in funerals. I’m sorry! ha
    Thanks for listen.
    Hope i helped!

  35. edward shaw jr

    hey nickelodeon my name is edward but people call me ed, I am 20 years old but I look 17 lol anyways I have a PASSION for bringing love and laughter to the audience or people in particular. I grew up watching nickelodeon its help me through a lot of tough times in my life. an it would be great to work for you guys. I would do it for the love not the fame.

  36. elaine

    hi my name is elaine im 10 years old im not fat im 80 pounds my my birthday is sept 26 i really want to be on the next season.love me

  37. Christian J. Santiago Marrero

    My name is Christian Santiago Marrero
    Height: 5 with 3
    Hair: black
    Eye color : dark brown
    Languages : English and Spanish
    Location: Puerto Rico

    IM 18 years old . I love Icarly .. I’ve been inspired by all the random dancing and all the random stuff no show is compared to Icarly .. I love Icarly I almost cried in the Igoodbye episode .. Hahaha . Glad to know it’s not the end of the show XD haha .. . I would love to audition for this show . Anyways IM a random person .. Shy by the way but very random and fun IM Christian and thanks for your time.

  38. Jamie Chapman

    Hey, my name is Jamie and i think i deserve to be a part of the show as i have grown up with it meaning i understand the show! I am also English which means i would be able to bring a unique quality to the show which hasn’t been done before! If you would like more information please feel free to email me.

    Age: 14
    Height: 5’1 1″
    Hair: Blonde, Short
    Eye Color: Green

    Thanks for reading!

  39. keoshalomax

    hello my name is keosha and i love icarly im 17years old and wondering if i could audition for icarly and be on the next season
    you want my number so you can call me

  40. Patrick Brown

    Hey my name is Patrick brown my birthday is April 1, 1996.
    Height: 5’11
    Race: African American
    Color eyes: dark brown
    Live: lake worth/ forth worth Texas
    Age: 16

    Hey my name is Patrick I always had a dream to be on t.v and this is my only chance, I love to act and be silly , in my pass career I have been in plays, videos, and theater, I’m good at memorizing my lines, and acting them out.

    But when I’m not involved in videos or theater I usually play football and basketball, as a counter activity.

    Please get back to me when you can, and I promise you will not regret it.

  41. elibeth esquivel

    hey, im 17 years old born on July 14, 1995. I am 5’6 and i have big brown eyes and medium light brown hair. i am currently taking drama class in high school. i am taking this class because acting has always appealed to me, it seems like it is very fun aswell as productive in making people less self conscious about themselves by acting in front of so many people. i would really like to have a chance to prove that i can audition for this role.

  42. anikah fleitas

    Vas happening guy im Anikah a thirteen year old spunky girl who loves to act. Im good at memorising lines and being natural when i act illplay a good character and ill definetally have fun with it. Do i bet your wondering how i look. wrll im a 5’3 girl and i have brown wavy hair i dont think i would need make up because im a natural girl.i dont think you woulf regret hiring me for a part please take a chance and hire me

  43. Jasmine Halees Halbot

    Name: Jasmine Halbot
    Age: 14
    Hair color: Dirty blonde
    Height: 5’2″
    Weight: 133lbs.
    Eye color: grey – blue (changes)
    Nationality: Canadian
    Skin color: warm ivory
    Education: Secondary school
    Country: Canada
    Province/ territoty: Ontario

    About Me: I take drama class at school, and after school, i take a lyrical ballet class on mondays. When i act infront of my class, i get compliments. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I am the youngest in my family. I have 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 degus and 1 bird. I am in Academic level in school, and wil be joining the drama club when it starts. My birthday is May 11th 1998

  44. Jessica and Criscenda Malone

    Names: Jessica Malone and Criscenda Malone
    Age: 14
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Hazel
    Reason: We love to act. The feeling we get from auditioning is amazing. We have put a lot of time and effort in our acting. We would love to be a part of the iCarly team.

  45. marlo garcia

    My name is marlo garcia and I am in japanese martial arts. I have been training four five years and I am a blue belt. I have a lot of talent to show you. I have studied acting as well. I would love to be in “ Icarly”!!!!!! I would love it if you accepted me for this show!!!! I will work so hard on the shows!

    Marlo Garcia
    Hollywood FL
    Height: 57 inches
    Age 11
    DOB: 09/04/2001
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Hispanic background
    Clothing size: 11

  46. Brandon ashby

    Hello my name is Brandon Ashby I’m 14 and I was born on the 29 April 1998 I love I Carly it is a great hilarious show that I wish I could be apart of I would love to hang with the crew and make poeople laughf on the hit show icarly so please let me audition.

  47. Sophie

    Name: Sophie
    Age: 12
    Height: 149 cm /58.7″
    Weight: 37 kg/81.4 Ibs
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: brown
    I have glasses.

    I want to have this role so much, because i want to be an acor so much and nickelodeon is a great TV-Channel, i love all your shows.I have no expirience on Tv, but I´m acting in my school theater (I´m very famous because of that 😉 *sarcastic*)
    So, well, if you want me, send me an E-mail and if not…then not.
    Hope to be in the show soon :-)

  48. Bridgette Mazur

    Hi my name is Bridgette Mazur! I would realy like to be considered for an audition becuase I love to act, I can’t imagine my self doing anything else. I am fun, out going, and I take direction really well. I also have expeirence and training. I am currently with One source talen and Barbrizon.
    Bridgette Mazur

    Height: 5′ 5″
    Hair Color: Brown
    Weight: 118
    Eye Color: Brown
    Body type: Athletic
    Hair: Brown
    Big Bang Theory
    Party city Red riding hood 2012
    Halloween Costumes Red Riding Hood Party City 2012
    Print Tavern (1800s style) 2010
    Acting Classes Barbizon Los Angeles 2012
    acting classes Royal High School Simi Valley 2012
    Comdic and commercial acting class Tracy Britton OneSourceTalent 2012
    Modeling (print and runway) Janice Dickinson Onesourctalent 2012
    acting classes Royal High School simi valley 2011
    Equestrian 10 Years English and Bareback 2012
    Field Hockey 3 years center midd 2012
    Marksmanship 4 Years .22 long rifle 2012
    martial arts 4 years blue belt 2012
    Soft Ball 1 year 2012
    Track 2 years 400 2012
    Thank you for taking the time to read this
    1 Attached file| 98KB

  49. Nathan St. Pierre

    I forgot to add a few things…
    I am a male
    I hve brown hair
    I am about 5 ft
    I was born December 29 1999
    I love to smile
    My name is Nathan St.Pierre of Rhode Island
    I hope you consider please please please this is my dream.

  50. Nathan St. Pierre

    Hi. My name is Nathan and I would love to be on icarly. I may have no experience but I would be loyal and a great actor. Please I love icarly so much. I live in Rhodeisland and I am 12 years old going on 13 in December. Email me for more details.

  51. Justin Bent

    Hi my name is Justin Bent
    Race;African American
    Hometown:New York, New York
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    I am 5’8
    Facts about me: I love to get in front of cameras and be myself i’m a ver nice and inergetic person and everyone loves me because i’am so conffident in my self i am a very independant person I do have alot of insparation but i wanna be myself and inspire others ive been wanting to get in front of cameras and take nice big footsteps to the real world and show them who i am ive been wanting this since i was about 4 years old and i want to persue my dreams and get myself out to the world and show them Justin bent. I will love to be apart of this adventure…..

  52. casandro bekirovski

    Hello , my name is Casandro bekirovski
    I’m 14 years old
    My birthday mai 27th 1998
    My height is 170 cm
    My weigh is 50
    My hair color is brown
    My eye color is brown
    My hobby is sport 😀
    I have experience in looking baubl
    I am a boy
    I learning beter english 😀
    I can speak german , serbish and english
    I am a nice boy
    I can sing little bit and i dance little bit
    Pleas send me email !
    Thank you for you time 😀
    I am very happy

  53. Elizabeth

    Name : Elizabeth
    D.O.B ; 12th July 2000
    Hair : brown
    Age : 12
    Hobbies : dancing, singing, swimming, Voices, filming, acting,

    I love Victorious and Icarly best shows in the WORLD!

    My dream is to be a actress/singer and i would just love the part

  54. Farah Al Muawad

    hello my name is Farah Al Muawad i am 11 years old i am from Kuwait, and im sure you never had anyone audition from the Middle East it my pleasure to put me in a episode or email me . I have really good talents i used to be in a commercial and a private photo shoot for a bank :) i love acting really good i talk pure english i go to a american school .
    please reply & Thank you
    regards Farah

  55. omar rubio

    Hi, im omar i really i carly when i saw the last episode i was crying to death but .my dream is to be on your show.Your show is the best show ever I’m not lyeing but you guys are the bets though.

    MY TALENT Im really god at acting im in Newark, CA and my cousins say that if they see me there going to be really PROUD! as you can see imn really good please make my dream come true .Thanks Freddy Carly Spencer AND Finolly sam for not boring my years of childhood im 12 please call me.

  56. Ali Albunjaim

    my name is Ali Albunjaim
    im 14 years old
    my height is 5″9
    i have black hair
    born on August 10th 1998
    i live in Michigan i love to act and make people laugh.

  57. Emily Poss

    name: Emily Poss
    height 5”6
    Weight: 118
    hair color: brunette
    eye color: blue/green
    Where i live: Boise Idaho

    I have seen every single I carly episode known demand… I would love to be on the show.. I’d die to be on the show thats how big of a fan i am… you guys would be fantastic if you picked me.. you would not regret it… thank you

  58. Chelsea Sharp

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE iCarly! I’m 16, blonde hair, 5″2, green eyes, 120 pounds. I love watching iCarly and think I might be a good person to consider for a role on the show! I’m outgoing after I warm up to people and love making people laugh and smile. I would love to act alongside the cast, they seem like great people and the show is amazing!

  59. Rosalva Ruiz

    Hello, my name is Rosalva Ruiz, I’m 15 year old, I’m turning 16 in February 4th, I’m 5’2 skinny, light brown skin, I weight 120 Lbs. I live in Los Angeles I watch iCarly all the time, please make my dream come true, I don’t mind getting a small part as log as I get one please help me, I promise ill give my best it would be a dream to be there, I have long dark brown hair, I have brown eyes too, I also have braces . Hellos this has always been my dream to act, since I was bet little , please help me , I got some experience from school, I’m a good actress, please contact me ill send you a picture of my self please make my dream com true! This what I live, Acting! Thanks(:

  60. Lydia Alemu

    Hey, so I’m Lydia. I’m extremely talkative, I don’t think there’s ever been a time where my mouth wasn’t in motion. I’m friendly and easy to get along with. I have a weird sense of humour, but in the end I can always get you laughing. Whether it be from my facial expressions or just my dry sarcasm. I adore getting to know new people and learning new things. I don’t like to categorize myself with any crowd. I am who I am and that’s all that matters. Like me or not, I’ll still find a way to shine. I love to sing, dance, and act. I pick things up quick and do them with a passion. I laugh way too much, it’s healthy right? GOOGLE is my bestie. I’m thinking about naming my first child after this search engine. I’d ruin their life, but that’s what parents do. Here’s some physical aspects about me:
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 110
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair: Dark brown, past shoulder length.
    Eyes: Brown
    I’m wild, crazy, fun. I think I’d be a great contributor to this show. I love doing what I do and a shot like this would be HJDISAHDWIHGREWOIGH. Sorry, mini-seizure. YES, THAT’S RIGHT. THIS OPPORTUNITY EXCITES ME THIS MUCH. FEEL FLATTERED. Taking a chance on me is something you would not regret. HOLLAR BACK.

  61. laneise coles

    hi nickelodeon my name is laneise and i would die for a chance to be on icarly this is my dream career acting singing if you guys give me this chance youd be my heroes i would love to live my dream and do what my mom and dad werent able to do R.I.P . i really want this so please give me a chane.<3

  62. Anjaleena Janson

    Name: Anjaleena Janson
    Age: 12
    Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Acting, Boxing, and Playing Piano.
    Nationality: Hispanic and Asian
    Idol: Lindsey Stirling, Miranda Cosgrove, Victoria Justice, Selena Gomez, Bridget Mendler, and way more.
    I won’t give to much information about myself (for safety).

    Hi, i believe that i would be a great actress for the final season of ICarly. Ever since i was 5 years old, I decided that i wanted to be on movies, and television shows. Having this part on a television show would be a major oppurtunity for me. Acting is my main goal in life. That’s is why when i go to college I am going to go to Julliard for Performing Arts. I go to a Private School, and have been in Performing Arts since Kindergarten. My school goes up to eigth grade, and I have been there forever. I am very outgoing, love acting, not shy, funny, hard-working and way more. Acting is my major passion.
    More thing about me
    I really like ACTING. I also like fashion, and give people that I know fashion tips. I like traveling, and also singing. I like shopping, and also making people happy. I am also against bullying.
    I really hope you will choose me to be on the last season of ICarly. Thank you for all your support and courage.
    -Anjaleena janson

  63. Shelby Cavender

    My name is Shelby Brooke Cavender. Im 13.
    I have LONG BLONDE NATURAL hair to my waist.
    Im very good at singing, acting, and songwriting. I have blue eyes and olive skin. I have full red lips and perfect teeth. I play volleyball and do a local school news station in my school. Im not very exsperianced but there is one thing;
    I never give up. If given the oppertunity to act, there will never be a day in somesones life when they say “Shelby didnt try he best today.” Because I ALWAYS will.
    thanks for your time:)
    god bless:)

  64. Anna

    (Hi I’m Anna) Hair Color= dark brown / Attitude= A LOT !!!, :) / eye color=brown / AGE= 11 / IM 4 FOOT 5 INCHES/ IM IN 6th GRADE AND I GET GOOD GRADES IM VERY TALENTED! YOU WILL LOVE ME

    Talents: Dance=jazz, HIP HOP , tap, pointe, ballet,modern,acrobats . Piano=I’ve been playing the piano for 6 to 7 years . Trumpet=I play in the band . Beauty Pageants = just last year I won two times in a row I won miss. Iowa junior preteen and I won miss Iowa sweetheart queen. ACTING= went to barbizon and I won a carrabian crew!

  65. jasmine

    my name is jasmine gonzalez
    im 15 years old
    my height is 5″2
    i have redish brown hair
    born on July 25th 1997
    0my hobby is to act
    i love to make other people laugh and smile when their feeling down
    so i hope i can make an audition to keep making that happen.-thank you
    -jasmine gonzalez

  66. Arad Alambeigi

    Hey my name is Arad and I will be in december 14. I’m from Germany, Düsseldorf. Don’t worry I can speak and write english fluently as you can see.
    I’m a boy and I have been in the new york film academy in Los Angeles last summer and I have been the lead role in school plays.
    I have brown hair and eyes and I am 1 metre 68 cm tall.Please do email me because it was a dream for me to be an actor and for comedy especially!

  67. Alyssa Matzek

    Name: Alyssa Matzek
    Gender: Female
    Age: 11 3/4
    Location: CA
    Height: 5′ 2
    Hair Color: Dirty blonde
    Eye Color: Green/blue
    Future Career: Actress, singer, and/or author
    About Me: I’m a straight A student, and I have won young author, art, and science awards. I went against 3 people to be student council president and won. My sister and I did a huge fundraiser to sell Otterpops about 4 years ago to help a boy named Evan who had leukemia, and succeeded. I have been in the Kiwanis K-Kids for 2 years; I love to help as many people as possible. I have done cheerleading, I snowboard, and play volleyball. I also play the violin, piano, and I like to sing. I would really love the chance to start my acting career.

  68. Bianca Shtaynkol

    hi my name is Bianca. I’m 13 years old 5’3 brunette and in love with icarly. I’ve been watching from the beginning and it would be a dream of mine to be part of the show. Please contact me back :))

  69. Jenny and Judy Lee

    Age:16 and 8
    Height:4’10” and 4’1”
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Brown
    Race: Asian

    We are sisters and our life together is practically a show XD
    We understand 3 languages: Chinese (cantonese), Vietnamese, and of course English.
    Watching Spencer’s acting just inspires us to embrace our weirdness and to not be afraid to try. I hope we are selected! Good Luck to everybody!!


    hello my name is tiffani vargas i am 13 years old i live in san antonio,tx i have already applied for disney channel and much more shows and i want to be on your show so please pick me..

    Eye Color:Brown
    Hair Color: Dark/ Light Brown
    I Like Singing, Acting, and Modeling
    I Am Hispanic

  71. Viktoria Dvorska

    13 years young :]
    height 5’2
    brown hair/eyes
    ive never known what i wanted to be,but i figured it out….Acting is my dream

  72. Mattie Stimble

    Hi I am Mattie and 15 years old. I sing, play the guitar, and i am learning the piano. I dance (ballet and contemporary) and act. I have taken acting classes before but am now teaching myself and am working on getting lessons again.
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5′ 8″
    Weight: 135 pounds
    Hair: Light Brown, Blondish-Brown and long (I can cut it if I need to)
    Eyes: Blue
    Race: White

    Acting is my dream! I don’t want to be an actress or a singer for the fame, I want to be an actress because it makes me happy! I love iCarly and it would be a dream to be on the show! I am a hard worker and a fast learner and if you choose me it won’t be a mistake! I can send a head shot if needed!

    Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon!


  73. Lesley Sandoval

    Hello! I’m 14 years old , Hispanic , born in Phoenix AZ , 5’4 , female. In my opinion I should be considered because I am a hard worker, and try my hardest in everything I do. I love singing & acting is very entertaining as well. I may not have most experience but if I have the opportunity to be in this show I would be very grateful and strive for the best. This show is great & just like all of their dreams came true im wishing mine do to. Thank you for reading !

  74. Ben Williams

    hi my name is Ben Williams i love the show by the way I am a fun loving person to be around nathan you are the best in my books lol i am a really funny guy.I am 13 going on 14 all i ever talk about is being on the show and how maranda had her life given to her at a yong age i would love to have the chance that she did it would be a dream come true for me i would love to turn my life around i love to sing i have a little dance every know and then i can iceskate i am athletic and love rugby i have seen most of your shows i live in wales and i would love to have this opportunity thank you for reading this.

  75. Morgan Schrock

    My name is Morgan Schrock. This would be my first audition. I have seen and fallen in love with every Transformers Movie.

    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Ethnicity: White
    Height: 5′ 7″
    Build: Slender

    I will send headshots upon request.
    I hope to hear from you soon

    Morgan Schrock

  76. Dalton Cardwell

    Dalton Cardwell
    05/15/1998 14yrs.
    Medium length Blonde/brown hair
    small build frame
    Blue eyes
    size pants 10
    shirt size 10/12
    shoe size 7

    I have alot of skills including skateboarding, football, love to tell jokes, very humerous, outgoing, get along with others, sing, dance, draw, roller skate, acting, honor class student.

  77. Haley Bloom

    My name is Haley and it would be amazing to be on icarly. I am 16 almost 17. i have brown eyes and brown hair. I am 5’6″. I have been in a few school plays and dance recitals since i was 5. I am not shy on stage. Send me an email if you are interested.

  78. Caitlyn Hutchens

    please get in touch I wont let you down. thats for sure. I sing and Act very good. I am a tad Bit more mature than my age. I am 16 years old But i dont act like a little kid. I’m not a conseded brat that gets what she wants or throws a fit. I just really really really want to do this!I love the show Icarly and I watch it all the time. This is my dream and i’v hunted around for a role scence I was twelve iv gotten offers for roles in the past but didnt have the money up front. please get in touch

  79. Kendall Ontiveros

    Hi, i have done 3 plays in my life and I am very good for my age. I am 9 years old and would love to be on my favorite iCarly! i am a singer, actor, dancer!

    name:Kendall Alexdria Otiveros
    eye color: green blue
    hair color:blonde
    hobbies:singing acting dancing
    idol:Justin Bieber

  80. Natalie Ferreiras

    I Am 15 Years Old I Have Been Singing And Acting Since A Very Young Age An Someone Recently Told Me About These Auditions So I Thought I’d Give It A Try. I Am Very Bubbly, Always Happy, And I Would Really Love The Experience:) E-mail Me for Further Information Or Pictures

  81. Rachelle

    Heeey there my name is rachelle I love icarly I been watching ever since it came out. My hobbies are acting and skateboarding! I live in Ternton, Michigan I am 11 years old. I love love this show so plz plz pick me!!!!

  82. Yayabell Debay

    HI my name is Yayabell Debay i would love to be oon icarly im african american i have brown hair and brown eyes im 5’3 i lkove to be on icarly please consider i will be 13 soon

  83. Breanna Winbush

    Hi My Name Is Breanna Winbush
    Weight-85 pounds
    Birthday-April 17 2000
    Hair Color-Red,Brown,and Pink
    Well Im Going To Tell Y’all Why I Wanna Be and New Member In Icarly Well I want To Be A New Member In Icarly Because Im A Big Fan Of That Tv Show And I always Wanted To Play On Tv Show Im Really Going To Miss The Old Icarly But I Bet You This One Would Be Even Better Im 12 And Im Very Mature Im Not Immature Like Some People. I been A Fan Of Icarly Since The Show Came Out Im A Really Great Actress I Can Fake Cry Reallly Good I can Fake A Lot Of Stuff To Prank My Friends Im A Really Great Pranker.I Really Don’t care What Part I get In Icarly I just Want A Part.Ever Since Icarly Came Out I’ve Always Wanted to See How It Feels To Be On The Tv Show.Everyone tells Me That Me And Miranda (Carly) Look Alike So It Would Be Great If I Played Carly But I Really Don’t Care What Part I Get I Just Want To be In It So If You Think Im That Person That Should Play In Your Show Can You Email Me?

  84. michelle gomez

    name: michelle gomez
    age; 10
    race; mexican american
    talent: singing/acting
    height 5’0
    live; Seattle,Wa
    eye color: brown
    hair color; dark brown
    hobbies:Volleyball basketball and im in 2 choirs

  85. Gabrielle roe

    Hello I am from Britain (essex) my name is gabrielle roe (female) but every one calls me gabby I am 14 years old I have blonde/brown hair and blue eyes and i am 5.6″ tall I have stared in two school musicals and I’m learning sign language people have told me I’m a good singer but if we have a interview I will let you dicide I would call my self creative as I love art and designing also I love to be different finally I can horse ride and scuba dive and I was a scout I am now a explorer and a leader for cubs I have won the jack petchey award for scouts and scout of the year award. It would be a amazing to be apart of this show as I love Nickelodeon and I have promised my self I will be on Nickelodeon one day soon thank you. Please email me soon to let me know.

  86. Megan

    Heyy, my name is Megan and I am currently living in Columbus Ohio.

    Age: 18
    D.O.B: april 29, 1994
    Gender: Female
    Hieght: 5’6″
    Wieght: 130
    Hair color: light brown
    Eye color: Bright Blue
    Race: white
    Special Skills: Acting, Picture taking, Singing, and doing awesome hair and makeup!

    I’m sure there are some amazing people wanting this role however I feel I am different and I’d be worth your time and effort to give me an audition. I am very kind, great worker and fun to be around. People have said I have a fun and upbeat personality. I try my best at anything I do, I take direction/constructive criticism well and lastly I just like to have fun do me and have a great experience. Ive never acted before other then small school plays. However I am trying to start my life long career and really feel I wont let you done. Acting is my passion and to have a trusted name such as Nickelodeon behind me would be amazing! Thanks for considering me and hope to hear from you soon!!((:

  87. Miranda Thibodeau

    Hi, my name is Miranda Thibodeau. My dream is to become an actress, I have been in plays but I want to go into TV. I don’t want to go on TV just for the fact to be on TV and get the fame, I want be on tv because acting is my dream. I have been watching Nickelodeon since I was born and still do now. I am 14 years old but looks 16. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am 5’4″ and a little overweight, that’s why I think this would be a good show to be in. Gibby is a little overweight and yet everyone loves him including me. I have been afraid of putting myself out there like I am now because I am a little overweight but Gibby does it so why can’t I? This is my dream, has been forever. When I was little all of the other girls wanted to be princesses or singers while I wanted to be an actress I was the only one I felt left out but it was what I wanted and I made a promise to myself I would chase my dream and never give up. I’m in high school and teachers ask us what we want to be when we grow up, I always say an actress. They look at me and tell me that it is not likely and I need to keep looking. I have tried picturing myself doing many different jobs but I just can’t. Acting is the only thing I love, always has been. I have never had much support with my dream because it’s almost impossible, I live in a small town in Maine. Nothing happens in Maine. I have been told that I should take acting as a career by people I don’t know that have just seen me in school plays but it is so hard. Acting is not a hobby it’s a passion. I would do anything to be on TV because I can’t do anything else I’m not good at anything else. When acting your a completely different person you don’t have your own problems, you have your character’s and there is always a happy ending. Acting is the only thing I know and I don’t want to give up on my dream. I am sure whoever is reading this, if there is anyone reading this, probably thinks I am crazy, but just think did you ever have a dream? Did it come true? If it did aren’t you happy? Don’t you want to make someone else who really cares about this dreams come true? Don’t you want them to get that feeling where they know they finally did it? If your dream didn’t come true don’t you wish it did? Don’t you want to help someone else? Think about yourself when you were me just chasing your dream, don’t you want to be that person you always wished for? Don’t you want to make someone elses dream to come true so they think ” wow I can never repay them for everything they did for me”? If you do then trust me this is my dream this is what I want, no what I need. Acting is everything to me! I want to look back at those who said its impossible you can never do it and prove them wrong. I would love a large role because I have an amazing memory but a small role would be okay to you have to start somewhere and as long as I’m acting I feel like I would have made it. Please just let me know, email me or something so you can get more information about me or I can get more information about this. Please just help me make my dreams come true this is what my dream is and I need to chase it.

  88. Jason Huddleston

    Hi I am Jason I am 13 and love iCarly!!! I would love to be on it with the stars;) I have always been bad at school so I worked acting. I love it and I want to make it happen for me and my family

  89. jodie

    im 11 i love acting very much im up for a speaking part or a non speaking part or an exrea im definetly not shy see me act at my house email me for address

  90. sarah gomez

    My name is Sarah Gomez and i’m 14, from Chicago IL. I have been searching for several auditions to go to and increase my chance of acting on TV. To act on one of my favorite TV shows like iCarly would only be a dream come true. Not only will I be dedicated to the show, and willing to travel, but I will also prove that I have what it takes to become one of the best actress of my era.
    Acting and directing are something I show a big interest in and is a big part of my life.I am young, eager, and more then ready to show my skills to the world, and jump at the opportunity given to me.

  91. Aaron Jackson

    Hi my name is Aaron Jackson and I am 19 although I look more like i’m 15 I am 19 haha. I have experience as far as graduating from and acting school and agency and passing evaluations and interviews from one source talent. I have lots of perfessional photo’s and would love to be on nickelodeon a few shows on there inspire me and my acting

  92. Charlie

    Name :Charlie Age : 10 (in 4 month) Gender :Female Eye Colour :Blue-Green Hair Colour : Natural Dirty Blonde Talents : Singing Acting Dancing in : Hip Hop and Free style Please let me in from the day i could speak i always wanted to be an actress and this is my dream i hope to hear from you soon Thank you so much!

  93. jodie

    hi my names jodie i am 11 years old i love i carly im a very strong actor i may be o young bu my carrer is just beging i would like to audition for a speaking park ..

  94. alexes welsh

    HEYY!!!! my name is alexes welsh im 13 years young in 8th grade
    hair color; curly light brown
    eye color; brown
    weight; 106
    peruvian scottish japanese irish
    location; florida orlando
    im very out going and i love to act my expeirences are modeling dancing (salsa and ballet) and i have done some plays in school imy freinds say im very energetic ,loud and spontaneous . im very unique in the way i act and dress and love being my self which is prettyweird lol. i am in the national juniour honor society and think pink club i love helping other and super freindly and get along with people great nothing can ever really make me mad you would rarley see me mad so i hope you like this ! i always wanted to be star on nick i hope you guys can make my dream come true thanks for your time!:):):):):):):):):):):):)

  95. Allexis swiney

    Its always been my life to be on tv. But now if i could meet the icarly ccrew i would fant. Not realy just be happy. People say im very funny this could change my life please choose

  96. Smyrne Charles

    I live in Winter Haven, FL. I’m in my third year of college and I am majoring in accounting.
    Age: 20 [Aug. 11, 1992]
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 124
    Body Type: Slim
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Race: Haitian
    Skin: Dark Skinned
    Hobbies: Stepping, Dancing, Singing, and Jumproping

  97. Jake Vivial

    Hi I’m Jake Vivial I live deep in the heart of Texas I am 13 I love icarly and I have Ben acting for a while it has always Ben a dream to be a actor and if u help me make it come true well then all your wildest dreams will come true:) I have a nice personality I have Ben told I’m funny and I love everything I can act like almost any think I am 5ft 4 inches blondish brownish hair weight 116.0 race white:) hope u pick me!!! Thank you so much

  98. Reece Rimmington

    Hey, my name is Reece and thankyou for reading this. I’m 14, my D.O.B. is 31/07/1998 I’m from the UK,I have short to medium hair, I’m ginger, I’m just over 5″10, I have blue eyes, I weigh about 10 stone, I am slim and an average build, I am currently studying music at GCSE and I used to attend a performing arts school.So, I’ve grown up watching Nickelodeon, I would love a career in acting or atleast in the entertainment industry, I would love to do sonething like this as it is my ambition, and performing on Nickelodeon would be amazing and a great oppurtunity for me. Unfortunately, I do not have an agent but I am willing to put in all the hard work and time required to achieve my ambition and dream, I would love to be given the chance to be able to do this, please give me a chance, if I don’t get the chance this time could you please let me know about future audition in the UK and out of the UK, thankyou for taking your time to read this and noticing me.

