The Rachel Crow Show

The Rachel Crow Show

This Pilot Was Not Ordered To Series***

The breakout star of the The X-Factor season one is set to star in an all new sitcom for Nickelodeon and production will start soon. This could be your chance to watch one of the biggest up and coming entertainers in the world show her stuff in front of millions of devoted viewers every week.

Rachel Crow is a singer, songwriter, comedienne and all around superstar who stole America’s heart with her fabulous performances, touching life story and controversial elimination on season 1 of The X-Factor. Although she didn’t come away with the grand prize then, she is well on her way to walk away with the career of a lifetime! In addition to a record deal with Columbia Records and a summer tour with Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush and Cody Simpson, Rachel has made amazing guest appearance on a number TV shows including a recurring role on Lucas Cruikshank’s Fred:The Show. Based on her outstanding Fred role Nick has decided to set Rachel up with her very own show to showcase her amazing abilities. Rachel Crow is set to be the next great Nickelodeon  sitcom star following in the footsteps of Victoria Justice (Victorious), Cymphonique Miller (How To Rock) and Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly) and your opportunity to star right alongside her could soon be coming. This sure to be hit production will be starting soon so leave a comment below telling us why you want to be a part of the fun and be sure to stay tuned for all of the Rachel Crow Show developments.

493 thoughts on “The Rachel Crow Show

  1. Arista Broadus

    Race:African American/ Native American
    My name is Arista and i have always wanted to be an actress and singer, the only problem is it seems like no one in my family is serious about it. When I found this website I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to grab a chance at actually succeeding in becoming an actress. I’ve had auditions, but like I said no one was ever really serious about it. Nickelodeon is one of my favorite networks, and to star or be on a television show on this network would be an absolute dream come true! I’m not going to claim to be the greatest actress of all time but i’m very good i’ve been told, and to at least get a chance would mean a great deal to me. Thanks!

  2. Kelly Hubbard

    Hi, my name is Kelly Hubbard, I’m 18 years old, 5’8, caramel skinned, and I want to live the dream! I can sing, act, dance, and write! I am also into fashion design and modeling! I’ve grew up watching Nick and it’s always been a huge dream of mine to become apart of it! I am a huge Rachael Crow fan and was so supported her like crazy on xfactor! So being able to work alongside her would be a huge privileged and honor! I have various videos of me singing and dancing! So if you ever want to check them out or anything just email me! Thank you!

  3. Darryiel Butler

    Name: Darryiel Butler
    Age: 14 years old
    DOB: 05/31/1998
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 125 lbs

    I would love to get the chance to be on a TV show with Rachel. I seen her on X-factor and her personality is to die for. I’ve been acting since I was about 4 years old. I was in many school plays, school documents, ect. I have a gift of singing as well. But I love to dance and act. I’m really shy when it comes to expressing my feelings but I am an outgoing young talented lady. By me being shy with expressing my feelings, it’s always a pleasure going into a different character and expressing my feelings coming from another character. I admire people like Rachel because they show me you can always make it no matter what your going through. She gives me faith, hope, confidence and determination and I am determined to get that role for this new upcoming show.

  4. Jordan Hall

    I am the mother of a very lively 9 year old boy who has big dreams of becoming an actor. He has been cast in 4 musicals just this year and has preformed in front of thousands of audience members. Just this week alone he has 10 shows. He is super talented with the ability to sing, dance, and act. He can learn really fast and memorize anything. One of the directors asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and he replied, “My goal is to be on Nickelodeon!” I believe that he would be a wonderful addition to your production. Please keep us posted on all upcoming auditions!


  5. Natalie Basilio

    Hey I’m Natalie Basilio,
    I sing, dance, act and play my ukulele.
    Brown/Black Hair
    Brown Eyes
    Chubby (give the chubby kids a chance)

    I’m from Perth, Western Australia and I’m a hard worker and I’m great with people. If you need a funny and new character for the show send me an email. Oh and I’m 16. In Perth you can’t really make it big so I’m hoping this is my chance.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. JaQuan Carr

    My name is JaQuan Carr a hardworking dedicated person with a great personality and good memory. I wont just act out anything like it is. I will give it all I have and become that character. Just looking for a chance. There will be thousands who will say what they will or wont do but only one will show you and its This GUY!!!(Two thumbs at me )

  7. Jhadiah green

    Hello nick my name is jhadiah green
    I am african american,5’6
    I can play basketball,sing,rap,dance
    I am very talented
    I just need a shot at proving I.belong in front of the camera

  8. Rahnyah ( nyny) Domino

    name: nyny domino
    twitter: @tOONYfOrtv
    height: 5’6
    age: 17 1/2 :}
    race: african american/ jamaican
    well my names nyny and im super fun and cool i am a singer and actress and im very good at what i do i am 100% dedicated and im strong willed so check me out on my pages and maybe you can help me make my dreams come true. Thank you.

    nyny Domino

  9. Kiyah Allen

    I would really like to be on this show because i have a really great talent ( singing ).! I’ve been watching nick for a long time and i would like to be apart of the family!! Rachel you rock and I would love to host a show with u!!! :)

  10. Mya Martin

    Hi my name is Mya and I am 12 years old from Orlando. I am a dancer, model, and an aspiring actress. I have grown up watching Nickelodeon show since I was 3 yrs. old. I think I’d be great on the show because I am funny, smart, energetic and I think I have a great since of humor. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old and I’ve performed in school plays and do very well on stage.

