Locations for Nickelodeon Auditions

California Casting Calls

Viacom’s Nickelodeon network operates with a variety of different programs for kids in mind. Today people can find Nickelodeon auditions in California for their kids to get into. In fact, kids who get into auditions could be capable of. California is known for being one of the country’s top spots in the entertainment industry. The state handles a number of auditions in many forms and Nickelodeon is often in the center of many auditions. The network offered auditions for many shows ranging from live action comedies to some dramatic shows and even some musical shows. There are even times when they look for kids to appear in animated shows.

Michigan Casting Calls

Many different movie and television studios offer auditions for people all around Michigan. Today people can find Nickelodeon auditions in Michigan for those who are interested in getting on the popular kids’ television network. The Viacom-owned network is always looking for new shoes to program and today it is looking into auditions for kids of all ages who are interested in getting on shows on the network and becoming big stars in today’s entertainment world.

New York Casting Calls

Nickelodeon is a kids’ television network that is owned by Viacom, a company that is based in New York. People in the state can easily get access to Nickelodeon auditions in New York. The network has some open casting calls at varying times of the year based on when the network is looking to hire new stars for their shows. It will help to consider some of the key points that come with getting auditions in the state.

Texas Casting Calls

Isn’t it just lovely to watch your favorite Nick stars on television talking, singing, dancing and acting on their shows? Indeed, Nickelodeon is probably the best channel for kids of all ages with all of the quality entertainment that their sitcoms and shows can offer. But rather than always being the audience, why not step up? Why not be the one to be watched on Nick? Get your next big chance and find auditions for Nickelodeon in Texas.

55 thoughts on “Locations for Nickelodeon Auditions

  1. AJ Lilly

    Hi im Aj Lilly and i love to be on the racheal crow show it seems to be interesting i been singing and actor since i was 1 im 12 now i been exprince for twelve year and counting.I was serverly bullied for 6 year physical and emotionally.i was beat by people that i thought they were friends. but i gonna be the best there is the best there was and best there ever will be.

  2. Angela

    Hi I am Angela,
    I love to sing and act. Acting is part of my life, I always do a school play and I also am in chorus. I did chorus for like about 4/5 years. My idol on Nick is Victoria Justices. I always sing her songs and I always dress like her and I love to act like her in Victorious. I do acting and singing because it’s fun and it’s like the half of my life. If i was on Nick I would be happy but I wouldn’t do it for the money or the fame. I would do it for the people and the show. If someone told me I can’t sing or I can’t act I won’t back down. I will never GIVE UP. I would train and learn harder. If I can’t get on Nick I will try harder to get on Nick.

    Gender: Female.
    DOB: 09/20/2000
    Age: 12
    Height: 5″0 or 5″1
    Weight: 99.0
    Hair: Light darkish brown. My hair length is about middle back.
    Eyes: Brown
    Race: Asian (S.Korea)

    I would LOVE to get on Nick. I has been a dream of mine. If I get on Nick I wouldn’t let anybody down. I would try harder. If I get on Nick I would be the happiest 12 year old girl alive. Thank you for reading this. If I wasted your time then I am very sorry.

    – Angela

  3. Mattie Stimble

    Hi I am Mattie and 15 years old. I sing, play the guitar, and i am learning the piano. I dance (ballet and contemporary) and act. I have taken acting classes before but am now teaching myself and am working on getting lessons again.
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5′ 8″
    Weight: 135 pounds
    Hair: Light Brown, Blondish-Brown and long (I can cut it if I need to)
    Eyes: Blue
    Race: White

    Acting is my dream! I don’t want to be an actress or a singer for the fame, I want to be an actress because it makes me happy! I am a hard worker and a fast learner and if you choose me it won’t be a mistake!

    Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon!