  99. matthew geber

    i really want to be in the acting business i am 12 years old i was born on March-2-2000 my hair color is black and my eyes are brown .i live in new jersey i am a fun loving energetic kid i can sing really well i am a boy

  100. Alexa Barrick

    I’m Alexa, I’m 13 years old and in middle school, 5’5. I’ve been taking drama throughout middle school and also have done some plays in elementary school and I was one of the leads in a few of them. I can also play guitar. Its also easy for me to change my emotion/attitude based on the character.

  101. Marshelle Kemp

    Name: Marshelle Kemp
    Age: 15
    Ethnicity: African American
    I’ve always loved acting but I fell in love with it when I saw my rolemodel, Selena Gomez in a movie called Wizards of Waverly Place ever since I saw that I fell in love with acting. I’m good at memorizing lines and making people laugh. I’d love to pursue my acting career and being in this movie would help. I’m not in it for the fame. I’m in it to be me and to tell a story to people. I want to be able to inspire people like Selena Gomez did for me. you should email me because I’m different I’m not like everyone else I’m just me. thanks!

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply.. Look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

  102. Asia Malone-Dyson

    Hi! I’m Asia Malone-Dyson and I am 14 years old. I’m ready to persue my dreams of being an actress and musician. I have a great personality that can be well used in a show like this. PLEASE consider using in me in some part of this show! Thank you!

  103. Danis

    Hello there,
    I’m Danis, 16 years old!!I have been learning guitar for 3 years now and I have just started piano lessons!I haven’t been following an acting school, but I have been acting since the age of ten.Equally, I have played in 8 plays, 4 formal and 4 informal.By this I mean that, our acting team took part in some competitions and won 3 times out of 4.I would LOVE to be a member of iCarly and general of Nickelodeon family!!I also have taken some latin-dancing lessons, for 8 months. I have 5.7 feet height, and I am 171 lbs. I speak 4 languages, English, Greek, Spanish, German. Please this is a big time opportunity for me so let me know!
    Thank you in advance,

  104. Emily Thomasz

    Hi my name is Emily Thomasz. I dance, play sports, and sometimes sing. Im funny, nice, and energetic. I would love to be part of this show because acting is what i want to do while growing up.

  105. James Martin

    My name is James Martin and i am 15 years old and a huge fan of this show i live in Sydney Australia but say the word and i will be i California ready for any Job you want me to do :)
    I have some acting experiences such as
    -Wizard Of OZ musical (i was the lion)
    -and numerous other plays and musicals here in Australia!

  106. Vanessa Bailey

    Name: Vanessa Bailey
    Age: 14
    Hair color: Light Brown/Dark Brown
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 118lbs.
    Body: Healthy, fit, curvy
    Size: 3-4
    Eye color: Brown
    Nationality: Native American
    Skin color: Olive/pale
    Talents: Acting, photography, modeling, cosmetics
    Education: Home-schooled
    Country: USA
    State: Texas

    About Me: I was born in Austin, Texas, but grew up in the small town of Lake Andes, South Dakota. I moved back to Texas just a week before my 11th birthday, and have been here since. I’ve had a love for acting ever since the 3rd grade and taught myself various skills on my own. I’m able to make my self cry in less than a minute & 15 seconds and am good at staying in character. I have a very relaxed personality, I’m funny, and I am a hard worker.

    Thank you!

  107. Jonathan Daughaday

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    HI my name is Jon Daughaday

    I am interested in any full time opportunities you may have for enthusiastic young actor.

    I will be happy to provide you with any additional information you may need. If you have any further questions, my contact information is listed below as well as on my resume.

    I am 20 years old, i live in Maryland,

    i am union member

    i did a TV commercial in Maryland

    When i get a role. I am willing to travel out of state.

    if you wan more info please email me.

    if you want my resume and my headshots please email me.


    Jon Daughaday

  108. Felicity Allen

    Hello my name is Felicity allen and i would like to be on iCarly!!:D

    My biggest dreams are to be on Nick.,Or disney and most of all Broadway!!:)

    I love to sing and I act pretty well it would be a wonderful oppertunity to be acting with all of yuu!

    Age: 13
    Hight: 5′ 3″
    Weight: 85
    Gender: Female

    Hope yuu consider me thank yuu:DD!!

  109. Maegan

    My name is maegan.Im 11 years old and i have long brown hair[just past my shoulders,hazel eyes,and tan skin.Ive had experience in a fifth grade play,Peter Pan.I was Captain hook.I really want tobe on this show because sometimes i get jelous when i see other people on tv.Im like “why cant i be on tv,grrr!”.I hope you pick me for a part.

  110. camryn

    My name is Camryn i have short brown hair, and brown eyes,i also have tan skin.I have experience in a play I was Wendy in the peter pan play.I love your show and i hope you pick me for a part.

  111. Emily Morales

    Hello my name is Emily Morales. My family calls me Amelia or Ems. I am 17 years old, born on August 10, 1995. I have brown eyes and brown hair (have never dyed my hair). My height is 5,3′ and my weight is 120. Im from Los Angeles, California and currently live with my oldest sister who has guardianship over me. I have always wanted to be an actress, My father has never approved so therefore I haven’t tooken a classes, but I do practice when I’m alone or with friends. I do think I am a pretty good actor so if I had a shot at this it would mean the world to me. Whats life without risks right? I would love to hear from you guys. Thanks for your time.

  112. Kevin Williams Jr.

    Age:18 years old
    Race: African American
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Location: Little Elm, Texas
    Hobbies: Drawing, Writing Music, Playing Games, Talking Socially
    I have always liked watching tv and always thought to myself, I can do that. I have a really good memory, I have strong emotions, from either sad to mad. Overall, I like the bond that I see with Disney and Nickelodeon stars, that look like they can last a long time, and I want that. I am very trust worthy, honest, dependable, intelligent, and just plain crazy when needed.

  113. Thomas

    i also live in australia and

    weight 36.9
    hobbies singing danicng acting in the mirror
    alot of people at my school say i should perform at my schools talant show i would be i might do something wrong i know i wont but i was scard last time sooo.

    age 11

  114. Thomas

    Hello my name is Thomas and i am a girl i love to sing but i think i am not really good at it ummm i love to dance my dream is to be a singer ot an actress and this could be my big shot hope i hear back from you guys if you guys do this for me you have made my mosh wonderful dream come true thanx
    .P.S. I am lots of fun.

  115. Princess

    Hi im Laprincessa. I am 15 my eye color is light brown . I am from Atlanta . I am 5’8 multiracial and I would like to audion for a role on ICarly ! :)

  116. Jazmine Haynes

    Hello im 14 years old and i am more than interested in auditioning to cast on Icarly. Please and Thank you. I hope to hear back from you. :)

  117. Ruth Jahoda

    Hi! I’m Ruth Jahoda and I’m 13 years old not that long till I’m 14haha! I live in Scotland (UK).I would love to and be completely honoured to get a role in i carly, for me just writing this I feel like it is never going to happen and if I even got an audition I would be over the moon! I’m not going to go on about how I’m an amazing actress and all the rest of it because I love acting and enjoy it it’s a passion not something to boast about and quite frankly I don’t think it should matter what you look like it should be about your talent on stage and ability to have fun I mean come on I’m 13! I’ve not had that much experience apart from drama classes and school shows but I’m being honest I can’t make up experiences that I’ve never had , I also have never been to an audition before! If you are reading this I ask you to take risk and just let me audition knowing that it could change my future career for ever! Thank you and i hope to hear from you soon!

  118. olivia norman

    hey guys i love icarly and acting. But most of the people above has had experiance i havent. anyway i would love to be on icarly with you XOXO

  119. Dequan McBride

    I am here to join your awesome sitcom …I am very tALL RANDOM AND simply awesome i mean it does not get anybetter … BUt the most important part is i blend in with all crowds i can be the shy goofy nerd or the SELFCENTERED JOCK or a mix of both …but most of all i get attached easily and try to make friends which is both a good and bad thing … And I USed To LIke Sam and Miley CYrus but now i am 14 and i dont anymore… ANyways I think I have a Lacelook Stalker and she creeps me out … she messages me weird stuff like “hii……” or does that mean she just wants to talk to me anyway sorry just trying to give you a little entertainment unlike these other jocks trying to sell themselves (now if you want me to sell myself i can)

  120. tatiana limbu

    hi i am 11 year old and im from queens new york annd like most people here i have a dream to be a actress so i would love it if i got chosen
    thank you for reading (if you did!)

  121. ashley martinez

    Name:Ashley Martinez
    D.O.B. June1,2000
    Eye color:Brown
    Hair clolor:Dark Brown,curlly,kind of long
    Hobbys:singing,acting,watching icarly
    Idol:Maranda Cosgrove
    Miranda Cosgrove is my idol because in icarly she gets good grades and she inspired me to act and sing.

  122. Dora

    Hi,my name is Dora I’m 15 turning 16 next month. When I saw this I knew it was for me I’m funny, well-rounded, and always have a smile on my face. My height is about 5’4 and weigh about 124 Lbs. I’m a junior at a high school and have loved nickelodeon ever since I was a little girl. I have experience in acting and would love to audition for the show.
    Thank You.

  123. Rebecca

    hi my name is rebecca im 13 i play the flute get awesome grades and r very athletic my parents doubt me in acting and tell me to give it up but im dedicated and i will acheive one day i can make myself cry and are really fun to be around please consider me please and thank you!

  124. Emily Long

    Hello! My name is Emily Long. I have always dreamed of being on Nickelodeon since Zoey 101 was on! I was obsessed with that show:)
    A little bit about me: I am 14 years old. I live in Austin Texas. A year ago i moved here form Columbus, Ohio. When I lived in Ohio I was an Abercrombie Fit Model. Meaning i went in to the HQ building and the workers measured me and fit clothes to my body. It was so much fun i loved doing it! I love adventure, i am always looking for something fun to do… its hard for me just to sit around doing nothing all day.. i always find a way to make things fun:) I am a year round swimmer, track runner, Cross Country runner. I do consider myself a very determined and devoted person and you can always count on me:) I have never had experience in acting but i think i would enjoy it a whole lot!:) anddd… i don’t really know how else to explain my personality… you just have to know me i guess!:) My idol/inspiration is Ariana Grande. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE her!!<3 i hope someday i can meet her. I also am in love with One Direction… like… there is no way to explain it hahaha:) I love Music. It is my life! I have to have music playing all the time. I have always wanted to play the guitar too. I can sing.. people have told me i have a really good voice but I would probably need some vocal lessons. I have always wanted to live in London when im older! anddd… i don't really know how else to explain my personality… you just have to know me i guess!:)
    Eyes- Dark brown
    Hair- Long dirty blonde, natural loose curls/waves at top
    height- 5,6
    weight-110 lbs
    I would love to work with Nick. Consideration is well appreciated! Thank you and much love, Emily

  125. Felicia Pulley

    Hey! my name is felicia. I am 16, 5’2, blonde, and have blue eyes. I am funny, but i can also take my job seriously. I am quick to memorize. I love icarly and would love to be apart of the cast.
    Some backround: i have done cheerleading, theater 1, volleyball,basketball,and am really good at acting.I’d love to have the chance to work with you.

  126. Kishen Patel

    Hello my name is Kishen Patel and I would totally love to be on iCarly! Ever since I watched my first episode when I was 6, I have become hooked on it ever since. I also have created my own webshow (which yet I still have to put videos on). I live in the U.K and it would be my lifetime dream if i coul play a role in iCarly.

    Age: 11
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Black
    Height: 4’9/4’10
    Skin: Light Brown
    Race: Indian
    Experience: 3 years of streetdance, 2 years of dance and 4 years of acting.

    If I got a chance to be on iCarly I would be so grateful I wouldn’t be able to express my feelings.

    Please e-mail me for further details and please, please come to the U.K!!
    Thank you in advance!

  127. Lucky Lucso LleeG

    Name: Lucky, Lucso ,Mahonono Gende: Male Race: African Location: Johannesburg South africa Hometown: Welkom, free state SA Hobbies: Rapping, Acting, Singing Hair Colour: Black Eye Colour: Dark Brown idol: John Legend Crazy Me: Uhmm Always Making Jokes Love Making people Laugh, I Can Speak like politicians they give me my stand Up comedy material Can Speak like Nelson Mandela am a class clown boy who sits at the back of the class with my group always making jokes, am a grate singer and rapper thou and I’ve always wanted to be On iCarly because I know I got what it takes to be to kill the viewers with laughter. Here’s some of my Dum jokes: Sometimes When I Close My Eyes I can’t Seee lol . Thank you :)

  128. Austin Hearron

    My name is Austin Hearron, I live in Washington State, I’m 15 years old (almost 16), I love acting, singing, rapping, directing, And writing. I use to have a sketch comedy webshow called Mega Smash Comedy, where I use to direct the videos, write scripts, and act. Acting is something I’ve been super passionate about since I was about 5 years old, I use to be in acting classes in 3rd – 5th Grade. I’m 5’9″ about 140lbs dark brown hair, blue eyes. I would love to be part of Nickelodeon, I’ve wanted to be ever since Drake and Josh first aired. I remember watching it and saying to myself ” that’s gonna be me one day” please e-mail anytime, I want this more than anything.

  129. Hilda

    Hi Nickelodeon! My name is Hilda Lara. I was born on February 18, 1997. I have waist length hair. Color of hair is brown. I have brown eyes. I am 5″0 tall. I currently live in Los Angeles, CA. I have been acting since the age of 11 (not professionally) only in school plays. I am also a dancer. I have always loved performing and it’s something I definitely see myself doing in the future.

    I have been watching Nickelodeon practically since I was born and it has always been one of my dreams to come out in one of the Nickelodeon shows. I have been watching iCarly ever since the first episode came on. iCarly has been one of my all time favorite show and it would be a dream come true for me to be on this show. It would mean a lot to me to even have a chance to audition. Please write back I promise you won’t regreat it! 😉

  130. Jessica Rust

    Full Name: Jessica Svetlana Rust
    Age:11(turning 12 really soon)
    Birthday: April 24 2001
    eye color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Brown with blond
    Talents: Singing, Acting, Dancing, playing sports, making people laugh
    Hobbies: Acting, singing, dancing, soccer, volleyball, softball,hanging out with friends.
    I would really love to have an addition. I have experience with acting singing and dancing. I go to a advanced choir that you need to audition for. I love Icarly It is so funny and I love making people laugh. Please give me one chance. If you are interested then please email me. Thank You

  131. Tito Torres

    Hi my name is Tito Torres and i hope you pick me to be on the show. I am a part of John casablancas modeling and career center.I know I’m ready for this and if you let me show the world what I got I promise it won’t be a let down.
    born dec.29 ,1994
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 110lbs
    Gender: male
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: sandy blonde
    Race: Hispanic/African american

  132. Dalton Lytle

    Hi. my name is Dalton Lytle. I am a 14 year old girl turning 15 next March. I am 5’4 1/2. Blue eyes. Naturally blond, but has dyed brown hair. Weight: about 132. Being a part of the up-coming season of I-Carly would be a great opportunity for me. My hobbies at the moment are dancing, cheer, powerlifting, and volleyball. I hope you consider having me. Thank you.

  133. Sierra Evaro

    Name ‘ Sierra Evaro (:
    D.O.B ‘ June 2nd Nineteen-Ninety-Nine
    Grade ‘ 8th
    Age ‘ 13

    Why Do You Think you should be on iCarly?
    A – I think i should be on iCarly because my personality i am smart but i can become really mean. i love making people have a smile and i DISLIKE people being sad so i do the best i personally can to make the person have the biggest smile ever (: .

    How’s your life experience so far?
    A- Well… I am growing up without my father :\ but its okay, my mom is struggling with me and my little brother. we are with my grandma in California. I know i have a talent but i need to show someone serious that i have a special gift that i was blessed with.

    Why Do you Want to Be on iCarly?
    A- I want to be earning money with my special talent (: i dont want my mom to struggle anymore . i dont want to be on iCarly just for the publicity , or money, because those are just luxuries and i have a talent where i can do it because i was blessed. :’)

    I want to take this time to thank your for the opportunity of reading this and reading my audition and i am praying that i can get this part (: or even an extra i just hope my talent is discovered (:

  134. Jordan Repoli

    I have what it takes! I always give 110%
    My name is Jordan Alina Repoli
    Age: 12, but mistaken to be 13-14 years old
    Height: 5’2
    Shape: Average
    Weight: Average/healthy
    Race: White.
    I love ACTING!!! It has been a huge dream of mine forever! I come from Virginia, U.S.A. I do have experience from plays and skits. Lots of people compliment my acting. In March I’m visiting London, England for an acting festival, so exiting! I’m optimistic, outgoing, giggly and have a good sense of humor.
    P.S Love iCarly! Big fan! 😀

  135. Alison Maira

    Hi, I’m Alison. Sixteen years old (10/07/96). I can speak spanish and english but spanish better. I am from Chile and I live in New York. I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to become an actress so if you guys can help me, I would appreciate it ! I love Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy, please give me this opportunity. You won’t be disappointed. I’m a good actress, I’m sweet and funny! if you want to email me just do it!


  136. kiara reyes

    hi im kiara and i love icarly so much and it has always been my dream to act on disney but mostly nickelodeon ive auditioned once for nickelodeon in california and i got the part but it cost too much for the agency i am 13 years old and im mixed with black and mexican and so people sometimes call me blacican i love being the center of attention as ive been told and i love acting if yhu would like me to answer any of yhur questions plz contact me plz.and.thank.yhu -kiara

  137. Riley James Harshbarger

    My name is Riley James Harshbarger. I am fourteen years old, I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5’10” and currently weigh 140<150 pounds. I live in Phoenix, Arizona.
    It has been my dream to act since I was four years old. I'm not quite sure why. but the ability to truly become someone else in every way is truly amazing.
    I have an excellent memory and have been in numerous elementary/middle/high school plays, all as the lead role.
    I am very skilled at playing the piano, and can learn a new song in a matter of days if necessary.
    I hope to hear from you soon!

  138. Jacob Rodier

    Hello. Im Jacob Rodier. I am a huge nickelodeon fan and have watched icarly since its been on tv. I have always wanted to act in tv and would love to be part of the show.
    I am 14, 5’11, 125 pounds, brown hair.
    Thank you

  139. Chris van diepen

    Name : Chris van diepen Age : 12 i look older. Color eyes : blue. Long: 1.72. And i hope i can join the auditions.

  140. Ayleen Namivia Lanza

    Name: Ayleen Namivia Lanza
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Race: Hispanic
    Date of Birth: February 25, 1997
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Hair: Dark brown
    Languages: English, and Spanish
    Height: 5’1
    City: Miami
    State: Florida
    Country: U.S
    Hello, my name is Ayleen Lanza. I am a very ambitious, outgoing girl that is hard working and thinks of others before herself. I have hosted a Hispanic heritage assembly at my elementary school, and won various citizenship awards in fifth grade, and won my first oratorical award in my fifth grade graduation. I have always wanted to be an actress since i was a little girl. I believe hard work does pay off in the end, you just have to strive for success. When an opportunity is shown, grab on to it and don’t let go. I believe i should be considered because action comes naturally to me and there is no such thing as doing “Fine” when it comes to acting only “Perfection”.

  141. Navy Yonce

    My name is Navy and I’m 13 yrs. old. I’m a computer whiz and like making videos with my camera. I like the icarly show and I think it is cool but it would be even “cooler” if I was in it :)

    I am a white male, black hair, very tall for my age with slender build and good sense of humor. I am a home schooler and Science is my favorite subject…”Bazinga!”
    I’d love to tell you more but I’m outta here to catch icarly reruns…hope to hear from you soon :)
    PS: In case I don’t hear from you by Halloween…have a Happy Halloween!! Peace!

  142. Katelyn Schwalbach

    Dear Nickelodeon

    I know you must get a lot of these each day, but this is important. Acting has always come easy to me, i have danced for 9 years and counting. Im 13 right now and i have light/dark brown hair. I have wanted to be a dancer but i know that isnt a possibility so im going to give acting a chance since it come very easy to me. This guy in my class has always been mean to me, i’ve rehearsed so many lines of what i could say to him to make him realize that im not going to let it happen. Today i finally said one of the best lines that i had come up with, of course today he said the same thing he’s said to me one to many times. So without thinking i said my line. He shut up and hasnt said anything rude to me yet, phew! Anyways, believing in myself that i may have a chance to be an actor gave me hope. That’s what gave me courage to stand up to him. I hope that you respond to me, and if you don’t i totally understand and will keep on trying and follow my dreams.

    Katelyn Schwalbach

  143. Jordan Utterback

    Hi my name is Jordan Utterback I am 13 years old I am 5’6″ and I go to treynor middle school in Iowa and I would love a chance to work with Miranda, jennette, Jerry, Nathan, and gibby. I was born June 21st, 1999 I love to sing and act. I am American my hair is brown and my eyes are blue green. I am athletic I am in track and my fastest 100m is 13.53 seconds and the fastest in the world is 9.69 so I think I am pretty fast. So please pick me for your show.

  144. Akielah Solomon

    Name: Akielah Solomon
    D.O.B: January 14, 1995
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    From: Pittsburgh, PA
    Body Type: Curvy
    Weight: 145
    Height: 5’5
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Talents: Singing, Dancing, and Acting

  145. Meghan Bernstein

    Eye color: Brown
    Hair: Long, light brown, curly
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    I love, love, love acting! It’s my dream to be an actress! I also love nickelodeon! I also love drawing, singing and hanging out with friends! Please email me for details!

  146. Jessica Lopez

    •name: Jessica Lopez
    •age: 12
    •talents: singing goid actress
    •DOB: 8/8
    •hair: brown
    •eyes: light brown
    •from: Mexico
    Please send me the audition I promise that I won’t dissapoint you.

  147. Suha

    hi my name is suha i really love i carly i have black short hair dark brown eyes and i love acting and im funny and smart so please choose me and im a girl

  148. Deasia Turner

    hi I am 11
    i am build thick
    my eyes are black/brown
    hobies:acting singing dancing faving fun
    i was born may 10 2001
    i want to be on icarly because miranda is my idol and she inspiers me to be crazy

  149. Michelle

    i would love to be a part of the new icarly season, even though the cast is a bit older, we all play younger parts, im 5’8.5″ and im 13 years old and im athletic i hope ill hear from you.

  150. katelyn brantley

    D.O.B:May 11th 2002
    AGE: 10 years old
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    From; Hopewell VA
    Talents: Acting & Singing

  151. destiny

    Hi im Destiny and im 12 im turning 13 in January. Ilove icarly.
    Birthday-January 6 2000
    Body type-slim
    Hair color-brown and blonde
    Eye color-dark brown
    I did ballet jazz and hip-hop for about 3 years and I have been in choir since kindergarden and I have been in a play when I was 7.

  152. Dominic

    Hey my name is Dominic Campione. I all ways wanted to be on a tv show like iCarly! I love iCarly! Some things about me.

    Gender : Male
    Age : 11
    Height : 4’7
    Weight : 130
    Talents : Beat Boxing, Football
    About Me : I play football, beat box, I like to act and take pictures
    Eye Color : Light Blue
    Hair Color : Dirty Blonde
    Ethnicity/Nationality : Caucasian Italian

  153. Michael Korkoskie (real last name is Snider)

    i have green eyes brown hair i live in fremont michigan i am 5’11 am around 190 i have a hairy chest i have been in 2 plays in middle school and a drama class i am 14 i will be 15 on november 10th i wear glasses i am somewhat shy

  154. H.Kappell

    Hello I’m Haley I’m very fun going and love iCarly. I would love to act on Icarly because I’m cool, fun, and random. Making me perfect for the role on Icarly. I have black hair and big brown eyes. I love sparkles and animal print. I’m cooperative and willing to do this seriously please contact the email provided for more info. Thanks,

  155. Eleonora Raffaele

    Hi :) I’m Eleanor..I’m italian :) I would really love to be in the next season of Icarly **
    I’m 14 in December 8th grade..I ave got brown,yellow and green eyes sometimes,I have got brown and long hair and my hobbies are sing dance and acting..
    I am not shy ,I’m good at making jokes to my friends pretending to be scared or that something bad happened…I can also shout out loud .. one day I hope I’ll be Making a show with the Icarly cast . Thank you for your time bye (: !!
    Please consider me for the part on the show. (;

  156. Amber Nigam

    I am a 15 year old female, but i’ve been told i look 16 or 17.
    I am Indian, but i am fairly pretty for my ethnicity!
    I have always wanted to be an actress, ever since i was little!
    It would be an absolute dream to be part ot iCarly, if not a permanent star, even a guest star! I have the optimism that even guest starring would set me up for a huge career!
    I am about 5’7 I believe.
    I have braces currently but those could always be taken off or replced with something later.
    I really hope you can get back to me!
    Thank You!

  157. Anthony brown

    Whats up my name is anthony brown and im going to be straight up with you i love acting and comedy it has always been my dream to be in any live television show or a movie or anything but im 15 and i have black hair brown eyes and i just want to be part of somthing that i and others can love so please consider

  158. Rebecca Sage

    Age range: 13-17
    DOB: 11/09/1995
    Height: 5’5 1/2
    Weight: 156lbs
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Bright blue/Green
    Race: white
    Body Type: Athletic
    Special Skills: Acting, Dancing, Modeling ,Can Speak some Spanish, Computer skills, and much more!
    Location: Glendale,AZ
    If anyone gets a chance to read this, I would like to thank you in advance for your time. I am 16 years old with brown hair and Blue eyes I am 5’5 and I’ve always been wanting to do acting, modeling since sixth grade. I am also a dancer for my high school. It is my dream to become an actress and hopefully Auditioning for this role will make my dreams come true.

  159. paige zabel

    Hi my name is Paige zabel
    D.o.b 10/26/99
    Eye color brown
    Hair color black
    location Nashville tn
    hobbies middling acting
    I am a very funny person and I love to hang out and joke around.

  160. Derek Fuller

    Hello, my name is Derek Fuller. I have read some of these comments and I’m thinking “Wow. These kids think that just because your “goofy or “funny” you are a great actor. Since I have acting experience I know how much self control you actually need to be a great actor. I’ve been in numerous plays during my career and made it to regionals in my states drama club compitition. I know all about the Screen Actors Guild and know how hard it is to make it out in this world. I’ve been to auditions before and am very outgoing. I know how it feels to adapt to new roles and am currently working on 2 plays in my drama club at my school
    Height:5′ 10″
    Ethnicity:African American and Korean
    Brown Eyes
    Dark Brown Hair

  161. Erin Leavy

    Hi, nickelodeon. I have wanted to be an actor for quite some time, but I have had some interesting, well, interests. I used to want to be a forensic scientist! I love iCarly, but you could put me in anything, and I could do it. The only problem being………… I live in Australia. Will that have a problem? Whenever I watch a show (mainly bones, doctor who, Jessie, icarly and victorious) I try to remember lines and practice saying them to myself to hear how it sounds! I even remember most of a scene from the sapphires! I only saw it once so remembering most of it, I though, was pretty good. That’s my favourite movie, as well as hunger games. I hope to hear from you soon, and remember, I am just doing this to try out, I’m not trying to beat the other kids for the spot of awesomeness. I’m not sure what my mum would say if I got in, but I just want to see what you think. Thanks! Let me know soon, bye!

  162. teigan jane

    im teigan but you can call me teigs for short. im 14 from the UK Leicester, if you’re interested email me and ill leave a number.
    i ain’t going into massive details because i’m sure you have a busy life to get on with, i want to join that busy life be apart of it but not only to perform with some amazing people to live what i’ve been waiting for. if you say no then ill just keep trying. thankyou x

  163. Belen Eneque

    Name: Belen Eneque
    Height: 4’11-5′
    Hair/Eye color: brown
    D.O.B: October 26 1993
    Age: 18
    Languages spoken: Spanish, English, some Japanese
    Hobbies: Street Dancer (breakdancing, house, popping, comercial, locking, waacking) know some tae kwon do, artist, photography.
    Danced for Future Shock and Culture Shock Los Angeles.
    Always open to learning and doing new things.

  164. Sabrina Gonzalez

    hi my name is sabrina and i am a girl who loves to act and <3 😀 i been wanting to act for a very long time now and i love i carly so how cool is it to start there i am 14 and 5'5 or 5'4 and just a girl who loves to act so please try to consider me into your show 😀 :)

  165. Georgia Stewart

    Georgia Stewart
    14 (soon to be 15)
    Dancer (full time as of 2013)
    Perth, Australia
    Aussie Accent :)
    Loads of stage experience
    i attend a performing arts high school.
    light brown/ blonde hair
    look older then my age (get told a lot)
    a little T.V/ commercial experience
    Always dreamed of working in America.
    Very active
    Love of acting and dancing!!!
    mainly classically trained (have trained in other areas)
    Big nick fan :)
    would be the opportunity of a life time :)

  166. Cara

    I love u iCarly keep up the good work! To be on ur show would be amazing, most wonderful experience. Can’t wait ’till the new season comes out! <3 Love it so much! Never missed an episode : )

  167. Baibi Hollister

    My name’s Baibi Hollister
    I was born on Feb. 15, 1996 in China.
    I am now 16 years old
    I am 5′ 1/2”, so not quite 5′ 1”.
    I have brown eyes and black long hair and I would say I have olive skin.
    My gender is female and I weigh close to 100lbs.
    I have taken many acting classes with a teacher who was in the business for around 25 years (I think) before she became an acting teacher.
    My passion is writing stories, but I’ve always loved the idea of acting. I have great skill in it and I know I can act well.
    I have a passion for comedy, it has become my favorite thing to watch, like Modern Family. I think myself as a pretty funny person when I really get in the mood or really feel it.
    And a reason why, I’m feisty and in a way, I could easily play a spoiled brat, not saying I am, but I’m confident I could play that type of character. I can be snappy and fierce and though it’s much like Sam’s character, I’d bring a whole new level of feisty. Sam’s more the physical feisty and mean, I can probably prove to be a mean feisty talker who is hated by everyone. Plus, I’ve heard I’ve got a pretty mean glare when something real bad upsets me.
    I have live Oregon.