  11. Shannon Harrison

    Helloo Everyone,
    My names Shannon M. Harrison. I’m 13 years old girl. My birthday is March 24, 1999. I weigh 85 pounds, and my height is 5’3. I have brown hair. I am multi-talented. I can do it all singing,acting,comedy & dancing. A picture of me can be easily given upon request! I love taking pictures. The reason I would be great for the Nickelodeon team is because I love Nickelodeon. I grew up watching Nickelodeon and always dreamed about being on Nickelodeon. I’m always ready to wow the crowd! Hopefully I can get a audition and show you guys what I got!
    -Love, Shannon

  12. Lillian

    Hi my name is Lillian

    I’ve been interested in acting singing and dancing for as long as I can remember. I take dance and acting classes and I sing at church (and anywhere I get a chance to). I would love to be considered for a role.

    Name: Lillian (Lilly) Marquez

    Age: 15

    Grade: 11

    Height: 5″7 1/2

    Weight: 110

    Ethnicity: Hispanic/black

    I hope you consider me :)

  13. Cara Jade

    Hi! I’m Cara. I absolutely adore acting and singing. It has been a dream of mine since I was younger to become a musician/actress. I have brown hair and brown eyes and I’m 13 years old. I love Nick, and it would be awesome to be in one of their movies or shows.

  14. Unique

    Hair:dark brown&long
    Skin color:black

    I like to make people laugh and smile.i also like watching movies&tv shows to see what i can learn from actors on tv and how natural it is to be an actress.the moment i knew i wanted to be an actress is when i saw the movie bandslam and ever since i saw it i could picture myself being in front of the camra even as a extra.

  15. Jazmin Honeywell

    My name is Jazmin. I’m thirteen,and live in Pennsylvania. I have auburn hair,and light brown eyes. I’m half Filipino and half Italian. I absolutely love singing and acting. I have been in all of my school plays which include Wizard of Oz,Annie,and Horton Hears A Who. I have been singing since I was 4,and I have been acting since I was 5. If you would like to hear me sing,I’d be more than glad to email you a link to my YouTube channel. Please consider me,abd email me. thank you.

  16. Jarin Satterly

    I would love to be on the Rachel Crow Show because singing and acting is my ultimate passion. This could be my big break, and I’d love to be a help to anything Nickelodeon related.

  17. Reggie Martin

    I’m Reggie Martin. I’m 14 years old. I think i would great for this show. I don’t care if im a character who shows up know and then. I have acting experience and can remember my lines. All i want is to have a part in the cast whether i’m the character who there one episode and not on other. I just want a part. So please consider me. I dont have an agent but if you need to contact me by my email or facebook name reggie martin. thank you

  18. taieri walsh

    13- australian – acting is my dream! i can memorise scripts heaps quick and can act diffrent personalitiees easily

  19. Clarke Robinson

    I love to act and have lots of energy and fun with anything. I can really sing and I would love for you to get me a shot and i will show you thank you and goodbye. :)

  20. Elijah Parocha

    Hello, I’m Elijah and I think I’d be a great addition to your show. I’m a 12 year old boy that lives in San Gabriel, CA. I can sing and act. I actually have to admit that this is my once in a lifetime opportunity not just for me but kids all around the world and I believe that I am confident enough for The Rachel Crow Show. Please consider me in your show or even auditions. Thank you guys, very much!

  21. Christin Moore

    I’m 15. I love to compete at singing. I also love acting.
    I’m fun to work with.

  22. Aleceia Smith


    BD: 01-23-1991 (age 21)
    HEIGHT: 5’5
    WEIGHT: 125 lbs
    EYES: brown
    HAIR: brown

    Hello, I know that getting an opptortunity like this requires experience, I’m sure the casting crew for this show is looking for someone who has starred in broadway or something spectacular like that. I’m sure you’re looking for someone talented someone who dances and who writes their own songs with a pleasant voice and probably years of practice. Or even someone who has been to the most credential acting academies with references and valuable recomendations. I do not acquire all of these qualities but I can provide some. I have no acting experience except a year in drama as a freshman but I am very ambitious and willing to learn I a also willing to face whatever challenge is put in front of me and execute it. I know the values of this opportunity as well or even better than any other. I did not go to any dance academies or I have not had any voice instructors but I will dance and I have perfect rhythym..I can also carry a tune. I do not have any references, recomendations, or even a lot of money but I am willing to do whatever it takes to get this audition and if put to the test I know if given this opportunity I will succeed at anything I do with enough faith. I did go off of faith to actually write this because I know its a long shot but I did it because I never know if I don’t try. I thank you for reading this and considering. Good luck with the show I know it will suceed because Rachel is very talented.

  23. edward shaw jr

    hey nickelodeon my name is edward but people call me ed, I am 20 years old but I look 17 lol anyways I have a PASSION for bringing love and laughter to the audience or people in particular. I grew up watching nickelodeon its help me through a lot of tough times in my life. an it would be great to work for you guys. I would do it for the love not the fame.

  24. Ciarra Griggs

    I just turned 13 Nov.6 and I love to sing, dance, flip,act, and have fun. I would lve to be on this show and I couldn’t be on this show I am trying ot for Amarican Idol, Xfactor, or I might try to model. I woul dlike to do this more than anything in my life.

  25. Mollie

    hi im Mollie, im 15, im from Northern Ireland, im female, i can dance and act im a very outgoing person, cheeky, great personality, ive been in alot of threatre shows such as Guys and Dolls, Babsoka, Jack and the Beanstock and a few more, i would love to hear more about this show, and would love to hear more about the casting, would love to hear from you! thank you!

  26. jamel cook

    my name is jamel im 16 and im african american im funny as heck and i love to act plus if u need to ask ppl call my mom lol and if i get this job i will tell u right now im not dat good wid reading scripts pllz give it to me im funny here is my hit up

  27. Dujuan Austin

    My name is Dujuan and acting is what ive been placed on this earth to do! I act on a local show in chicago called The ReAwakening, I want to be a major Network like Nickalodeon! My dreams would come true.. call me pleassse

  28. A.J. Lilly

    Hi,My Name is Korah lilly But i like A.J. I love and have a Passion for Acting and singing it been doing it all my life i am an overly expirenced Actor and singer i sang i front of 1000 people at school i go to Learning Foundation and Performing Art Jr.High\High school Acting runs in my family i work hard for my Improvment im energetic And determined to Tackle anthing in my path i may be 12 but im never to young or to old never to big never to small to fufill and conquer My dreams.

