Texas Auditions for Nickelodeon

It may sound crazy, but there is actually a way for you to become a Nickelodeon star. If you happen to live in Texas, there are auditions and casting calls that this famous kids channel conducts every now and then.

If you think you have what it takes to become the next big thing, then the best thing for you to do would be giving your shot on Nickelodeon auditions in Dallas. Who knows, you may actually be lucky enough to be like one of your favorite TV personalities from the said channel. Once you’re good enough, you could go a very long way. You could even have your very own program just like Amanda Bynes who was featured in “The Amanda Show” or become the next Lori Beth Denberg who starred in the classic comedy sitcom, “All That.” On the other hand, if you’re a guy, you can follow the steps of Kel Mitchell who’s definitely one of the funniest and wackiest all time favorite comedian from Nickelodeon. Whatever your talent may be, as long as it can be used for bringing entertainment, you are surely qualified for Nick.

While there are other channels to audition out there, why choose Nickelodeon? There are quite a lot of reasons why. First and foremost, they do not choose the best, but would rather mould them. If you try out on Nickelodeon tryouts in Houston and they will find even very little potential from you, they will take that in to account and would be willing to train you into the best talent that you can be through fun and exciting intensive talent workshops for singing, dancing, acting and hosting, turning you into an all-around package. Another thing that you would love about Nickelodeon is that the whole crew would always looks for a project to put you in so that viewers will recognize you and after quite some time, you’ll have your name established in the industry. Even though being a TV star is fun, you would still have to comply with the legalities and people under the age of 18 or minors would need great supervision and are allowed to work on a limited time frame per week. The staff of Nickelodeon will take care of that for you by securing your very own social security number, as well as a special pass that would allow you to work on extended times so that you can be aired more frequently, hence letting you develop your talent more.

With these tryouts, a lot of great things could happen to you. So, always be on the look out for auditions for Nickelodeon or at least try your luck on casting calls to get the chance of being aired on an episode from the channel’s modern shows such as iCarly. Nevertheless, giving your best on an audition in Texas for a Nickelodeon talent search or casting call might just be your key to great stardom.

7 thoughts on “Texas Auditions for Nickelodeon

  1. rhochonda melson

    Hi am a mother very intrested in having my children and god children audition for Nick could you please send me the info so that we can go.

  2. angelijha brittney monae

    Hi I’m very interested in drama and singing. I encouraged my mom to put me in a performing arts school and I absolutely love it. I participate in a drama club twice a week and I recently became my teacher’s assistant related to my determinations. I would love to become part of the Nickelodeon team.

  3. nadia candida

    i love to act and perform, i spend half of the day dancing or playing sports, i will love to be a part of a show, also im to friendly i make friends to easily. i was born in africa and raise in spain, i speak spanish and english, i live in houston tx :)

  4. Sonia lozoya

    I’m not a very outgoing girl, but I’m pretty good at singing and dancing and acting (mostly acting)and not to brag about myself but I was one of a few people that got into advanced theatre arts in my school!!:D Thank you so much for reading my comment!!!!!:D

  5. Anna Salas

    i really want to take time and say that i would really like to be part of the nick family! and i would really love to work with dan schneider and everybody in the crew and cast of the nickelodeon shows!
    i am 18 years old and i have long dark brown hair, brown eyes and something about me is that i love to dance and act! i was in the Del Rio High School Dance company for 2 years and i would really like to act in front of a million people making them laugh and smile!! especially my family!
    Please i really hope i hear from you!! (:

  6. Rosa Isela Uvalle

    I currently leave in Laredo, Texas but i wouldnt mind traveling to Dallas at all. Please email me of notices of auditions. Please give me the chance, please.

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