  168. Jon O'Brien

    Hi, my names Jon O’Brien, and im 12 turning 13 on November 19, I live in vista, CA And i have short dirty blonde hair and blue eyes (ladies love them) and i weigh 104lbs and my height is 5’7. please contact me thanks! 😀

  169. Emma Reich

    im caucasian, 14 female, i live in austin texas and have a great sense of humor. im obsessed with icarly . i have brown hair with bue and blonde streak extensions, brown eyes. i am 5’4”-5’5”. please consider me! thx.

  170. Ricardo

    Well the names Ricardo Peñaloza and i would love to be part of the iCarly team. Hope to hear from you guys soon.

  171. Amber Jacobs

    Name: Amber Jacobs
    Age: 15 (will be 16 on Feb 11)
    Height: 4’10
    Weight: 100 lbs.
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    I would love to be a part of this this show! I’m a fun loving, energetic person and I would love to have this experience. I’ve been watching Nickelodeon since I was a little kid and being a part of it has always been a dream of mine.

  172. Kelsey Brink-Foley

    Hi my name is Kelsey Brink Foley.

    eyes- blue
    I look like im 18 and older
    im very hard working
    i have mostly straight a’s
    i love math and softball
    i play catcher,shortstop,second,third,left,center,andright
    people say i look like khloe kardashain
    im very sweet , kind ,caring and i love to help people
    Height; 5’4
    weight: 208 but thats mostly muscle
    this would be my first acting audition
    ive auditioned for american idol
    i can sing act and dance
    im very outgoing and down to earth
    love painting and drawing
    i write alot of storys ‘
    i live in virginia beach,virginia

    thank you for your time !

  173. Sydney

    Hey! My name is Sydney! I am 15 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, weigh 104, height 5’4, I’m very athletic, I’ve played lead riles in several school, church, and community plays. All I want it a real chance to act on tv. I sing a little. I’m great with people ad have a current 4.0 gpa. I live in the USA. I was born in Virginia but now live in WV. I’m a small town girl who loves the city. All I’m asking for is a chance!! I’m willing to under any condition! Thanks and hope to hear back fom you soon!

  174. Flerines

    Hi Im Flerines but everyone calls me Fleri. I speak both Ebglish and Spanish, Im from the Dominican Republic, im 16 years old, i wear glasses, i have light brown hair, hazelish greenish eyes, i loooove dancing, i am outgoing, friendly, a bit shy at first, very determined and sometimes confident. I would very much appreciate it if i get any call back. I work very hard to get what i want and where i want to be.
    Thank You for your time.

  175. Brenda Ramos

    Hi, my name is Brenda Ramos
    I am 16 years old and 4’11.
    I enjoy acting, although i dont have any experience.
    I really like icarly and i would like to be a part of the next season.
    I hope i hear from you.

  176. Alex Beck

    hey :)
    My name is Alex and I’m from Germany. It was always a wish of mine to be an actor and to be on iCarly would be so cool! I’m 13 and my height is 1m 80cm (I don’t know how to say this in feet and inches) Anyway, please contact me, i would flip out! At last I want to say I’m a boy 😀

  177. Vilencia

    Hi, My name is Vilencia

    Date of Birth: Feburary 27, 2001

    Location: Chicago, IL

    Nationality: African American, Irish and Indian

    Gender: Female

    Hair Color: Light and Dark Brown

    Eye Color: Dark Brown

    Hobbies: Singing, Acting, Skating and Biking

    Personality: Loud, Crazy, Nice, Caring and Full of Awesomeness!

    Siblings: Have two little brothers that are African American, Puerto Rican, Irish and Indian

    Have a Puerto Rican step dad that has been raising me since I was 1 year old

  178. Jessica Radoicic

    Hi there, I’m Jessica and I would like to be on the show :)

    I’m from Illinois, close into Chicago. I’m 13 years old, and am 5’4, weighing in at about 120. I have blond hair and brown eyes, and am Italian.

    I’ve been acting for a while, in plays such as Annie, and random skits my friends and I put together. I have taken a couple singing lessons, and am improving in that category.I would consider myself someone who is very crazy and outgoing, and love to have fun. I’m loud and bold, and have been told I light up the room. I’m also a dancer, I dance ballet, lyric, acro, and poms. I’m also a writer, and have been told I’m very good at it.:) I also know how to body board and play volleyball (At least, dodging the ball and trying not to get hit in the face) I’ve auditioned for modeling jobs before. I’m not currently with any agency.

    I would love to be on the show, as would every other girl. I think I should be on it because I believe I have a special spark when it comes to acting, and would really like to see myself on TV. I do feel that I would be a good choice. I get along with people easily, and it’s always been a dream of mine.
    Thanks for your time, Jessica.

  179. Sarah E. Randisi

    Hey im Sarah
    born:Feb 16 2001
    Age:11 years old
    Eye color:brown
    hair color:light brown
    Hi I’m Sarah I really want to be on icary please consider me thanks!

  180. Tj Hernandez

    Hey what’s up! I really like to be in this show Ive always wanted to be an actor every since I was 6 yrs old. I think this is a my chance to actully be famous. My sister is known for singing but just where Im from. I would really be glad to be on this show. All my friends say I’m really funny so I thought I should be on this show. Well please email me and maybe we can discuss a little more. If u don’t want me in it’s cool I guess. I’m a male and going to be 14 in 3 more months. I really really want to be in this show though. Well anyways think about it.I’m also Hispanic with brown eye and hair and I have a fade. I hope I make it..

  181. Danielle Baudeloque

    Hi my name is Danielle and i would love to audition. I have studied at Youth Film Academy.
    Age: 13
    Weight: 94lbs
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color:brown
    Skin color:light
    Please email me for info on the audition

  182. Beyonce maraj

    HI actually ive never gone for any audition and but i act a lot at home when i watch a movie i jus practice with a character and every one says am good if only u would pick me you would never regret it i really wanna follow my dreams i really hope i hear from u soon

  183. Julianna Proenza

    Hey my name is Julianna Proenza. I live in Arizona.
    Age: 15
    D.O.B.: 10/22/1996
    Height: 5’7
    It has always been my dream to be an actress. I try my best at everything. I’m just trying to live my dream. I really hope nickelodean can help me live my dream.

  184. Jessica Lopez

    Talents: Acting (Tell me wahtever you want me to act like and I’ll do it Perfect)
    Age: 12
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Light Brown
    Skin Color: kind of Peachie
    Find me on Facebook: Jessica Sarahi Lopez
    Currently Lives in: Arlington Texas
    From: Mexico, Guadalajara
    Religion: Catholic
    Body Type: Model Totally
    Birthday: August 8 2012
    Languages: English, Spoanish, French, and Chinesse
    Gender: Female
    Idol: One Direction
    Hobbies: Singing, I act when i find myself in hard situations
    Favorite subject: Science
    Reasons why I would like to be in iCarly: I love it, I would like to be famous one day (this will be a good starting for me), I am sure I could act and be the best, I always think possitive of myself and everyone else, I never give up, and pease iCarly producers give me the audition I promise I wont dissapoint you. Thank you! I really hope I get the audition.

  185. Cole Provinzino

    Hi my name is cole I would like to be on icarly
    I’m in 6th grade and I’m 11and I’m good
    At dancing and acting and stunts and I would
    Like to be on icarly I watch it all the time and
    Live in Minnesota and please send me a email

  186. Cameron

    Smello my name is Cameron im 12 years old im african american people say i look 10 but im really intelligent and funny i have wanted to act since i was in my first play in first grade i reaaly look foward to hearing from you guys please i really would love to hear a response.

  187. lizzy O'connor

    hi im lizzy O’connor
    im 18 years old .
    I’m from miami FL.
    I’ve been acting since i was 3 years old.
    have been in various school plays.
    was the lead role in a class movie .
    I’m 5’7 ,
    i have blue/green eyes (they change colour).
    brown hair
    DOb : april 19 1994 . weight: 150
    I’ve also appeared on “univision”
    please email me about Auditions
    thank you for your time (:

  188. Henry

    Hello my name is Henry I really like to be apart of the next season of iCarly show. I did do some film and theatre. I love to get an audition this show it’s would make a dream come true. I do have a headshot and resume if needed thank you.

  189. Ukanwa Kelechi

    Hi,my name is kelechi Ukanwa and I’m 5’2.I have dark eyes and I’m 16 years old. I love to dance,sing and act. I’m an African from Nigeria. I would really love to be given the opportunity to audition for the icarly show because it’ll give me the opportunity to show the world what I can do and also icarly would also be the perfect way for me to develop my talent a little bit more.

  190. Ly Huong

    Hi there! this series sounds really interesting and fun! I would like to audition for any roles as part of this series.

    I hope you take me into consideration and hope to get a reply back from you soon!

  191. maryrose

    hi my name is maryorse i am 12 years old. my hieght is 5’2. i have always wanted to be an actress when i was little but the thing is that i never lived close to where auditions were held.i live in a small city called des moines. i have a fun personality good grades and im in school.now heres my story i grew up in missouri it was great but then i moved the des moines we lived in a apartment for a couple years after that we moved into the a house it was all great all of the sudden it all fell apart we couldn’t pay the house bills our house now have come to being under four closure we moved last year into another apartment it is small and i know me and my family deserve a lot better thats why i know i want to be an actress

  192. Andres Rodriguez

    Hey I’m Andres Rodriguez , I’m a boy 14 year old looking to be in a show, my dream have always been to be a nick star, I’m a great singer and actor, in school I’m always that main character, I’m in highschool freshman

    Thank you for your time

  193. Janice Pena

    Name: Janice Pena
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    I currently live in Oakland,CA
    Birthday: June 5,1999
    Height: 5’3
    Hair:Dark Brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Experience: I Always Wanted To Be An Actress Since I Was A Little Girl. I Really Love iCarly, Its An Awesome Show And It Would Be A Pleasure To Work With The Cast. I Love Acting Its My Dream, I Try My Best To Make My Dream A Reality. I’ve Been Practicing Acting & I Think I’ve Improved. :) PLease Contact Me Back When You Can. Thank You.

  194. Oralia

    hey, my name is oralia and thanks for this oportunity
    Main info about me:
    Age: 11
    Gender: female
    nickname: yaya
    hieght: 4’9
    wieght: about 80 pounds
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: brown
    Race: american/hispanic
    i speak perfect english and a little bit spanish

    dancing(ballet tap jazz hiphop ect)
    working with duct tape

    making stuff out of duct tape
    pogo sticking
    eating sweets

    Acting expirences:
    Dollhouse( guthrie theater)

    Auditions i did:
    a christmas carol
    beauty and the beast


    Favorite colors:
    lime green
    any glittery color

    track & field
    cross country
    some soccer
    i can do 53 sit ups in 30 sec!

    Other stuff:
    i love to run
    i am a FAST learner
    i am a hard worker
    i can curl my tongue ( like a taco, borrito, and a 3-leaf clover)
    i luv any kind of food
    i have a dog named sparkles!

    if you want to know any other just email me!
    thanks for reading!

  195. jabril

    I have a great personality ,i am funny ,talented ,i can sing. icarly has inspried me to be any thing i want to be , they made me reach out not to be scared of showing my talent to the world.

  196. kori Rivera

    Hi my name is Kori, I would like to audition for the next opening part because I like being silly and I am a comedian. I always wanted to be an actress. I am 12 years old and I just graduated from Modeling & Career Center. Thank You and please consider me for the part…

  197. Claire Sluis

    hey there !
    my name is claire sluis and im from holland. i love nickelodeon shows and especialy ICarly !
    im a female , 14 years old,im born on 7 october 1997 . im 5.741 feet tall . i have blonde hair ,and gray green eyes. my race is dutch. my hobby is especialy acting. im bored in holland and i would love an adventure like being on icarly ! acting there would be an honor ! i hope for an reaction ! thank you already for this oppertunity – Claire

  198. Teasha

    Hey I’m Teasha I’m 21 years old and have dreamed of acting and possibly singing I did 3 years of choir and 4 solo’s I find them to be easy I’m friendly I’m 5 foot 4 have blue gray eyes a strong jaw short hair that is colored blond (naturally light brown) I’m about 191 pounds any questions ask hope u get back to me in the near future thanks:)

  199. Amanda Baxter

    Hi I’m Amanda I’m 16 and I would really love to be on ICarly. I can also sing but I would love to be an actor(: if you need to know more just email me(:

  200. karina

    Hi my name is Karina Farias, i’m 16 years old and I’m from Michigan. I enjoy acting and singing, and making my friends laugh and have a good time. I’v watched icarly ever since it first came out and haven’t missed an episode, i hope you consider me for the part because i enjoy making people laugh and it would an amazing opportunity to work with people I iv been watching for a long time. i would also like to thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope you consider me to be part of the show. :)

  201. javier ortiz

    heyy i am Javier
    AGE: 13
    and thats it i wish i could hear from u soon

  202. Matt Telford

    I know that you must get 1000 of these or more a week but I have always wanted to be an actor from a young age when I first started and realized I had an interest in acting. I started in school plays and camps but I got really in to acting not long ago when I got in a theater class. My teachers would tell me that I am the best they have seen in years and that I could really go somewhere with my acting and I relly do love to act. My friends tell me that I am great and I do understand if you don’t sign me on a contract or anything ha ha… but I would at least like you to message me back. There is nothing that separates me from the other thousands that send in a message except the perseverance and strength that I have for acting. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Matt Telford :)

  203. Jennifer

    Hello! My name is Jennifer and I live in the U.K
    I love to sing and act, and I’ve been in lots of shows with my drama group and school. Last term my school did the show The Wizard Of Oz and I played the role of Dorothy! I have been with my drama group since I was around 7. We’ve sung in shops at Milton Keynes shopping centre and in our town centre. Ive been told i have a bubbly personality and would love this role! I love Nickelodeon! I know it seems like everyone will want this but I assure you, I would work hard and you wouldn’t regret hiring me!
    Gender: Female
    Build: petite

  204. Lindi Rodriguez

    Name: Lindi Rodriguez
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    I currently live in the state of New Jersey
    Age: 14
    Birthday: August 30 1997
    Height: 5’8
    Look Range: 16-18
    Hair: Medium / Dark Brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Build: Average
    Talents: Acting, Singing
    Experience: I have been singing since the age of five and acting science I was in First Grade.

  205. Abigail VanderKolk

    I am stuck in Montana with no way to get to an audition. I would consider myself very lucky if I ever get to live out my dream of being on TV. Thank you for reading this. I think I would be a great part o the cast, because I listen to instructions well, get along with otters, and love having fun in front of crowds, in plays, and in other performances. I have lots if background in dance, singing, and acting. 8years of dance, 5years of acting, and I’ve been singing since I was 5.
    Birth Date: November 4, 1996
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Auburn
    Race: Caucasian
    Thank You for taking the time out of your day to read this. Good luck to whoever gets the part, if it’s not me, I’m sure they’ll be awesome! Thank You!


    Hi, My name is Infiniti Bowie and I am 15 yrs old. I am light skinned and african american. acting has been a dream for me since i could talk. I have been in numerous plays since elementary school and since then people have said how natural I am when I act.i read all my books as if they are a script and I literally act out each part as practice. If i know when and where these auditions are I will jump ship and go. Whatever it takes to make my dream a reality. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  207. Mark

    Hey my name is Mark im a 21 year old african american male. The amazing things about me are even though im 21 I look 17or 18. And I have a history in acting, I took a theater class for a couple years and have done skits in summer family camps but the main thing that drives me to do what I do are singing and acting. I have been I fan of the show sence season one. And would love to be apart of the icarly family.

  208. Cristina Hernandez

    Name: Cristina Hernandez
    D.O.B: June 17, 1994
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    From: McAllen, Texas
    Body Type: Curvy
    Weight: 136 lbs
    Height: 5’3
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Language: English and Spanish
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown

    Talents: Singing, Dancing, and Acting (;
    Sports: Tennis, Basketball, and Volleyball

    Qualification Highlights:
    · Quick Learner · Perfectionist
    · Enjoys Challenges · Energetic
    · Enjoys Group Activities · Works Independently
    · Photogenic · Loyal to Company

    I absolutely love the iCarly show and to be part of the show with Miranda Cosgrove which I’ve been inspired since she was on the Drake and Josh Show (; I would love to work with Miranda and the rest of the cast crew. The show is hilarious, brilliant, and a lot of people enjoy watching it.
    I have not had much experience except some performances in my local theatre.
    I am a confident person when performing in front of people and enjoy myself onstage.
    I can put accents on and impressions if needed for the part.
    I would be greatful for any part.
    Please consider me for the part on the show. (;

  209. Johnny Barnes Williams IV

    Hey my name is right up there^, and I’m 15. I play the saxophone, know martial arts, and practice free running. I speak Spanish ,and some Japanese. I’m creative, and intelligent and believe I can contribute to the show.

  210. Vivian Chen

    Hello Nickelodeon :) My name is Vivian Chen, I am 20 years old and has the appearance of a 15 year old girl. I currently graduated from LaGuardia Community College with an associate degree of fine arts. with a 3.3 GPA. I believe i would be a perfect candidate to addition in Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat show, because i am a spontaneous, fun, out going person who is ready for anything. I bring out joy and laughter into people and believe that is what the show needs. i can prove more of what i can do as i audition for this show. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED! :]

  211. Jose Suero

    My name is Jose suero, I’m 20 yearls old and I’m from Dominican Republic but I’m living in the Bahamas Right now I Speak Speanish Fluently and ENglish I also know some portuguese how can I audition My dream is To become an actor I wish I could be in one of your shows…..please answer me.

  212. Stephanie

    ello! My name is Stephanie Perez I’m Puerto Rican. I love acting, and i would like to pursue as career. I have a little experience with acting but i work very hard and give 110%. If given the opportunity i would LOVE to work with Nickelodeon.
    • Height: 5’2
    • DOB: 11/23/1994
    • Age: 17
    • Hair: medium light brown
    • Eyes: hazel

  213. Stephen lopez

    Hello , im Stephen I would really love to be in the next season of Icarly I am I reall good actor have an amazing memory I can memorize lines like THAT I make people laugh alot people say my laugh is contagious cause when I start laughing other people start laughing ! Oh yeah and I’m 13 years old 14 in December 8th grade. I been taking acting lessonssoft a long time I am not shy at all I have an awesome attitude I appreciate everything my parents give me and everything I have (: I just love to act I can do it all day every day !! And one day I hope I’ll be Making a show with the Icarly cast . Thank you for your time bye (: !!

  214. Andrea orellana

    i want to be in next season of icarly eyes:dark brown, height: 4,5, i love to sing and act so i hope i can be in the next season with the icarly. :)

  215. Anthony Rocco

    Hi, my name is Anthony Rocco, I am 14 years and living in the town of Chicago. I would love to be on iCarly because I’ve been watching it for a long time and I have always wanted to be on it.

    Name: Anthony Rocco
    Age: 14
    Date of Birth: May 11, 1998
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color: Dark Blonde
    Height: 5’11″
    Weight: 145 lbs.
    Body Type: Athletic
    Hobbies: Basketball, Football, & ACTING!

    If you are interested at all of letting me on the new season of iCarly, please email me and I will send you pictures of myself so you have a better look of what I look like. Please review this information and please get back with me. Thank you for your time!

  216. Hannah Finney

    Hi,I’m Hannah Finney.I would love to take part in this once-in-a-life time oppurtunity because it has been a long-time dream of mine.As a kid,I’ve always dreamt of being an actress on Nickelodeon,and now’s my chance.I have been in multiple plays,some at camp,some at school.All together I would say I’ve been in approx.9-10 plays.I’ve been acting since my first play as a Mouse in Pre-school and have the had the acting bug ever since.
    Once a year at camp,I take Acting classes and at the end of the week,(if you are chose,which I was)I take part in 2-4 Plays in the Talent Show.I’m also a singer,I’ve been singing ever since I was two.I’ve been in about 5-10 Talent Shows for singing.I am also a professional fangirl.I also took dance when I was little for 2-3 years,and have done various recitals.Also,I have done about 200 pageants and placed in about 5/15.I LOVE iCarly,it always makes me laugh and makes me stay positive.I would love being IN and being a part of the iCarly cast.I think I would be good for this show because I my personality is very out-there,Spontaneous,and I love to goof around but I am also a very laidback serious person.I have experience,and I’m willing to move for this oppurtunity.I think this would be an amazing oppurtunity because not only would I be doing what I love,I would be doing it with the show I grew up loving,iCarly.If you are considering into choosing me,please do.You won’t regret it!
    Below is some information regarding the Audition.
    Full name:Hannah Mae Finney.
    Date of Birth:9/9/98
    Eye color:Varies from Hazel,Green-Blue
    Body Type:Athletic/Thin
    Talents:Acting,Singing,Language Arts/Reading
    State:Virgina,United States
    Hair color:Natural dirty blonde.
    Other:I have glasses and braces,but I am getting both off in approx.4-5 months.I also have Cystic Fibrosis,please don’t judge me differently because of that,I am a normal teenager.

    Thankyou for your time,please take this into consideration.


    Hannah Finney.

  217. Gavin Santiago

    Hi, my name Gavin. I am a fourteen year boy, i weigh about 95 pounds and i am almost 5 feet tall. I am not a professional actor, but i wass in a couple of school plays. My teacher told me that i put alot of enthusiasm and effort into my acting. I can be really random, and my friends told me that i have a really good personality. It would be a dream come true if i could be on I Carly:-).

  218. Isabella Lagana

    I have had so many experences as an actor and i would love to be on the show please reccomend me

  219. Janet

    Helloooo!(: My name is Janet, an aspiring actress looking and hoping to make it in the business. Up for anything to launch my possible career, all I need is a chance for someone to say yes. I’m 18 and fresh out of high school with two years of college already completed thanks to Early College High School. I’m Hispanic and proud! Did one mere commercial at the young age of 11 with NASA and played Juliet in my High School play. I’m quite the small girl for my age, 5’4″ and 108 lbs, but don’t let it fool ya’. Singing? I do it, all the time! Annoys my parents quite often when I’m up at 4 am practicing vocals. I can be the nice and shy girl, but outgoing and random none the less.

    I’m normal, I’m loud, I’m fun, I’m a hard worker…if you believe in me, I won’t let you down.

    All anyone needs is a someone to say yes to their dreams

  220. Siena Thompson


    I live in Orange County California and I am 16 years old (turning 17 in October) and I would love to be a part of this show! I have been acting for 3 years and I am currently in an advanced drama class but would love to experience working on TV!
    I have green eyes, tan skin, light brown hair, and I am 5’8″.

    Please consider having me audition for the show! I would be so happy!


  221. Ashley Jett

    Hey, my name is Ashley Im 13 and i live in NC theres not much down here… but i want to be on Icarly not jst because i wanna be famous just because i wanna show the world my awesome personality and i thought me going on the show i can be the new girl either of the webshow or just a close and personally friend to the group.. i know this board you to death but read it you might just love it 😀

  222. Cassidi Mae Tippett

    Heyy! I am 14 going to be 15 November 14! I will be a freshman this year and I am in track. My grades are straight A-B. I am fun to be around. I am constantly making people laugh and I can act very well(: I can also do an AMAZING British accent. I have always been great at that(: I love the show iCarly. It brightens my day when I watch it(: I am 5’3 with natural red hair and slight blonde highlights. I have blue eyes. Slightly curvy I guess. I weigh 117 lbs. if that is needed. I am very focused on my career and I wouldn’t goof off too much or ‘fangirl’ as they say. I can memorize lines rather quickly.I have always wanted to pursue a career in acting. Please give me a chance. I won’t disapoint! Thank you for your time reading this and I hope you consider me for a role in the new season of iCarly!
    -Cassidi Mae Tippett Illinois, United States of America (:

  223. Ewa Konczewska

    Hello, I’m Ewa and my dream is to be an actress. I’ve got a great sense of humor and working with this cast would be an amazing experience. If i get a chance to work with them it would be life changing. I can do a lot of accents, I love to sing, dance, play violin, act, and recently I have been teaching myself to play guitar. I can speak English, Polish, & some French. I know millions of people dream for this, like me, but if you pick me you wouldn’t be disappointed. I met Gibby & Guppy once 😉 love those guys! Thank you for this opportunity!
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 110
    Eye color: blue
    Race: white
    Hair color: Brown

  224. Kalie Smith

    name: Kalie Smith
    Age: 15
    Birthday: September 30
    State: Ohio, US
    Race: white
    Hair: medium length, blonde with brown underneath
    Eyes: green
    Weight: 103
    Height: 5’3
    Grade: 10th
    i used to be in choir, i took a lot of dance classes when i was younger, ive played soccer my whole life, i also was a cheer leader & volleyball player (:
    this would be a wonderful experience

  225. Naima

    Hey!!! I’m Naima, I’m 16 and to start off I’d like to say that I would be so ecstatic if I ever got a role on iCarly!! I have some acting background but with opportunity I could widen my horizon. I’m from Canada and I would also like to thank you for your time and please consider me in your castings.Thank you and I hope to hear from you!

  226. Hamzaa Zamir

    My name is Hamzaa zamir, im from england UK.i have black hair dark brown eyes a littl chubby and really funny, i hope you get me in to i carly. see you when i get in.

  227. jaewook kim

    name: jae kim
    age: 18, 11/24/1993
    born: south korea, Asian
    gender: male
    hair: black
    skills: stage performance,dacning,singing live (k-pop best, pop soso)
    location: seattle wa
    Community Activities:

    *Shorewood High School Hip-Hop Team 2011-2012
    *Shorewood Talent Show 2012
    *Shorewood High School event “World Night” 2010-2012
    *Shorewood High School Senior Project Benefit Concert “Hope for N.K” (North Korean Defectors); Director
    *Church Youth Group event staff
    *Donated money from “Hope for N.K” Benefit Concert to the North Korean Refugee Services Mission
    *Dancer, Captain at “Kontagious Performing Company” (Director: Albee Abigania)
    *Dancer, Helper at “The Bad Kids” (Director: Shumon Wood)
    *Director, Founder, and Dancer at “Styles of Swagger”
    *Stage Experiences (schools, universities, streets, festivals, concerts, clubs, fashion shows, and any other events)
    *Audition Experiences


    “Cypha 2011” b-boy crew battle winner
    “Outstanding T-Bird Award Shorewood High School 2010-2011”
    “Outstanding T-Bird Award Shorewood High School 2011-2012”

  228. Courtney Haney

    Hi my name is Courtney Haney I’m 19 yrs old, I have brown hair, blue eyes.I love to act i have been acting since i was very young. my mom always told me to persue my dreams. My hobbies are going outside, watching Icarly and jessie and arts and crafts.

  229. Grace

    hi im grace im from michigan im 12 goin on 13 and my dob is 3/25/2000 i am good at acting and it has been my dream to be on nick or disney i hope someday it comes true i aslo love icarly it would be cool to work with the cast hope i hear from u guys soon

  230. Margarida Alves

    Hi, my name is Margarida Alves, I’m from Portugal, but I know how to speak English. I’m 13 years old, turning 14 on Setember, 30. I got brown hair and green eyes. Love ICarly.

  231. Veronica Wang

    HI! My name is Veronica Wang and I’m a singer/songwriter and a actress! I LOVE to act and sing and it is my passion and career. I think I can WOW you with my talent!
    Name: Veronica Wang
    Age: 14 years old
    Date of Birth: June 29, 1998
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 135 Pounds
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Act, Sing and Dance
    Hope i can get an audition .
    Means Everything to me.

  232. A'Lyse Miranda

    WASSSSSSUUPPP! I’m A’Lyse Miranda! I just turned 13 on July 23. I was born year 1999. I have brown hair brown eyes and a glowing smile :D!!! i thought it would be cool if i was working with miranda cosgrove because my last name is Miranda 😛 but not only that, i want to live life to its fullest and this is one part of it! Trust me this is only the beginning and Nickelodeon is the coolest networks for kids in the world! I would love to actually get a kids choice award! Well i hope u pick me because i got lots of acting experience and having nickelodeon for one of my life goals means something :D… ttyl

  233. Amanda Hermary

    Hello, my name is Amanda, I would love to be on this show. I think it would be an amazing experience! I have been taking singing lessons and done some acting at school. It woul be a dream come true to be on this show! Thank you :)

    Height: 5’3
    Hair: Light Brown, layered
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hobbies: Singing, acting, cheerleading
    I am also great at memorizing lines!
    Age: 12, almost 13
    Birthdate: Sept. 22

  234. quanah johnson

    im quanah johnson
    brown eyes
    long black hair
    carmel skin tone
    african american and hispanic
    i can act,dance,and im a photogenic person
    i have a bubbly personality
    i have 8 years of ballet,hip hop, pop nd martha graham technique
    please email me

  235. Madison Tapolci

    Hi! My name is Madison and I am 12 years old and I’m looking for an acting job. I am from Pittsburgh,Pa. My friends have told me that i am a great actress and i have been in a bunch of plays for my school. I also love singing and dancing. I am athletic and very outgoing.I think this would be a great experience and get my acting career started. Thank you for your time and i hope to be hearing from you! Thanks again!!!:)

  236. Isabella Van Dyke

    Hi! My name is Isabella (People call me Bella) and I would love to have part in the new season of “iCarly” I’ve been watching “iCarly” sense the first season, I love the humor and story line! I can’t watch an episode of the show without laughing.
    Age- 12 (almost 13)
    Acting Age Range- 11- 18 (Even though I’m 12, I have a very mature looking face)
    Hair Color- VERY long dark brown hair
    Eye Color- Dark Brown with a hint of hazel (People tell me that I smile with my eyes)
    Birthday- Nov. 18, 1999
    Acting skills- I have taken acting classes, been in MANY plays, I have been in my school choir, play the cello (I have played for 3 years), sing (I have a strong voice), and I’m very good at working with others.