  29. Stormie Stylinson

    Name:Stormie Stylinson
    Eye color:Hazel
    Talent:Singer,Cheerleader,Dancer and Actress
    Bio:I love to sing and act its my life Since i was 2 i started taking acting clases and now im in a performing Arts school.

  30. Patrick Brown

    Hey my name is Patrick brown my birthday is April 1, 1996.
    Height: 5’11
    Race: African American
    Color eyes: dark brown
    Live: lake worth/ forth worth Texas
    Age: 16

    Hey my name is Patrick I always had a dream to be on t.v and this is my only chance, I love to act and be silly , in my pass career I have been in plays, videos, and theater, I’m good at memorizing my lines, and acting them out.

    But when I’m not involved in videos or theater I usually play football and basketball, as a counter activity.

    Please get back to me when you can, and I promise you will not regret it.

  31. Gabrielle Gilliard

    Hi my name is Gabrielle, but people usually call me Gabby. I’m 19 yrs old I’m a diligent singer,song writer I’ve written a song for a stage play entitled first lady. The song title is forgive me. I sung in every talent show at my school and have my performance on tape.
    I’m in love with music and many varieties of arts. I’ve been needing this for a long time but could never find the opportunity; I’m a new artist and I would LOVE to work with a great new artist like Rachel Crow I would be thankful for this chance.

    sincerely Gabrielle. :)

  32. Tautteaonna Harris

    I have……dark brown eyes,dark brown hair,I’m African-American(so that should tell you something about my skin).At this moment I’m 5’2 in the 7th grade.I did drama for 3 years(I even got a plaque for being the best) until they shut it down.I took piano for a year until they shut that down too.I took choir for 4 years (also receiving 2 plaques for being the best) until I got into middle school where they didn’t have it.Here in middle school I take H.A (highly advanced) classes.If I was to describe myself I would say I’m loving,caring,and unique.My big dream is to become an actress and a singer all I need now is some one to give me a chance to prove I can.From Tautteaonna Harris

  33. Tautteaonna Harris

    Hello my name Tautteaonna Harris.I’m 12 years old with a BIG DREAMS.This is how I describe myself…………..

  34. Vicoria Akhimien

    Name: Victoria Akhimien
    Age: 14
    Weight: 115
    Height: 5,3
    Hi! i would like to become apart of this show because it would be my biggest break ever and iv’e seed Rachel Crow before and i would like to work withher(you):) thanks

  35. Autumn Cain

    Name: Autumn Cain
    Age: 12
    Weight: 85 lbs
    Hair Color: Red
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Length: Medium
    Height: 59 inches
    Skin tone: Fair
    Skin color: White
    Location: Michigan
    I love performing, singing and playing the piano and ukulele. I sing at talent shows at my school and singing with the KCC (Kalamazoo children choirs) and I also have a youtube page( ( I have only done one short film, and it had no script, it was made along the way) more music,lyric,short films, ext. will be make! I really enjoy singing and acting and I almost only watch Nickelodeon, it is defiantly my favorite channel. I have a dream that will come true. I will work hard at the right times and be filled with awesomeness at the other times.

  36. Kelly Phan

    Hello, my name’s Kelly Phan and it been my dream to be on tv. My height is 5’5. My ethic is Asain. My body is avenge. My hair color is medium auburn. I hope my dream can come true. Xoxo.

  37. Israel A Bamidele

    To whoms it may concerned
    hi i name is Israel bamidele
    15 years old
    born on october 3rd 1997
    my height is 5″6
    my weight is 120
    my hair color is black
    am black
    i have act at church, school and another school
    i sing
    i dance
    i want to be part of this shows coz i have being dreaming to make a word a better place and assisting people..i also have an accent that is funny..i hope i can be assisted even if in another show i am ready to make world a place for everyone
    thanks very much

  38. Iesha Michelle

    Gender: Female
    Race: African American/Puerto Rican
    Height: 5’2″
    Eyes: Brown
    Abilities: Dancer(ballet,jazz,contemporary)
    Acting/Modeling (John Casablancas Acting/Modeling Agency)
    It would be a huge oppurtunity for me to be casted in any Nickelodeon show. I have always dreamed of putting my talents to a professional on air level. Im a quick learner and in previous stage play rehearsals I’ve had my lines memorized by the end of the first day. It’s a natural gift for me to perform and I wont stop trying. Once I accomplish one thing I move on to the next one.

  39. sebriah gardner

    my name is sebriah gardner im 15 years old, african american and i sing act and dance. although i dont have acting experience i know i can do it. i’ve been in the posta and pops concert at my school and i use to have a dance group, and the reason im mentioning all of this is because i know the actors/actresses on nick are all multi-talented and so am i.

