New York Auditions Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon auditions in New York usually take place in right here in NYC. This is because the main offices for the network are in the city. People can pre-register for these tryouts by sending in a recent headshot and also an acting resume in the event that the applicant in question has acted before.

Casting calls for shows on the network are typically available to kids all around New York. The network tends to prefer those who live within a four hour driving range of the City but all applicants that are screened will be considered.

Also, new Nick tryouts in New York tend to be limited to those who are certain age groups. People between the ages of six and seventeen are strongly preferred. This is because the network tends to hire those who are in middle or high school for their shows.

The kids that are screened will also go for mostly comedic roles. However, some dramatic roles may be taken in based on whatever programming the network is picking up at a given time. Some kids may also be screened for singing talent in the event that a show is music-based. The fact that Nickelodeon offers a variety of programming for kids to enjoy means that there are many opportunities in many fields for kids to get into. Sometimes Nickelodeon also schedules auditions for kids to be voices on animated programs. The benefits of being on this network are great reasons for why it pays to get to an audition like this. The reach that Nickelodeon already has on cable and satellite providers is strong as is the marketing that Viacom uses for its many shows.

One big benefit involves how the network is one of the country’s top cable and satellite networks. Nickelodeon is consistently among the top of ratings lists on cable television, beating out many other popular networks like TNT, USA, ESPN and assorted news channels.

The fact that many prior stars of Nickelodeon shows go on to big careers after being on the network is also a great point. Melissa Joan Hart of Clarissa Explains it All fame has been on many television programs since her days with the network. Jordan Coleman, who has directed several films, also started on Nickelodeon as a voice on the Backyardigans. Even Jessica Alba was a star on Nickelodeon. She was on a television show called the Secret World of Alex Mack before becoming a big-name movie star.

Nickelodeon Tryouts are very attractive for kids to find. It’s easy to get access to an audition in New York when the network opens them up. These auditions can work with many programs in mind as well.

16 thoughts on “New York Auditions Nickelodeon

  1. Matthew King

    Hello my name is Matt (age 22) im a loving husband and new to the fatherhood world since my son Raven was born on november 1 :), even though I see the age group for this I would love to get the chance to become a big part of nickelodeon and entertain the millions of people who watch and support it.

    All my life I’ve always wanted to become an actor because I love to be infront of a big crowd and do what ever it takes to grab their attention and make them love and enjoy what im doing, my wife and I are in a situation where things are very hard right now we both don’t have jobs and there is no income coming to us, and I want to do everything I can to support her and my new born son so please find it in your heart to give me a chance and I promise we will reach the top together


  2. Eddie Suriel

    Sex: Male
    Age: 16
    DOB: 9/11/1996
    Height: 6’1
    Wight: 153Lb
    Hair Color: Black
    Eyes Color: Brown
    Skin Color: Light skin
    Nationality: Dominican & Native American
    Residence State: New York

    Acting is definitely my thing. Is something I’ve always been good at. In junior high school I would get a high grade in acting. It always been my dream to be on a show acting. I could totally do it to. I mean I have the looks, and the height.

  3. Suleyma Pacheco

    Hello Nick
    My name is Suleyma Pacheco
    Age range: 13-17
    DOB: 05/19/1996
    Height: 5’0
    Weight: 116 lbs
    Hair color: Black
    Hair type: frizzy wavy but I always straighten my hair.
    Eye color:Dark Brown
    Race: Mexican American
    Skin color: Tan
    Special Skills: Acting, Dancing
    Language: English, Spanish & some what French
    Location: I live in New Jersey 1 hour away from NY
    Questions & Answers
    Q) What I Like to do my spare time?
    A) I hang out with my friends
    Sometimes we sing. I’m not good but I will like to take singing lessons.
    Q) What will I do after high school?
    A) I will like to get into my Acting and Dancing career.
    I would love to work with the cast. I think its a life change.
    Acting is what I love to do. I can express my outside character emotions
    Dancing is what I do, it express my inner emotions.
    I did some home acting excerises when I was 11 years old ..and i still do till this Day but didn’t have the courage to do in life. BUT
    I will start taking theatre arts in my high-school
    I’ve been dancing since I was 3.
    Thank you for reading :)

  4. Josef Gotsch

    I just recently turned 18 years old. I’m 6’2” and I’m an all around athlete. People say I’m quite the character, and the comedian of the group. I want to see what it’s like being a part of a television show to express the laughter and bring kids joy. Although I have no acting experience except for being part of school plays, I would appreciate the opportunity to start off somewhere. I’m a huge fan of big shows such as Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, Drake & Josh, and especially Blue Mountain State. Thank you ! If you’re worried about how I look please email me and I’ll send a photo of me, up to date.!

