The Thundermans

The Thundermans

The Thundermans

Television and films have officially gone superhero and Nickelodeon is throwing their hat into the ring with their all new superhero comedy series The Thundermans.

The Thundermans will follow the titular American family as they live their everyday lives – except The Thundermans are not your typical family, they are all superheroes! The Thundermans 13 year old daughter Phoebe has just one wish in life, to be normal. Unfortunately for Phoebe she is a superhero and she has superhero powers to come to terms with – all 12 of them. This series will be yet another family comedy jewel in the crown of Nickelodeon and a production that millions of loyal fans will tune into every week. Will Phoebe learn to live with her amazing talents and accept her true self? Will she be able to make “normal” friends? With so many exciting questions to be answered, this show will surely be the next comedy classic for Nick and keep viewers anticipating each new episode for years to come.

From the producer of Big Time Rush and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius comes a superhero comedy for all ages, The Thundermans.

The Thundermans Cast:

Diego Velazquez – Billy Thunderman

Kira Kosarin – Phoebe Thunderman

Jack Griffo – Max Thunderman

Chris Tallman – Hank Thunderman

Addison Riecke – Nora Thunderman

Rosa Blasi – Barb Thunderman

Dana Snyder – Dr. Colosso


Series Directed by:

Robbie Countryman

Series Written by:

Jed Spingarn





Check out the official Nickelodeon The Thundermans page here:

117 thoughts on “The Thundermans

  1. Immanuel Wilson

    I’m Immanuel Wilson, a person who has a dream to be an actor as a kid, and then, when I grow up, a cartoonist. I’ve always loved acting, even when I was really small. I’m twelve right now, born in October and would love a part on Nickelodeon! I get all A’s in school, and having to become home schooled would be no problem. I know in acting memory is key, and I think I have that part down. I’ve been in plays in at school musicals and memorize scripts all the time! Most of my friends call me Manny but I like being called my real name too, please take the time to look over my application, and thanks!

    Age: 12

    Name: Immanuel Wilson

    Nickname: Manny

    Weight: 85 lbs

    Height: 5’0

    Race: African American

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Dark brown

    Born: Florida

    Where I live now: Florida

  2. Jahquest wright

    me and my brother always wanted to be on nick since the 90’s. he’s 19 now but he got his acting thing going he auditioned for the last harry potter film and the hangover II movie and I’m 16 and i’ve always known that i had acting talent but never did anything about it and if he can do it i can do it and anyone elsa so i think that now is my chance to fulfill my dream.

  3. Elizabeth Loo

    It has been my dream to perform since i was one. I am now 11 years old but everyone tells me that i look like i’m 13/14. I am about 1.63m. I have been nicknamed ‘drama queen’ since i first stepped on stage at one of my acting schools. Since then, I have always always wanted to be an actor. Typing this, I can already imagine the cheer of the fans.( which is actually my grandmother’s vacume machine). I have fair skin and have an excellent memory. I can also cry just by thinking sad stuff.(believe me, i have a lot of sad stuff in my life). You must be laughing at my surname right now but its ok, im definitely used to it., I used to get bullied a lot in tution because of my surname so i want to prove those boys that i can get into a production. My idols have been Emma Watson and Shakespear since I was born! I LOVE LOVE LOVE acting SOOOOO much i Know i belong on the stage. If you let me, I will fight for the part of the main lead! Thank you.

    Im 11 in 2012.
    Im Chinese( not the favourite of producers but i have a British accent)
    I have fair skin and hazel brown eyes.
    I have long hair which can be cut if needed.


  4. cyntoria

    Hello my name is Cyntoria, i am freshman college student/ aspiring actress and i would love the chance to be on nick. Im a hard worker who knows how to have fun but also be serious when it comes to something im passionate about. Im flamboyant and full of energy and can hang with the best actors you put in front of me. I should be apart of this production because this is a opportunity for me to show the world what i have to offer and be able to stand up with other known teen actors and show that anyone can do what ever they put their heart.

  5. Nicole Brown

    I am really interested in playing a part in this show. Please email me for a copy of my resume and head shots. Thank You.

  6. Marckendy Henrismon

    The reason i want to be in this show is because i have a chance to act and interact with other kids my age plus since i was 5 i wanted to do this i always watch nick i be watching icarly Avartar and much more My Age:11 Height:4feet 97 inches

  7. Cordarius Whitaker

    I Have already emailed and i am a 10 year old african american boy and i was wondering if there was a role for a boy like to to act as. Please let me know A.S.A.P Or email me.

  8. Natalie Basilio

    Hey I’m Natalie Basilio,
    I sing, dance, act and play my ukulele.
    Brown/Black Hair
    Brown Eyes
    Chubby (give the chubby kids a chance)

    I’m from Perth, Western Australia and I’m a hard worker and I’m great with people. If you need a funny and new character for the show send me an email. Oh and I’m 16. In Perth you can’t really make it big so I’m hoping this is my chance.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. JaQuan Carr

    My name is JaQuan Carr a hardworking dedicated person with a great personality and good memory. I wont just act out anything like it is. I will give it all I have and become that character. Just looking for a chance. There will be thousands who will say what they will or wont do but only one will show you and its This GUY!!!(Two thumbs at me )

  10. Jhadiah green

    My name is jhadiah green
    I am 5’6
    14 years of age
    I play basketball,very funny,very talented
    I just need a chance to prove it

  11. Morgan

    I am 11 years old and I love to act me and my friends always make short movies and videos and watch them on my camcorder. I love to laugh and act around the camera and be silly. I really hope I could get this part. It would be a good start to an acting career.

  12. Gary Davis

    My son is and all around actor he can do anything he is funny, and wins the heart of everyone if you give him a try I’m sure you regret it!!