  40. teraya

    Hello Rachel , I love you, and your hair and personality , you are a really good singer you really won me over when i heard you sing i would rather go blind that is one of my favorite songs and you brought that song back to life after etta’s death i thought no one could bring that song back but you did . Well…..My name is Teraya Daniels i am 12 years old i know you are probably older than me but i love to sing to ive been singing been singing since i was 2 to 3 i used to hum myself to sleep but when i could talk i could sing i can somewhat dance i may not be popular but i can find us being best friends we seem to have allot in common i wish i could meet you in person and i also love your song mean girls singing ima just comb them out of my curls was a hit line loved it , i’m from a small town called Springfield not much to do here and very hard to get noticed , with your help i hope to be good friends and get to know you , i am almost 5” i am brown skin ( i do not prefer to be called black ) i am a good actor i think and would love to be on your show . From Teraya Daniels

  41. Fatima Bah

    HI my name is fatima
    hobbies:Sing,Basketball,dance,Act,Shopping,Drawing clothes,Making oulfits,Organizing things,Watching ANTM,X FACTOR,Talkinkg in front of people
    I love the show it think it’s funny i love Rachel she’s like me ,loving,bubbly,very organized has a great sense of style which is casual,proffesional looking i like to dress like that.I model.
    Personality:Persistent,bubbly,outgoing,i talk a lot,hard worker,spontanious,demanding at times,goody two shoes,honest,crazy,i express myself,confident,i don’t sugar coat things.If you chose me i wouldn’t dispoint you guys an di would be such a great expirence working along side Rachel because we are so much alike and we both love to talk .So please give me this oppurtonity of a life time chance.Thanx

  42. Joy Newsome

    Eye Color:Brown
    Hair Color:Black
    Ethinicity:African American

    The reason I wanna be on this show is because I love to act an dI also have been singing since the age of four.I will be a nice addition to the show with my special talents.I just won’t to have my big break and get close to fufilling my dreams somI can prove that I am someboody.

  43. Emily Poss

    name: Emily Poss
    height 5”6
    Weight: 118
    hair color: brunette
    eye color: blue/green
    Where i live: Boise Idaho

    I am filled with excitment like rachel crow is.. I love to sing and i would love to act and be all the fun i could be.. I love acting and everything there is known demand(: i hope to be on the rachel crow show because since rachel and I are a year and a half apart i think we would become great friends ( bestfriends) actually…. i hope to get this and i would die if i got the part…

    -love, emily poss

  44. Justin Bent

    Hi my name is Justin Bent
    Race;African American
    Hometown:New York, New York
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    I am 5’8
    Facts about me: I love to get in front of cameras and be myself i’m a ver nice and inergetic person and everyone loves me because i’am so conffident in my self i am a very independant person I do have alot of insparation but i wanna be myself and inspire others ive been wanting to get in front of cameras and take nice big footsteps to the real world and show them who i am ive been wanting this since i was about 4 years old and i want to persue my dreams and get myself out to the world and show them Justin bent. I will love to be apart of this adventure

  45. courtney

    hey hey hey
    My name is Courtney Flowers
    I am 13 years young
    My race is african american/black
    Eye color is dark brown
    Hir color is brown
    i have acting experience
    i like to sing, dance, act, write songs and scripts in my spare time.

  46. Paige

    My name is Paige! I loved Rachel during the X-Factor! I’m 17. I live 20 minutes outside of Atlanta. I love to sing & dance. Acting has always been a dream. Nikelodean was my favorite channel growing up, and I’ve always wanted to be on it!

  47. Winny

    Hey x I like Rachel I saw her on x-factor last yeah and I like her song mean girls it’s good that’s she’s doing a tv show I’d love to be a part of her show I love working and helping its going to be great Fingera cross some one reads this I’m a girl 14 years old thank you

  48. Landon Laviolette

    Age: 10
    Height: 4 foot 10/ 4 foot 11
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Gender: male
    I am white and I have some French roots but no accent at all.
    I weigh 77 pounds.
    I think I am very nice. I am a straight A student and in my parish’s (yes I live in Louisiana) gifted program. I love to travel and be active. Ive loved Rachel ever since X factor, I even voted for her every week. I would love this chance

  49. Maddie Shafer

    Hey, my names Maddie(: I am 12 years young, turning 13 in July of 2013, and proud to be from Michigan! My dad is in the music industry and i have experience as i was in a Big Boy commercial past December. I love singing, and acting. I listen to music and sing my heart out everyday(: Please, take me into consideration and get back to me! Byeeee(;

  50. Irene Ngoy

    i am a African girl living in Canada who speak both English and french. I love acting and singing and i am always, always sing out of nowhere and love to goof around with my friends. Its will be such an experience for me if i get this chance and will feel really thankful:)

  51. Diamond Jackson

    I am 5ft5, African American, 17 years old and I really want the opportunity to act along side with Rachel Crow. I followed her through the X-Factor and I am so eager to have a shot to act with her. I am also wanting to have my chance to have a recurring role in a Nickelodeon show. Hopefully one day, landing my very own show!

  52. Kasey

    Hello my name is Kasandra but most people call me Kasey. I am 14 years old going on to 15 people usually say I look from 16-18 so I think I would be perfect for any teen character mentally, emotionally, and psychically. I’m really mature for my age but I can also have my inner kid come out at any point. I’m 5’4 and a Hispanic.I have long dark brown hair that go up to half of my back and I have light brown eyes. My dream job is to be an actress, singer, or a veterinarian. I currently live in Ohio but in the process of moving to Miami, Florida. Rachel is one of my favorite characters on Fred I always look forward in seeing her on Fred. I use to work for the entertainment business named Explore Talent so I do have experience in acting. So if you would consider or think of me in anyway possible for the new show starring Rachel Crow. I would love you forever and I will much appreciate it.