    Fun Facts:
    .I have a great sense in humor
    .Singing is my passion
    .I love writing songs
    .I work well with others
    .Acting has been my dream sense I was born
    .I can memorize a song in 15 minutes
    .My favorite food is baked pasta (I once tried spaghetti tacos XD)

    PLease consider me for a part in the next season of the show!/ You guys look like nice, and fun people o work with!

  237. keishla

    hey there …i would like to sigh up for any of the shows you have beacusei would like for kids to know that dreams do come ture…info on me

    Name: keishla Leemarie morales
    Age: 14
    Date of Birth:Feb 19,1998
    Eye Color: dark brown
    Hair: dark brown
    Height: 5;7
    Weight: 102
    Location:usa harford ct ,east harford
    Hobbies: i like to modle,act,DANCE,sing to my self,
    Idol: mostly every body in victorious and i carly
    you can email meee^.^ iv alway wounted to dance act modle and i think i finallly found it thank you and hope you pick me cuzz im deticated to this im sure of it -keishla- ….^.^ :p

  238. Allie Robinson

    My name is Alexandra Scott robinson but you can call me Allie, Alex, or Allie-Scott.im 16 years only turning 17 in october and im 5’5”. I got bright blue/grey eyes and light brown hair. I’v been in theater or alomost 2 years, show chior for 2 year, begining chior for 1 and this is my second year in advance chior. Nothing matters more to my dreams then to be a actress. I never back down and I never go down without a fight. Im strong hearted and outgoing. I figh for what i believe and nothing can change that. I have experience. Maybe not alot but i wont dissapoint you. Acting means everything to me. please email me if you are intrested to know more. I’m a open person and i love adventure and making people laugh. I’m funny and i love to make people smile. If you trust me then i promise i will NOT LET YOU DOWN. Pleace consider me and get back to me.
    Alexandra Scott Robinson
    Thank you for your time to read this.

  239. trinidy justine arroyo

    Hi. I’m 12 years old. I was born on 02/07/00. I have light brown eyes. My hair color is brown ans its long and curly. I live in New Jersey. My hobbies are acting, I like to sing but I’m not very good :) and I also like drawing and dancing. My role models are One Direction. I’ve been told that I look like Carly a lot and I love the show so I would be honored to be on the show so I’ll be look foward to it if I can be on the show

  240. Michelle Maldonado

    Name: Michelle
    Age: 12
    Can play: Drums, recorder, vocals, and learning to play guitar
    Birthday: Jan 21 00
    Experience: 3rd grade- a dance contest between classes and wrote first song
    4th grade- a school play and played talent show
    5th grade- hill performers a school music class that performs in front of people’s parents and school also completion played recorder
    6th grade- hill band same thing but with drums and percussion instuments
    Can also do: singer-songwriter and performer ( not trained dancer but if a little praticing I can do it)
    Little note: I wanted to be an actor, singer- songwriter, and dancer to inspire younger and older kids to be somebody. I have been inspired by many people but mostly from big time rush. The songs I wrote r inspiring and means something like the song I am writing now is called ” Never Change” that song I’d love to make famous cause it is to be who u r and to not be a follower.
    Located: Houston, Texas ( but was born in Norwalk, Connecticut )

  241. charlene burks

    i’m 11 will be 12 in December
    hair color:black/brown
    i just really want this job to make a better life for my family.
    i’m smart,outgoing,hardworking,and will do anything to make a better life for my family. please take me under consideration and please take the time to get back to me thank you

  242. kevin

    love icarly i watch icarly once a day my name is kevin moses im 11 5’3 tall african american i wont to be on icariy thanks

  243. Ariana Silva

    Hello, my name is Ariana Silva. Im 15 years old, I’m a sophomore. I live in San Antonio TX. Im hispanic. I love basketball. I have dark brown hair at the moment. My eyes are very light brown. My birthday is June 21st, 1997. I LOVE acting and singing. I’ve loved it ever since i can remember, since i was about 5 years old. I’d sing and pretend i was on stage with my fans and at the time it was awesome. lol. But i want too be able to make my dreams come true. i Love iCarly, i love nickelodeon. And this opportunity too be on iCarly would be amazing. Please get back at me.

  244. Julee-Anna VanVelzor

    Hello my name is Julee-Anna VanVelzor. I love being an actress. I am a fun and ecentric girl. I act anytime I get a chance, any where from school plays to auditon for shows and commercials. I am also very smart I am and A-B student. I always give 115%.
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’7′
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Birthday: 3/31/1997
    Age: 15
    Race: Alaska native and white
    Hair: brown, medium
    Eye color: Hazel
    skin: tan

    Please consider me for this show and get back to me. Thank you

  245. Emily L

    Hi, I’m Emily and here is some of my info!!!!!

    DOB- July 20 2002
    Gender- Female
    Height- About 4-8
    Weight- About 95
    Eye Color- Blue
    Hair Color- light Brown
    Kind Of hair- curly

    Some of my hobbies are… Baking,Rollerblading,Acting, Dancing
    I live in a small town Missouri, and it is my biggest dream to become an actress!!!!
    I have some experience, but not much an I love doing little skit things with my friends.

    My Friends describe me as Clever, Outgoing, and Confident
    My idols are Lucy Hale, Zendaya Coleman, Victoria Justice, and Miranda Cosgrove. I love them!!!
    Thank you

  246. Nishae Falu

    • Height: 5’3
    • Age: 20
    • Hair: Short and Dark Brown
    • Eyes: Brown
    • DOB: 11/17/1991
    • Bio: I’m half black and Puerto Rican. I love music and acting, both which i would like to pursue as careers. I can rap, sing, dance, and songwrite. I have only a little bit of experience with acting but I am a hard worker and i always give 110%. I would love to work with Nickelodeon if given the opportunity.

  247. piper

    I luv icarly and think its really funny. Im 11 years old and hav blonde hair and blue eyes im also a girl. Hope to hearback from u. :/

  248. Brianna Dube'

    I’m 13 yrs old going on 14 i love acting I love icarly I would love to be an actress I’m funny silly I’m fun to work with and be around. I’m also committed to do any type of scene, role I’m in it til the end
    DOB sept 15 1998
    Brianna Dube’
    New York
    Just email me anytime day night afternoon!!

  249. Mackenzie Carroll

    I love acting so much I hope I can get an audition cause I could help my favorite charity GAO I <3 the greyhounds waiting 4 a response I'm so nervous ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  250. Haleigh

    Name: Haleigh Gonyo
    D.O.B January 9th 2003
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Hobbies: Acting, Singing
    Idol: Victoria Justice

  251. Breanna

    Hi my name is Breanna Britt age: 17 height: 5’5 hair color: orange brown color eyes: dark brown Hi my name is breanna i watch i carly all the time i thought it would be fun to be on a tv show. sence ive been little ive always wanted to be to on a tv show. I love to act and dance when im in my room by my self i pretend that im on a set on a tv show i just pretend that im one of the actors and its kind of fun. it would be my dream to be on I carly. so thank you and hope you chose me :)

  252. Reyna Mejia

    Name: Reyna Mejia
    Age: 16 years old
    Date of Birth: July 12, 1996
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 115 Pounds
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Act, Sing, Dance and Athletic
    Hope i can get an audition .
    Means Everything to me.

  253. Cole Millard

    Age: 14
    DOB: April 27, 1998
    Height: 5;6 or 5;7
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair color: Dirty blonde
    Hobbies: Football, Lacrosse, Cooking breakfest, and Acting
    Location: Simi Valley, California
    Idol: Rob Dyrdek
    Description of me: i just love to be funny or make someone laugh when they are down but i just love to be funny or laugh with others but im also kind and caring but i want to be an actor and even though i play sports i think my true dream is acting and i feel this is where it all begins the rest of my life as an actor so thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope you will make my dream come true
    – Cole Millard

  254. giselle torres

    age: 13
    hair color:dark brown
    eye color :dark brown
    hair style: curly layered cut
    i am a very funny girl i like to act and i have a great voice always win first place for talent shows i love watching i carly and will love to be on the show please let me audition i am just a girl who needs a chance

  255. tatyana

    hi,im tatyana and it would be a dream come true if you cast me to start being on icarly.im a very hard worker and im very educated.im confident in myself and also within the things i do.im very talented.acting is my passion and i am very good at it. im also a very good singer.i work well with otthers so there wont be any problems with me and the castmates.you will not regret picking me to act in the show.i can get into character easily.i promise not to let you down so you can count on me to accomplish any task you give to me very well.ill make sure to keep you pleased with having me on the show.ill keep your show as 1 of the best on nickelodeon.so please, think about casting me on the show and email me back.

    thank you!

  256. Maxine

    Name: Maxine Ball
    Age: 11
    Birthday: November 19, 2000
    Hair Color: Chestnut
    Height: 5′ 3″
    Eye Color: Blue
    I have no acting experience, But I always act with my friends! My friends say im funny. So please email me!!
    The ages i am able to play are: 11-15

  257. Najlae

    Hey guys ^_^ my name is najlae and i’m 14 :) i live in germany and i have darkblond hair and two different eyecolors ! My dream is it to be an actress since i watch iCarly and i would do everything to get a role in icarly ! I love this show it’s so funny and it’s a chance for me to live my dream as an actress it would make my mom proud! I love acting and singing but everyone say i can’t be an actress i said nothing’s impossible :) and if u guys give me a chance i would do my best! U can change my life please i want to show people that dreams can come true! I wanna be an inspiration for children :) and no i don’t want to be famous just because of the money or something like that. I want to say wow ! Never give your dreams up :) please choose me thanks :)
    Stay positiv – najlae

  258. Maria Fisher


    Height: 5:5
    Weight: 107 lbs.
    Eye Color: Brownish-Hazel
    Hair Color: Brown
    Hair Length: A Bit Past Shoulders

    Military Training Film Poor Child from Enemy Territory, One Line ITS In the Spotlight

    Broadway Bound Theatre Camp Musical Review Cat in the Hat, Vocal Solos (From Suessical) Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre (Lauren Soben)
    Broadway Bound Theatre Camp Musical Review Charlotte, Vocal Solos (From 13 the Musical) Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre (Lauren Soben)
    Broadway Bound Theatre Camp Musical Review Tin Man, Vocal and Dance Solo (From The Wiz) Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre (Lauren Soben)
    Broadway Bound Theatre Camp Musical Reviews Extra Parts (Many different songs and dances) Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre (Lauren Soben)

    Jr. High School Productions
    The Legend of Sleepy Hollow One of the Lead’s friends Hempfield Jr High Productions, Ms. Stewert
    Once Upon a Mattress Robin, a Lady of the Castle Hempfield Jr High Productions, Ms. Stewert

    Dance Lessons Ballet, Tap Taken Very Young
    Dance Lessons Jazz (1 year) Silver Springs Dance
    Dance Lessons Jazz (Summer Class) Carol’s Dance Academy

    Cinderella Pagaent Cinderella Teen Regional Champ Cinderella Pagaent Co.
    American Mall Model Search Model and Talent Contestant (Winner out of 15) AMMS Co.

    Special Skills
    Guitar, Piano, Dialects (British, and Country), Can do a backwalkover, Can do a Split, Can Sing, Can Act, Good at soccer

  259. Kerrington





    Eye Color: Light Brown

    Hair Color:Black and Brown

    D.O.B:March 1,2000

    Talent: Singing,Acting,Modeling,and Dancing

    The first time I saw ICarly I wanted to be on the show since the first time I saw it I thought the show was funny,bubbly,and it always put me in good mood when I am sad,or having a bad day. I would really love to be on your show. I am a fun outgoing person and I have a bubbly personality. Please choose me to be on your show I would love it and I will be very happy and greatful.

  260. Alexis Berryman

    Hello my name is alexis But Mostly everyone calls me Aly, People tell me im outgoing smart and nice and know how to get a good laugh out of people, im crazy in a good way,and i love to smile and have fun.
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: African American And Caucasian
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown and light brown
    Funny fact: Everyone tells me they could see me on tv one day.
    Birthday: May 7th 1997
    height: 5″4
    Hobbies: Band,and singing a little.
    I would love to be apart of iCarly!
    Please email me!
    Thank you!


    Height: 1.64 M
    Weight: 54 KILOS
    Body type : thin


  262. Margret Inga

    Here is a little bit about me.
    Name: Margrét Inga
    Age: 15 year old
    Date of Birth: April 14, 1997
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’5
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: Blue
    Body: Slim/fit
    Talent: act, karate,soccer and dance
    Hobbies: Love to Dance,Sing,Swim,play soccer,kickboxing,go horseback riding and karate.
    I speak English,Icelandic,Danish a little bit of Spanish,French
    Please keep me posted

    Thank You

  263. Adan Ahmed

    My name is Adan Ahmed, I am an actor. I have never ever acted in my life but i will tell you this i have the ultimate passion for acting. I am tired of sitting around watching my life go by. You are probably wondering why we should hire a kid who has 0 experience, the answer to that is i am a fast learner and by fast i mean fast; you want me to be the mean cold kid: I’ll do it. You want me to be the funny nice kid: No problem, i can do it.

  264. bryan

    Hi I am Bryan I would like to be on iCarly as a small part or an extra. I am 14, 5″11, and 220 pounds. I play the trombone and are in International Thesplian Society. I would love to in it ,thank you

  265. gps

    Hi, i think that i saw you visited my site thus i got here to return the prefer?.I am trying to to find things to improve my site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

  266. Tabasam Khan


    My name is Tabasam Khan and I am British. It has been my dream to proceed a career in acting.I am very enthusiastic,dedicated, passionate and hard working. I have an excellent work ethic and give 100% in everything that I do.

    I am versatile, able to adapt to any role and am suitable as a leading lady because I am full of fun and confidence.

    I am 16 years old, with shoulder length, exotic, silky black brown hair, chocolate brown eyes and pale skin. I am 5 ft 8.

    Acting is something that I am very passionate about, as I love getting into the skin of different characters and telling a unique story each time. I’m a good listener and am able to learn quickly, and have a strong, vibrant personality. I have been involved in many school productions and now am waiting for the right opportunity. These auditions are a great chance, and I would love to be considered!

    So please get back to me!

    Thank You
    -Tabasam Khan

  267. destanee holliman

    Hi,my name is destanee holliman,i love to sing and dance.i sing any genre of music i’v never tried acting but that will be something new for me .

  268. Linda Dayana Pereira

    Hi, my name is Linda Dayana Pereira,
    height- 5′ 7″
    acting range-14-16
    race- Latina
    eye color-brown
    hair-brown/light brown, curly/wavy (straightened or crimped if necessary)
    languages- Spanish, american English
    I live in Orlando Florida,I LOVE ICARLY!!!!,I think its the best show since Zoey 101!, and I love acting , even though I don’t have much experience with acting, if I ever act, its when I pull a prank or audition for a school play, I’m athletic, i play basketball, and planning on playing sports at school, I love to hang out with friends and family, I’m friendly and talk allot. I’d like to audition because its something new I can try, I’ve always wanted to be in a nickelodeon show, and I don’t really sing much, but I can learn. If I get this , you will not regret it because I’m a hard worker.
    Thank You,

  269. Alison

    My name is Alison. Im a singer, actress, and dancer. Im 14 years old. I love to act and would love to be on your show!

  270. Renay

    Hey Icarly I’m 12 and waiting to make my big break on tv and I luv the casting members of the show
    Age 12
    Height 4″8
    Talents …. Singing . Some dancing . And some piano
    I’ve sung the national anthem at a basketball game before
    I’ve sung 3 solos at my school and luv enjoy my talent
    I would luv for u to send me more info

  271. Valerie Caso

    Hello ! My name is Valerie Caso. I’m 13 going on 14, I have medium-length dark brown hair with some faded highlights, brown eyes, and tan skin. I weigh about 110 pounds and my height is 5’2. My ethnicity is Hispanic. I was born in New York but raised in Miami Florida. I always watch ICarly whenever it’s on simply because it’s hilarious! I find myself laughing like crazy while watching the actors perform and it would be so amazing if that were me up on the television screen making people laugh. I can act well so I guess this will be perfect! I’m pretty shy at first, but once you get to know me I come out of my shell. I’ve honestly always wanted to act from the start, but never had an opportunity like this. I take dance classes at school and i’m pretty bright! (: Have fun deciding who will be on this show! Consider me though, I won’t disappoint. Xx
    -Valerie Caso

  272. cassadi

    age:10 almost 11
    name:cassadi ann gallagher
    hair:dirty blonde
    race;american irish
    height:4ft 7in
    body type:skinny aathletic
    plz get back 2 me by my email any time is fine
    i have been in some plays and many people have told e to be an actress and i have seen every eppisode of i carly and may other shows i would learn the lines and act them out but i would do the scenes in different accents and emotions and expressions 2 see what it would do

  273. Addison

    Hi! I’m Addison I have been an actress singer and dancer since I was two years old. I live in a small town so its hard to get opportunities like this! I am 12 years old and i have dirty blonde hair with blue eye’s and im 5 foot 2.

  274. Alviana Crosley

    Hair:Dark Brown and Short
    Dob:March 3rd 2001
    Hobbies:Acting and Dancing
    I would love to be on icarly I would make a great addition to the icarly team. I am a ball of fire and very outgoing and down to earth and just fun to be around and I try to make the best of every situation. I am a very good actor. I hope you will let me audition for icarly. I love your show!! I hope I get a callback :)

  275. Miguel Mora

    Name: Miguel Mora
    DOB: February 5th 1998 ( age 14, can portray up to 16)
    Eye color: brown/hazel
    Hair color- brown
    Skin tone- light tan
    Body type: average skinny
    Race: white
    Ethnicity: Mexican , Italian , spaniard (Spanish)
    Languages spoken: English, Spanish
    About me: I’m outgoing , I like to enjoy life and try not to waste a minute of it. Im funny , at least I’ve been told. I have a passion for acting, I like bringing the character to life and becoming someone else! I can be fun yet serious. My drama teacher says that I have a natural ability towards acting , that compliment meant the world to me…! I would really appreciate this opportunity and will not take it for granted… I would like for nickelodeon studios to see how I act even if it’s by a video email…

    Thank you nickelodeon for this opportunity if you guys have any questions about me email me please .

  276. Taylor Petree

    HI, my names Taylor and I am interested in being on your show if you want me to. I just turned 15 and have been playing guitar almost half my life (7 years)! I play in a cool band named Limitless and we play a wide variety of music ranging from Classic Rock to Pop Punk and everything in between. We play lots of gigs locally as well as at school. I am into acting a bit and even got the lead role (Romeo) in last years school play, which was a comedy version of Romeo and Juliet as crazy as it sounds. If you are interested just let me know.

  277. Steven Doaty Jr

    im 14 love this show i love to act ive been acting since i was 12 i know thats not long but i have alot of experience ive been in many productions at the Karamu House in Cleveland OH and i live to act im a handsome young man and would love to be in this show

  278. Savannah Moore

    Hair: long, brown
    Eyes: green/ blue
    Skin: fair
    Height: 5’5″

    I have been in every school play I have auditioned for, and the director always uses me as an example. I an currently taking dance in ballet and jazz. I love to act and dance and would be thrilled to be a part of Nickelodeon. I am a very hard worker and take direction well. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

  279. Dusty Chmelik

    Age: 12 (going to be 13 in 2 months)
    Hair color: blonde
    Idol: Ariana Grande
    Location: Waymart. PA.
    Eye color: Blue
    Height: 5ft
    Birthday: October 5 1999

    Notify me ~

  280. Matt vedrin

    Name: (Matt )or (matthew)
    D.O.B: 9th September 2000
    Age: 11
    Gender: Male
    Eye Color: Blue sometimes green
    Hair Color: Bright brown
    Location: United States

    Hey guys well I love acting It has always been my dream.
    I have been looking for auditions around here but rarely find any….
    So I typed in auditions and this came up…..
    Then I read this and though, Hey I watch I Carly all the time and why not audition for it. But I know if I get the part i will never give up. :)


  281. Sydney D

    I am a smart, talented and out going 11 year old who can sing and act. I am seeking an audition with Nickelodeon because it is a reputable channel with great kids/teen shows. I have taken acting and singing lessons and have some theater and singing competition experience. I am hoping to hear from you. Thank you.

  282. alan jerome burks



  283. Rhett Sharp

    Eye Color: Blue Green
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Gender: Male
    Enthncity: American
    Skin Color: Tan
    Birthday: March 24, 2001
    Age: 11
    Hobbies: Karate, Acting/ Roll Play.
    Location; Yukon, Ok, USA
    Personality: Funny, Kind, Smart
    Thank You.

  284. Kaitlyn

    My name is Kaitlyn Ramirez. i am a 13 year old girl living in Southern California. i have dirty-blonde hair, brown eyes, tanish skin, and i am a height of about 4’10”. i was born on January 21, 1999. I love smiling and laughing and making others happy! i love talking in British accents (i am part British myself) and i just love being happy! i have watched ICarly for a very long time and knew right from the start i would love it for a long time. i just love being happy and i love to laugh! Though i only have one acting experience, i knew right from that one acting experience that some day i might be an actress. Maybe even a star. i am willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill my dream, with plenty of help from my family and friends. Thank you for taking your precious time to read this, i hope you enjoy!

  285. Ryan Smith

    Name: Ryan T Smith
    Age: 15
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Orange
    Height: 5’10”
    Ethnicity: Caucasion
    Gender: Male
    Providence: Albany, NY
    Hobbies: Acting, Making YouTube Videos, Beatboxing, Sports and Making People Laugh.
    Idols: Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, Jason Stathem, Miranda Cosgrove and Will Farrell

    – I love to act and I love iCarly. If I could be on that show my dream would come true. I love to entertain people. I would love to audition for iCarly even I’d I didn’t make it on the show.

  286. Margelia Perez

    Hello there, my names Margelia but i like to be call Mar for short. I was raised in L.A but I now currently live in Richmond, Ca. Since I was little I love to act, dance, sing & of course be on T.V. At first I might seem like a very shy girl but the more i see or spent time with people the more I get used to them. I don’t really have any experience but if you never give a girl a chance when is she gonna have any ? It’s been a dream of mine to act, specially in comedy because I enjoy making people laugh. Besides this being my dream, i really want to do this because i want to make my parents proud of me. Well , i’m just a girl with high expectations, (:

    Margelia Perez
    14 years
    Played Co-ed Soccer , Girl’s Soccer , & Girl’s Volleyball.
    In Middle School I had Dance Class .
    I’m a good writer ,

  287. Kimberly Ramlakhan

    Age : 14

    Ethnicity: I am of East Indian decent but not directly , so I have gained the characteristics (blue-black hair , dark eyes, and tan skin)

    I am petite so I can play a wide range of ages.
    The only word I can use to describe myself is outgoing even though the word itself is quite used up. But I am very ambitious and am serious in becoming an actress and I believe a great place to start would be on television. Growing up with moose and blue on nick , it would really be amazing to be the child on screen to not only entertain , but have the power to make a difference. Please at least consider me , if I had this opportunity it wouldn’t make my day, but my life .

  288. Amanda Hermary

    Age: 12
    Height: 5’7″
    Hair color: light brown
    Eye color: hazel
    Hobbies: acting, singing, cheerleading
    Race: white
    Idols: Adele, Ariana Grande

    I would love to be on the show icarly! I think it would be a great experience. I have been in a few school play and had some lead roles, I love to act. I am great at memorizing lines. This would be a dream come true!
    Thank You!

  289. evelyn heredia

    hey hey hey I’m evelyn.I’m 10 yrs. old and I can sing,I know karate,I have a sense of humour (that’s what they tell me) and I can act.I have experience in acting because I joined an acting club.

  290. parker estruch

    im 11 years old and a boy i love i carly i could be usefull as freddys cousin!!!!!!! please i come from a poor family and need the money and i love acting please make my dream come true to help my family

  291. NICOLAS

    AGE: 13
    HEIGHT: 5’3


  292. Peace Agim

    Hi my name is Peace i am 14 turning 15 in November, I Love I Carly and i would love to be on there show speaking as a true fan and as a aspiring Actress i have some experience in acting from school but not much. I sing i hope to do something with this. Oh! and i live in Texas.

    Height: 5’4


    Hair: Dark Brown Long Hair

    Weight: around 100-110

    Eye color : Dark Brown

    Body Type: Slim, i do work out and in various amount of sports.

    i also model as well:)

  293. asia

    gender:female eye color:dark brown
    hair color:dark brown with light brown highlights
    race: Flipino, Afraican/American ,Native/American,andWhite
    birthday:Januray 11,2000

  294. asia

    gender:female eye color:dark brown
    hair color:dark brown with light brown highlights
    race: Flipino, Afraican/American ,Native/American,andWhite
    birthday:Januray 11,2000

  295. Nina Blake

    Name: Nina Pearl Blake
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: White
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Hazel
    D.O.B: March 25, 1999
    Hobbies: Acting,Singing, Sports
    State: Wisconson
    Please email me!

  296. Caelan Whitfield

    Name-Caelan Dakota Whitfield
    Eye Color- Hazel
    Hair- Brown
    Hobbies- Basketball, acting
    Height-5 foot 11 inches
    Things about me!- I have a great personality, love to work, willing to do any job offered, I always smile! And I love acting more than anything!
    I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to act for a couple of years.
    Please Email Me!
    Thanks a lot!
    Caelan Whitfield

  297. Harry Moon

    Name: Harry Moon
    age: 16
    Birthday: December, 5th, 1995
    Gender: Male
    Location: Diamond Bar, California
    Height: 5′ 6-5′ 7
    Race: Korean

    Hello. Obviously im interested in an audition and i would be actually shocked if i got a chance. I’ve taken two years of acting classes at school and have been in a few productions. Hopefully i can get a chance and show you that i love to act, and be around the such people…. especially Ariana Grande. God i love her. haha thanks for your time. Hope this is enough to convince you to give me a shot!

  298. Andrew woodle

    Hi i am andrew woodle i have had two acting classes, done short monologues, was in my third grade play. I am smart with a photographic memory
    Y, and have been acting a very long time.
    Gender: male
    Age:12 almost 13
    Hair:dirty blonde
    Height 5’1
    Weight 91 lbs.ki
    State: florida

  299. Madison

    Hi! My name is Madison. I am twelve years old. I am a female. My birthday is May twenty seventh. I am around 90 pounds. I have blue eyes, and dirty blonde hair. My ethnicity is caucasian. I also my about five foot. I love singing and dancing. I live in New Jersey. I would really love to be on this show. I love acting so much! Thank you for taking your time out to read this!

  300. Zachary Austin

    D.O.B. December 4,1998
    Age: 13
    Eye Color: green
    Hobbies: Acting,singing,songwriting
    Idol: Selena Gomez, Miranda Cosgrove

    I am just a kid looking for his chance to shine!

  301. Autumn Jarman

    hello my name is Autumn i live in the UK i’m turning 14 in september 4th i love acting , singing , art,reading im not so good at dancing but i love to try out new thing i get bulied in my drama lesson at school but when it come to acting my drama teacher saids she get goese bumbs when i perform i aways get top marks in music and dramaI l would love to see what it’s like to wark with what the amazing Icarly cast thank you so much for taking your time to read this i hope you all the best on finding someone to play in Icarly THANK YOU
    hair:brown with red,blonde and dark brown high lights
    hobbies:horse ridding,swimming,army cadtes,singing,drawing,acting,making people smile,watching Icarly.
    hope you write back thank you for your time

  302. Shakura Murray

    Hi, Im Shakura Murray and Im 18 :) I think i would be great for iCarly because I have a great sense of humor and love having fun. I can be sweet just like Carly, Tough like Sam and Smart like Freddy :) I love to make people laugh, i think that’s my gift that I was Blessed with. I also like to sometimes sing and dance. Since middle school I always wanted to become famous from singing and dancing to acting like my favorite tv show stars. I hope that you guys look this over and make me dream come true.

    Thanks You,

    Shakura Murray

  303. kelsey

    hi my name is kelsey! :)

    age: 12
    D.O.B: march 13 2000
    eye color: blue
    Hair color: blond ( and red for now )
    location: Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
    Hobbies: singing, dancing, song writing, acting and much more
    idols- Katy perry, Justin Bieber, Miranda Crosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Michael Jackson, Ariana Grande, Elizabeth Gillies, 1D, Marilyn Monroe

    from you # 1 biggest fan Kelsey

  304. Sanora Marshall

    hi, im am sanora i am 10 years old.
    D.O.B.- january, 26, 2002
    Hair colour- chestnut brown
    Eye colour- hazel green
    location- Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
    hobbies- singing, drawing, swimming and horseback riding.
    idols- Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Dianna Agron, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Elizabeth Gillies, and Erin Hunter.
    Fun Facts- im afraid of spider, i own 2 cats named betty and veronica from the archie comics :)

    I like warriors books!
    from: Sanora! :)

  305. kelsey heynen

    Hi my name is kelsey i am 12 years old
    birthday- march 13 2000
    eye colour- blue
    hair colour- blond ( and red at the moment )
    location- Whitehorse, Yukon. Canada
    hobbies- dancing, acting, singing, drawing, songwriter, photogenic, and much more.
    Idols- Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, Michael Jackon, Justin Bieber, Christina Agulara, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus.