  4. Samantha

    hi my name is samantha im 12 but people say i look 16-18 lol but i have been wanting to be on tv for so long but dont really no how but i just wanna say keep on trying and if they dont pick you keep trying you will get it :]

  5. cindy courageux

    pleaze im not a begger but i really want to be a actress because im really good at acting. also i haven’t what show i want to be in.Love you guys. Thank you

  6. Raquel Maglalang

    Hello my name is Raquel.I live in southern california.I am 12 years old and I have a twin sister whose name is Rachel.I am aisian.I can breakdance and do hiphop. I am really good in school.So I would be really happy if you guys would accept this.Thank you

  7. Brookie Flame

    The stage name is Brookie Flame. My real name is Brooklyn Bressler 11 year old female looking for an audition. I guess I’m a good actress and i’m awesome at singing. I have shoulder length brown choclate hair and chocolate brown eyes. I’m 4 feet 11 inches. It would be pretty awesome if youread this and responded. Kay um peace out my little Flames!

  8. dontrell cage

    I want to be on Nickelodeon and become a acter what I always wanted to be and my name is dontrell age 12

  9. Nadell Washington

    Please pick me and.plus I have a perfrct acting coach I can show you if you please give me a chance. :)

  10. ocia dillon

    hey it’s me ocia i am 14 years old i live in trinidad my birthday is on november 18th i am turning 15 . people say i look like 16 or 17 lol yeah am i don;’t know what else to say …… please i wanna be an actress i love doin it sometimes i talk to mysefl lol i know its kinda mad but i love it! … please! i wanna be an actress mommyyyyyyy peace out :)

  11. Andres Rodriguez

    Hey I’m Andres Rodriguez , I’m a boy 14 year old looking to be in a show, my dream have always been to be a nick star, I’m a great singer and actor, in school I’m always that main character, I’m in highschool freshman, I’m white brown hair n brown eyes and I can also speak Spanish

    Thank you for your time

  12. jazzy

    I really want to be on Sam & Cat I have a sense of humor, I have short dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, i have a great personality and i am an African american and i just really wanna be on this show to show all the people that doubted me that i can succeed in life and success my dream of being an actress.

  13. sheridan

    Hi my name is sheridan I am 11 but people say I look 13 I love singing dancing and I love to act and on my free time hanging out with friends is my favorite one direction is my favorite group and I would love to be on their sitcom but I live so far away I wouldn’t care were the auditions were if I was older but I have no one to take me or atleast no one who wants to take me I would be so greaful if an audition went up in boston or new york I understand if It dosent because there are so many people who has talent out there that would like auditions near their home :-)

  14. Fatima

    Hello nickilodeon, I am am a big fan of all you shows. I would really want to be on one! Cat and sam sounds perfect but whatever show is fine. I just really want to audition for one! i also love to sing! I am a female with light brown hair and brown eyes. I am Hispanic and I am light skin. I about 4’11. I live in costa Mesa, California. I am almost 12 but I look like 14. My eye color is brown. I was born on November 10, 2000. Please take me under consideration! You do not know how badly I want to be on nickilodeon!

  15. Chelsea Snyder

    I am 10 ( I look 12 ) and I love acting so much and I want to get my sister to walk because she is in a wheelchair and I want to get doctors to make a device so that she can walk. I really want to be on Sam And Cat!!!!!!!

  16. Courtney Eastep

    Hi! I’m Courtney Eastep. I’m going to be 14 years old on September 12th 2012. I have blue eyes, blonde hair, and a passion for being on tv. I’m 5′ 5″ and have been in many school performances and talent shows. Many people have told me I won’t be able to make it. But to me, doing what people say you can’t is the greatest feeling ever. I’m really easy going and have a lot of fun acting. I live in Spokane Washington but will go where ever I need to. I really hope I have made an impression and hope to get an audition.