  53. DeMya Jolly

    Hi my name is Mya and acting is very important to me its a way for me to express myself in a whole other way. I will love to play the role of one of the female characters because I feel that I could bring a spark to the show I am a funny and likeable person so I have been told and I would more than appreciate this lifetime opportunity. I can also dance and sing which I started at the young age of 3. I am athletic I have played softball, tennis, golf, and basketball. Which all take focus and determination to do.
    Age : 15
    Height : 5’7
    Weight : 122
    Eyes : Brown
    Hair : Brown

  54. Rosalva Ruiz

    Hello, my name is Rosalva Ruiz, I’m 15 year old, I’m turning 16 in February 4th, I’m 5’2 skinny, light brown skin, I weight 120 Lbs , I have long dark brown hair, I have brown eyes too, I also have braces . Hellos this has always been my dream to act, since I was bet little , please help me , I got some experience from school, I’m a good actress, please contact me ill send you a picture of my self please make my dream com true! This what I live, Acting! Thanks(:

  55. Lydia Alemu

    Hey, so I’m Lydia. I’m extremely talkative, I don’t think there’s ever been a time where my mouth wasn’t in motion. I’m friendly and easy to get along with. I have a weird sense of humour, but in the end I can always get you laughing. Whether it be from my facial expressions or just my dry sarcasm. I adore getting to know new people and learning new things. I don’t like to categorize myself with any crowd. I am who I am and that’s all that matters. Like me or not, I’ll still find a way to shine. I love to sing, dance, and act. I pick things up quick and do them with a passion. I laugh way too much, it’s healthy right? GOOGLE is my bestie. I’m thinking about naming my first child after this search engine. I’d ruin their life, but that’s what parents do. Here’s some physical aspects about me:
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 110
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair: Dark brown, past shoulder length.
    Eyes: Brown
    I’ve done many competitions and went around my community and Canada performing with my group. As a solo singer or a dancer.
    I’m wild, crazy, fun. I think I’d be a great contributor to this show. I love doing what I do and a shot like this would be HJDISAHDWIHGREWOIGH. Sorry, mini-seizure. YES, THAT’S RIGHT. THIS OPPORTUNITY EXCITES ME THIS MUCH. FEEL FLATTERED. Taking a chance on me is something you would not regret. HOLLAR BACK.

  56. Haley Ponthieux

    Hello , okay so my name is Haley,
    I have long blonde hair & blue eyes.
    I’m 5’4 & 14 years old. I love to act, model, sing, and play guitar. I’ve been playing guitar for about 5 years now. If you want pictures check out my Instagram lol my name is – @haley_got_swagg
    It’d really mean a lot to have my dream of becoming an actress & or singer come true. I’d be able to attend casting calls if needed. I’ve done many auditions before, so I know about what it’s like. If you need anymore info feel free to contact me I left my email in the column lol. Bye- (ps if you pick me you won’t be disappointed ) (;
    I’m a city/ country girl lol. Have a mild accent Bc I’m from arkansas. But I’ve been living in louisiana for 11 years so it’s not that stand out ish lol. (:

  57. Deja Brown

    hi my name is Deja Brown i like to describe myself as a kind and sweet caring person. i love to sing, sometimes dance, model and act and i love to have a good time. i love to put a smile on some ones face and to make there day. well i guess is should put some stuff up that describe what i look like.
    gender- female
    race- african american
    • Height: 5’4
    Weight:125 pounds
    Age: 15
    Hair: black
    Eyes: Brown
    size -medium
    DOB: 5/10/97
    state- sacramento CA
    i would really love to be on this show i think it is a great opportunity

  58. Tysean Hunter

    Hello my name is Tysean Hunter im 5″9 with a complexion of a carmel skin tone and athletic and look young with no facial hair im ready to work thanxxs!

  59. Hunaidah Sulle

    Heaii I’m Hunaidah I’m 13 but i look like 16…
    I live in germany :/
    My talents are: singing, dancing, acting and to play piano
    my twitter is @Huni_Simmons

  60. Yadira Campos

    Hi guys! My name is Yadira Campos and I’m 14 years old ill be 15 in about 2 months. I’m supper funny! I have a lot of talents, for examples I can sing well, dance, and most importantly i can act very well! Im 5’6 with long brown hair and light brown eyes.

  61. Valerio D'Amico

    Name Valerio
    Sex: Male
    Height:5′ 9” (175 cm’s)
    Weight: 65 kg’s
    Hair colour: brown
    Eye colour: light brown
    My name is Valerio and I am a 20 years Italian boy . Although I am Italian I speak fluently English, which is my second language .In fact I have lots of relatives that live in America. I study piano and singing since I was 7 years old. Moreover I’m studying acting and dictation. The music is fundamental for me, so I studied it in America. In recent years I have taken part in various singing competitions. Moreover I have participated in many theater plays and musicals in which I played in English too. I have also worked as model in my town. Participating in the show would be a great honor for me. For me it would be a dream. Moreover it could be a great novelty to have an Italian actor and singer in the show. It would be interesting to give my style to the show. I can assure you that I can give you all my Italian experience. I would like to start my career in America. I want to enter in the world of music because I think it is the best way I can express all my emotions. It’s my dream. I believe that America is the right place for me because it is always open to newness and innovations. I am a dynamic and sociable person. I have always considered teamwork as fundamental and necessary. I’m immediately available to move abroad. For more information,curriculum or photos please contact me on my email. Thank you for the attention given to me.
    Best regards,

  62. Evalyn Arreola

    I would love to be a part of the Nickelodeon casting world! I am a 12 year old singer that is trying out for school talent shows and apartment pool-party karaoke competitions, but I rock the ones that I sing at! I am a song-writer and currently teaching myself the piano, to which people are amazed at. There are three reasons I want to be on Nickelodeon: 1) I would love to get discovered as a singer 2) I’d like to start working on my acting and become an actress alongside a singer and 3) I want a way to start doing what I love, which is show the world what I can do with music and words. Please give me this opportunity. I would be eternally grateful, and so happy to be a part of Rachel Crow’s new show. This could possibly give me the big break I want to come around! :) As a little note, if I do get this opportunity, I would not use my real name for roles and such, seeing as I don’t really like my name. :/ But my stage name would be Alyn, and I tried to keep it somewhat close to Evalyn. I just took off the E and the V and pronounced the rest of it differently! With that being said, I hope I get this opportunity (And I hope my parents will help me pursue it)! :) Thanks again for having this open and I’ll be hoping to hear something!