  5. Jasmine Lema

    Hellooo there Director or important persons reading this!!! :) well i’ve always wanted to act but couldnt do it because I was shy but as you can see I wrote WAS shy, now im really bubbly and silly and could be a weirdo at times haha but thats just me. I am 5.1 yeah pretty short, I am a curvy female NOT FaT, Curvy. I am a brunet , well my hair looks black but, when the sun is shining my hair looks so cool and light brown LOL I am Latina, no problem with that. It would be cool to have a latina actor there what you think?, haha u think about it. Well I am a pretty nice, sweet girl its my friends words I dont discribe my self I dont wanna sound concited thats just my opinion, well my friends say im funny I hope so I like to make people laugh. :) Well to finish this I am 15 born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I currently live in Staten Island, NY well call me for info or anything u guys wanna tell me if u need advice too 😉 well email me I shall be waiting! Send me updates to my emails please! :)

  6. Haley morales

    I really wanna be a actress I’ve had the dream for ever now. And I’m beautiful and skinny and have long brown hair and I’m 5 foot 2 and I’m 12 years old. I turn 13 on July forth 2013 and my father has tried and tried to get me in acting but they always want the money and were t not the richest people In the world so we never succeed. So can you please help me out and find me a acting job. I don’t care if I get paid or not. I just wanna have fun. Thank you

  7. Sophia

    My name is Sophie i am 14 and i live in CT i would to audition for any show in New York or Connecticut for Nick or disney channel, but I’ve been going to many agencies and most of them were rip offs so if you can please email me it would be great to tell me some more info about your company

  8. Justine Smith

    Hello, my name is Justine Smith. I’ve always dreamed to be an actress since I was sixyears old, and that dream is still alive. I went on google to find auditions in NY, and I then stumbled upon this!

    DOB:November 4,1998
    Age:13 years old
    Height:5 foot 2
    Weight: 110.2 lbs
    Experience: I was in a drama club in my middle

  9. cherekee blakey

    My energetic loving daughter is ready to take on the world n acting modeling and everything else her name is summer nare’e she 2 years old and shes what the world is missing

  10. frida

    hi, im frida. im 13. i have been looking for auditions for a long time. i see that you guys are coming up with some great shows. like cat & sam, wendell & yandell, the racheal crow show, marvin, marvin, and the one direction sitcom!!!!! i would love to be part of one of the shows. i have been acting since i was small in school plays. and in a ballet play for the nut cracker. so, please email me. thanks for your time.

  11. Emily Briggs

    Hey , I’m Emily I am 16 ! But people say I look like I’m 12 hahah I am out going love to act I play so many sports I get along with everybody ! All my life I watched nick and all the time I would say to myself I want to be on nick when I grow up and till this day it would be my dream !!! If I would describe myself in one word it would be energetic :) hehe

  12. Sarita Gallo

    I am extremely interested in getting my daughter Jayani Roberson an audition for your show. Jayani can sing, dance and loves the camera.

  13. frida

    hi im frida, im 13. i been acting since i was small. i wrote a movie. and i created a show called BLAH its about these 4 friends that have talent but they go to regular school. i have written 20 episodes for the show. i would love for my show to be on nick. it my dream for me to be famous. my life is S.A.D. i mean singing, acting, and dancing. and my mom died when i was small. i just want tonprove to her that i made it. this means everything to me. thanks for reading. bye.

  14. donna dame

    my name is donna dame i just wanted to say i dont have an acting resume because i never had actual acting experience but ive always fooled around with friends and i would love the opportunity. i wish i could just get one chance. thanks

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