    I’ve always loved dancing and acting and been looking for an acting job for all long time…. ( thats forever for me ).
    Fun facts- i can do a very good british accent. i am afraid of spiders! I LOVE CUPCAKES!!!!!! :)

    FROM: your biggest fan Kelsey! :)

  306. Georgia-May Sigston

    Age: 15
    D.O.B: November 25th 1996
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Colour: Ginger
    Hobbies: Singing, Acting, & Playing the Piano
    Idol: Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Isabelle Fuhrman, Jeanette McCurdy & Johnny Depp.

    Please please consider me for a new role in iCarly. I was on House of Anubis because I got picked as the Superfan and got told by the director that I’m ‘a natural’ (not meaning to toot my own horn).

    I absolutely ADORE iCarly, me and my Mom watch it and my Mom loves it. I’ve been looking at Nickelodeon auditions for ages and this is the one I’m most intrested in. I would love to ne a part of something as amazing as iCarly. Im really trying tk get into Nickelodeon acting so this would really help. I think i could really bring something to the show, it would boost my confidence. Me and my mother lost my stepdad recently so were really upset and I’m doing everything I can to make her happy and proud, please give me that chance,

    Please email me more details!

  307. Margelia Perez

    Hello there, my names Margelia but i like to be call Mar for short. I was raised in L.A but I now currently live in Richmond, Ca. Since I was little I love to act, dance, sing & of course be on T.V. At first I might seem like a very shy girl but the more i see or spent time with people the more I get used to them. I don’t really have any experience but if you never give a girl a chance when is she gonna have any ? It’s been a dream of mine to act, specially in comedy because I enjoy making people laugh.

  308. Keaton Bullen

    My hobbies are dancing at my studio and at local competitions, playing the ukulele, running track, playing basketball and acting! I’ve always wanted to be on a TV show because it looks like a super fun experience!

  309. rida chetbane

    i live in holland en i am taking acting classes people say that i’m very funny en a good actor two i am a male en i am 15 years old i want to go to america end become a great actor i have black hair end brown eyes my hobby’s are soccer,reading en swimming thank you all end i hope that you gonna pick me for this show if you want a pictture just email me thank you end pick me i am an very very good actor

  310. Deborah Shirley

    age: 21 (able to look 16-8)
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair style: long with slight curl
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    I am a very determined person who just needs a chance. I have been in theater for 9 years now. I am a Honors I.T.S member and have had several college level acting classes. I am a member of my schools improve club and was in choir for 7 years. I would love to be apart of the show. I am trying to build a resume so extra roles are perfect. I look much younger then I am so I can still play believable high school student if need be. Please contact me.

    Thank you,
    Deborah L. Shirley

  311. Rico Williams

    Name: Rico Williams
    Age: 13
    D.O.B: August 4, 1998
    Eye Color: Black
    Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Acting, Playing Basketball & Playing the Guitar and Piano
    Idol: Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber & Chris Brown

    I really want to be on the new season of iCarly. I ‘ve been traveling a lot and looking for the perfect auditions. This could be my chance of getting on iCarly and this could be great on my College application!!

  312. Yasmeen Morgan

    Name: Yasmeen Morgan
    Age: 13
    D.O.B: September 12, 1998
    Height: 5’2
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dk Brown
    Ethnicity: mixed (But mostly african american)
    Skin: Light brown
    Languages: English, Spanish, Latin, Greek and French
    Age range I can play: 12-16

    Hi, my name is Yasmeen. I went to a modeling and acting school and graduated. I learned how to do drama and comedy. And I also did photoshoots and runways walks, so I do know how to walk in heels. I play the piano. I did karate for two years, and a public speaking class for two years. I’m fun, out going, nice, and not shy. I love to goof around but I know when it’s time to be serious and get the job done. Thank You for the opportunity.

  313. Rachel Hastings

    Age – 12
    birthday – 4th December 1999
    hair – Brown
    Height –
    Eye colour – Brown
    Live – Uk
    i have a bit of a tan!

    i would love to be on ICarly, or even just have the experience of auditioning!
    i have always loved acting!
    Please email me for more details. thanks!


  314. McKenna Marie

    Name: McKenna
    eye: light-dark brown
    Hair: long black
    4’10” 98lbs

    Hello my full name is McKenna Stephens I’m 17 years old and am located in phoenix az. I may be tiny but I sure am mighty. My biggest passion is acting and have done it for years and an audition would be incredible I hope for your consideration and if you would like to see my headshots please email me

  315. Michelle Stark

    I am Michelle Stark and i’m 19 years old ! XD i watch iCarly most of the time.. & i’d like to try to do something different and be in iCarly. i am half Filipino _ American :) & from the small island, American Samoa (:

  316. Theresa Riley Cole

    NAME: Theresa Riley Cole
    AGE: 12 (born June 18th, 2000)
    TALENTS: Singing, Dancing (all kinds), acting, karate.
    ETHNICITY: Vietnamese (Asian)
    HAIR: Dark brown/black
    EYES: Brown/black
    HEIGHT: 5″9

    I want to make it in the music and acting industry. I consider myself a very outgoing girl with loads of confidence. I currently reside in Ontario, Canada

  317. taylor Bradbury

    Hi im taylor! im 12 years old. I can sing, dance, I play 6 different instruments, i do gymnastics, and last but not least i can ACT! i have plenty of experience (i have a full resume) so you could count on me!

  318. Caleb Herrera-Lopez

    Hey my name is Caleb. I am a 14 year old male Actor/Vocalist/Artist living in Los angeles CA. and like everyone else here commenting I wanna to be a in this new season of icarly. I know the show and I am a fan.I would like to be apart of this show becuz Ever since I could remember I have a passion for art. Singing and acting are just one of them. But instead of bragging about my capability…let me prove it. Give me a chance to prove myself and I promise I wont be a waste of your time. But if I am not what you are looking for what was their ever to loose. So please, i respectfully and hopefully ask for your reply. thanks

    Caleb Herrera-Lopez

    september 2, 1997

    ethnicity: Mexican/salvadorian/ american

    eyes color: brownish chestnut

    Hair color/type: dark brown /medium thin

    skin type: light brown

    body type: slim muscle

    abilities: Actor, Singer, model, Director, songwriter,Left handed guitarist, and drawing

    Acting age range: 12-15

    Experience: Yearly plays from the age of 5-12, Chorale, Church performance.

  319. Sannah Debreczenyi

    My name is Sannah
    I was born on the 28 of August 1998.
    I’m Dutch but my English is very good..
    I’m a little bit hungarian too and I look like a Hungarian female.
    My eyes are brown
    My hair is brown and wavy

    For more info please E-mail me ♥

  320. Diana Rivera


    My name is Diana Rivera, all my friends call me Dirty Diana :). I’ve always dreamed of being an actress since I was a little girl. I admired all the actors and actresses I’ve seen on TV shows before. My mother has always said I’m extremely good at acting, and that I could be an actress. Now it’s my time to shine, I would be delighted to take a part in this show. Now a little information about me;

    Gender: Female

    Age: 13

    Height: 4’8 ishh

    Weight: 70 or 78lb

    Ethnic: Mexican

    Personality: Kind, Sweet, Caring, If the show is someone mean I can so do that

    Hair Color: Brown black

    Hair Length: Medium, Shoulder Length

    Skin Color: brown

    Eye Color: Brown eyes

    Performance Skills: Acting, Singing, Modeling, dancing, Rapping, photogenic and much more

    I would really love to be on this show please contact me if u want more information :) Thank You!

  321. Monika Forester

    Name: Minimal Forester
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Hair and eye color : light brown
    DOB: 11/11/97
    height: 5’5
    hobbies: track& cross-country,singing, acting, performing, cheerleading, swimming,fishing,modeling
    Language: English/ spanish
    RACE :Hispanic / white

    Hello, my name is Monika. I am very interested in the role of becoming a cast member of icary! I know you have thousands of people to choose from, but hopefully I have a shot.

    Please and thank you!


    OMGGGGG I WAS JUST LISTENING TO kissin you ..by miraanda…hi my name is kahtia johnson i have always wanted to be on icarly i watcher her when she was on drake and josh i watched jeanette on her zoey 101 episode and i watched jerry on tough puppy…. guys i worship i carly.. i alwasys do random dancing..and i have some ex[eriance in modeling,… i could simng if i really need to… and i do cheerleading so i guess i know the tipical 8 count and we do alot of dance routines if not i will PAY for a dancer. i mean choreographer… i am not shyyy and i will WORKKKKKK…. i am 13 five foot six, african american, italian, and indian,( i am a unique fresh face) i have medium length african hair and very dark brown eyes..so please email me i wont give up

  323. Laith Saleh

    Age: 15
    Height: 5 foot 5 inches
    City: Los Angeles
    Gender: male
    Skin color: tan
    hair: black
    Eyes: brown
    About me: I have a loud voice, I am never shy, I am very outgoing, I am smart and very active, I move around alot, I am helpful, I never back down, I complete my role always with a little extra dash. My hobbies are basketball, football, acting, and being a kid. I love acting for many reasons. I know how to learn my lines fast. I also use lots of gestures. I know how to improv. I have a great personality. And i know i am up for the challenge.

  324. Savannah

    Name: Savannah
    Age: 11
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Im a very outgoing person who has been acting since i was 2 and im 11 now, its been a dream of mine to act since like forever1:0I dont care about the money or fame i just want to have fun and have an incredible adventure, i dont even care if im an extra!:)

  325. Autumn

    Hi im Autumn and im in love with icarly.I would love to be apart as an icarly cast member(maybe even permanent) I am not in it for the money of fame i just love acting. I live in charlotte nc,very smart i remember things quite easily.Im 11 years old and im an play writer and i peform in mostly all the plays I write.Im black,puertorican and indian.Im a very good actor as i say so myself,and if you can contact me @ my email i will be very thankful.P.S thank you for even considerig me.

  326. Tamila

    Name: Tamila
    Location: Germany Cologne,Uzbekistan Tashkent (distance its not a problem)
    Eye colour: green with grey
    Hair colour:Dark brown
    Nationality: Russian a little bit of Armenian, Uzbek and Tajik(but some peple tell me that I look like Latin girl)
    Languages: Russian(native language), English and French
    Hobbies: Acting,photography
    I already act in one small movie and I was in one magazine in my country. They said to that I will have a very goid future in it.

  327. Rachel Raymond

    Hi, I know this i quite long but it has everything you need to know about me. So I hope you like it :)
    Age: 12
    DOB: 1st February 2000
    Location: Birmingham/Sandwell, England, UK
    Height: 5.1″
    Weight: 48kg
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Nationality: British
    Hair: Black. Straight at the top, curly at the bottom.
    Eyes: Black
    Hoobies: Acting, Singing, Dancing, Horseriding, Gymnastics, Hanging out with friends and family.

    I am half indian, quarter english, eighth spanish, sixteenth portugese and I’m not sure of the other sixteenth…
    Even though I live in England, my parents have agreed that if I get a chance to have an audition, I can travel to the USA.
    I love all types of animals and playing with them and I also have pets of my own.
    I’ve been doing Freestyle, Street, Latin, Ballroom and Rock n Roll dance for 9 years. I did a few lessons in ballet and I have done gymnastics for 5 years.
    I am on grade 5 for singing and went up to grade 3 in piano.
    I used to go to a filming activity where I would get the chance to act, direct and be the camera person, so I’ve become more familiar with how the industry works and different angles and shots of the camera. I have done many school productions, one of which Wind in The Willows.
    My friends describe me as patient, creative, imaginative, humorous and enthusiastic. I like to think of myself as being easy to work with, and if you give me the chance, I could prove that to you.
    I can do many accents such as British, American, Scottish and Australian.
    I love performing and I’m very competitive and love having a challenge.

    I would like to be part of iCarly because when I am infront of the camera I get the chance to show who I am, what I’m all about and what performing means to me. It’s something which I can show to the World and no one can tel me what I can’t be or underestimate me. As much as I love watching TV, it would be more than a billion times better to be on it! 😛 I think iCarly is hilarious and different from any other program.

    Thank You for reading 😀 xx

  328. Marqell O'connor

    I’ve always been interested in acting and modeling, but if i had to choose between the the two id defiantly go with acting. I’ve been interested in acting in iCarly with the Magnificent crew ever since i seen the show Nov 29, 2009. I’d just be honored if i could get a shot for a spot on the show.

  329. Andrea Belzerowski

    Hi my name is Andrea
    DOB: March 241999
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: 5″6
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Eye Color: green/blue
    Hair: Naturally Brown and Straight
    Performance Skills: Acting, Singing, Dancing.

    I would love to be on the show because I love to have fun and joke around. I would love to gain a lot of information and experience from this. I work hard for what i love to do and this would be amazing to be apart of. I am an only child but my dad and I really keep each other entertained. I one day would love to be on the big screen. Thank you for your consideration:)

  330. Makayla

    Please pick me I will pray and pray that you pick me.Some people say this just to say it but I’m saying this from my heart.I’m a fast learner and trust me you won’t regret it!!!

  331. Bianca Robinson

    Name:Bianca R.
    Idol:Miranda Cosgrove
    Favorite Tv Shows:HollyWood Heights,I Cary,Teen Wolf
    RelationInTvShow:Tbo’s Little Sister

  332. Vendela Magnusson

    My name is Vendela and I am 13 years old. Born 1999, but I can play older.
    I am 5,4 (163cm)
    I can speak English, swedish and little spanish.
    My hair colour is dark brown and my eye colour is green brown.
    My height is 119 lbs.
    I am a actor, I can sing okey not werrrryyyy good.
    My hobbies are horse ridning and football.
    My idols are One Dircetion!
    You can email me if you want pictures on or a video:)

  333. Alyseah

    Name: Alyseah R.
    age: 13
    Birthday: October 19,1998
    Gender: female
    Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Height: 5′ 0 – 5′ 1″
    Race: African American

    Hi, my name is Alyseah R. and i have always wanted to become an actress on a major net work such as Nickelodeon or Disney Channel and i see this oportunity as my big chance to finally get there. i dont have a talent agent and have never auditioned before, but with enough effort i feel that i can make it on my own. i am multi-talented; i dance, sing, i play various instruments, cheer do gymnastics and much more.i may be taking acting lessons soon at the Asante Childrens Theatre and i know i will succeed in it. i would make a great addition to the show and acting industry. so please contact me through email and send me the script.
    thanks and see you soon!!!!

  334. Brittany White

    I’m 14 and I’m proficient at Singing dancing acting being funny and being me! I have a spunky and upbeat personality and I love meeting new people. I guarantee you wont regret picking me because I don’t disappoint. Email me if you have any questions comments or concerns. Thank you for your time.
    Britt :)

  335. Ana Alaniz

    My name Is Ana Natalia Alaniz, my initials spell my name. They call me bananas. I’m from Miami but my family’s from Alot of places. I love the rain. I’m socially awkward when starting conversations. I’m not the prettiest girl, I’m not that skinniest girl but I’m sorry I’m not a barbie. I’m 14 years old. I’m random, I love making people smile. I love helping people and giving them advice. I love animals and I Love art and acting I use to be in drama class. I have a passion for art and acting. I love writing stories, when I was in third grade I wrote my teacher 25 stories and I was the best third grade writer and reader. My hair is naturally black, but now it’s white high lights, honey gold, faded red/Orange. I’m going to be honest not the best person in math but I’m trying my best. I’m sorry my description isn’t that nice like the other peoples. Well I’m Ana I’m 5’8 and I have funny glasses.Its been my dream to be in a show. I hope to hear soon if I get in for anymore information contact me please. Thank you for the time.

  336. Carolyn Hill

    Hello, my name is Carolyn Hill and i think it will be awesome to be on a nickelodeon show. A lot of people say I’m funny and weird. my personality is funny, weird, energetic, kind of shy, but outgoing , talented, and i always wanted to go out in public in a mascot outfit and dance =D. The only thing is i don’t really have is any acting experience but i think I’ll be good =D. many people say i look 16. almost the whole school knows me because of my dances that i do at the dance. They call me the LMFAO robot ( yea I’m THAT good ) I would like to audition as Sam because i do love to eat NOM, NOM, NOM!! And i think it will be easy to be mean in acting, i also think that she kind of has my personality =).

    Gender: female
    Height: 5″ 6
    Weight: about 125
    Hair color: short dyed dark pink (natural hair color) dark brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    Date of birth: August, 19 1990 ( I’m 12 )
    Talents: Singing, Dancing
    Live: Ohio

  337. Nadia Olivarez

    -Nadia Olivarez
    -4’11 (I know I’m short, but hey I’m funsize)
    -July 3, 1998
    -My eyes are brown with hazel on the rim
    – brown curly hair
    -I can lick my elbow I did the impossible!
    -I play percussion at school the harmonica at home and learning violin! Hey, My name’s
    Nadia. I’m 14 years old. I would say I’m a Nice person who would help anybody out. People call me Crazy.., but i guess if everybody was normal the world would be very Boring. I live for the moment. I dont care about the past. The past is the past you can’t change it. I have a fear of chickens i developed this from an Early age. Haha I can be very awkward. I tend to crack a lot of jokes, especially when I’m in an uncomfortable situation Although quite shy on my own with strangers, I can become very fun when I get to know people! I can play tennis and some other sports!

    Im funny, honest, driven(motivated to succed), responsible (when I need to be), social, dedicated(giving, loyal etc), reliable(trustworthy), friendly, energetic, bold(I take risks, i’m confident), I always have a positive attitude, and many many more! I don’t care what people think or say about me! I can put a smile on any ones face! I may not get things at first, but I come along. I love acting. I wouldn’t go all fangirl. Haha

  338. Javier Ochoa

    Hi, my name is Javier Ochoa. i am 13 years old. my date of birth is : January 15, 1999. i have experience in acting/ singing. i have been in a few play like : twus one crazy night before christmas, the true story of cinderella, and aladin jr. i have been a model but when i was a baby. i have VERY dark brown hair, brown eyes, and i am 5’3. i would love to be part of a TV show, that is my dream.
    thanks, Javier

    please write back if you can!!

  339. Brianna Flowers

    My Name Is; Brianna Flowers
    My Hair Color ; Blond
    My eye Color; Hazel
    Height; 5’4
    Weight; 135
    I Sing ,Act , and Dance
    Thank you :)

  340. Mohammad Ashraf

    I am a 14 yr old boy who loves icarly and acting. I wish to be on the show plus I have done a play before so I have some acting experience

  341. Laura Candelas

    Hello My Nane Is Laura Candelas I’m 20 Years Old. I Love To Be Loud, Adventurous, Outgoing, Funny And Loving Person. I Love To Make People Laugh And Make Their Day. iCarly Is A Great And Funny Show And I Would Love To Start My Acting Career Working With Miranda, Jennette, And Nathan. Thank You.

    Wear Glasses

  342. Jiselle Davis

    Hi, my name is Jiselle Davis, and I am 15 years old. I am african american and caucasian, and a whole lot of other things that don’t need to be mentioned a t the moment, but mostly just those 2 things. But I am fun, easy to work with, determined, and awesome if you get to know me! I love to act and have fun!!!!!!!!!!

  343. Patricia Rojas

    Hi. I’m Patricia Rojas. I about died when I was a baby because of my asthma and since then I’ve wanted to be someone in this world. I would really love to be on Icarly. Actually I would love to just be an actress. I love acting and I would always attempt my best to be on a show. I’ve watched Icarly and I find it a good show. My nieces and kids I babysit watch the show as well. I would really appreciate it if I got this opportunity. I live in a very small town and I would like to give hope to people around here. My chances of being an actress now are very little but if I never took a shot I would have then been thinking of so many ‘What if’s’. I really hope I get chosen.

  344. Jeremiah George

    People don’t realize that they could sneeze without screaming out loud.
    Knock knock! “Who’s there? Horsp! Horsep who?
    HORSE POO lol

  345. lucy lopez

    hi iam about to be 16 in a month,i would really love a chance t be in a nickelodean tv.show. Is my dream i love to sing and act their my paSsion and what ever you put.me to.do ill do it i learn easly. iam will be grateful if u give me a chance. I live in Houston,Tx and as you may know theirs not many opportunities.

    thankz your time, Sincerely,
    Lucy Lopez

  346. cayley petty

    hey! i’m cayley. I am 13 years old. i am a fun, bubbly, outgoing person who loves to act. and when i do act i do it with all my heart. being on icarly would be such a priveledge because it would mean that my number one dream would come true. i have always wanted to be famous! and i love icarly!!

  347. Ashlie

    Hey, my name is Ashlie Wachsmann!
    age: 16
    height: 5’6″
    weight: 125 lbs.
    hair color/length: dirty blonde/ long
    eye color: green
    body: athletic (running and soccer), tan
    ethnicity: caucasian
    location: dallas, tx (distance is not a problem)

    I know my chances of being cast are small, but it is worth a shot because i know that the experience would be great especially with the other great actors/actresses, i really like to act, and acting is what i want to pursue. I memorize lines very well, i am gereat with all kinds of people, and i have a very good personality! Thank you so so much for your time and consideration!!

  348. Alithea Valdez

    Part 2:

    Height: 4’11”
    Hair: Medium Auburn
    Eyes: dark brown

    Thanks, Id love to be in Nickelodeon after my acting school.

  349. Alithea Valdez

    Name: Alithea Valdez
    Age: 12
    Hobbies: cheerleading,singing,acting
    Idol: Ariana Grande & Katy Perry

    I am a student @ 3-2-1 acting studios and i am finishing commercial acting right now, soon I hope to be in Nickelodeon either Victorious or icarly or anyther shows. I am definitely flexible and I am used to working with stunts with my backround of cheerleading. I love comedy and action movies/shows.

  350. joe

    NAME – Joe
    ETHNICITY – Caucasian
    Height – 5’8
    EYE COLOR – brown
    HAIR COLOR -black
    AGE – 15, turning 16 in august
    PERSONALITY – funny, active, loves to have fun and laugh
    WHAT DO I DO ON MY FREE TIME – hang out with friends, play sports and rest
    WHAT DO I WANT TO DO WHEN I GET OUT OF HIGHSCHOOL – i would like to be in the entertainment business of some sort.

    Thank you for reading this.

  351. Ariana Matondo

    I have loved Icarly since season one. This would be the most biggest opportunity so please,please pick me! I am energetic and easy to work with.
    Skills: I have been acting since I was 3
    I have never been on a commercial or T.V show, but I can learn things easy!
    Race:African American
    Trust me if you pick me you will never, ever ever regret it! I will be so determined! Please,please,please even if it is an extra!!! :)

  352. Jannell Puffenberger

    Name: Jannell Puffenberger
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Birthday: Feb. 4, 1998
    I’m shy at first but once i know what’s going on then i’m outgoing. I love to be different. I will admit i have stage fright at first but once i’m on there I do get over it easily. i would like to act because i enjoy acting, i would love to show people i do have a talent, and that i’m not a worthless person.

  353. Casey

    NAME: Casey Lynch
    D.O.B: November 17 1999
    EYE COLOR: Brown
    HAIR COLOR: Brown
    LOCATION: Pittsburgh PA
    HOBBIES:Dancing hanging with friends singing supping make my own video’s
    GENDER: Female

  354. Allie

    DOB: 4/13/95

    Very determined, quick at learning,ready to have fun. thank you.

  355. Maria Jimenez

    I just apply for it and I wanted to say that am not a acting person but I could try if you just give me a change . Thank you

  356. Waylon Hobson

    I think I could be a great Freddie (Nathan) I’m a very talented actor and that’s all I can really say.

  357. Zury Acevedo

    My Name is weird: Zury Acevedo.
    My hair can be said to be: light brown, or dirty blonde on the sun. (curly but not bad quality)
    My eyes are: light brown, and sometimes dark brown.(they usually change)
    My birth-day: April 21,of 1999 right now on 2012 i’m 13 years old.
    Nicknames: BooBoo,Strawberry,Smyle and of course Zuri.
    Gender:Female (girl)
    Location: N.Y, Bronx
    Race: Puerto Rican (I was born in P.R but I moved to N.Y when I was about 8 years old)
    Languages:Spanish and English now i’m going for Italian.(My spanish is fluent but my English you can hear my accent haha)
    Hobbies: Hanging out with my friends, listening to music, go shopping with my Mom, and just being crazy like having fun!
    Secret Talent:Drawing
    Out Standing Talents: Acting
    Height: I would say 5’5 or 5’4 i’m not so sure
    Weight: I’m not pretty sure but i’m in the middle
    Instruments: I’m a beginner of Guitar i’m still learning!
    Personality: Humble,Down to earth,funny,weird,nice,crazy (but not a bad crazy), and talkative but sometimes shy (ex: i’m talking to a cute guy haha but I wouldn’t show it off to much)
    A little more about me:
    I cant sing that well but I can always try haha.I LOVE challenges.
    I have braces haha..um I also have scoliosis but thanks God that N.Y gave me an opportunity to use the brace so it can help me get rid of scoliosis.
    I wouldn’t say I loved acting since I was a baby haha but my dreams for acting just came to me since I moved to N.Y, the acting career just inspired me and got my attention, I started to have a passion for acting I always liked to make fun of funny characters and just get my self into anything that was about acting.My first play was when I was 9 or 10years old .I played main character in 9 of them. I did 4 play’s in school.I was main character in 2 of them, and other character in the 2 other plays.On the other 6 plays that I played main character was in my church play’s.I don’t want to be an actress because I want to become rich or an excuse to get to marry Jaden Smith haha I just want to be an actress for the rest of my career life and inspire others to keep up their dreams and never give up on what they want to do because something might be hard but never impossible to reach. People at school use to bully me because of stupid reasons like just for being my self and because I was latin. But, I step up and spoke! I didn’t stay on the ground and I want to prove them wrong that I can reach my dreams and they can’t leave me on the ground because that is what they think.Me and my Mom leave in this really small aparment and the building is really poor they don’t even bother to clean up the community but I always help clean up.So, I would love to have this big precious opportunity so I can help my Mom with the house payments! I would feel like the luckiest girl in the world if you guys really give me this BIG! opportunity.But, if you guys don’t want me in your TV show or something I will understand is okay with me… is your decition not mines.By the way I have two emails so you can email me from any of them both and I would give you my number :) so we can contact. :) and THANKS SO MUCH! If your taking the time to read this. I’m sooooooo sooo so sorry if you had to read to much but I just feel excited to have this audtion opportunities I hope this is not a scam :(. I gave you only one email because it wouldn’t let me put the second email :)

  358. Juan Estevan Hernandez

    My name is juan estevan hernandez.. I want to be on the show to have fun and get better at acting. i’m 5’1 eleven yars old and want to have a young carrer in acting.hope you can get back to me.

    thanks-Juan Estevan Hernandez :)

  359. Juan Estevan Hernandez

    Hi my name is Juan Estevan Hernandez . I would love to be on I Carly I want to be on the show just to have fun and to be part of the show I’m 5’1, eleven years old and hope to have a young Carrer like maranda . Hope you get back to me – Juan Estevan Hernandez!:)

  360. Jordan

    Name: Jordan Hobson
    Age: 12
    Birthday: October 13,1999
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: 4’11
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue

    I live in Taylorsville,IN and would love to be part of this show I really enjoy acting, even though I don’t have any big experience, If I was given a chance, I could pursue my dream of acting.ICarly is a hilarious TV show and to be on it would be a phenomenon. I would really appreciate if you have me this opportunity. Thanks

  361. Lidia

    Hi my name is Lidia. I would really love to be on the next season of iCarly. I love to act and its a big passion of mine. This chance would be a huge opportunity for me. I’ve been in acting school for about 5 years. I’ve also been accepted to proscout. I was also in a commercial so I have a little taste of what the business is like. I’m a very dedicated and hard-working girl. I have a really good and fast memory. Which means I can memorize lines quickly. I love to goof around with friends, I love making people laugh, I get along with people, and love to have a good time. I’m very outgoing and love to sports. It would be a honor to work with the iCarly cast and the great producers and directors. I promise I won’t let you down. Thank you for your time and please consider me.

    Name: Lidia
    Gender: Female
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Hobbies: Acting, Singing, Basketball
    Role Model: Selena Gomez

  362. Isabella Kirk

    Hey I’m Isabella, I’m 13 years old and i live in Toronto Canada. I would love to be on ICarly, its one of my favorite shows. I am very outgoing and charismatic and i would be really good on ICarly. Sometimes when im watching iCarly, i think about what it would be like to be on the set and how much fun it would be. it would be REALLY awesome if you picked me =) *keeping my fingers crossed* please consider me and email me back! Thank you!!

  363. MacKenzie Rentz

    Name: MacKenzie Rentz
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    DOB: 5/25/99
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
    Skin Color: White
    I really love acting! So, pick me? (:

  364. Tabitha

    Hi.My name is Tabitha.My favorite show is icarly.It has been ever since it came out.My favorite episode is Igo1D.I hope I can be on icarly.I should be on icarly because I am a good actor and super flexible.Thank You!!!!!!!!!

  365. Victor Emilio Baez

    Hello, my name is Victor Baez. I have been acting since 8th grade and it is something I’m passionate about and would really like to make into a career. I want to audition because I know this show is very popular and i know this can help with a career in acting. Please feel free to contact me.
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’11
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Brown
    Gender: Male

  366. Cove Damberg

    Hi, My name is Cove,
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’3
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde/Brown
    D.O.B: 6/15/99
    I would be interested in anything, Please Email back if you have anything, Thank you!