  63. Loriel Starlet

    Name: Loriel
    Age: 10
    Race: african-american
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Dark brown
    Experience : Hi, my name is loriel and I am a smart young girl and talented.I have been in school songs and shows and plays.I love to dance, act, and sing. I started when i was younger i would sing diffrent covers of artists such as beyonce, rihanna and so on.It has always been a dream of mine to become famous and for people to know my name.i will look forward to you writing back.if i don’t make it it’s ok I never make it so thanks for reading! :) I really love to act too!

  64. Ashleigh

    Hey(: I’m Ashleigh im eleven years old. im spunky, fiesty, and daring.. I have a really funky personality… I really like acting, singing (but i’m not really great)… Height: 5 ft Weight:105 Hair color: brown Eye color: green/blue skin color: fair

  65. Tuesdae Donyale

    age: 18-female
    african american
    I have great energy and ready to take on whatever comes my way! I am very determined and a hard worker that is ready to work:)

  66. Reagan

    Name:Reagan McGee
    Ethnicity:African American
    Hello,I would love to be on this show with Rachel. I remember her on X-Factor and to be on T.V with her would be amazing. I love to sing,dance,and acting is the one thing I wanted to do since I was little.Thank you for your time.

  67. Katiyana Holloway

    hi my name is Katiyana some people call me Kat i like to describe myself as a kind and sweet caring person. i love to sing, dance, model and act and i love to have a good time. i love to put a smile on some ones face and to make there day. well i guess is should put some stuff up that describe what i look like.
    gender- female
    race- african american• Height: 5’6, 167cm, 1.69m
    Weight:100 pounds
    Age: 14
    Hair: black
    Eyes: Brown
    size -skinny
    DOB: 7/31/98
    state- virigina
    i would really love to be on this show i think it is a great opportunity

  68. Ashley Wills

    hi i am Ashley. i am very hyper and outgoing person. i am 16 years old but everyone always thinks that i am younger. i am about 5ft. i have brown hair and green eyes. i sing and play the clarinet. i have been taking acting classes at school for 2 and a half years. i would LOVE to be on this show because i love acting. acting is my life and without it i dont know what i would do. i dont really have much experience in acting. i have onle done shows at my school. but i would LOVE it if you thought about having me on the show.

  69. Evelyn

    Name: Evelyn Zammie
    Gender: Girl
    DOB: August 4 1999
    Height: 5’3
    Hair: Black
    Eye’s: Brown

    My name is Evelyn i want this audition more than anything, what you want you have to fight for it, please give me this audition it would mean the world to me. I can sing and i’m a really good actor i know how to fake cry, this would mean the world to me i care if i didn’t care i wouldn’t leave a message please at least give my an audition so i can show you all i got.

  70. Arif Lopes

    Hi, Nick , My name is Arif, I’m 18 years old. I love Nickelodeon to death its my dream to be apart of this! Im an aspiring actor, inspired and influenced by actors like Jim Carey and Eddie Murphy. So my comedic style is very similar to theirs. I can also do voice impressions, accents, and dialects. I just recently starred as the lead in my first short film (romantic comedy), i originally auditioned for the side, but the director wanted to re-audtion me as the lead because he liked my style. Amazing experience. I would be absolutely honored to audition for The Rachel Crow Show, Sam and Cat or Gibby, it would make my dreams come true, and I would love the experience. I loved Rachel on the XFactor and i was so said when she got eliminated, shes like the modern day Shirley Temple! I love her! I would love to be a co-star on her show. Ive also promised my mother that I would one day make it to Nick, she supports me 100%. Like you said, “a casting chance of a lifetime” and that’s exactly what it is! ive been in love with comedy and acting since I was 7, ever since I saw Jim Carrey’s “Liar Liar” and watched All that all the time on TV, i was in love and hooked! I can sing a little bit too and i have slightly young face. But also here are my physical traits…
    Age:18 (April 15th 1994)
    Ethnicity/Appearance: African American/Ethnically Ambiguous (Light Skin)
    Height: 5’11
    Hair:Dark Brown
    hahah, just so you guys get a little image
    Please Give me One chance, just one. I want this more then i need this. It is really just important to me and it is my dream. Please let me audition, I promise I won’t disappoint you. Youll love my audition, i guarantee it! I love you Guys.

  71. Pauline Rose Menchavez

    As you can see from my email, I think that this show is a great idea and I would like to audition.
    I am only 12 years old, but every time I meet someone new, they always think that I’m 13 or 14 years old. This is coming from some of my new classmates and volleyball team members.
    I am also a singer, and have been since I was maybe 1.5. I started singing before I could talk. I also play the guitar, ukulele, piano, violin, and recorder. I have been acting in plays since I was 5 years old and I am used to performing in front of very large crowds. Please pick me, this has always been my dream and I want to make it a reality, but I know you probably hear this from everyone that auditions.

    Ethnicity: Filipino
    Weight: 138 Pounds
    Height: 5’2
    Hair: Long, wavy-straight, dark brown(looks black)
    Eye Color: Dark Brown

  72. Gabrielle roe

    Hello I am from Britain (essex), my name is Gabrielle Roe (female) but every one calls me gabby. I am 14 years old I have blonde/brown hair and blue eyes and I am 5.6″ tall. I have stared in two school musicals and I’m learning sign language. People have told me I’m a good singer but if we have a interview, I will let you decide. I would call my self creative as I love art and designing, also I love to be different. Finally I can horse ride and scuba dive and I was a scout. I am now a explorer and a leader for cubs. I have won the jack petchey award for scouts and scout of the year award. It would be a amazing to be apart of this show as I love Nickelodeon and I have promised my self I will be on Nickelodeon one day soon, thank you. Please email me soon to let me know. Plus I do love to sing more than anything and it would be a great opportunity to start my career.