  17. Blake

    Please come to billings I love everything nick plzzzzzzzzzzz this could be my big break you wouldn’t understand how bad I want this please

  18. qadirah

    oh my gosh. i would REALLY appreciate if you guys held some auditions in DC like the rachel crow one (:

  19. Brittany Marie Stark

    Name: Brittany Stark
    Hair color: brunette
    Eye color: hazel
    Heigt: 5″8
    Date Of Birth: April 14,1996

    Hi Nickolodeon, my names Brittany i’m 16 years old and I love to act! Having the chance to be on this show would mean the world to me not only because I’m a fan of one direction and would love to get to know them and possibly become friends with them but because everyone tells me I can’t do it they tell me I can’t live out my dreams but I pray every night on it and I’m not going to give up i may not be the prettiest, the smartest, or the skinniest but this just feels right when I think about having an acting career I just get butterflies and I can’t help but to smile. Having an audition would just put me so much closer to my dream. I don’t have an agent nor any professional acting jobs but I have been in in a couple of plays I was once a cat hair in a play! If you gave me the chance to have an audition I promise you I will try my hardest to be there and I wil try my hardest to step out of my box all I need is a push and this chance would be that push. Thank you so much for your time.
    Brittany Stark

  20. Sydney Dorawa

    I’m a singer and would love to work alongside One Direction! Casting in Atlanta, Georgia?

  21. crystal velasquez

    Please come to Dallas,TX i would love it please email me soon i would love to audition for the one direction and rachel crow thank you

  22. crystal velasquez

    Please come to Dallas,TX i would love to audition for the rachel crow and one direction sitcom. please email me if yall are coming to dallas i would love it .

  23. Chloe Reeves

    P.s. I just one a talent contract with The Model Shop and I really hope i can put to good use showing you that i can sing dance and act. I’ve been in Grease and The Somewhat True Tales of Robin Hood and i think i really have potential otherwise i wouldnt have recieved the contract out of 50 people my age which is 12. I’ve been whatching Disney channel and nickelodeon since The Amanda Show and Phil of the Future. As in the words of Ariana Grande playing Cat Valentine, “All I need is just one chance!” In Orlando, FL. Thank you for your time!

  24. Chloe Reeves

    I am in venice, Fl but would love to have auditions in orlando, FL.

    PLZ! PLZ! PLZ! I really wanna be on Figure It Out!!! :)

  25. ladidi

    hi my name is ladidi acting is what i do, i have actedmost roles in my churrch which i am knowned for, am a very funny and smart fast learning person with humility. i am 14 years oold, tall dark skinned from nigeria if you pick me i will be very grateful and will beprepared to face the task. nothing is impossible when you need it.loovvve you guys

  26. Allie Robinson

    To be on Nickeloden would be an honor. Its the only place I want to be right now. I want to creat something new and really show off my acting. I’ve been acting and singing for almost 5 years. I’ve been in most of my schools plays. I love to put on a show and make people smile and just have fun. Acting is what keeps me sane most of the time. I want to great a new image for kids and really try my best. I’m 16 years old and i have brown hair. My birthday is in october. I never back down without a fight first and when I make mistakes I like to find a awy to correct them. I hope you fond intrest and email me. Thank you for your time and I hope i get the chance to work with you guys.

  27. nisa.99

    hi my name is nisa and ive been trying forever to get on nick or disney channel and im so talented and unique so i would really hope for you to consider to come to atlanta ga.

  28. Sabrina Perez

    Hey! My name is sabrina perez. I live in asheboro nc. I really love acting. Its something that i really like! You just learn something new out of everything you do in acting! Im 13 years old, i get confused by being 10 years old when im wearing my natural hair, but when i straighten it i get confused with being 16 or 19. thanks(:

  29. Lauren

    Hi my name is Lauren.

    I want to be on figure out so bad!!!
    I am 8 years old I love to dance and sing!
    I’m also really good at acting.

  30. Claudia

    Please come to Florida! There a lot of people here who can dance sing and act! I would love to try out for One Direction and Rachel Crow!!!