  367. jadalese lopez

    Name: Jadalese Lopez
    DOB : january 25th , 1999
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: latin/american , irish & scottish
    Hair:light brown , blonde , dark brown highlights ; curly / wavy
    Eyes: brown
    Hobbies: Acting, Dancing, and theatre
    My idol? Christina Aguilera & Michael Jackson , Whitney houston & celine Dion .

    I would liked to be considered a part in Icarly . I would be honored for a audition . I have a passion for singing & acting . I dance a little , if that helps . I have won a talent show for singing & have been in 2 plays . I have been a singer and actress since age 5 . Well , contact me if any questions . Thank you .

    – Jadalese Lopez

  368. Arian

    Hey the name is Ware, Arian Ware lol but seriously im not gonna sound cliche lik and say I’m better than anyone but im really funny, so I’ve been told, I have a very good personality I get along with any and everyone, im 16 and ready I got hear, passion, and dedication for this just give me a chance but yeah Thank a you.

  369. Madison Sparks

    Name-Madison Sparks
    Hobbies-Acting and dancing
    My Idol-I really don’t know I love all kinds of people.

  370. Madison Sparks

    I would love to be on iCarly I don’t have stage fright I like to have fun and laugh but when it’s time to work I can do it but if I mess up I will always keep trying till I get it right I don’t back down till I can get it right I really hope you email me back cause I would love to be on iCarly with the cast and have fun but also work hard to make the show look great. Thanks bye.

  371. emmy

    heyyy am 16teen i love to acting i love your show i carly i love you carly and sam (: my idol is justin B. he so ooo cute i love your show am i have black hair my name is emmy pancake . god bless u

  372. jade

    PROS:I am jade and i do a whole lot of sports i do track,volleyball,football,cheeleading,basketball,gymnastics,and swim
    alot huh im an NOT the sharpest tool in the shead you can probley tell by my spelling.um i can be call fun,spunky and sometimes quite when i wanna be
    i grate with people and so on
    CONS:goofy all the time that bad i guess and i am very clumsy
    FAV WORD: flubber nut haha<weird

  373. Bri


    My name is Brianna Boykin, all my friends call me Bri. I’ve always dreamed of being an actress since I was a little girl. I admired all the actors and actresses I’ve seen on TV shows before. My mother has always said I’m extremely funny, and that I could be an actress. Now it’s my time to shine, I would be delighted to take a part in this show. Now a little information about me;

    Gender: Female

    Age: 12

    Height: 5′ 2 ½”- 5′ 3″

    Weight: 93 lbs.

    Ethnic: White

    Personality: Kind, Sweet, Caring, Hilarious

    Hair Color: Chestnut/ Dark Brown

    Hair Length: Medium, Shoulder Length

    Skin Color: Lightly Tan/ Tan

    Eye Color: Hazel/ Green

    Performance Skills: Acting, Singing, Modeling

  374. Juliana

    Hello my names Juliana and I am ver patient and cooperative, I am willing to do almost anything. I am a very talented actor and a good listener.

    I am brunette
    I am about 5’5
    I have brown eyes that are sometimes green or auburn
    I have been in ballet since I since I was 3
    I can play the cello
    I am very skinny

    Please consider me I can make things a lot easier, please.

  375. Yves EsApa

    Name: Yves EsApa
    born: 10 11 1995
    Eye Color: black
    Hair Color: black
    Height: 5″11
    Age: 16
    Language: english (brittish accent and an american accent), spanish
    Hobbies: singing and acting

    Hi this is a bit of facts about me. Two more things are that im a boy and i live in florida
    Thanks for taking your time reading this. Contact me ASAP

  376. Halo

    Hi im Halo Fletcher. I am 14 years old. I am not what you would call a professional. I have no experience at all, but i have always dreamed of being on t.v. I belive that i could be the next performer on iCarly. It would be a dream come true to even make it on set.

  377. Oscar

    Name: Oscar
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’4”
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Hair length: Short.
    Eye color: Dark brown.
    Skin color: White
    Languages: English, Spanish
    Hello,My name is Oscar and I’m am interested in being part of the iCarly it looks fun being part of that cast and i would like to be able to take part on the next season.I attended John Robert Powers one of the best acting schools in America.I am ready for any roll and i hope to get feedback.Thanks!:)

  378. Alexis Pflugradt

    Hi there! I have been a fan of iCarly since it first came out. I have been a fan of Miranda’s since she was on Drake & Josh. I would absolutely love to be a part of the show!
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: 8/28/99
    Height: 5’1″
    Experience: School Plays (lol)
    Hair: Short, Light brown
    Eyes: Brown, I wear glasses/contacts
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hobbies: Acting, Dancing, Singing, Meeting New People, Writing, Reading, Drawing, Laughing <3
    Idols: Demi Lovato, Christina Grimmie, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Laurence, Miranda Cosgrove, Jenette McCurdy, Nathan Crest, Jerry Trainor, Mariah Carey, Greyson Chance, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox… <3
    Weight: 92 pounds (lbs)
    Location: Fox Lake, Illinois
    Fun Facts: I can do a British accent, I can roll my stomach, I have double jointed fingers, my dad is in the Army, I am mature but goofy for an almost 13 year old, and I like to call myself Spunky! 😛 😀 Hahaha
    I am such a big fan, and I know I have never been on a show before (only on a stage acting and dancing) but it would be such a great honor to be on iCarly! Acting is my passion, and what beter way to possibly start a career than on one of the most popular shows on Nick? Please Pick Me! (: <3 xoxo

  379. Chelsea Moni'Que Monroe

    It would be amazing if I could be on ICarly, Miranda Cosgrove is my idol.I love all of Dan Schneider’s shows, and ICarly is my favorite.
    I am 13 years old, outgoing personality, hilarious, ambitious, and a true performer.I love acting.I have experience. A few more things about myself ^-^
    I’m 5’2, African American,Im in the 8th grade brown hair hazel eyes and I can play the piano/keyboard.Thx for reading.

  380. trevor banks

    Name: trevor
    Gender: male
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair Color: black
    Eyes Color: dark brown
    Birthday: 7/24/1996
    Hobbies: acting, singing, dancing, playing the drums, basketball, football, baseball, & running
    Personality: i am outgoing, always talking, never shy to do anything. i am very funny, think i can do anything, im like a Martin Lawrence type guy and who doesn’t like Martin.

  381. Michelle

    Name: Michelle Urban
    Birthday: June 12, 1998
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Curly brown hair with blonde highlights
    Height: 4″9′
    Ethnicity: Filippino and American
    Location:Jacksonville, Florida

    I would love to be on the next season of Icarly. Im not very experience but im a quick learner and I work really hard. My hobbies are dancing and acting. It is my dream to perform. Being on Icarly would be a great honor, and I hope to hear from you. Thank you!

  382. Nacely Lovo

    Birthday: 09/12/1998
    Age: 13
    Acting age range: 13-19
    Location: Virginia
    Height: 5’2′
    Weight: around 100-110
    Eye color : Medium Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown Waving/Straight
    Body type : Slim
    Interest: Volleyball,Soccer,Acting,Modeling and Singing
    Performance skills: I have experience in acting, I have performed in many plays. I also have been singing since I was 6 years old, I have participated in plenty of competitions, and enjoyed them very much. I would love to be in the nest season of ICarly!! :)

    Please Consider Me

  383. Maria Carbajal

    Name: Maria Lourdes Carbajal
    Age: 18
    Birthday: March, 26, 1994
    Race: Hispanic
    Height: 5”2
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    I’m from Riverside, California. I love singing, dancing and acting. I’ve never done anything professionally but I would love to one day. Ive singed in places and ive acted in plays before and it was really fun! I’m very out going I like to meet new people and just have a good time. It would be an amazing experience if I do get in audition for this. Singing and acting is my passion I always wanted to do something big with acting or singing. Hope to hear from you guys thank you.

  384. Britan Blair

    Acting is sooo much fun and ive always wanted to be an actress a lot of people tell me that they cant believe they know someone who they know is going to become famous it makes me feel really good and i just would love to be on this show. I love Carly she rocks i love to sing and act and just be me i want people to like me for who i am and all though im quite good at it i dont like to pretend to be someone im not my whole life could change if i got on this show it would be a dream come true to even get the chance to audition im 13 and i love acting i was the lead in our school musical and it was such a blast i love Acting with a deep passion i know i was ment to do this for the rest of my life why not start now thamks and i hope that i hear back from u. Thank You for the amazing opportunity!

  385. Mckenzie Cartee

    hey, my name is Mckenzie Cartee and I’m 14 but I could pass for 15. I live in Portsmouth, Ohio. I LOVE iCarly and I would really like to be on the show. I have long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m 5’2 and please keep me in mind(:

  386. Vaneola Joseph

    Full Name: Vaneola Nyvols Jospeh
    Birthday: September 21, 1995
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’4
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: black
    Ethnicity: Haitian American
    Getting chosen for his role would be a dream come true, to not have to see my mother struggle, not to have to worry where our next meal is coming from would be a blessing. I Shoot for the moon,
    even if i miss i will land among the stars.

  387. Andrea Lopez

    Hey my name is Andrea Lopez and I would really like to to have an experience to,be on I Carly because its alwaya been a dream of mine to be acting right next to a celebrity.I have seen her show lately on nick and as they got older there TV show has became hilarious to me. I will appreciate it if I would be on there show. It also makes my mom laugh alloy when she sees the show.

  388. Myra Valenzuela

    Name: Myra Alyssa Valenzuela
    Gender: Female
    Date Of Birth: Janurary 2,1999
    Height: 5’2
    Age: 13
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown Eyes
    Hobbies: Acting, Singing
    Hi! I’m Myra, I Love watching icarly Miranda Cosgrove is one of my idols and to be able to act along side of her would be a dream come true! i have always wanted to make it as a actor/singer its my biggest goal in life! I truely hope you consider me ! Thank You! (:

  389. Ashley Chen

    Please accept my apology for writing the incorrect email for the comment before this. Hi! My name is Ashley Chen and I am going to be in Eigth grade this upcoming Fall 2012. I am Asian American and I am twelve years old. My birthday is December 1, 1999. I was born and raised in Southern Calfornia. My eye color is brown hair is brown/ black medium length. I have been watching iCarly ever since the first episode. I hope you take the time to read this and ask me for an audition. I have been in three musicals, one play, and auditioned for many movies. I have been in acting school for three years, choir for four years, and drama for two years. My hobbies are singing, taking photos, and acting. Thank You!

  390. Ashley Chen

    Hi! My name is Ashley Chen and I am going to be in Eigth grade this upcoming Fall 2012. I am Asian American and I am twelve years old. My birthday is December 1, 1999. I was born and raised in Southern Calfornia. My eye color is rown hair is brown/ black medium length. I have been watchig iCarly ever since the first episode. I hope you take the time to read this and ask me for an audition. I have been in three musical, one play, and auditioned for many movies. I have been in acting school for three years, choir for four years, and drama for two years. My hobbies are singing, taking photos, and acting. Thank You!

  391. Summer Moore

    Hi I’m summer
    Hair: long dirty blonde
    Eyes: brown
    Height: 5″0
    Hobbies: softball, singing, acting, and swimming
    Personality: sweet, funny, chatty, and outgoing
    Age: 12

  392. Xabier Hernandez

    Name: Xabier Hernandez
    Date of brith: April 28,1999
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: brown
    Skin color: light brown
    Raise: Hispanic
    Size: skinny
    Height: 5 feet 4 inches
    Weight: 107lbs
    Talent: acting and being funny
    Location: Giddings,Texas (distance is not a problem)

    I would be perfect this because i can be really fuuny and i love to prank people and make jokes and i can be very serious about things to. I could use my talent of acting and being funny on the show and iam very merture for my age to and i was wants in a play in 5th grade for historical events and got a 100. It would be an great honor to be on Nickelodeon. I wouldn’t mind going out of state to be on the show or to audition. If you need anything else or if you choose me just email me, Thanks for your time for reading this.

  393. omar fadhil

    my name is omar my i`ved played in plays like romo & juleit ,harry potter , the attack of the robot chickin. i`m 8 i have black hair , green eyes height 4`5, basketball 5 years 68 lb gender boy in white people say ill never get in so plesee give me the a part

  394. Carlos Calderon

    Name:Carlos Calderon
    Birthday:November 7, 2012
    Eye Color:Brown
    Hair Color:Dark Brown/Black
    Location:Morristown NJ

  395. Hector Smith

    These kind of things are of slim chance, but sometimes you take chances at what your passionate for. My name is Hector, I’m 15 years old and am from Australia. At a young age I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life and acting is just that. I have lived in Papua New Guinea for the past2 years and previously Australia and England. I received an acting scholarship for my high school and have now performed on stage in five musicals as lead roles. It would be a huge privalage and honour to achieve something like an acting role on a globally loved show and appreciate the opportunities nickelodeon provides aspiring actors… I know this may not be recognised but thank you for allowing people oppertunites to reach their goals and I would love to hear back 😉

    thanks heaps and I’m a huge fan, Hector

  396. destiny

    Name: destiny Johnson
    D.O.B. may 22 1999
    eye color: brown
    hair color: brown ( gets puffy when wet then dryed)
    Location: new york city
    hobbies: dancing, singing, acting
    idols: justin bieber, demi lovato, micheal jackson, whitney houston
    Personality: sweet, kind, sassy, funny , fun to be around
    clothing style: Lucy hale meets Rocky Blue with a bit of selena gomez , kendal jenner and a splash of Avril Lavigne
    reason why i want to audition: to show people that it’s possible to live your dreams no matter how hard life is and how much you struggle. #heversaynever

  397. Viviana Perez

    * Name:Viviana Perez
    * D.O.B: 11/08/98
    * Gender: Female
    * Age: 13
    * Height: 5`7
    * Body Type: Medium
    * Race: Hispanic/American
    * Languages: English, Spanish and Sign Language
    * Hair Color: Chestnut Brown
    * Eye Color: Yellow Green
    * Talent : Acting, Dancing and Singing
    * Hobbies: Softball, Cheerleading, Sports, Music and Hanging out with friends
    * Experience: Plays, Dance Classes, Chours Classes, Dance Concerts, Chours Concerts and Modeling Classes

    I hope to get an opportunity to full fill my dream. Please Email me A.S.A.P. Thank you for everything and hope to see you soon.

  398. Kiana

    I’m Kiana! i’m 13 years old and I live in Arizona. I’m a 5’4 caucasion and i have long brown hair and brown eyes. I’ve been singing and acting and dancing since i was five years old. i look older than 13 so i can play pretty much any part. i have an angent and she lives in New York. I’d be great for this show because i have a lot of talent and experience and i’d always make it fun. I look frward to hearing frm you guys. Thank you!

  399. Saige Serigny

    Hi! my name is Saige Serigny.
    Age: 13
    Sex: Female
    Birthday: 5/14/99
    Height: 5’4
    Race: White/ Caucasian
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Hair color: Brown
    Skin color: Tan
    Body Type: Skinny, Athletic
    Personality: Funny, Sweet, Playful, Cute, Smart, and LOUD!
    Hobbies: Play sports, Sing, Act, Dance, and listen to 1D!!!
    Idols: Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, 1D, and Drake…
    I hope you pick me!!!

  400. Manyia McClain

    I also have a lot of experience in school musical and I will do any job acting singing anything and if you need a picture email me ans let me know!

  401. Manyia McClain

    I would love to be on the new season of I Carly because I love the show and the actors and I would love to work with them.. pleas email me back!!!:)

  402. karla gonzalez

    Name:Karla Gonzalez
    D.O.B: 07-11-1996 (16) look like 17 or 18
    Eye Color:Light Brown
    Hair Color:Black

    i am in enrolled in highschool junior year i just finished being a rich lady for beauty and the beast want to enorrl my catrrer please contact me xoxox blessings

  403. Viktoria Bashan

    To whom it may concern,
    My name is Viktoria and I am interested for the following casting. I am from Russia and have moved to Florida 4 years ago. I speak Russian and English fluently. I can sing, I am a dancer at an art school, and have previously participated in short films, and theatre performances. DOB: April 9, 1997, Age: 15, Hair color: Blonde/dirty blonde, Eye color: Hazel, Height: 5’5. For further information feel free to email me. Hoping to get contacted. Thanks.

  404. Kala

    Name -Kala Arnold
    Age – 11 Turing 12 September 18
    Skin Color – Kinda Of A Caramel Mocha
    Eye Color – Dark Brown
    Hair Color – LiGht Brown ANd Dark Brown
    Weight – 94 pounds
    Height – 5’0

  405. Jaelyn

    Hi I would love to be on icarly real bad I’ve been dreaming for years that I want to be on it it’s my dream just email me if open casting calls thnks

  406. Rachel Catherine

    I would love to be on icarly!! It’s been my dream to be a actress ever since I was 6 (:
    I’m 12 years old please pick me(:

  407. Vasco Sanders

    Wazzup nickelodeon it’s your new halrious cast member im 13 and love seeing people smile and laugh if you give me a chance you’ll see why i should be on the show thanks see you when i see you

  408. Anne Wall

    Name: Anne Wall
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Hello. My name is Anne. I am an Irish red-head with blue eyes. I would love the opportunity to be on i-Carly. I watch the show regularly and think it would be perfect for me! I have experience in acting and singing. I have played roles in local productions, in schools, etc. I have taken acting classes, attended stage schools and done speech and drama. I am also a great singer and can dance a bit too!! I love the arts and entertaining. I am prepared to do what it takes and work hard. I will not disappoint. I would be delighted if you would consider to me for an audition. Thank you.

  409. Nissi

    hey im Nissi..i live in Ireland and trust me im a great craack to be with im and irish broaad :) hahaha lol
    but thats not the point i alwways wanted to be an actress/singer/presenter and me being in icarly would be the biggest dreaam come truee.. Trust me if you pick me you will never regret im very serious at what i do .. and trust me i would be a great crack :)
    love nissi

  410. Keira Harris

    Name: Keira Harris
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity:: British/UK
    Hair :Browny red. ( dyed red) long
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hobbies: Acting, Singing, Dancing.
    Birthday: 15/06/1998
    My idol: Ariana Grande

    Been searching for auditions for a long time now,think this may be the one,thanks for taking the time to read this. i want to take a career into acting so this would help alot.

  411. Isela Cruz

    Hello, My name is Isela Cruz and I would Love to have the chance to be in this new icarly season not only because i love it but also because it has always been my dream of beign an actress its been my dream since i was 7 years old. I would really love to be in your icarly show, it would make my dream come true.

    Name: Isela Cruz
    Birthday: March 22, 1996
    Age: 16
    Race: Latina, Hispanic
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Height: 5’3
    Hobbies: Acting
    Location: Salinas California
    Idol: Marilyn Monroe and Mickael Jackson

  412. Mae

    Name: Mae Alexandra Ternowsky
    Age: 12
    D.O.B.: October 21st
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
    Lives in: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Personality: Im Loud, fun bubbly, outgoing and kind.
    Hobbies: Running, Acting
    Idols: Ed Sheeran, One Direction, The Wanted, Cher Lloyd
    Acting for me is a passion that gets let out through different types of Characters. Ive always wished i could be apart of ICarly. ICarly is a fun and outgoing funny show. It has an impact on my life. I really want to be apart of this.

    The Main acting I have ever done is stuff in school such as plays. I have recently done a play. It was The Jungle Book Musical. I got casted as Bagheera the panther. It was really cool. I was one of the few main characters.

    Please email me if i can try to get the part :).

    – Mae XD

  413. Ferni

    Full name : fernando Rivera
    D.O.B : 10/30/1999
    Gender : male
    Eye color : hazel
    Hair color : black
    Race: Hispanic
    Fun facts : like to write rap songs or any kind of songs also like to do crazy things

  414. christopher

    Hello I’m Chris and I’m 10 years old and living in Florida I would like if I got Got to be on the show and has always been my dream to be a nickelodeon star. I really like the show icarly anyway. I like playing sports my favorite is baseball. I am just a ordinary kid following his dreams and getting an acting experience. I have red hair and blue eyes. I like to do magic tricks and to ride my bike. I also enjoy going outside and playing with my friends. I do good in school and get good grades I really hope I get the part thank you and Hope to hear back from you

  415. Jazmyn Bouchey

    Name: Jazmyn Bouchey
    Age: 14
    Weight: 115
    Height: 5’9″
    Ethnicity: Black/French Canadian
    Eye Color: Green/Blue/Grey
    Hair: Brown (curly)
    Personality: I’m a really nice person who gets along with everyone and is very outgoing. I love to have a laugh and a good time with new and old friends.
    Personal Info: I go to a performing arts school in Hesperia, California (Encore High School) and there I am first chair Alto Saxophone Jazz player and a ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical dancer. I have many friends and they all describe me as a funny girl who is awesome to be with. I would absolutely love to be on iCarly and a One Direction sitcom. Personally I would love to be on a comedy show and play a lead role. I think it would be a wonderful life experience and a lot of fun.

  416. hailey francois

    Age-13 Height-5’4″ Experience-some Hello I’m 13 years old and I love to act and sing and I have been acting and modeling since I was 2 I have acting classes and stuff.and I think y’all can help me become big in my dreams.i really want to auditioni have been following to famous ppl footsteps and stuff for a while so For this it can help me become e big I always wanted this for a good time now.please give,me my audition and contact me back and it would be a honored to work with y’all

  417. Jimel bronson

    Gender: Male
    Birthday: 10/09/1997
    Age: 14
    Race: African- American
    Height: 5’6″
    Weight: 116
    Eye Color: Medium Brown
    Hair Dark Brown
    Body Type: Athletic
    Performance Skills: Acting Classes, alright singing ( can hold a tune)
    I would love to be on this season.

  418. Anton Taylor

    My name is Anton Taylor, I’m 16, my race is African American\ Native American. I play sports to stay active my favorite sport is football. I’ve played in three short films two plays in came up with my own play with several of my classmates I do attend to a performing arts school in New York. I was acting at the age of 7 I see my self as a young proformer who have a dream to become a professional actor not because of the fame but to show anyone can become whatever they want if they put there mind to it. I also do stunts with my friends.

  419. Hailey

    Age: 13
    Weight: 103
    Size: 0-2 s and XS
    Hair: dark brown
    Body type: athletic
    Ethnicity: mixed with black ect

    I really love the show I’ve been addicted ever since it came out?I cannot sing but I enjoy acting and I’ve been doing what I love for 7 years, gymnastics! I’m really to do anything and face any obstacle in my way.
    If I were apart of the show I think my name should be Mackenzie, this just seems like an icarly name.

  420. Shalini

    Hi my name is Shalini Calderon I love to sing and act I would love it if u gave me an chance for an audition I am 11 my birth of date is September 19 2000 if you need info tell me please

  421. Hannah Mickelson

    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 110-115
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: blue-green

    Hello! My name is Hannah Mickelson!I absolutely love ICarly! I think they would be so much fun to work with! My dream and goal is to become an actress. I have been in plays and theater workshops. When I’m in front of a camera or on stage, that is when I shine! If you are looking for a bubbly, passionate, and outgoing girl, then I’m it! It would be an honor if you would consider me!
    Thank you for your time,
    Hannah Mickelson

  422. Kederer Saviance' Holland

    HI, I am a 17 actor singer and musician. Grew up around music and televisions making it and proving myself is my ultimate dream.

  423. Samaria Gaines

    Hi my name is Samaria Gaines. First off it would be an honor to be on this show. I’ve always wanted to be an actress, ever since I was a little girl. I have been in many school plays. I have also modeled in photo shoots and fashion shows, I’ve also been in local commercials. Hopefully my next step will be on Nickelodeon. Here are some more facts about me;

    Height: 5’3
    Age: 14 Years old
    DOB: 4/24/98
    Weight: 118
    Ethnicity: Hispanic, Caucasian, African American
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Hair Length: Long (It goes past my shoulders)
    My hair is naturally curly but I always straighten it

    I hope you consider me.

  424. shalini calderon

    hi im shalini i love to act and sing i love your show its great i am 11 years old my birth of date is september 19 2000 i have no experience well i do in school i would love to be in the next season of icarly please send me something if you need something from me

  425. Danielle

    My name is Danielle and I am 12
    Eyes: hazel
    Hair: brown
    Idol: Taylor swift

  426. Maia

    I love icarly ! It’s an awesome show that i,d like to act on , acting is something iv,e always loved to do .

  427. Liv Reed

    Age: 13
    Birthday: Sept. 22, 1998
    Height: 5’8
    Race: White
    I love to act an I love this show. When I act I feel like nothing can stop me or get me down. I would love to be on this show. I love to laugh and I take my work very seriously when it needs to be! :)

  428. Belen De La Flor

    Hii(: Im Belen. Odd name.. but I have a bunch of nicknames like Bella, Blender and Belener’s. Im really happy and an outgoing girl. I laugh alot and im just really fun and chill to hangout with. I grew up watching Drake&Josh and Icarly and basically all the Nickelodean shows. And it would be absolutely amazing if I got the chance to be in one of those shows. Icarly is a super funny and a really good show that I would love to join in on the cast. I am superrr interested in the acting industry. Or basically in the art field. I love dancing , acting , drawing, painting, designing , writing songs , and singing. It would be a dream come true to put my work out there and show the world my talents.
    Age- 14years of age
    Birthday- 03/11/98
    Hometown- Hollywood , FL
    -Hispanic heritage
    – Tan
    – Darkish brown hair
    – brown eyes
    Height – 5’5
    Weight- 118lbs
    – Im skinny , love working out and going to the gym
    – love clothes and fashion (makeup , hair , etc.)
    – very creative and loving.
    Please consider me. and contact me as soon as possible(:
    Thankyou , Belen A. De La Flor <3

  429. Alexis Rudd

    Name: Alexis Rudd
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: African American/ Puerto Rican
    Hair: red/dark brown/black
    Eyes: dark brown
    Hobbies: Acting, Dancing, and Violin
    Birthday: can you guess? Hah sorry 6/18/1998
    My idol? Ariana grande and Christina Aguilera

    Umm yesh! Haha I don’t know what else to put soo bye!

  430. Deissy

    Name:Deissy Garcia
    Personality:Shy,down to earth,loud at times but I have my my serious side,I live in new Jersey but I like a challenge.I been acting from a young age but professionally. If you could consider me and get back to me that would be awesome please and thank you



  432. Alec Korotney

    I act a lot in my schools. I’ve once been a part of the Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. It would make my day if you just let me audition for a role in iCarly. P.S. I also sing!

  433. Shakir Philippe

    Name: Shakir Philippe
    Gender: Boy
    DOB: May 16, 2000
    Weight: 107
    Ethnicity: African American
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color:Dark Brown
    Skin Color: Brown

    I been dancing since i was just four years and i have so much experience. i danced as a Nets Kid professionally and i believe i am right for Shake It Up or any Television/Film. I’ve also been taking many professional actng classes in NYC/NJ.

  434. Ava Jones

    Name: Ava Madison Jones
    Age: 11
    D.O.B.:October 22,2012
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color: Honey Blonde
    Lives in: Chandler, Arizona
    Acting is a fun hobby for me, so is singing. I am a loyal Nickelodeon fan and even better iCarly is sprinkled heavily all over my room. I enjoy acting and ask you to at least consider me for a role in this show Thanks so much! :) Email me for more details

  435. Nikko Smith

    Good evening! My name is Nikko Smith. I’m 16 years of age and I would love to be apart of this show. I watch Icarly all of the time. I’m a hard working, reliable, and outgoing girl that just loves to have fun and make people laugh!
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 103
    Ethnicity: Native American
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Dark Brown

    I have experience with improv, dance, voice, and of course, acting! Please let me know if I could be of any help! :)

    Thanks, and I hope to be considered!

  436. Peyton Wiggins

    Hi, my name is Peyton and I have always wanted to act as far as I could remember. It would be a dream come true if I could just have an audition. A REAL audition and not a fony one like I went to before. I have no experience but how are you supposed to get experience when noone gives you the oppurtunity or chance to become that person you dream of being, which for me is an inspiration to everyone. Please do me the honor of helping me succeed to make mine and others’ dreams come true. :)

  437. Yanhelle Rosales

    Hi, i’m Yanhelle Rosales and i’m turning 12 in september, and i would love to be in icarly because I have been watching icarly since third grade and im starting seventh grade this year! I saw the whole cast grow up and this is one of those moments when your like “OK, THIS IS YOUR BIG CHANCE”. I auditioned around march for Barbizon Of Hollywood and I actually got in AND got a 400 dollar scholarship. I have practiced my auditioning skills and I promise i wont be shy and give it all i’ve got! please contact me

  438. Haley Pearce

    Hello. :-) My name is Haley Pearce and Im 18 years old from Indianapolis, Indiana. My birthday is February 17, 1994. I have red hair, blue eyes, and I am 5’0″. I weigh 110 pounds. I am a singer and actress. It’s my dream to be on a Nickelodeon television show. I am a very hard worker and very reliable. I take.my acting very seriously but I do love to have fun too.

  439. Tania Diaz

    I’m Tania Diaz
    Appearance: long Brown hair, brown eyes and tan skin
    Speak: Spanish and English fluently
    Gender: Female
    Race: Puertorrican, American, (Spain)

    I have acted in plays, but never in tv shows before. I love to act and could play anything from a sweet to a mean girl. I am determined, hardworking, daring and confident.
    I can sing a bit, but prefer acting.
    I’m crazy, positive, happy person, surprisingly I like to play mean and evil roles jajaja.