  73. Areesa Aziz

    Hey! My name is Areesa Aziz. I’m 14 years old and live in NYC. I have dark brown hair, light brown skin and dark brown eyes. My family originates from Tanzania, Africa and I was born and raised here in the US! My passions include acting, singing and dancing. I’m full of energy and give everything at anything I do. I’ve done musical theater since the 4th grade. I’ve been in Joseph and the technicolor dream coat in which I played the butler. I also was in Aladdin in which I played the Genie. Just to name a few shows. I’ve also done tap, jazz, hip hip and Indian dancing. I’ve done private lessons and have done NYSSMA. I have always been in my school choir since the 3rd grade. I’m always caught laughing and having a good time. I’m fine with playing any part and will give it my best. Rachel Crow is such an inspiration to me and it would be an honor to work with her . It would be an honor to work with him. I’m also very persistent. I hope to one day achieve my dream.

  74. Athena Priftakis

    Hi my name is Athena Priftakis I am fourteen years old and I live in NYC! I am caucasian I have brown hair and light brown eyes. My passion is music and acting… I have lots of experience in musical theater!

    I have played Horton in Seussical
    I also played the role of Ado Annie in Oklahoma
    I starred again in Seussical as Mayzie
    In Cats I played Gus
    I have participated in NYSSMA
    and have been taking various voice lessons
    and I have plenty more experience just performing in choirs or doing solo work or just being in the ensemble

    I also have some experience in dance I have taken Hip-hop, baton-twirling, greek dancing, and tap

    It has always been my dream to be on TV and make people laugh! I LOVE to work with Rachel Crow and it would be an honor to work with her because I look up to her! And I will be up for anything! If you give me just background work I will give it my ALL, even if I am only in one scene and have no lines it would still be a HUGE deal to me and I will seriously give it everything i have!

  75. Sadaf

    Hi- My name is Sadaf and I am 21 years old. I have brown hair and light brown eyes. I am 5’4 and 130 pounds. My body type is curvy. I love to act and am told that I am quite good. Please consider me for a role in this show. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks!

  76. Tiara

    i am 17
    love to smile and have fun
    i am a hard worker
    i take my job seriously
    i love to act
    i am respect, respondable, honest, organize, hard worker
    i never give up on anything.
    i’m with one source talent
    thank you for taking the time to read this

  77. Tierra Davis

    D.O.B~ May 06, 1999 and please choose me:) I am a very committing girl and no one ever chooses me for anything. It’s because of my weight for my age but that shouldn’t stop anyone from doing what they love which is acting for me and Im HUGE and my doctor even said that but I’m extremely flexible for my weight I can hit a full split, a wall split and much more. I am from a small town in Tuscaloosa Alabama and it would be so nice if I would be chosen for this show and I forgot to mention I’m Afro America! Lol but I’m from a very poor family and everybody teased me and this would be proof somebody would work with me for my personality and not because I’m skinny:) ~ Tierra Davis

  78. Miranda Thibodeau

    Hi my name is Miranda Thibodeau and I watch Rachel on the X factor and I cried with her when she lost. I went to see big time rush on the summer tour and I was told Rachel was suppose to go but she didn’t I was upset. I got the tickets to see her and I was in the front row I still had fun but i was a little disappointed. I am 14 years old and I’m from a small town in Maine with a bug dream! I love Nickelodeon and it’s my lifes dream to be an actress. I have wanted this since I was little other little girls wanted to be princesses while I wanted to be an actress!! I would do anything!! Acting is my passion kind of like singer is hers. But the difference in singing and acting is that in singing you let out your feelings and problems but in acting you put them aside and get to be someone else and in acting most of the time theres a happy ending. I want my happy ending I’m chasing my dream please help me succeed it!!

  79. Lucia Diamond

    Hi, my names Lucia (pronounced Luchia)
    Gender: Female
    Born: 5/11/97
    Age: 15
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair style: Lonag and Wavy
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height: 5’5″
    Size: Uk12
    Language: English, I can speak a little bit of both Irish and Spanish too.

    I live in Ireland,( but I would soon move to America if I got the part) and would love to have the opportunity to work with Nickelodeon in America! I would love to audition for this show because acting is the one thing I love, and I could bring this show the luck of the Irish,hehe. I would love to have the opportunity to work on an amazing upcoming show. I’ve acted in past school and community plays, and I joined a dance group for 2-3 years.
    I would do anything for a chance like this, and would be so greatful for it! Thank you so much for even looking at this comment!

  80. Maya Clary

    Hey! My name is Maya-Alisa Clary. Im a 17 year old who has ALWAYS wanted to be on an Nick or Disney show! I am African-American and a junior in high school. Im 5’1, yes I know im short but hey short people are in! I am all about fun and a good-time but im willing to work hard for anything. I am determined to make it big but all I need is that chance. Good luck to everyone auditioning!

  81. Shannon Mitchell


    Shannon Mitchell
    Never acted before but catches on quickly.
    Different and special person your ever meet.
    Im quirky funny loves to sing.

    I have purple hair and is 5’7.

    I want to act and sing for my parents.
    They have trouble at home and its mostly me.

    I have astha and is always sick.

    Dont let that stop you from picking or thinking about picking me to be in one of your tv shows.

    I can be the best.

    Cantact me.

  82. alexes welsh

    hi!!! my name is alexes welsh
    curly light brown hair
    brown eyes
    height; 5’5
    peruvian japanese scottish irish
    hello i would absolutley love to be an actress its has always been a dream of mine i have done modeling ,dancing ( salsa,ballet) and plays in school im an A student in eigth grade in national juniors honer society i weight 106 pounds i live in florida im always energetic i guess hyper is the word very enthusiastic love being around people super freindly and positive ! thanks for reading!!:):):):)

  83. Molly McCourt

    Name: Molly
    Ethnicity: Mexican-Irish
    Age :12
    Weight :120 lbs
    Height 5’1


    Fluent in Sarcasm 😉

    Giggling :)
    Hanging with friends <3
    Being loud & crazy

  84. Jake Vivial

    I’m Jake Vivial I play a lot of instruments and love Rachel crow she is so awesome I think I would be great because like Rachel I have a reason a perpose in a way we are like the same person her music speaks and that’s how I am so consider me:) thank you, Jake Vivial

  85. Kassidy Walters

    Hi I’m Kassidy! I’m 14 years old & I live in PA. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m 5’7″ and Caucasian. My dream has always been to be an actress. I love to act in school productions and drama club. I would be a very hard working and talented actress. I love Rachel Crown and her music, she is such an inspiration to me. I think Nickelodeon and this show would be a great start to my acting career. Thanks!