  13. Tyler Henderson

    I’ve been wanted to act for many years, I’m 16 now and, have not been getting opportunities to act or be on anything. Acting to me let’s me enjoy life and just be free. I can call myself a comedian, but I would like for you to choose. This will be a great experience not only for me, but for my family. If I can act and be on National Television that would be great. In all, acting is what I do so being on TV would just be a plus. I’ve been through a lot of struggles in my life. I try not to think about it because life is not suppose to be lived in sorrow.Big Time Rush and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius are great TV shows. I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me I just want to have an opportunity to not only be a role model and an actor, but to finally live my dream and be me. I fight hard for what I do. I do not give up at anything in life. If I have to study all the time for this show or do whatever anyone tells me to do i’ll do it. As long as I can live me dream. Thank you for reading this. I just hope I can be a future Thunderman!

  14. Bianca Amani

    name- Bianca A. H. Anderson
    birth date- August 24, 1998
    age- 14
    age range- 14-17
    height- 5 foot 4 inches/ 164 cm
    weight- 135 lbs/ 61.3 kilos
    eyes- brown
    hair- dark brown
    hair type- straight and wavy
    body type- average
    Wizard of Oz Munchkin and Flying Monkey Play 2002
    A. Z. Kelley Elementary School Acting Class 2005
    Improve Class with Holly Amber 2005-2008
    Our Miss Brooks Elise Play 2012
    Boys in the Band light and sound board operator Play 2012
    Last Days of Judas Iscariot light and sound board operator & Technical director Play 2012
    Book of Liz Elizabeth Play 2012-2013

    I would love it so very much to be considered for a role on this television show. I am a fourteen year old girl from Tennessee who has been acting since I was four years old. I always give everything I do my full commitment. I am easy to get along with and can work with literally anyone I must. Thank you for reading and even considering me for a part.

  15. Erika Williams

    Name: Erika Williams
    Gender: Female
    Age:18 years old
    Ethnicity: Black Afican -American
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Dark brown
    The reason I am interested in the role for this show is because I have always wanted to be a actress ever since I was a little girl it have always been my dream. Now that you all are casting I know I would be great in one of the roles you would have to offer. I know I am 18 years of age but I still watch Nick :) It’s really funny and I have always wanted to appear on that show doing something silly or maybe play a serious role it doesn’t matter as long as I am there showing my talent all is well :)

  16. Veronica kearney

    Hi my name is veronica . I am fifteen years old. I would love to come out in this. Acting is one of my dreams besides singing and modeling. I am 5’1. I have brown hair. I hope to audition for this:)

  17. Shannon Harrison

    Helloo Everyone,
    My names Shannon M. Harrison. I’m 13 years old girl. My birthday is March 24, 1999. I weigh 85 pounds, and my height is 5’3. I have brown hair. I am multi-talented. I can do it all singing,acting,comedy & dancing. A picture of me can be easily given upon request! I love taking pictures. The reason I would be great for the Nickelodeon team is because I love Nickelodeon. I grew up watching Nickelodeon and always dreamed about being on Nickelodeon. I’m always ready to wow the crowd! Hopefully I can get a audition and show you guys what I got!
    -Love, Shannon

  18. Mollie Gregory

    Hey Im Mollie Gregory Im a 15 year old girl from England who can do an American accent. Although i haven’t had any experience except from the odd dance show or school play i am a fast learner and hard worker. Another problem i live in the UK but willing to move. Someone of our greatest actors haven’t had ay experience and are amazing and you never know until you try.

    About myself well i mix with people quickly and I’m really bubbly and hardly ever sad or have a frown on my face. I love to sing also and spend time with the people i love especially my best friend Bonnie.

    My appearance is I’m 5’6 in height and a little chunky but losing weight as we speak also i have medium length brown hair and blue eyes.

    I hope you consider my application even though i am far away from LA but i really would be gratefully.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Mollie :) xx

  19. Sharon Luabeya

    Hey, my name is Sharon, but its pernounced like shur-ON its french, anyway, i want to act on this show or any show, i love acting and its been my dream since i was l little boy. i remember waking up early in the morning and action to the tv screan on whtever i was watching and action in the afternoons to movies or just tv shows. I love actiong and my and mt friends used to act freestyle over the summer. i would love to act,on this show or movie. or any. I would like to play any role, as long as its a boy ages 8-14. even though im 12, people say i look like a little kid, but cant blame ’em. Anyway, plz read this.

  20. Hannah Mann

    Gender: female
    Height: 60.5 inches
    Weight: 93lbs
    Race: white
    Hair: dirty blonde with natural gold highlights and long
    I would love to play a character in “The Thundermans” so much. This seems like it’s going to be a great show and acting in it would be a dream come true. I know everyone says that but really I can’t explain how amazing it would be. I love Nickelodeon a lot. I also went to the acting event “The Event” in Florida this summer! Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  21. Sierra W

    Hello! I am fourteen years old and I have a huge passion for acting. I have a bit of experience being in many plays and an extra in The Children Of the Corn 2009 remake. I love acting and I would love to audition for a part in this show. Thanks so much.

  22. Dahianna Rodriguez

    Hai there! c:
    Name: Dahianna Rodriguez
    State: Maryland
    Race: Hispanic
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’4 or 5’5
    Weight: 108 pounds
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eye color: dark brown
    Skills: plays violin, Viola, Flute & learning ukulele
    Interests: Photography, Skateboarding, singing, Dancing for giving me this great opportunity c:

  23. Amari Gillett

    haircolor-natural is medium brown but now its dyed red (willing to change it)
    eyecolor-changes colors in the lighting
    race-german irish ethiopian
    I would love a role in ‘The Thundermans’ so bad. I have wanted to be on Nickelodeon for years and years and i’m getting older now and i didn’t want to miss my opportunity. I have trained hard through my childhood to act I want to be an actor more than anything and it makes it even more special thinking that it would be on Nickelodeon, something that I’ve dreamed of most of my life. I’m confident, quirky and full of life. I always have a smile on my face and i am fully prepared to act to the best of my ability each time. Thank you so much for even giving me the slightest chance to make my dreams come true.


    hello my name is nejay darvehn i am a 13 year old africa american and i whould like to audition for the Thundermans’

  25. Hannah

    I love acting and I’m in two plays at the moment and I guess acting is just my passion. Alot of people get into acting for the money but I just want to act I want to be respected for being an actor. I’m funny, outgoing, active, social and recomendations to my performance. other talents: singing, dancing, longboarding, giving advice, playing drums, writing songs, good with animals and will learn anything needed to fulfill this part. I’m very dedicated and won’t quit. I hope you strongly consider me for this part even though I know there is many other amazing actors auditioning, I think I’m a perfect fit and have been acting long enough to have a strong talent.