    I have a strong believe that to achieve anything you must have 5% luck and 95% percent effort. I hope you give me a chance to be on this amazing show
    Thank You

  440. Ruby Olea

    I watched icarly since a really long time i always wanted to be in the show, it would be a good opportunity

  441. Datianna Tolbert

    Name: Datianna Tolbert
    Birthday: September 19, 1995
    Eyes: Bright brown
    Hair: Sandy Brown and curly
    Height: 5″6′
    Ethnicity: Hawaiian and African American
    Body type: Skinny with feminine curves

    Skills: Acting in high school productions, singing, dancing. I am currently with One source Talent Chicago and looking to expand my work. I love acting and dancing it’s my passion and dream to make it big. I’ve been in choir for many years and I am a soprano 2. I also do fashion, and have even walked the run way in some school fashion shows.

    I am willing to travel for this oppurtunity

  442. Erykah Simpson

    Name- Erykah Simpson
    Age- 14.5
    D.O.B.- 12/2/97
    Hair Color- Dark Brown
    Eye Color- Dark Brown
    Hieght- 5’7
    Location- Oakland, Ca.
    Race- Indian, African American, and French
    I always wanted to be an actress and i would be so thankful to be able to be on icarly. I always watched this show. I am very confident in front of the camera or in front of an audience of people. I also play sports and love to play roles. you wouldnt regret having me and I would be appreciated to be accepted. Thank you ~ Erykah S.

  443. Datianna Tolbert

    Name: Datianna Tolbert
    Birthday: September 19, 1995
    Eyes: Bright brown
    Hair: Sandy Brown and curly
    Height: 5″6′
    Ethnicity: Hawaiian and African American
    Body type: Skinny with feminine curves

    Skills: Acting in high school productions, singing, dancing. I am currently with One source Talent Chicago and looking to expand my work. I love acting and dancing it’s my passion and dream to make it big. I’ve been in choir for many years and I am a soprano 2. I also do fashion, and have even walked the run way in some school fashion shows.

    I am willing to travel for this oppurtunity

  444. Megan

    My name is Megan Mitchell.I am an African American,
    and I love performing.I’m alway performing in my living
    room or in my grandmothers living room.I’m fourteen years old.For me to be doing this now is a great oppritunity for me.I believe I’m very talented at lots of things,but mainly in acting and singing and dancing.I hope you like my message.
    Thank You for your time.

  445. Jennel Llanos

    hello I am a 15 years old Hispanic Female and i love to watch iCarly its one of the Funniest shows ever. it is very fun to watch and they are like one big great family that i would love to be a part of . I can act really good too. I am really looking forward :)

  446. Jennel Llanos

    hello i am 15 years of age and i would love to have the opportunity to act on the iCarly show its one of the best shows i love to see on nickelodeon . I am really looking forward to be apart of iCarly . Thank you .

  447. Naudia Moore

    My name is Naudia i am 13 years old and i would like to on your new season of iCarly, because i am experienced in acting. I watch iCarly ever since it been aired on tv and i always wanted to work with cast. I would be the happiest girl on earth if you pick me to be part of the cast, if not its okay.

  448. Dayanna Contreras

    Name: Dayanna Contreras
    Age: 14
    Birthday: February 11,1998
    Race: Latina,Hispanic
    Height: 4’11
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown

    I live in Lancaster,California and would love to be part of this show.I’m really passionate about acting,singing and dancing..This would mean the world to me if i can just audition and i promise if i get the chance to part of this i’ll give my all:)Thank YOU for taking just the time to read me comment..:)

  449. Maanasa Thyag

    Hey! I am an aspiring actress, but can’t find a legitimate agent to represent me. I always seem to run into scams. What would you suggest? and how do I get more information about these casting calls? Thanks! xoxo(:

  450. Destiny Buchman

    Name: Destiny Faith Buchman
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Light Brown And Long (Elbow Length)
    Hobbies: Acting and Singing
    Fun Facts: I can do a british accent, I’m 42% OCD and 12% bi-polar, and I love people!

  451. Jimmy Lopez

    Hi! My name is Jimmy Lopez! I love to sing, act, dance, and just have fun doing it! Singing is in my blood and acting is something my family and drama teacher and teachers say I should pursue as a career! I have been to many places to be an actor and just haven’t found the right one! And have been in many play’s, musicals, and talent and singing contest! I feel like I was born to do this! I am very smart and a cool person! But I don’t actually want you to believe me! You’ll just have to see for yourself! I believe that someday my dreams would come true!
    Hight: 5″8″
    Haircolor: brown/black
    Eyecolor: brown/hazel
    Speak Spanish and english!
    Date of birth: 9/9/97

  452. Kayla Weisheit

    Height: 5’7
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Interests: Singing, dancing, drawing, writing, drama, and acting.
    Age: 14
    Sex: Female
    State: Indiana

  453. Sravan Sattiraju

    Name: Sravan Satttiraju
    D.O.B: April 24, 1998
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Location: Alide, Va
    Hobbies: Computers and football
    I Would like to be on icarly because i like to interact with people and bcause i love acting.

  454. Brianna Faith Penn

    HI everybody! I’m Brianna!
    Alright, let me get started ha ha. Although I’m already 16 and will be a senior this coming school year, my ultimate goal in life has been to become a star on television, specifically Nickelodeon. I’m very outgoing and bubbly, not to mention, known to crack a few jokes every now and again. Countless people have told me I should be in the acting/music/modeling business based just off of my personality, knowing me personally, and from hearing me sing! This has honestly been my goal my entire life, this is the the one thing that I have been looking forward to! I love being in front of a loving audience and performing! I have even spoken on my county’s school channel for the news going on throughout the schools (which i enjoyed doing VERY VERY much). I have been selected by Barbizon, but my family has never had the money for me to pursue my dreams. I’m active in my school’s theater arts program (being in a play and musical), so I’d say I’m pretty well rounded, being 1st chair trombonist in Symphonic Band, keeping a 4.0 GPA, and have been in marching band, as well as cheerleading. Plus, you will have no doubt in knowing that I am able to memorize and deliver lines exceptionally well!! (:
    I promise I will not let you down, Nickelodeon! You will not be dissapointed in my abilities, I assure you! I’ll give you my all in everything I do! Please get back to me, you’ll be very happy that you did! I hope that you can give me the chance that I’ve needed for so long!! (:

    By the way guys (:
    Nationality: African American (5/8), Native American (1/8), French(1/16), Caucasian(1/16).
    Age: 16, 17 on September 25th, 2012
    Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia
    Height: 5′ 2 1/4″
    Weight: 130
    Eyes: dark brown
    Hair: brownish black

    Extra things to know:
    I am absolutely in love with the show iCarly, I have been watching it since it first came out and I still love it now!, I loved Miranda when she was in Drake and Josh as well, possibly because I just love comedy! Comedy really is my specialty, especially since I’m a very comedic person myself! Even if I were to just be featured in one episode, I will make sure that I perform to the best of my abilities! Not to mention I would love to meet Jennette, Miranda, Noah, Nathan, Jerry, and Dan Schneider! (:

  455. Tiffany

    Hi, I’m Tiffany. I will be 15 in August. Doing theater work, and filming is one of my passions. I’m not the richest or the prettiest kid out there, but I will work very hard, and I would greatly appreciate it if you gave me a shot. Thanks so much. :)
    Blonde hair
    Blue eyes
    Height 5’3
    Thanks again. :)

  456. Nadia Sheikh

    Name: Nadia sheikh
    Born: 15 July 1998
    gender: female
    Hair color: black,natural curly
    Eyes: dark brown
    Height: 1.70cm
    Weight: 70kg
    Languages: Dutch, english, French, German,Arab and a little Spanish
    Background: middle-east but I’m born and still live in the Netherlands
    Hometown: Schiedan (the Netherlands)
    Skin color: brown
    Bodytype: curvy

    My name is Nadia I’m 13 and I love singing. I’m a quick learner. My interest are: drawing, singing, acting and playing with my little brother. The beatles, queen, nirvana, elvis and one direction are my type of music.I rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I’m not. I Play guitar and a little piano.

    Nadia sheikh

  457. Daniella Doromal

    Full Name: Daniella Doromal
    Bday: March 23, 1994
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’1
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: black
    Ethnicity: Asian ( Filipino)
    I live in Torrance, Ca. I’ve been singing, dancing ever since I was a little. I’m an experience dancer and singer, I sing for the church choir, and I was a part of the school choir and I was able to perform with the LA master Chorale at the Disney Concert Hall last 2011. I also auditioned for the California Honor’s Choir. I can sing and dance any type of genre’s and I can say Im a very good actress too, since I always take part in our church’s play. I took 2 years of dance class and was a part of the Folk dancer in the Philippines.

    I know I deserve to be in the show cause I have confidence in myself and Im experienced and mature enough to handle the stress that Im gonna face on the taping. I learn really fast and I’m very attentive, obedient and responsible. I hope I’ll hear from you guys soon! Thank you!

  458. Cassandra Sheridan

    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    BIrthday: August 10, 1993
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 105-110
    Hair: Light Brown
    Eyes: Blue/Green

    Hi my name is Cassandra, Cassy for short, and I have been acting on stage for One Act competitions for the past four years. We were state champions and regional qualifiers. I just graduated from High School and I absolutely LOVE acting. I look a little younger than most girls my age, considering they look about 25 years old, but I’ve been told by several judges that I have a lot of potential in acting. I loved watching iCarly, I am very interested, and I would love to be considered. I live in Texas, but I am very willing to travel. Please let me know

  459. Angel Bermudez

    Name: Angel Bermudez
    D.O.B: 06/14/1999
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Height: 5′
    Age: 13
    Race: Mexican/American
    Language: English, Spanish
    Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Drawing, Acting,Writting

  460. jonah davis

    Hey, i would love to be an actress i dance too. Im 13 years old i have dirty blonde hair my d.o.b is nov. 23 1998 im 5′ 1 :)

  461. Danyelle Johnson

    Im Danyelle Johnson and im 12 years old i live in Visalia California and i would love to be on icarly because i always wanted to be on this show i have never acted befor if you could please give me a chance i wont let you down im from a town where no stars come here and i dont even think the know what visalia if you pick me i would be honor please. and Thanck you.

  462. Jordan jackson

    Hey you guys i would love to be on icarly with you i watch all the season and i will like to be on this one i wont let you down message me back please:)

  463. Eulalio Cortez

    Hi am really good at acting and am a pretty good singer am 14,Hispanic,eyes brown,5’4,and I live in Houston TX. It’s a dream of mine to be on a tv show and do what I love to do like acting. You should really give me a chance if you do I will do my best to please you and will not let you down

  464. Shianne Dyer

    My daughter Shianne is a little superstar. She has great enthusiasm, big smile, extremely funny, and all around great at what ever she puts her mind too. She comes up with the funniest things (things you think a 6 year old would be able to think of).
    D.O.B.- June 29, 2012
    Hair Color- Blonde
    Eye Color- Blue
    Height- 3’5
    Weight- 42 lbs.

  465. natalie monkeys4eva

    hi my name is natalie petago. i have brownish blonde hair.i wear nerdy glasses they make me look cute.i can act really good. every time i we have skitts at school or church i have eather a lead or important part . i love ur show i watch it all the time i live in piggott arkansas . i guess thats it hopez yall pick the right one<3 peace out icarly

  466. michelle g

    Hi my name is Michelle I am 12 years old I would love to be on icarly I’ve seen every episode. I am very fun and silly
    Location Ottawa,IL
    hair black, straight
    Race Hispanic
    No accent
    Will stay in character

  467. Frirsta Ali Karem

    Name: Frirsta Ali Karem
    born: 1998 4/2
    Eye Color: darkbrown
    Hair Color: darkbrown
    Height: 1,45m
    Age: 14
    Language: english (brittish accent and an american accent), swedish and kurdih
    Hobbies: singing and acting

    Hi this is a bit of facts about me. Two more things are that im a girl and i live in sweden.
    Thanks for taking your time reading this.

  468. Frirsta Ali Karem

    Hi im Frirsta im 14 years old and i live in sweden. Im born 4/2-1998. I love acting and singing. I have darkbrown hair, darkbrown eyes and im 1,45m. Altough im from sweden I can still speak english ( brittish accent and an american accent).

    Thank you for taking your time reading this.

  469. Whitney Dongo

    DOB: August 28, 1998
    Age: 13
    Race: Black British/African
    Singing: 3 Years
    Piano: 2 Years
    Guitar: Amateur
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Hair Length: Short
    Body Type: Skinny, 4 foot.
    LOCATION: London, Iowa Or Indianapolis, IN
    Natural Accent: British

  470. Kelsey Alexandria

    Hello! My name is Kelsey Alexandria. I am 15 years old and my birthday is November 22. I am a bubbly, weird, random, funny girl and I know that i would be perfect for this show. I would love the opportunity to audition, and you show you the talent that I have.

    Thank you! –Kelsey A.

  471. Eli Bryant

    Hi my name is Tristan Johnson and my stage is “Eli Bryant”. I am a rapper/songwriter and every once in a while i sing, act and dance. I believe i have what it takes to be on iCarly. I can show others that i have the talent to rap on the show because Nickelodeon doesn’t have any rappers on any shows and i can change that by being apart of this show. Thanks!

  472. Chistna

    my name is Christina i am 16 years old, and i love iCarly, i watch every episode of iCarly , and its been my dream to be on iCarly, I hope that i would get a part in this new season of iCarly
    i’ve always told myself
    try and if I don’t succied, try, try, try again
    or if its for my Drama club
    if i don’t get the part, at least i tried out, theres no harm of trying out
    and if i on don’t get it, don’t give up just keep trying

    i’ve been i my schools play (Drama Club)
    2010 fall one act: understudie for the servent problem
    2011 fall one act: once apoun a time, i got two rolls in No Honor Amugst frends and The Cinderella Rap
    2012 spring musical: Peter Pan, everyone said i should of been Captin James Hook, but i was the Pirate Choris in the spring Musical

    my next goul is to be on T.V. shows and make my dream come true

    so i hope i can get a part in this T.V. show
    it will make my dreams come true

  473. selena rendon

    i’d love to be picked to be in the new season of icarly!! i’ve always wanted to try out for acting but, i was always too shy, so please, if you would it would be a pleasure picking me and being in one of the episodes of me doing anything!!

  474. Christian Herrera

    hi my name is christian herrera and I’m
    Age:9 looks like 12 years
    DOB 5-27-03
    eye colour-hazel
    hair colour-black
    location- temecula,california
    responsible incredible actor and singer my hobbies are acting and singing to imrove my skills has acted on stage in front of 100,000 people
    I promise if i get the job I’d never be late on the set.

  475. Grace Agwu

    Hi friends,grace Agwu is my name.I am 12 yrs of age.i would really really love to be part of the icarly show.i like the way the producer made this unique show.i am into comedy.i am very pretty.I would like to be on icarly to help my mom change our lives.if get to be on the icarly show i would give out to charity this is my word.i thank you for this oportunity you’ve given to us .thanks for this wonderful and magical moment

  476. Isabelle Reeves

    Hair color: dirty blonde
    Eye color: blue
    Birthday:march 10, 2000
    Talents: Acting, singing
    Place if birth: Indianapolis, IN
    I dont have any real experiance in acting, but alot of people say that im really good at it. I have been in a few school plays. Im a HUGE fan of i carly and it would be amazing to work with them!

  477. Eleanor Fink

    Name: Eleanor Fink
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12 (almost 13)
    Race: white
    Hair color: Brown (naturally curly)
    Eye color: Hazel
    Height: 5’4
    DOB: 10/22/99
    I was born in Santa Fe New Mexico, but raised in Indianapolis IN.
    My talents~ Singing and Acting
    I have no real experience but i have been in school plays, and signed up for the IRT(Indiana Repetory Theater) I have been in school chior and church chior also. I really like iCarly!
    It would be a HUGE honor to be part of the show!
    (i also commented on the One Direction sitcom)

  478. Caroline Vazquez

    Gender: Female
    city: chula vista ca
    Birthday: october 23 1996
    Age: 15
    Acting age range: 13-19
    Race: puerto rican , white
    Height: 5′ 4
    Weight: around 120
    Eye color : hazel
    Hair: dirty blonde , wavy
    Body type : average/athletic
    Preformance skills: dancing , acting ,

  479. DarbyHill

    Hi Iearly I’m a huge fan and I think id be perfect for this show I’m silly and serious I’m loud not afraid to be embarrassed. I come from a big family so I love being center of attention and I love being laud back down to earth, real chill. Please email me more info about audition.

  480. Katrina Espiritu

    Hey, my name is Kat. I am from Los Angeles, California. I’m 18 years old, and I am 5″3. My family, especially my mom and sister, love calling me “Carly” because they think I look a little like Miranda Cosgrove. The arts is my passion. I love to sing and write my own songs with my guitar. I personally enjoy being on stage. I played the part of The Red Queen in my school’s production, Alice in Wonderland. In my senior year, I was Snow White for Snow White & The Seven Dwarves. I’ve never taken any acting lessons, but when I’m on stage, everything comes naturally. I would love to audition and be a part of the iCarly cast because it’ll be the next big thing for me.

  481. Brittney Hilton

    I’m a big fan of the show my name is brittney i’m 5″7 average body type i have blonde hair brown eyes i’m Caucasian i love to do many things like sing,dance,write music,acting and drawing.. i haven’t had much acting experience, but i love it. please take me into consideration

  482. Sally Sayed

    Name: Sally Sayed
    D.O.B: 03/23/1999
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Height: 4’11
    Age: 13
    Race: Caucasian
    Language: English, and Lebanese Arabic
    Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Drawing, and Acting.

    Thank you =-)

  483. Ki-yah Nurse

    birth:November 29,2000 eye color:brown hair color:blake location:New York city hobbies:singing,acting idol:Michael Jackson

  484. Andrea R.

    Hello! I am 9yrs old, I currently am living in Cancun, Mexico. I have been here for 1yr. now. I am learning a little bit of spanish. Our school next year is going to have french classes hopefully I can learn both languages! I dont go a day without watching icarly even the reruns that I have already seen ! I know all the songs by heart that are played on the nickelodeon channel.

    Gender: Female
    DOB: May 02,2003
    Race: Hispanic
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: Hazel
    Hobbies: Love to sing,dance, draw, and drive my parents and sibling crazy!
    Location: Cancun, Mexico
    Idol: Selena Gomez, Victoria Justice,and Miranda Cosgrove

  485. Karina

    Hi my name is Karina Thiesen ever since I was small I have always wanted to be an actress. I know that their are other people who also want to be an actress but if you choose me to be on a show I know that you will be happy. I am fluent in spanish and english and live in California.I am a bit flexible with my back and
    wuld love to work aside the Icarly cast.
    hair color- dark brown and curly
    eyes-dark brown
    please email me :) pretty please!

  486. Sarah Beebe

    Gender: Female
    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde – staright but curly underneath
    Eye Color: Blue-Green or Hazel
    Body Type: Athletic
    Performance Skills: Acting, Singing, Joking around, Talking to others, Outgoing, not shy
    Skin Color: White
    Age: 13
    Birthday: 7-16-1999

    I love acting. I have since I was 5. I’ve had many singing/acting rolls in many plays at my church and schools. I’ve also been in more major productions such as: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, Coraline, and Beauty and the Beast. I hope you consider me for a role. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Sarah Beebe xx

  487. Andrew schatt

    Heyy my names Andrew im 13 and 5.3 I’ve realy been wanting to know more info on season 2 of icarly i would like to be part of the new season I bmx I act of course I play gutair I can sing I’m funny I have brown hair long skate bored hair most people would say Justin biber hair also everyone thinks I look just like Justin biber but anyways I’m athletic/fit and I realy hope u email me back thanks :)))

  488. Karina

    HI my name is Karina an I would love to be chosen for a role in ICarly. Even if it is minor. I believe that I will be a good actress if given the chance. I am fluent in english and spanish, and am currently studiying french.
    hair-dark brown,curly
    eyes-dark brown
    mexican american
    please email me :)

  489. Jesse Timmerman

    name: Jesse Timmerman
    appearance: Brown hair,brown eyes, 5′ 1″

    P.S Super good actor example: once i acted like a hobo and someone gave me money but i revealed to them that i wasn’t and gave the money back

  490. Gregory Schultz

    iCarly is one of my favorite shows!!! I would love to be on it! I love acting! It is one of my favorite things to do!!! If you pick me, here’s my information
    Height: 4″9
    Weight: 84 lbs
    Age: 9
    Other Acting: None
    This will be a great chance to make my dream come true! I live in SI, NY. Email me for other details.

  491. Bryanna Morales

    Weight:98 pounds
    Age:11 going on 12
    Hello my name is Bryanna,I can sing,dance,and act.I am smart.I am very talented.Please contact me if you are intrested for me to be on your show.

  492. Rachel

    hi my name is Rachel Portman I’m 11 years old I live in Broken Arrow Oklahoma and have been acting for 5 years. It would be an honor to be in iCarly. Thank you!

  493. Derek Gomez

    My name is Derek and I don’t have an agent. I get the best grades in my class. I love acting around my house. iCarly is one of my favorite shows.

    Birthdate: 02/20/2001
    Age: 11
    Height: 5`0
    Weight: 100 lbs.
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Light Brown
    Race: White

  494. Brittney lamkin

    Hi! I’m brittney lamkin. I was born on March 4, 1999. My eyes color is hazel. I have blonde hair that I’m trying to give an emo style to. I wear lots of make-up. I live in spring, Texas. I have a middle class family that’s getting to a lower class, but aside from that.. I have two hobbies that are singing and drawing anime. I love ICarly it’s so funny and Ive always wanted to be on the show. I’m very short for a 13 year old. I’m about either 4’9 or 4’10. And… That’s about everything about me 😀

  495. soontobenickstar

    love the show and if im allowed cant wait to audition it is my lifelong dream for kids to look up to me and be famous that is what i do to my fav stars

  496. Masa

    HellO :)

    Im masa
    Im tall slim and not bad looking at all
    15 years old :) brow hair blue eyes

    I act all the time and im really good i just need my big break :)
    I can ACT DANCE and SING and im perfect for every role

    I dont ask for much :)

    Im very funny and can do anything

    Contact me xx

  497. Nikita Alcock

    Hi, I am Nikita Alcock,

    I am not sure if this is to late or anything or if you will even get this but I would love to be in I-Carly I really like the show and would love to be part of it. I am not sure if this gets to the casting people but I sure hope it does.

    Name: Nikita Gillian Alcock
    Nationality: South African/ Australian
    Age: 13
    Hair color: Dirty blonde/ Ginger
    Gender: Female
    Skin color: Caucasian
    Birthday: 27/08/98
    Things about me: I love to act, sing dance and I play a lot of sports. I am mostly always happy, I make people laugh and I normally have a positive attitude. I would love to play a part in I-Carly. Please email me if I have a chance or if this is to late sorry. Thanks for your time (: xx


  498. bianca juarez

    my name is bianca juarez and i love acting and singing .I want to be someone big in life that wants to have the best career and love every second of it .i want to let my emotions out so everybody could see what i feel inside and what i love doing .acting lets me express my feelings through the character .even if i do a small part i’ll enjoyed every second .

    gender: female
    date of birth:8/1/99
    fact:love acting and singing
    idol:ariana grande

  499. Danny Hernandez

    Please audition me I really love to act since I was young. I would really love to get a part on any show no matter how big or small the part I’ll play it! I’m really thrilled and hope to get auditioned.

  500. Kristina Servantez

    My names Kristina. I’m a teen highly interested in acting. I would love to get a role in this show. I think it would be really fun. Please email for more information.
    Age: 14
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 99.8
    Gender: Female
    Race: White
    Hair: Brown
    Birthday: 4/18/98
    Please email if interested. :)

  501. La'Daysha Lucas

    DOB:October 28,1999
    Hair color: Dark Dark Brown
    Race:African American
    This would be a great role for me because when I grow up I want to become a Fashion Designer.

  502. arturo deluna

    i am a acter i have been acting ever since i was 6 and i would love to be on icarly and if i do it would be the best thing that ever happend to me and if i ever got money i would donate it to charaty and help y family

  503. nickoli

    I LOVE YOUR SHOW and i cant wait for the new season,but im here to ask you if i could be on your show i dont care if im even get 5 lines i just want my frends to be jeulis of me:) plzzzzzzzz let me be on the show

  504. Aliah Garza

    i am 10 years old i am a boy and i love icarly i like everybody and i liked iparty with victorious and i realy want to be on a show.

    ps. love you be preying every day

  505. Ashaunti Small

    Name: Ashaunti
    Dob: 4/7/98
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye: brown
    Hobbies: acting
    I will love to be on iCarly because everything you guys do inspires me!

  506. Kayla Marie

    Hi I am interested in a role in a tv show please contact me on information. I am athletic, fun to be around, crazy, outgoing, tough, and hard working.

  507. Danny Grote

    I am a 14 almost 15 year old male and I am a fan of iCarly and am a very good singer, and drummer. I have been wanting to be on a nickelodeon show for a long time and this looked like a good opportunity for me to try. It would mean a lot if I could be on the show.

  508. Blake Morris

    My name is Blake Morris. I am 18 and currently taking acting classes at a community college to help build my future of acting one day :) i have lots of energy and enthusiasm and would love to audition for any nickelodeon show. I’ve been a big fan of nickelodeon for many years, especially Dan Schneider productions since Drake & Josh. It would be a dream come true to actually be a part of such a great cast as iCarly or any show on the channel. Please get back to me

  509. Angela

    Name: Angela Velasco
    D.O.B: 12/30/1999
    Hair Color: Dark brown and reddish at the roots (never been dyed)
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height: 5’5″
    Weight: 115
    Bio: I am a generally happy peraon that is obsessed with music. I love to just hang around and just have fun. I can be professional, but most of the time i just like to act forever young. :)
    Hobbies: I sing, dance, play guitar, piano, and drums. I LOVE acting and have had some lead roles in some plays.

    Please consider me to take part in this. :) And please feel free to email me for more info!

  510. Melisa Ramadani

    Name: Melisa Ramadani
    Age: 13
    Birthday: September 27,1998
    Height: 5’3/5’4
    Weight: 95 ish
    Hair color: Blonde With brown on the bottom layer.
    Eye color: Blue
    Race: White (I’m Bosnian, and German)
    Body Type: Skinny but not too skinny.
    Talents: Acting, dancing, and singing.
    Location: Denver, Colorado
    Personality: Goofy, like to laugh, fun to be around, energetic but serious when needed.

    I really think you should consider letting me audition and possibly casting me because i’m a really good actress, i memorize scripts fairly quickly, and i can act, dance, and sing. I’ve ways wanted to be on TV and make it to the big time when i was little. In 2011 I’ve had some auditions for other Disney and Nick productions and received numerous call backs. You wont regret considering me! :) That a PROMISE.

  511. kelsie whitburn

    Hey yall :)
    My name is kelsie
    I live in alabama… im 13 years old and i play softball
    I sing country music and i can not dance at all
    i look like a turkey trying to dance but im 5’4 and i have blue eyes
    i have blonde meadium size hair. all my freinds call me shorty or blondie
    i have 1 lil brother and i have been looking for adititions all over the internet
    im a a,b,c student and im going into the 8th grade
    i burned my foot when i was in 2nd grade and was out of school for 2 months but still past. so if yall could email me that would be great
    thanks yall

  512. kelsie whitburn

    Hey yall :)
    My name is kelsie
    I live in alabama… im 13 years old and i play softball
    I sing country music and i can not dance at all
    i look like a turkey trying to dance but im 5’4 and i have blue eyes
    i have blonde meadium size hair. all my freinds call me shorty or blondie
    i have 1 lil brother and i have been looking for adititions all over the internet
    im a a,b,c student and im going into the 8th grade
    i burned my foot when i was in 2nd grade and was out of school for 2 months but still past. so if yall could email me that would be great
    thanks yall
    kelsie suzann whitburn

  513. La Tavia Underwood

    Hi I am a 13 year old girl my height 4-11. I don’t have a talent agent. I have done a couple of auditions. I am going to the 8th grade and I have never failed. I love to dance, sing, and act. I would really like to be on the next iCarly Season.

  514. Davion West

    Dob 7/15/97
    Hair color:Black
    Eye color:Brown
    Hobbies:Dancing,Singing,Acting yo-yoing.