  31. Chadra

    Hello! I’m Chadra. I am a typical fourteen year old teenage girl living in Oklahoma. I would absolutely love for the Nickelodeon network to hold auditions in the state of Oklahoma. I feel I could be able to succeed at these auditions because I have had training & neccessary experience acting. Although, of course my skills could always use more polishing. I do have yet to make my big debut on tv but I am confident that I could be successful in this buisness. I am currently in the process of trying to find the perfect agent to represent me which can be a challenge considering where I live. Thank you for your time as I know it is valuable. I look forward to seeing you guys hold auditions in a city near me soon!

  32. Ana

    Please come to Atlanta Georgia I never auditioned before so of you come I want to prove to someone that I can act or sing.

  33. kimaya

    its my dream to sing and i want to express no matter what if i dont get that audition i gonna keep going whatever it takes from kimmy.

  34. Stephanie (Parent)

    My 5yr. old is a wonderful candidate, I would love for Nickelodeon to give him an opportunity to show them that he is a GREAT fit…
    Thank you

  35. Vasco Sanders

    Hello Nickelodeon I know this is alot to ask but can you guys please please please come to Atlanta Ga. I would so appreciate it i know its alot for me to ask but please thank you for listen i really appreciate.

  36. Naima Osman

    Hi! My name is Naima Osman. I love acting, which is what i’ve been doing for the past 3yrs. From plays and scouting agencies to proferming in front of agents. I just love the thrill of acting and being on stage. Im an outgoing person. I do as im told. I try very hard to achieve whats been set and I love auditioning for new stuff all the time. Recently i’ve been in two scouting agencies and i;ve been asked to be signed with an agency. I hope that you’ll consider me. Thank you!!

    Name- Naima Osman
    Age rage- 13-16
    Height- 5’3
    Weight- 125
    DOB- 08/06/98
    Hair color- black
    eye color- brown/black

  37. Funmi

    Nickelodeon, pls i beg u give me a chance to act. I know i can cos people say i’m good. Acting is what i luv doing pls i beg u just try me and if u think i’m nt good then send me away. I’m from Africa, i’m a nigerian and i’m 19. I also want to be a model. Thanks for understanding

  38. Andrea R.

    I am 9yrs old born on May 2,2003 , I love to sing a lot.. I can not go a day without singing anything. I am very artistic I love to draw,paint and make lots of oragami! I like to dance and be a very active kid! When my parents hear me singing they shout out ANDREA! and I know that they are tired of hearing me singing and then I began to start humming a song and again I hear my parents call out my name lol! I would love to be chosen to show you my talents.

  39. Miya Park

    My parents are supporting me and I am always up for a good challenge. I love being on a stage in front of a camera. This is all that I want and this is all that I’ve ever wanted to do.

  40. McKayla Zeigler

    McKayla Zeigler
    Age: 14
    Height: 5’5
    DOB: 12/17/97
    Race: African American
    State of residence: Georgia
    Performing Experience:Played peter pan in peter pan, has sang solos in front of crowds, did an acting showcase, had acting teaches with Actress Brianne Gould and casting director Alpha Tyler
    Bio: Hello! My name is McKayla Zeigler, I love to perform! I’ve known since i was very young that I wanted to act and sing. My skills can always use polishing but I’m eager to learn more. I also write songs, poems and monologues. Anything I’m told to do I can try my very hardest to learn it and do so! I’m outgoing and love meeting new people. I’m also a huge fan of nickelodeon! I hope to have sparked an interest! Thank you!

  41. danial hill

    i really want to be on nickelodeon its been my dream. I’ve never been to acting school but i think i got what it takes.I’m a boy. I’m 11 years old. Height, about 4’5, hair color brownish blackish. I think i can sing really well and i think m acting is ok. I want to act for nickelodeon. I want to act on pair of kings, victorious, and icarly.

  42. Ryland Tucker

    Name,Ryland Tucker
    birthdate,january 7 2002
    hair color,brown
    professional singer,8years
    professional dancer,8years
    other shows,wizards of waverly place,pair of king both sesson1
    why i want to be on show,becuse my dad says ill never getin but i now i can

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