  26. Luke Sullivan

    I’ve wanted to be an actor on Nickeldeon for a long time! I hope I get my chance. I would do anything for a role in ‘The Thundermans’. It seems like a really cool show. I can play any part, from being a shy character to being a crazy, wild, and silly character. I’m 14 years old from Minnesota. I hope to hear back sometime. :)

  27. saif

    hi my name is saif alwahsh i am from California i am a sport player i acted on lots of shows before i speak English french Spanish

  28. kristin

    hey my name is kristin and apart of my goal in life is to act,i sing and write aswell. i mean i don’t care if i make it big time, i just wanna act in itself becuase it is somthing i truly enjoy. i am 16 years old and i work as a shampoo assistant. i am homeschooled and doing 11th and 12th grade in one this year, so i have a pretty flexible schedule. i have grown up acting in church dramas and skits. so i do have some expierence and i can memorize things aswell. i’m 5’4,brown hair with blonde highlights, 108 pounds, white/cuacasion, brown eyes, medium to long hair. i believe in doing my very best and will work hard to complete any task given. if you pick me i will work hard on becoming my role and getting the job done. thank you for taking your time to read this and have a nice day! :)

  29. Carrington Branch

    Hi I’m Carrington I’m 13 and 4’11 my eyes change, brown to hazel, to a lighter hazel, and I love to pay this role. I grew up on Nick, I’ve always dreamed being on Nick Since I was 8. I even did research on Schneider’s Bakery and this is just an amazing opportunity. I can also sing, and dance.

  30. Ethan Paisley

    Hello! My name is Ethan Paisley, and I would be so honored to be a part of this wonderful show.
    I am a 13 year old male
    I have Blue-ish Green-ish eyes (Mainly Blue)
    I am 5″2
    I basically live, eat, and breathe acting and singing! I love performing, film making, writing, and so much more! I do theater whenever I get the opportunity. I live in the Bay Area and that is where most of my performing takes place. But, to be a part of a show like this it would just feel like a dream come true. I hope you consider me to do anything even if I’m an extra! It would just all be amazing. I’m pretty sure you have my e-mail and it would be wonderful if you could contact me on that. If you’ve read this comment, thank you so very much. It means a lot! I hope to hear from you soon!
    Sincerely, Ethan :)

  31. angie

    i would love a role in “The thundermans”. I have had a passion for action every since i was little. I would remember sitting down with my best friend and me and her would also do the nickelodeon commerical and disney one also. The reason I think i should be on Nickelodeon is not to be mainly famous( i mean it would be awesome to be famous) but to help others and show them that to be famous is not getting know for how much money you have and how big your house is, being famous shows your true talent for acting or any career you pursue in the entertainment industries. I would like to be on “The Thundermans” to send out a message to the surviors and battlers of breast cancer because i around me that many are battling or dying from breast cancer. I want to be able to show them keep fighting. Fight every battle as if it were your last.

  32. Joseph Novicki

    I’m 9 yrs old, super cute, and can brighten any room. There would not be any disappointment in choosing me.

  33. Keyshaa Hall

    I am intrested, I have been into acting for a long time on a nickelodeon show and it would be amazing if i had the opportunity. I am 13 and I love to act. I did have lesson about year ago for a while and since then i have been looking for casting calls for nickelodeon. I do live in the UK but I would be willing to travel.
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5″3 or 5″4
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair: Brown
    Eye colour: Brown

  34. Rashard Jones

    I’m very interested in this audition, I’m a model and actor contracted through “The Model Shop.” Nickelodeon has always been a network I’ve love to watch and it would be amazing just to get an audition.
    Age : 18
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 155 (Muscular slim)
    Nationality: Bahamian
    Eyes: brown
    Hair : black, shoulder length
    For Resume and photos please email me.

  35. Logan Lane

    Hi to the wonderful team! I’m Logan Lane. I’m 15 years old. I have been in many main stage productions such as My son Pinocchio as a delinquent, Sweeney Todd as Sweeney, etc. I have skill in film, being in a movie called Manchester High by H.U.G.M.E. inc. as Tucker Tuck Mcormick, Who is a funny cheerleader trying to get all the ladies! I would love to audition for this show! E-mail me of your decision!

    Thanks! 😀

  36. darious

    i will do my best to act i have been allways wanted to act it is my dream they say that dreams do come true i tryin to follow mines the is beind a actor i a friendly nice person im always givin to charities

  37. Sam Troyer

    Hey I’m Sam I’m 14 years old
    I live in Tennessee
    Black curly hair
    Brown eyes
    I’m white black and Native American

  38. Michael Relyea

    Hi my name is michael and i live in florida. I love the idea of this show and would kindly ask to be part of it because i have always enjoyed acting. I have been in many plays, one about being a superhero who is quite uncomfortable with his life because he is different in 5th grade i am now in 7th grade and on june 25 2013 i will be 13 years old… Thank you

  39. DeAnna

    My name is Deanna and I would really like the part of Phobe because I can really relate to her I am almost 13 I will be in March and I left an act and I would really love this part because I want it so bad. I have always wanted to be an actor on TV who is the actor that everybody loves to watch on TV it has always been a dream of mine and if I got his part it would be the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. And it really would really help my family because we need the money and I have wanted to be on tv. thank you so much

  40. Elijah Parocha

    My name is Elijah Parocha. Why do I want to be in The Thundermans? Because acting was always my passion for me. I have always been interested in acting and for once I feel confident enough to be in a television show. Please make my dream come true by considering me in auditions, castings, or even allowing me to play a part in The Thundermans.