  515. jazanae webb



    eye color:brown

    hair color:brown

    location:long beach,ca

    hobbies:playing instruments, singing , dancing, helping others


  516. bella :)

    hey my name is bella my friends call me funky because im always the class clown, the crazy and random one i act at my school around my friends and my friends say im a good actor im willing to do or be anything !

    my name : bella morris
    my gender: girl
    my weight; 78
    my age : 11
    my crazy talent ; pretending to be jack sparrow off of pirates of the carribean, and christian rapping
    my hobby : playing basketball and singing or acting into the mirror
    idols: miranda cosgrove victoria justice
    hair color : dark blonde

    hope you pick me to be on icarly and make people giggle

  517. Alisa Hall

    hi im alisa hall i’am 10 years old i’am Thai, American,Swedish,German,and more

  518. Averi Iglesias

    Hi my name is Averi and I am from one source talent ( Los Angeles)
    Age: 12
    Height: 5’6″
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino
    Talents: acting and modeling
    Please contact me

  519. Felicia

    Hi, im felicia. Im 16, 5’2, and asian.
    I would really love to be on the show.
    I’ve always dreamed of acting. I never
    Had the chance to though. I really wish i could

  520. Kacie

    Hey.my.name is kacie I love and I mean love I carly I think my fave actress. Is sam lol but I love everyone on the show if y’all pick me y’all wont regret it I promise but do what y’all think is rite I love yall

  521. leah seitner

    name:leah seitner
    eye color : hazel
    hair color : dark brown
    location :orlando, florida
    talents: acting and modeling
    hobbies: hanging out with friends, listening to music and sports.
    my idols: courteney cox and justin bieber

  522. camila Robledo Cisternas

    hi, icarly really was a success! would be great that act in its chapters, would be a great, challenge!
    fun to many children!!!!!!!!!
    (I’m trying to improve my English)xxx

    Name : Camila Robledo Cisternas
    18 years

  523. mecallon hartzell

    im 13 have dirty blonde hair at medium length and blue eyes im 5’6 and weigh 110 pounds i live in Tucson Arizona my birthday is march 29 1999 im a very determined person and i am female i am mature but can have fun and hope you will consider me

  524. Rebecca Hamel

    Hello my name is Rebecca I am eight years old,I’ll be nine in July.I have been on top of this show ever since it came out.It would be amazing if I got the part.I can sing,dance,act,and get by on guitar.I’ve been in to school play with BIG parts I can handle a BIG part if I get one.Please I may be young but I am a great actor,trust me! Please tell me if I get a part, thanks again! :)

  525. Gabriela Garcia

    Hello, my name is Gaby. I’m 20 years old, I live in a small town in Brownsville, Texas. Like a lot of people, I share the same dream. Just to show what I got on tv. I love love love to dance. I’ve done ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, and much more. I’m atheletic, I love to act,. All I ask for is to consider my offer…it would really change my life in a good way, and in NEED this change! Please contact me if you like what I have to offer. Take care!

  526. roshanna

    from th very first episode season 1 i new that the whole idea is brilliant! .im 15 im 5’4 i live in new york. i honestly think i would perfect for this season, my 3 major talents are ACTING/SINGING/DANCING im a joy to be around and easy to work with but im also very dedicated to my work…ive act in front of many people , my aunt helped teach me with me and the cast of icarly its sure to be an awesome episode THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! im looking forward to be working with you.

  527. Edgar Munoz

    well, I guess this is another step closer to being responsibe and independent, also one step closer to my dream.so let me tell you about myself

    dob: 04/02/98
    gender: male
    ethnicity: Hispanic
    language: English/Spanish
    hair: dark brown
    eye: brown
    height: 5.6

    I also have the ability to change my tone of voice

  528. Samantha Turret

    I would love to audition for the next season of iCarly. Could I get more information e-mailed to me?

  529. Jeffrey Peterson

    I am 14 years old and love the show. I am in my schools drama department and every play I have been in, I have gotten the male lead due to my acting and vocal skills.

  530. Malorie Tracy

    Hi my name is Malorie, i am 12 i love iCarly! i have blue eyes, kind of a strawberry blonde hair and i have braces! i can do this accent but i have no idea what accent it is. i love acting!!!!!! please email me!!!

  531. Lauren Kojdecki

    Name: Lauren Kojdecki
    Age: 13 (turning 14 in 3 months)
    Height: 5’2
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Hazel/Brown
    Weight: 85lbs
    Ive never acted before but I have had people tell me I would be a good actor. I have a good sense of humor an I’m outgoing. I can also be serious at times. I’m very athletic. I think I can become a good actor on icarly.

  532. Michelle Njiva

    eyes: brown
    Height: 5-3
    Weight: 105
    Body type thin/slim
    Talent: Dancer: hip hop, Jazz, Ballet and Belly Dancing, Singing: Pop, Country, RnB, Soul
    Hie i am 17 year old african american and i am so dedicated, im a female acting is my passion and i dont live a life full of opportunities and it you could just give me a chance to be part of your movie you wont be dissapointed, this is my dream to be an actor and you can help me make it come true, i am hardworker, dedicated, work well with others, i follow directions and i promise you i wont let you down, please give me this chance thank you so much.

  533. Ashley Hall

    Hi, I’m Ashley Hall, I am sixteen years old(seventeen August 2012) and this will be an amazing opportunity if I got selected. I am a fan of iCarly, and have been watching it since the beginning. I’ve even been a fan of Miranda and Jerry when they were Megan and Crazy Steven. I would be a great addition to the show because even though I have no experience, I can add more culture, American and Puerto Rican, to the show. Also, I work at the Adler Planetarium so I know how to work well with people of different backgrounds and ages. I can act silly, but get serious at the appropriate times.

    ETHNICITY: Hispanic, African American
    CITY: Chicago
    STATE: Illinois

    HEIGHT: 5′ 5
    CHEST: 34C
    DRESS: 3
    SHOE SIZE: 9.5
    HAIR COLOR: Brown
    HAIR LENGTH: Medium
    EYE COLOR: Brown
    SKIN COLOR: Fair

    basketball, soccer, cheerleading, track
    hap ki do(martial arts) training
    piano, trumpet, vocal
    english accent

    Thank you for taking the time to review my resume, I look forward to hearing from you soon!(:

  534. Ryan Weltz

    Hi.(: I am a thirteen year old actress trying to follow my dreams. I have been the leading roll in many plays but being on this show would be an honor. I have brown eyes including hair. I am 5’0, and I live in Gilbert AZ. You wont regret it!!

  535. Ryann Keller

    Hello! My name is Ryann! I have been in drama at my school since 8th grade. I am now a sophmore in highschool. I also preformed at my local Theater, the Gaslight, when I was younger. My mother used to be act in mini movies that were filmed at Old Tucson and in many musicals, and she has given me many tips! I love acting! I do imrove alot at home, and have made some short films with my friends and Dad. I live in Tucson, Az. I love all the Nickelodeon shows! They are all fantastic! I Enjoy watching them.
    Heres my info:
    Dark Brown Hair
    Green Eyes
    Born: April 13th, 1997
    I’m White
    I Enjoy playing softball, ACTING, drawing, reading, and singing.
    I can do many accents.
    It would be an extreme pleasure for you to pick me and set me in the right direction for my acting career!! Thank you!!!



  537. Ashlie

    Hey, my name is Ashlie Wachsmann!
    age: 16
    height: 5’6″
    weight: 125 lbs.
    hair color/length: dirty blonde/ long
    eye color: green
    body: athletic (running and soccer), tan
    ethnicity: caucasian
    location: dallas, tx (distance is not a problem)

    I know my chances of being cast are small, but it is worth a shot because i know that the experience would be great especially with the other great actors/actresses, i really like to act, and acting is what i want to pursue. I memorize lines very well, i am great with all kinds of people, and i have a very good personality! Thank you so so much for your time and consideration!!

  538. skyler star

    hi im skyler and i love acting.I am triying to make it big in the acting world.this is my drem to act. Rit naw im going to a acting schoo at B.I .H stedeos i bin looking for opportunity like this.If you give me a chans I wont let you down.i am a big fan of the show.thank you for reading… this is what i look like.
    blue eyes
    blond short hair
    hafe black bangs
    i am5.2
    funky style…and hair
    willing to do eney thing with my hair
    ples read this this is a big opportunity and i dont whant to miss out…thank you for your time

  539. Brianna Storz

    I am 13 years old and loves acting and sing and i have been dancing for 11 or 12 years

  540. Sequoia Waite

    My name is Sequoia Waite. I’m 12 years old, going into the 7th grade. I live in Virginia. I have straight, shoulder-length brown hair, and brown eyes. I used to play the piano, and people have told me I can sing well. I have had a solo in a school performance and I was in music enrichment in 3rd-5th grade. But, Acting is my dream. I have been in Odyssey of the Mind for 2 years, which is a school team of 7 people who have to audition to get in. For Odyssey of the Mind, we have to write scripts, make costumes and sets, and perform our skit in competitions against other schools. Both years that I was in Odyssey of the Mind we went to State competition. This year we got 3rd in the state! I have also been in a school play, and have starred in 2 movies that my friend makes for fun. They were spoofs of Twilight and the Hunger Games. In Twilight I played Bella and in the Hunger Games I played Katniss. I was also the News Anchor on my school Morning Show in 5th grade. I would really appreciate if you considered picking me!

  541. Erika Gwynn

    Name: Erika Gwynn
    Age: 12 years old
    Race: African American
    Height: 4’10
    Hair: Dark brown; straight

    I’ve been told that I can sing and act pretty well and that I’m quite funny. I’m into singers like Coldplay, Greenday, Adele, and One Direction. I’m not a pro actress, but I’ve been in quite a few plays and skits.
    Thank you for your time

  542. Harry

    I am awesome I am also smart in tech. so please I need a job this is a dream of mine since I started watching this show

  543. Nardica Tyner

    Nardica Tanay Tyner
    D.O.B: March 13,2000
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Hair color: Sandy Brown ( hair changes color in light)
    Location: Dearborn Hieghts, Michigan, USA
    Hobbies: Cheerleading, Acting,Caring for pets, and Track Competitions
    Idol: Carly and Sam
    Talent: I can move m ears up and down like Dr. Suess and i am very athletic

    Ive always loved all of my hobbies and ive been looking for the perfect audition, and i think i may have found it. Thank you
    – Nardica

  544. Kamya farmer

    Hi my name is kamya farmer.I am a 13 year old,im funny, i can act, im a outgoing girl,and i can dance.That i can really be much more.Allmy life all i wanted to do was to act.IM ASKING PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!

  545. Margaret

    hi! My name is Margaret! i would love to be on iCarly. I love to sing! i sing all of the timee! non stop! I am a very fun, and outgoing girl! all my friends laugh at me all the time. hahaha. Even if the joke isn’t very funny, the way I say it cracks people up for some reason.. I am 12 years old, and 13 in December. I do not want to give ALL of my personal information out but if you would like to know more about me just email me! and I love to act! I never have had much experience, but I really think I could be great if I went to an audition! I am and A and B student! Not the best in math… But, ya know thats just not my talent I guess! Gods blessed me with other talents.. lets leave it at that:) In iCarly, I relate me to Sam the most! she is so crazy and just outgoing! she really reminds me of myself. I am really pleasant to be around (or so I’ve been told..!) but I am never rude to anyone. I just thought, you could use that bit of info! and I can get along with anyone! I really am just an happy person. I live life to the fullest each day, and enjoy everything that is given to me. Acting is a field that I would love to work in. It really makes me happy and I enjoy it a TON! thank you so much for reading this! I really appreciate it! Have a great day! -Margaret

  546. Alexander Jacques

    Icarly is my favorite tv show and i would love to audition for it but i can’t because i live in england

  547. elijah

    Gender: Male
    Birthday: 06/21/1999
    Age: 13
    Race: African American
    Height: 5′ 7″
    Weight: about 133 ID
    Eye color : Dark Brown
    Hair: Dark brown
    Body type : thin/fit

    extra: hey you got to start some were

  548. Corey Kendall

    Age: 15
    Height: 5’9″
    Weight: 135lbs
    Gender: Male
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair: Brown and medium legnth
    Body Type: Athletic (dancer)

    I love iCarly and have been a fan for a long time. It would be a dream come true to be given he chance to be on the show and work with such amazing and talented actors and actresses.

  549. Prime

    i am very active. im also fun to be around. i love to act. i find myself getting into alot of trouble because of it. i am also very athletic in track. i came in 25th place in the state of georgia for the 400m dash. and i help my 4by4 relay team come in 12th place in the state of georgia. i’ve also won the most improve player of the year for my track team. oh and i am 14 and a guy
    eye color: dark brown
    hair color: black
    height: 5’6

  550. Thomas Dukes

    Name: Thomas Dukes
    DOB: 03/06/1993 Age:19
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Black (African-American)
    Location: (Carrollton) Atlanta, GA 30116
    Hobbies: Composing Music and Play Multiple Instruments
    Rubbish Dancer

  551. Brittney Abercrombie

    I dont have any experience in acting but i’ve been dreaming to be an actor for a long time. I’m 13,I have brown hair, and brown eyes.My family don’t have much money so im trying to do something that will help out. I watch Icarly all the time. It’s my favorite show in the world. It would mean so much to me if I heard back but if I don’t I’ll try somthing else. God Bless and thank you.

  552. cassidy stack

    hi! my name is cassidy! its my dream to be a actress on nickleodeon! i have been watching miranda cosgrove ever since the first episode of drake and josh. i love all the cast members on icarly and it would be such a blessing to act on set with them!im not the skinniest person ever but i dont think its gonna stop my dreams from coming true. im 14 years old living in dalton georgia. im a down to earth kinda girl who loves country music so much. i have brown hair with blond highlights and blue eyes! everyone says im very dramatic and that acting would be best for me! thank you oh so much for your time and consideration!

  553. Anastasia

    My name is: Anastasia, I am from UK, but it isn’t a problem for me to travell to US.
    I am 13 (11.10.1998)
    I am of white etnicity, my eyes are brown, my height is 5ft8 1/5inches.
    Althought I haven’t professionally acted, I can act really well.
    I am really good at memorizing roles.
    So, I hope that you will consider me.
    Thank you for your time.

  554. Olivia Mudd

    Name: Olivia Mudd
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: African american
    Height: 5′ 3
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Body Type: Petite/skinny
    Bio: Hi, I am Olivia I love to sing, dance and act (trust me I am a real drama queen). I love to let people see my talents and gifts. And I love to make people smile and just feel better. I love all the Nick shows and I do not get chosen it’s okay, I will still watch the shows.

    Thank You

  555. rebecca darwin

    im rebecca darwin
    age: 14
    hair color: sandy blonde
    eye color: blue
    hight: 5’1″
    I love i carly show and with taking classes to be a professional actor being on icarly would be a mean the world to me sence i love acting and i’d love the opertunity to be on a tv show.I work hard at acting and work well with others.

  556. Brianna

    Im Brianna
    Im 16
    i live in Georgia
    Im a female
    I am mixed but i have a white skin color
    I have Hazel eyes
    I act, sing, and dance
    I can do a British accent fairly well to be believable
    My hobbies are singing, acting, and danceing
    Please email me about auditions.
    Thank you for your time
    Brianna Flowers

  557. Anastasia

    My name is Anastasia. I really want to be an actress. I’m a hard working girl.My ethnicity is white.I’m from UK. I’m 13 years old (11.10.1998). It won’t be a problem for me to fly to USA. I’m dark haired with brown eyes and pale face. My height is 5ft 8 1/5inch. I’m really good at memorizing, so I hope you will consider me.

  558. lydia

    heyyy my name is lydia hill
    dark dark brown hair
    brown eyes 5’2
    i love acting i would fit in with you guys AMAZINGLY im funny,nice love to make people laught an would LOVE to adition ! 😀 😀 😀 hope i can adition for next season 😉

  559. Samantha Onstad

    Height: 5’11
    Eyes: Blue-Green-Orange
    Hair colore: Blonde…as of right now
    I am 19 years old and currently attending Radford university. I have been singing for 11 years and have auditioned and made it into a number of Honors and National Choirs. I would love to join the cast of Icarly. I have a really fun personality. I love being weird and strange and don’t mind doing odd facial expressions…since I do them on a daily basis.

  560. Shawna

    Hi my name is shawna, I am 16 years old and have been acting since i was 7 and ,i love the show ICarly and i love everyone in the show, i have been watching carly since she was megan on Drake and Josh. i Always love to act. i have done plays my hole life and have this very bubbly personality, acting is my dream and i one day want to find a way to make it come true, and i know since i have god as my strenght one day it will happen. I can shoot for the moon but as long as i hit a star im ok . :)

  561. Saniya

    Birthday:Feb 16 2001
    Fun facts:Smart in grade(6th),Nice, cool, love to laugh,love joking around
    Hair color:Black
    Eye color:Brown
    Location:Atlanta,Ga USA
    Favorite Tv show: ICarly

    I will love to be on ICarly I have always looked for auditions for ICarly I was in the show nutcracker im a good actor Iove ICarly and god bless you very much and i would love to be on the ICarly show Thanks.

  562. Jenna Papin

    Gender: Female
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: blue
    Location: Missouri
    Hi, my name is Jenna Papin and I have watched Miranda Cosgrove since she was on Drake and Josh! She is an amazing singer, and actor! I love this show. iCarly is my favorite show to watch. Just the thought of me being on the show makes me excited! I am excited for the auditions, and hopefully you might consider me.(: thank you.

  563. Brianna Flores

    Age: 15 going on 16 on july 16th
    Height: 5’1
    Hair: long, brown
    Eyes: big, brown
    Body type: slim

    Hello, I am Brianna Flores, I live in Corpus Chrisit,TX i’m a sweet, loving, down-to-earth girl, I love meeting new people, I play tennis, I like to dance, and I love acting! When I was a little girl I knew instantly I wanted to be an actress I was so amazed how someone I don’t know could make me laugh,cry,smile,or be mad.. acting is truely beautiful and I know in high school people want to be doctors, nurses, teachers, but I always have and always will want to be an actress, and I hope to be able to follow my dreams wether its a main part in the show or a minor part. Just the opppertunity to be doing what I love would make my life complete. I hope I will be recieving an emai from you soon, I won’t let you down I will give it my all everyday, thank you for your time!

  564. Jalen bradford

    Hi my name is jalen Bradford I am a 13 year old African American Ive been acting since possible I think I would be great for any role because I am a multi talented person I sing,dance,piano,and play sports. I love to act it is my passion I was born to act.Iit will not only be a great oppertuntie for me but for you to have a great actor .If I’m just saying the smallest line I guarantee you will love it so please consider me for the role Im also very funny bright and have a great personality so imwould be great

  565. makayla

    Hi I have grown up ICarly. It will be a dream come true.it will be a dream come true because before my papa/grandpa died i told him i will make him happy and i always wanted to be on ICarly. Here’s my info:

    Name: Makayla Dutra
    D.O.B: 23rd October 2002
    Eye Color: Dark brown
    Location: Stockton,CA

  566. Makayla

    hi i have grown up with ICarly and my dream has always been to be on ICarly so if im on this show it would be a dream come true. Also I promised my papa that i will make him happy.So here’s my info:

    Name: Makayla Lelia Dutra
    D.O.B: 23rd October 2002
    Eye Color: dark brown
    Location/Adress: 2105 Briens Way Stockton,CA
    Hobbies: acting,singing

  567. Marcela Montes

    Hi my name is Marcela i’m 15 years old and I live in College station, TX.
    I love acting and I love iCarly, i’m not desperate like anyone else but I would love to be in this new show. I’m 5’6 but I look older and taller, i’m hispanic (light colored skin), i’m skinny around 108 lbs. I have experience on tv shows but i’ve only been lucky to be an extra I hope someday I’ll get a good role on some other show. I’m also a dancer, actress, singer and I can act almost every kind of role. If you’re interested on seeing me in pictures and stuff like that just email me or contact me, Thanks. I’m also a really nice person, friendly and love to make pranks, joking around and make people laugh.

  568. McKayla Zeigler

    McKayla Zeigler
    Age: 14
    Height: 5’5
    DOB: 12/17/97
    Race: African American
    State of residence: Georgia
    Performing Experience:Played peter pan in peter pan, has sang solos in front of crowds, did an acting showcase, had acting teaches with Actress Brianne Gould and casting director Alpha Tyler
    Bio: Hello! My name is McKayla Zeigler, I love to perform! I’ve known since i was very young that I wanted to act and sing. My skills can always use polishing but I’m eager to learn more. I also write songs, poems and monologues. Anything I’m told to do I can try my very hardest to learn it and do so! I’m outgoing and love meeting new people. I’m also a huge fan of nickelodeon I love icarly! I love to make people laugh and I would love the chance to work with the great people in the cast! Thank you!

  569. Rachel Arzu

    Hellur! My name is Rachel, I am 13 years old and I would just love to be a part of this! I’m 5”6 with black medium hair that can be curled if needed. I’m skinny and tall. I have brown eyes and I’m brown-skinned. I am a very comedic Hispanic girl (I speak Spanish and English) and I can also be serious. I love to have fun, be loud and be crazy! I’m always my self and i am hoping this could be my big break into the acting business. Thank you for reading this and i Hope i get a part in this!

  570. Hannah Schoonover

    Hi, my name is Hannah Schoonover, I am 14 years and living in the town of Clay County, West Virginia. I would love to be on iCarly because I’ve been watching it for a long time and I have always wanted to be on it. Please take some time to review some information about me.

    Name: Hannah Brooke Schoonover
    Age: 14
    Date of Birth: March 18, 1998
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color/Length: Dark Blonde & Shoulder Length
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 115 lbs.
    Body Type: Athletic
    Location: Clay, West Virginia, US
    Hobbies: Volleyball, Cheerleading, Acting

    If you are interested at all of letting me on the new season of iCarly, please email me and I will send you pictures of myself so you have a better look of what I look like. Please review this information and please get back with me. Thank you for your time!


  571. Christina Stevens

    This is an add on from my other comment. I am not shy at all so you wont have to worry about that. I am really fun and playful. Ever since I was little I wanted to start my acting career and this could be a start!!!!!!! Please read the next comment because thats my full bio. Thanks so much!!!!!!

  572. Christina Stevens

    Hey my name is Christina. I am 12 years old, I am 5,2, I have black hair, and I am african american. It would be really cool to work with such greats stars. I really want to start my acting career somehwere and hopefully this could be a start. Please take me for consideration even if I just get to act in a side roll. Thanks so much!!!!!!

  573. Allison

    I’m trying to go for my dream, please help me succeed. I’m that crazy girl that everyone puts down for my randomness. I’m very fit and love to work and keep busy. I am female and 12yrs old turning 13 in a few months. I am about 5′ and I weigh around 80lbs. My eyes are green and my hair is a some what chocolate brown at a past shoulder length and I am okay with getting it dyed or highlighted. Acting is the only place I have ever fit in, I do very well at playing a spunky crazy girl or a mean loud one. Email me if your interested, thank you.

  574. Nicole 3474869550

    Hi my name is Nicole and I would like to auditions
    I’m ………..
    Birthday: jan 25 2000
    Genre: female
    Eyes: brown
    Language: Spanish/English both
    Loves acting
    Country: ny / Ecuador
    Hair: black

  575. Daniela Ramirez

    My name is Daniela
    Age: 11 years old (I turn 12 in a month)
    DOB: July 17, 2000
    Race: Hispanic
    Height: 5’5
    I would love to participate on the ICarly show. It has always been my dream to become and actress. I don’t just care about the glamour and money what I really care about is for my dreams to come true. I am very talented, I love to dance, I am always smiling and I love to be myself. I hope you read my response and pick me to join the ICarly crew it would be an honor.
    Thanks for your time.

  576. Missy

    Hi my name is Missy. I would love to be on Icarly. I am 5’3,skinny,brown hair and eyes. I also sing and dance. I am 14 years old but look 15-16

  577. Taylor

    hi my name is taylor i am 12 and have red hair i play the flute dance and sing please pick me i am great in academics i have won many awards it would be an honnor to work with the cast please send me info!! thanks!

  578. Natalie Nichols

    My name is Natalie. I am 13 years old but I look much older. I love to sing and act. I have had many roles in many plays and I was recently in the movie 42 about Jackie Robinson. I was just an extra but I had a great time filming. I have sung in singing competitions, talent shows, and recitals. Singing and acting are very big parts of my life; even in school. I take lessons and classes in both of the arts. I love iCarly and it would be so amazing to even have a shot at this show. Thank you so much.

  579. Sidney Hernandez

    My name is Sidney Hernandez i enjoy acting everyday morning and night! I am a HUGE fan of icarly I even know the words their going to say next! Pick me because Nick needs more hispanic kids on tv. I will not complain even if i get a small part i would thank you for choosing me & be very grateful.
    eyes: brown
    hair: chestnut brown
    dob: 7/7/98

  580. Mackenzie Johnson

    REALLLY want to be on the show!

    Irish Dancing
    Trumpet Soloist

    9.5 Years Old
    Green Eyes
    Light Brown Hair

    So Sassy It Hurts.

  581. Candace Madison

    Hi, My name is Candace Madison and I live in Chicago, Il. My friends call me CAM. I am very athletic and in amazing shape. I am an 16 year old, honor student in my school. I love to act and dance and I am also involved in my drama club at my school. I would love to be involved in the new season of ICarly and hope to hear from your guys later on. Thank You.

  582. Sierra

    I think it would be awesome being cast into iCarly. I love the show and I think it would be a neat experience. Hoping to get some more information? Well, email me more info, I guess… 😀

  583. Ryland Tucker

    Name,Ryland Tucker
    birthdate,january 7 2002
    hair color,brown
    professional singer,8years
    professional dancer,8years
    other shows,wizards of waverly place,pair of king both sesson1
    why i want to be on show,becuse my dad says ill never getin but i now i can
    commet,i hope get in :]

  584. Allison

    Aha! Ahahahahaaha! I would like to be on this show. Hoping not to sound weird or desperate now. Well we should talk. I do not have an agent. My dad is my agent. Hah. Well contact me for more. If you don’t think I’m good enough, maybe suggest me to other casting peoples. Thanks..

  585. Justin Osborne

    Hi my name is Justin my eye color is blue I weigh 141 pounds my height is 5’8 and can act very well. I would love to be apart of this show. :)

  586. Olivia Shindorf


    I would <3 to be on Icarly because I have been watching it for…A long time. Anyway here is some stuff about me!

    Birthday:January 5th 2003
    Fun facts:Smartest in grade(4th),Super funny, Very good at British accent.
    Hair color:Brown
    Eye color:Brown
    Location:Tampa,Flordia USA
    Idol:Selena Gomez,Katy Perry,Ariana Grande,

  587. Sam Preiser

    Hey there. I am Samantha Preiser, but please call me Sam. I’m 16 yrs old, turning 17 in september and will be a senior this upcoming school year. I have shoulder length straight blonde hair and bluish green eyes. I’m 5’7″ and 135 lbs. I am always smiling and get along with everyone. I’m very outgoing and very talkative. I am not camera shy, in fact I’m never shy. I’ve been performing onstage since I was little. I’ve been almost 10 musicals, 3 children’s plays, 2 plays, 7 yrs of forensics, 6 yrs of choir, and 3 talent shows. I love being onstage. Acting and singing are my life. I hope you consider me. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  588. Natalie

    My name is Natalie. I am 10 years old and 5”. I would love to be on the next season of iCarly.




  590. Kyla wilson

    I would love to be on this season of iCarly, I’m 12 years old although I look 15. I very very funny as my friends say, I’m very athletic. I hate being cooped up inside. I can sing very good, a lot of people have told me this. I’m a very good liar, so I would be very good at acting. Although I’m not very experienced, I have been in a couple of school plays but that is it. It has always been my biggest dream to sing and act, and honestly I don’t know what I would possibly do if I wasn’t doing that . I dont have a plan B only because I have been told that I have what it takes to be famous, so I never have any second thoughts about this career. Also, I know what comes with this and I’m so ready, so if you could email me some more info I would be very pleased.

  591. Asia Johnson

    Age: 17 years old
    DOB: Jan 29, 1995
    Race: African American
    Hobbies ; Singing ( a little )
    This would be a good experience for to be on this show; lols and i love iCarly :) Pick Me !

  592. Madeline Carter

    This looks very cool! I would love to audition. m hoping to get more information?

  593. Lacey Clubb

    I’m 10 and I’m looking for roll do you have a open spot but I’m small enough to play a younger age

  594. Ashlyn Redden

    i would love to be on the new season of icarly i always wanted to be on icarly evr since the show first came out i would love to find any auditions for this show just please contact me anytime u have and audition :) :) <3 i am very funny pretty cool athletic skinny crazy in a funny way so please contact me!!!! 😉

  595. Stephanie

    Why I want to be an actress is because it’s what I love to do, it calms down and it’s something I know I’m good at. There aren’t many films , TV shows and casting role in the UK since Harry potter happen, but I’m hoping I can get my big break in Hollywood and leave my mark. I also just want to live my life meeting new people and act. This is my dream and it’s the only thing I have that I call support because I don’t have anyone to support me, no father, my mum doesn’t have a permanent job to pay for acting classes and to barely feed me. But that why I need to help her, to show her I’m not a mistake and I can be become big in life, and I’m hoping you see it in me to.

  596. faith kelly

    please hire me i am a wonderful singer i have18 awars from my schools talent show i have won all of them :p =)

  597. Albara Blessing Sietonneh Jappah

    If I don’t be on One Direction show, I’ll just audition for this so…

    Hi! I’ve always wanted to be an actress. I love 1D so much! I want to prove those people who said I was to ugly to be an actress wrong. In 2nd grade, I was in a play. So here is some info about me.

    Name: Albara Blessing Sietonneh Jappah
    Age: 10
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: African
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown/Hazel
    Fun Facts: I can do a British accent, I have a personality disorder (schizotypal), and I love tea.
    Birthday: September 30, 2001
    Please email me!
    Thank you!
    God bless you!
    – Albara Blessing Sietonneh Jappah

  598. Tiana Larmond

    Hi my name is Tiana and Im 14 years old. I am an aspiring Actress,Singer,and Dancer. I would love to have the chance to work alongside with the iCarly cast. Im hard-working,outgoing and very determind. Having this chance will be a very big opportunity for me. Acting is one of my main goals in my life that I would like to pursue.Thank You for your time and please consider me in your castings.Thank You again :)

  599. Holly Jones

    Name: Holly Sarah Jones
    D.O.B: 4th Septemeber 1998
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Hair colour: Brown & medium length
    Location: Lincoln, England, UK
    Hobbies: Dancing, Acting
    Idol: Michael Jackson

    Ive always loved dancing and acting and ive been looking for the perfect audition, and i think i may have found it. Thank you
    – Holly

  600. Ashley Santos

    I would really like to be on the next season of iCarly. Please emaila few more details! :)

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