Every Witch Way

Every Witch Way

Every Witch Way

Part comedy, part drama, part supernatural action-adventure and all amazing, Every Witch Way is not just a clever title, it has become a hugely popular phenomenon for Nickelodeon fans everywhere. This wildly unique half-hour series made it’s debut in 2014 and has grown into one of the most watched programs on the world’s most watched network.

Every Witch Way tells the seemingly normal tale of a girl and her father relocating. Moving to a new town can be a big transition for everyone but the one that teenage Emma is going through is truly out of this world. When the plucky young girl and her loving father move to Miami, Emma falls in love, learns that she is a witch with incredible powers and abilities, dubbed “The Chosen One” and gains a mortal enemy – and that’s all in the first week! Now Emma must master her powers, stop the evil doings of bad witch Maddie and navigate the complicated social circles of a new town and a new school. It certainly is a lot to deal with and it makes for an endlessly watchable viewing experience. There is simply nothing else like this on Nick today. With whip smart writing and and delicious, complicated characters, once this show gets going it never lets up.

Every Witch Way is a winner, This fantastic supernatural series is breaking the mold for Nickelodeon and winning over the hearts of millions and millions of viewers around the world. Are you one of them? Let us know what you think of this one of a kind Nick production below and stay tuned right here for all of your news and updates for Every Witch Way.


Every Witch Way Cast:

Paola Andino – Emma Alonso

Paris Smith – Maddie Van Pelt

Daniela Nieves – Andi Cruz

Nick Merico – Daniel Miller

Denisea Wilson – Katie Rice

Tyler Alvarez – Diego Rueda

Series Created by:

Catharina Ledeboer

Mariela Romero

Series Directed by:

Clayton Boen

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