    Warm Regards, Elijah Parocha.

  41. Jonathan Tasse-Paquette

    HI my name is jonathan
    Height 6,0
    From : Canada, ottawa
    i would love to tryout this audition knowing that it is a very hard to get in, But i think That this role would suit me best and it is a chance to show people what i am capably. I love acting it my dream to become a actore im very funny cool too work whit. I will like to people says hey that jonathan not like who that guy im very fun to work whit love you guys nick you are awsome thank fore your time and please help me this is maybe my door open for my dream comme tru bye 😛

  42. Aleceia Smith


    BD: 01-23-1991 (age 21)
    HEIGHT: 5’5
    WEIGHT: 125 lbs
    EYES: brown
    HAIR: brown

    Hello, I know that getting an opptortunity like this requires experience, I’m sure the casting crew for this show is looking for someone who has starred in broadway or something spectacular like that. I’m sure you’re looking for someone talented someone who dances and who writes their own songs with a pleasant voice and probably years of practice. Or even someone who has been to the most credential acting academies with references and valuable recomendations. I do not acquire all of these qualities but I can provide some. I have no acting experience except a year in drama as a freshman but I am very ambitious and willing to learn I a also willing to face whatever challenge is put in front of me and execute it. I know the values of this opportunity as well or even better than any other. I did not go to any dance academies or I have not had any voice instructors but I will dance and I have perfect rhythym..I can also carry a tune. I do not have any references, recomendations, or even a lot of money but I am willing to do whatever it takes to get this audition and if put to the test I know if given this opportunity I will succeed at anything I do with enough faith. I did go off of faith to actually write this because I know its a long shot but I did it because I never know if I don’t try. I thank you for reading this and considering. Good luck with the show I know it will suceed because Nick shows are always awesome! :) I love the classics especially seeing as how I am an early 90’s baby.

  43. Yasmin Miranda

    Hello my name is Yasmin Miranda I’m from California and well there’s not much to say but I’ve always wanted to do acting and I’ve done some of it though never to a lot of people. If I got a chance to act in Nick it would just make my life and change it! I know there’s so so many people trying to be actors and not everyone will make it but I really need to. I’ve studied acting and well honestly I would consider my self bad or even close, I actually feel like I’m good at it. I live with just my mother and father, we mostly live paycheck by paycheck and I’ve always felt like I really want to give back to my parents for everything they’ve done for me. Sometimes though I feel like my dream is impossible to reach, but I’ve got nothing to loose so I’m always willing to give it a try for everything I do. I would go on but I don’t want to annoy to much so I’m just here really begging you to consider me for any of the roles I need to prove myself and I really want to fufill my dream and if you guys can make that happen I just, I really don’t know but I’d love you forever and always give my 10000% to you. Please consider me.

  44. edward shaw jr

    hey nickelodeon my name is edward but people call me ed, I am 20 years old but I look 17 lol anyways I have a PASSION for bringing love and laughter to the audience or people in particular. I grew up watching nickelodeon its help me through a lot of tough times in my life. an it would be great to work for you guys. I would do it for the love not the fame.

  45. Gabriela Silva

    Hi, my name is Gabriela Silva and I would totally become a Super-Gabriela Hero for this role. I’m 13 year old female and just like any other superhero they believe in saving the day and making everything peaceful, well as an actress I like to believe and fulfill this opportunity. Any audition I come across I don’t see it as a cup half empty or half full, it’s an opportunity to drink it and see what happens. I’m 100% sure this show will be a hit! If I get a small role or a lead role, I’ll be a trooper; On time, lines memorized, and ready to go!

  46. jaya boyse

    name:jaya boyse
    age:12(TURNING 13 IN AUGEST)
    skin:african american

    I think it would be cool to be a superhero.I would love to play a role as s superhero cause there heroic and have amazing powers i.It seems intresting to play a super hero cause you can do stuff normal kids cant.If i played a super hero i inmagine the would show how they abuse there power.They proble pull pranks on people.As for Phobe all she wants to do is have normal freinds.She would tell here family to act normal and do her best to hide her powers.Phobe freinds would be the induvioal group.Of coues every school has a popular crowd with a group of snutty girls who want like Phobe.Theese how i think the roles would go if i got picked for any of theme i love acting and that is how i think of the roles.I wopul;d play any of thoese.I a’m confident that all the roles are i\exciting i mean who wouldnt want to be a a superhero.Flying, super strenght ,and super fast.Iwanted to be actor for along time.My strenght are i’m funny And i take roles suriously.For example if i was the snotty girl at her school i would look at her like i was better than her and make fun of her nastly.All snotty girls act as if they don’t care,dress fashionble,and look like the preetiest girl in the school.Thats why there poplular.Phobe will try to act simple to be normal.She also might act a little wacky since this is a comedy.She will try hard to bet the poplular kids.Her freinds will put here in wacky scheme and are proble a little wierd.Her family will not try hard to hide there powers.I really would like to be a part of this creative comedy and i vusaulize my work.I will take the role surious put will act it funny

  47. Willow Hembree

    Hi,my name is Willow.I would love to play any role in ‘The Thundermans’ I’m a great artist (for a 9 year old) and i’m very talented,I’ve wanted to be in a play for a very long time.I am very funny and I am very good at remembering things. I’ve won 3rd and 1st place in both of my schools poem contests,you have to remember a certain poem in the contest.I’m a little weird sometimes. Ok i’ll be truthful,I’m REALLY weird. I have REALLY long dark brown hair,brown eyes and I’m about 4 feet 2 quarters tall (last time i checked anyway) and I get bullied sometimes at my school,But I try to stay and a nice mood ^^. Thank You For Taking This Time To Read This.

  48. Charity Peaster

    Hello my name’s Charity I’m 14 years old and I’d love to play in this show it sounds really interesting! I don’t have any acting experience but I pick up things really quickly :)
    Gender- female
    Age- 14
    Height- 5’5
    Hair- red
    Eyes- blue
    Race- white

  49. Ciarra Griggs

    I would love to be in the “Hit TV Show” The Thundermans. I am great at acting and I am 13. I like to sing and dance and I would like to become a lawyer, actress, singer, or dancer in my carrer years. My carrer years start now.

  50. Anthony

    Hi my name is Anthony and I’m 12 years. I been dreaming to be on tv show since I was 7 and I take drama class and I have A+ all the time. I think I’m a good actor because me and brother write plays all the time. I think this will give me a really good chance to show u my acting skills

  51. Hailey M.

    Hi my name is Hailey M. I have always wanted to be an actor but never really got into doing it. I take hip hop 1 time a week and I am a honor roll student. I am dedicated to what i do and am open to new things. I am 13 years old the same age as Phoebe and i memorize things easily. I think I would be a good Phoebe because i can relate to what she means when she says she wants to be normal. I am white skinned, have brown hair with blonde highlights, and brown eyes. I am 5’3 and very nice and caring. Thank you for your time.

  52. jamel cook

    my name is jamel im 16 and im african american im funny as heck and i love to act plus if u need to ask ppl call my mom lol and if i get this job i will tell u right now im not dat good wid reading scripts pllz give it to me im funny here is my hit up

  53. sabrina

    Hi, i really like acting. I can make a casting if you need to know how i act i’ve never been acting on a movie or something like that but i know that i can really do it and make a tv show please answer me i know that is going to be a big opportunity, i can do commedy, dramma, action, fantasy, mitology just answer me o send me an email if you care about this

  54. Matthew Fellows

    Hi I’m Matthew and I want this role more than anything this is the only thing I see myself doing! It’s the only thing I love doing is action. I’m great around people. And I love to make people laugh. I dont like to be disliked by people so I try to get along with everyone. I want this role so bad I will play anything but I want a main role you wi see me grow if you need me to do anything just ask? I always love watching nickelodeon! This would be a dream come true!! I won’t let you down.
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6 foot
    Weight: 147 pounds
    Hair: black hair with flip in from short all over
    Eyes: Brown
    Race: White

  55. Hailey

    Hello, my name is Hailey. I am 13 years old, 5’3, I have brown eyes, and I have brown hair. I always wanted to act but never really got into it. I take dance 1 night a week and am a really good singer( I personally think but other people could disagree). I have watched and loved Nick my whole life and it would be my dream to work with Nickelodeon and the people who work there. I love speaking in front of people and am not afraid of meeting new people. I would really appreciate it if you take me into consideration. Thank you very much.

  56. alexis

    Im 15yo and moved to LA to act. Im 5’5 brown hair and hazel eyes. Everyone says i should model but i love acting. Alot of people say i look like Kyle kardassian. I take acting and have a resume. I have worked on Nick principal before with ariana grande and jennette mccurdy and had so much fun. So im one step ahead.



  58. Patrick Brown

    Hey my name is Patrick brown my birthday is April 1, 1996.
    Height: 5’11
    Race: African American
    Color eyes: dark brown
    Live: lake worth/ forth worth Texas
    Age: 16

    Hey my name is Patrick I always had a dream to be on t.v and this is my only chance, I love to act and be silly , in my pass career I have been in plays, videos, and theater, I’m good at memorizing my lines, and acting them out.

    But when I’m not involved in videos or theater I usually play football and basketball, as a counter activity.

    Please get back to me when you can, and I promise you will not regret it.

  59. Ellie Pryor

    My name is Ellie, and I am 10 but could easily pass off as a 7 year old. To give you an idea, I was once in a play where all the other actors where three years younger than me.

  60. Frankie Magro

    Hey I’m 17 years old and have no acting experience but I’m pretty funny and I’ve done things that have made people think I should be an actor. I’m a nerdy kid so I think I’m a good consideration for this show. Like playing a superhero is probably the greatest thing ever!!!!

  61. amari gillett

    hi my name is Amari Gillett
    gender-female age-12 height-5’5 eyecolor-hazel
    haircolor-dyed red but am willing to change it race-german,irish and ethiopian. talents-acting and singing i am really silly but can be serious please consider me

  62. stephanie

    hi im Stephanie Diaz im 13yrs old and looking for an acting career. Im 5’3, female, have dark brown eyes, i play piano and guitar, i can dance and sing, i weigh 115lbs, i have curly medium dark brown hair . I’ve loved acting since i was 7 and i think that i would be a good role model for other kids and people. Im educated and i can memorize scripts easily. Please contact me asap.

  63. Catherine Distel

    Hi, my name is Catherine. I am 12 years old and I would love to be in ‘The Thundermans’. I love acting and I am currently enrolling in acting classes. I have always wanted to be in a TV show. It’s been my dream for ages. just to know that I was at least able to audition would put a smile on my face.

  64. Jenni Burke

    hi! i am interested in doing any shows and any part! i am 13 years old and i can pass for as young as 11. i am 5ft tall and i weigh 85lbs. i hav experience from being in plays and i can sing if needed. i please hope you consider me! thank you

  65. Kenyatth "Ken ya da" Milhouse

    I would love and welcome a role in the Thundermans as a villian. I am a super hero fool, and I love acting and playing roles as the bad guy.

  66. Dave Clark

    As an established professional actor with stand up comedy/improv experience, I would like to work on The Thundermans and Marvin Marvin. I enjoy the Nickelodeon Shows. I will contact Central Casting where I am registered.

  67. Jamie Chapman

    Hello my name is Jamie and I think I would be great for a role in The Thunderman family because acting is my biggest passion and I have always wanted to act in the TV industry.

    Although I am English I think this would bring a great characteristic for someone in The Thunderman family and this would bring something unique to the show.

    Thanks for taking your time to read this.

  68. alicia denise aldana

    Hello, my name is Alicia Aldana I am 16 years old. I live in California and acting is my dream. I’ve been wanting to be on tv for a long time because I truly love acting and I like making people laugh. I have not seen one show on Nick that isn’t funny so I’m looking forward to this one. Some information about myself, I am 4”11 and weigh about 115 pounds. I am very outgoing and definitely not shy and I love sports. My ethnicity is Native American and Spaniard. I have brown hair with big brown eyes. I would love to be a part of this show, thank you.

  69. marlo garcia

    My name is marlo garcia and I am in japanese martial arts. I have been training four five years and I am a blue belt. I have a lot of talent to show you. I have studied acting as well. I would love to be in “The Thundermans”!!!!!! I would love it if you accepted me for this show!!!! I will work so hard on the shows!

    Marlo Garcia
    Hollywood FL
    Height: 57 inches
    Age 11
    DOB: 09/04/2001
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Hispanic background
    Clothing size: 11

  70. Antoinette Pouteau

    Hi my name is Antoinette Pouteau and I am 13 years old, wavy brown hair, frekles, brown eyes, and braces which I will be getting off in march 2013. I have been into acting since I was born! I’ve auditioned for 2 plays in my life, one at my summer school in Honolulu, Oahu and the other at my middle school. I actually got leads in both roles and I have also done the talent show at my school with some friends a couple times. Just the smallest part in this new amazing series would mean the universe to me!! I have wanted this since I first came into the world! Acting is pretty much all I ever think about anymore, now that I’m old enough to understand the full concept of how much commitment it takes. I am very great with projection, memorization, improv, and directing. I like to sing, ACT, and sometimes dance with my friends. Thank you for going me this opertunity. I can never thank you enough :)

  71. Bridgette Mazur

    Hi my name is Bridgette Mazur! I would realy like to be considered for an audition becuase I love to act, I can’t imagine my self doing anything else. I am fun, out going, and I take direction really well. I also have expeirence and training. I am currently with One source talen and Barbrizon.
    Bridgette Mazur
    Height: 5′ 5″
    Hair Color: Brown
    Weight: 118
    Eye Color: Brown
    Body type: Athletic
    Hair: Brown
    Big Bang Theory
    Party city Red riding hood 2012
    Halloween Costumes Red Riding Hood Party City 2012
    Print Tavern (1800s style) 2010
    Acting Classes Barbizon Los Angeles 2012
    acting classes Royal High School Simi Valley 2012
    Comdic and commercial acting class Tracy Britton OneSourceTalent 2012
    Modeling (print and runway) Janice Dickinson Onesourctalent 2012
    acting classes Royal High School simi valley 2011
    Equestrian 10 Years English and Bareback 2012
    Field Hockey 3 years center midd 2012
    Marksmanship 4 Years .22 long rifle 2012
    martial arts 4 years blue belt 2012
    Soft Ball 1 year 2012
    Track 2 years 400 2012

  72. Kayla Whaley

    I’m Kayla :) I’m really looking forward to doing a project. My background for this business comes from attending a performing arts school in South Carolina. I SING and ACT.
    Race:African American
    Medium length black and brown hair
    I am a confident girl, ready to take on challenges, I have been looking forward to participating in projects with my favorite entertainment network growing up ! I didn’t wanna miss out on any opportunities, even for small supporting roles. I am willing to start with something small, and work my way up and achieve great success !

  73. Antoinette Pouteau

    Hi! My name is Antoinette Pouteau, and I am 13 years old. I have been dreaming my whole life to be on TV and in Movies and I have actually participated in a major play in Honolulu, Oahu at Punahou. It was called the Fiddler on the Roof and I got to play the Fiddler after auditions were over! I have lots of experience and in 2013, my Drama class will put on a production and I am playing the lead girl role! I would be perfect for this role.

  74. Israel A Bamidele

    To whoms it may concerned
    hi i name is Israel bamidele
    15 years old
    born on october 3rd 1997
    my height is 5″6
    my weight is 120
    my hair color is black
    am black
    i have act at church, school and another school
    i sing
    i dance
    i want to be part of this shows coz i have being dreaming to make a word a better place and assisting people..i also have an accent that is funny..i hope i can be assisted even if in another show i am ready to make world a place for everyone
    thanks very much

  75. Kameron Dixey

    Hello! My name’s Kameron Dixey and I’m 14 years old. I’m currently a freshman in Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Queens. Although I’m a instrumental, I’ve been starting to act.
    Gender: Female
    Weight: 115 pounds
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Race: Puerto Rican
    I want to thank you for reading this and I hope I’ll get an audition.

  76. Molly Damico

    Name: Molly Damico
    Race/ethnicity: white
    age: 11 almost 12 (on April 16th)
    talents: I can do all forms of acting (singing is rough though) can dance will take any role and would simply appriciate a chance.
    weight: 110
    height: 5″2
    eye color: hazel
    hair: dark brown 14″ from crown (mid length curly)
    p.s. I am not one hundred percent sure on all the licenses and permits I live in California and would require a California child actor permit (i think)

  77. Hailey Elizabeth Higgins

    My name is Hailey Elizabeth Higgins, I am 14 years of age. My height is 5 feet 6 inches. I am an actress, singer, and dancer. I am very level headed. Accents are a strong suit. I live in Texas. I am a very committed actress. I hope I am a valid choice. Thank you for your consideration.

  78. sebriah gardner

    my name is sebriah gardner im 15 years old, african american and i sing act and dance. although i dont have acting experience i know i can do it. i’ve been in the posta and pops concert at my school and i use to have a dance group, and the reason im mentioning all of this is because i know the actors/actresses on nick are all multi-talented and so am i.

  79. Precious Ward

    Hello my name is Precious I am a girl I been wanting to act sense I was six I could song a little but if you give me an audition that will be great

  80. Sady Sue Dean

    My name is Sady Sue Dean and I would love to be an actress. I can do any kind of acting Example: In our last school play there was a ball room scean and we had to do our ‘respecable person’. I also played a dieing women(died of Tuberculoses) and as I was dieing I had to basicaly worship my husband while hacking my facce off. Everyday we will have some kind of acting exercise even if we aren’t in class my buddies and I will test our improve skills (I always win;) ) And through all of this I always stay in character.

    Being an actress is one of my dreams. In the past i’ve given up on my dreams; mark my words I won’t do it again. I was my own worst enemy. Now I realize that as long as I keep trying I can accomplish my dreams.

    Extra Info.
    Height: 5’1″
    Birthday: October 11, 1998
    School: East Minico Middle School
    Dreams: To be an actress, to meet One Direction
    Favorite thing to do: Be in 4th hour (drama), snowboarding, to act, to be ‘dramatic’, to be with my 4th hour buddies
    Favorite kind of acting: I love all kinds of acting expecially comidy. I can do any kind of acting though.

    Thank you.
    Forever and Always
    Dean x.x.

  81. Isaac Hughes

    Age: 15
    Ht. 5’5
    Color. Mixed black/white
    Brown hair and eyes.
    Hello I would love to tryout in acting. I love sports, watching TV, making people laugh, some times singing.
    I really would like to be in a comdey TV show but if I’m needed anywhere else I will do it. My Hometown is Big Rapids,Mi
    Thank you for giving me a chance hope to hear from you soon!!

  82. Marijo Ventura

    Hi! I really interested be part in “The Thundermans” I want to be an actress and i think that nickelodeon could give me this opportunity. I´m 13 and i think that i can be an extra because well i feel i have to learn more.
    I always dream become an actress and i dedicate.

  83. Andrea

    Here is also further information I forgot to include in my last comment.
    My age is 14 years old
    I am 5’6
    I am white/Italian/hispanic
    I have medium length dark brown hair
    I am educated and am very understanding and i learn very quickly. And the top reason for me taking interest in becoming an actor in this show is because I would love to stand up and be noticed so I can speak out about bullying and other topics as well. I love acting, if you ask any of my friends, I am pretty much the funny friend and I know how to change emotions quickly and love singing as well. :) So please email me if you think I can audition for a part in this tv show :) Thank you. Bye 😀

  84. Myles foreman

    My name is Myles foreman not Miles Myles. I would really like to be on this cauuuuse I can memorize alot of things of course. Plus I’m SUPER FUNNY also I can get down and buggy. I wanted to act on disney but you know I just watched the last show of ICarly just a min ago It’s so sad. So I just want to come and audition whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo OK this is going on and on.

  85. Andrea

    Hello :) My name is Andrea and I am 14 years old and would love to possibly try out or audition for Phoebe’s part. I know this may be just another one of those comments not being read, but whatever chance I can get to act or express my talent I will always take. I would really like this part because I think this sounds like an amazing show! Please, email me if I can take part in this wonderful tv show and if you have any questions to ask me, email me. Thanks for reading. Bye :)

  86. Leilani

    I really want to be casted to be in The Thundermans because all my life I have watched the sitcoms on Nick, and Disney and have just been amazed with all of the talent to characters had. I know that I have that talent too I also understand it takes a lot of work to do your craft and I’m willing to work with the right people to get to the top .. I love to do any activity dealing with the arts. I act,sing,dance,draw almost everything. I Just turned 13 on November 1. All of my friends and family know that I LOVE LIFE so much and just want to be on t.v. and have fans that care for me like I care for them and look up to me. I have experienced many deaths in my family and I know no one is gaurented life tomorrow so I just want to do everything i want to do while I can. I really want to do this . Hope you understand my will and want to do this , thank u

  87. Ryan Geary

    Hi im Ryan Geary im
    Hight:5ft 4′
    age: 12
    Its always been a dream of mine to entertaine peopl no matter how. I could be singing of acting or anything. Its also been a dream of mine to play a superhero and if you want a carasmatic funny person im your next Thunderman

  88. Jenna

    Name: Jenna Alyce cox
    Age: 12, 13 in 3 months
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: English
    Eye Color: Brown, hazel
    Hair: strawberry blonde Over the shoulders
    Talent: can sing, 2 years in world renound club, love acting
    I would like a chance at phoebe.

  89. Sarah Hankins

    Hello, my name is Sarah, I am 16 years old, and I am from Jersey. I think I would be perfect for this show as the older sister. I am very outgoing, and have a live personality. Acting has been a passion of mine since the age of 4 and I have just been working at it to get better. I have had some training with acting at John Casablancas. I can also see myself with superpowers! I am 5’9″, and weigh 120lbs. I have brown hair whcih is very curly but when straightend it as straight as a pin. I would love to work with you on this project and promise to always give 100%. I believe I can be your next star!

  90. Diamond Jackson

    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    height: 5ft5
    location: Texas
    I am willing to relocate if I am given the opportunity. I have acting experience in theater and video production. I have always wanted to play a superhero! It seems to fun and a whole other type of acting. I am a Nickelodeon fanatic and am waiting for the right audition to come along!

  91. Ardita Zhuta

    The email above is my fathers
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’4′
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: brown
    I can pull of different looks I’ve wanted to be an actress since I was 6 years old. I’m dedicated focused and on and off set I can make people laugh. Comedy is perfect. I would still be interested in Acton and other genres of moves

  92. Marquis Bryant

    Acting has always been a dream of mine, but the city i live in is not a great place to make it happen.

  93. Saray Medina Rizo

    Hi my name is saray medina rizo im 13 years old i live in winters california my dream is to become an actres if u guys give me a chance i wont let u down i would work hard for what i want.

  94. Elizabeth Garcia

    My name is Elizabeth Garcia and I am 14 years old. I have never acted professionally or auditioned before. I am an honor roll student at my school. I can get a long with just about any one. I like to read and write. I can speak Spanish and English. I have long dark brown hair. As well I have very dark brown eyes. I am 5’3″. People have described me as a superhero geek so I can probably be good for the part. I hope you consider me for the audition and the job thank you for your time.
    – Elizabeth Garcia

  95. KAtelynn Phillips

    Eyes:dark brown
    I love to joke around laugh act different parts people always tell me im funny i really like nick shows im 14 and I’m african american
    I always wanted to act people always say i should model cause my height but i like acting better im a very hard working person i would really like a part i really wanna hear back from you guys I alsowork well with others acting is my DREAM so please consider me

    #bye looking forward

  96. Lisa Bright-Walters

    Its always been my dream to be an actress. I put that dream on hold for many years to raise my 3 children as a divorced single mother. Now they have children of their own.
    When I was ready to pursue my dream again, my elderly parents needed me to take care of them. And I did, until my father passed away December 2010. And I took care of my mother until she paased holding my hand September of this year.
    Now I am ready to pursue my dream, and my hope,, is you will help me by giving me the opprotunity to be in this nwq show or one you think I would be suited for.
    I am 43 years old I’ m 5 feet tall and I really look like Im 12 years old. My adult daughters look older than me. Please help me make my dream come true. Please.

    Sincerly, Lisa Bright-Walters

  97. Brandi Loop

    My name is Brandi. I’ve been interested in acting sense I was about 9. I loved the show Hannah Montana when I was younger. I always wanted to co star on that show. I am now 12 (almost 13. On Dec 2nd I will be 13) and have a strong passion for acting. I can easily memorize things. I think this show will be amazing, sorry I KNOW this show will be amazing. I think I would be good in this show. I’m very educated. My friends and I type up scripts and act them out. Not gonna lie, I think we’re pretty good. I’ve always wanted to be on TV, I think I would be a good role model for people. I’ve been in tough times and fought them. I am now strong and fight for what I believe in. And I’m gonna fight to do what I love. Acting. I hope you take me into consideration. xx Brandi (:

  98. alexisbailey

    i would really like this part because it has ben my dreem 2 be on t.v. i am 10 years old and would love this part.

  99. alexis bailey

    I have always wanted to be on t.v I am. 10 years old I am willing to do whatever it takes to get a role for a part in the movie

  100. alexisbailey

    i would like to get this part i would really like to be on t.v. i am 10 years old. i think it would be really cool if i got the part

  101. mercedes bailey

    i have always dreamed of being in a television show sense i was a little girl i always thought it would insanely cool. i am 13 years old, andi would try the hard as i need to to get a role.

  102. Alexander Erick Valdez

    For as long as i can remember, i have always dreamed of becoming an actual actor on TV. I have always wanted to entertain and make people laugh or even cry, and i cant help but feel like this show can be a huge opportunity to make this dream come true. I have grown up watching and enjoying nickelodeon shows, from Danny Phantom to Drake and Josh, and would love to become a part of my own childhood. The Thundermans sounds like a hilarious program that i believe fits my personality perfectly. If chosen to partake in an interview, i’m sure you will quickly agree.

  103. Celine

    Name: Celine Elizabeth Diaz
    Age: 11 (very mature though, I’m like the mom of my friends sometimes but can still be a kid)
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Hispanic/White
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Hair: Medium Dark Brown, Over the shoulders (can use extentions)
    Talent: Can do British accent, sort of Scottish and Spanish accent, can sing but needs some work, likes to dance and loves acting, once participated in a acting club and got leading role
    Ect: I just wanna do something, like a extra, I don’t care, I would like a chance, that’s all.

    Lol: my friends all think that our school filmed should be a citcom, everything is literally is a script. Haha so yeah, just puttin it out there.

  104. Nizam Hasanov

    My name is Nizam
    I am 15
    I am male
    I can play on guitar, sing, dance, act and also i can read music(everything notes octavas and etc.)
    I really wnat to play in any good role
    Please contact with me if you have any questions or wants to talk with me
    Thank You

  105. Rita Brown

    I think this is going to be a great show! I would love to audition for it because it I’ve always dreamed of being an actress. The show sounds really interesting and fun to work on. I want to get into acting.

  106. Sanja

    Hey! I’m Sanja and I’m 14…I’m not from America and I don’t speak english very well…but I wonna be an actriss(I love acting so much,and i wonna live in America one day) and people who are not from America deserve chance to be part of something like that(if they are talented)…I think that this serie will be great…i couldn’t come to america for audition,but maybe i could send video?
    Thanks for reading… :)

  107. Mattie Stimble

    Hi I am Mattie and 15 years old. I sing, play the guitar, and i am learning the piano. I dance (ballet and contemporary) and act. I have taken acting classes before but am now teaching myself and am working on getting lessons again.
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5′ 8″
    Weight: 135 pounds
    Hair: Light Brown, Blondish-Brown and long (I can cut it if I need to)
    Eyes: Blue
    Race: White

    Acting is my dream! I don’t want to be an actress or a singer for the fame, I want to be an actress because it makes me happy! I am a hard worker and a fast learner and if you choose me it won’t be a mistake!

    Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon!


  108. Andre Broomes

    Im an 14 year old actor, Im african american and im looking forward to be auditioning for this new tv show

  109. Pippa Harrison

    I would love a role in ‘The Thundermans’ so bad. I have wanted to be on Nickelodeon for years and years and i’m getting older now and i didn’t want to miss my opportunity. I have trained hard through my childhood to act and dance and sing and this would mean the actual world to me. I am prepared to move anywhere in the world to be successful. I want to be an actor more than anything and it makes it even more special thinking that it would be on Nickelodeon, something that I’ve dreamed of most of my life. I’m confident, quirky and full of life. I always have a smile on my face and i am fully prepared to act to the best of my ability each time. Thank you so much for even giving me the slightest chance to make my dreams come true.

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