  86. chyna ferrell



    Race:African American


    Hair Color:Brown

    Eye Color:brown


    Features:i am 5’2…….and im medium sized

    Personality: bubbly,sassy(some times),funny,and very smart

    I love to learn new things and i also love to travel and spend time with my friends and family……<3.<3

  87. matthew geber

    i know i am late but i really want to be in the acting business.

    I am 12 years old born on march -2-2000 my hair color is black and my eyes are brown i live in new jersey i really want this acting thing it is a life long dream if i don’t get accepted i will keep trying till i get it

  88. Marshelle Kemp

    Name: Marshelle Kemp
    Age: 15
    Ethnicity: African American
    I’ve always loved acting but I fell in love with it when I saw my rolemodel, Selena Gomez in a movie called Wizards of Waverly Place ever since I saw that I fell in love with acting. I’m good at memorizing lines and making people laugh. I’d love to pursue my acting career and being in this movie would help. I’m not in it for the fame. I’m in it to be me and to tell a story to people. I want to be able to inspire people like Selena Gomez did for me. you should email me because I’m different I’m not like everyone else I’m just me. thanks!

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply.. Look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

  89. cierra mckenna

    i am mixed with everyting and have dark brown hAIR and brown eyes i am a very experienced singer actor and dancer. I goto a school for the arts i do muse machine and am very funny i take direction ver very good. I can make anybody laugh and am very outging when someone is down i pick them up. I would be a great choice far any kind of show i have played in the wizard of oz and many more. I can play comedy ,serious any kind of role i can sing very very good and this has been my dream forever.

  90. ana ayala

    Hi i am ten years old my name is ana and i watch the x factor and i loved u alot and i would love to lake this auditoin

  91. nicole rihanne

    im really serious about having an acting career.
    My name is nicole.
    my DOB is 04/12/1999
    i would love to be on nickelodeon, icarly, victorious, fred.. anything
    i have brown hair and brown eyes. please email me back!

  92. Ciara bailey

    Hi my name is Ciara and im 15 years old,I love to sing dance and I would love to have the opportunity to be on the Rachel crow show she is such an amazing talent and to work along side her would be amazing

  93. Elizabet Contreras

    I am very interested in being part of her show i am a very outgoing person i love to sing and to be in everything and always demonstrate excellent leadership skills. i also love seeing Rachel sing on the x factor

    Height:5” 3′
    Wight:115 lb.

  94. Danna

    Hey-o! I really want this postion because Singing is all my life. I was bullied when I was younger and singing is what made me control my self to not make big mistakes. I love to write songs and perform. God has helped me to become who I am and I love Nickelodeon. Imma HUGE fan and I wanna be apart of an AWESOME channel that will help me with my dreams. Plz All I need is one shot and I will make U very proud. Thx!

  95. Kierra Owens

    Hello! My name is Kierra, and as many people would like to do, I would like to audition for this sitcom. I am 14 years old with brown eyes and brown hair. I wear glasses and I am 5’5. I love to hang out with my friends and sing and dance in my spare time. I am pretty good at acting, even though I have never done it before. I write stories and I like to act some stuff out when I read other stories. I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I can speak a little bit of Spanish and my first language is english. I would love to have a chance to just audition, and maybe show the world my talent!
    Thanks for your time.

  96. Anna

    hi im Anna im a girl who really really wants to sing with Rachel i really love her singing it gets me so happy when i hear her sing i want to sing with you Rachel im only 11 but ill be 12 in november 3 i wish Rachel would like to sing with me <3 Anna

  97. Tati

    Hey I’m Tati I’m 15 years old from New York and I would like updates for these casting calls, thank you (:

  98. Lena byrd

    I love singing and everybody thinks I’m funny I make people laugh I’m more like Sam from icarly that’s what my mom says we both love meat ,lol but yes I have been singing since I was six when I really. Discovered my voice ,and I for the X factor for Los Angeles but anyway I love making people laugh and just having fun with my life.

  99. Kyle Keiran

    Hi, i just have to tell you , i absoutley love rachel, im a big fan, so if you need a sidekick/ best friend im the perfect girl, i am 13, blue/green eyes, HT 5,4, weight is average, brown hair, i have the goofiest personality so please, please contact me.

  100. Liv

    Hey I’m Liv :)
    It would be sooo amazing on the Rachel Crowd Show!
    I love she as she went to X Factor!
    I have watched every show and votet für Rachel *-*
    She is soo beutiful and perfect ♥
    Soo this is my big dream to meet her and when I can played with her on the show this would be soo damn amazing!!
    I love her ♥
    xx Liv :)
    xx Liv :)

  101. Maleik Robinson

    Hi my name is Maleik Robinson I’m 14yrs old I have black hair and hazel eyes. I would really love to be apart of the Nickelodeon family me and my brother and sisters have been watching Nickelodeon sense we were little. Being apart of the Nick family will be exciting but more importantly a blessing I’m from Detroit MI opportunities like this are things that kids like me dream of me and my siblings are trying to make it big we have the drive and we are ready to show America what we can do I pray to God that you all give me a chance…..Thanks Hope I Get A Chance To Follow My Dreams :)

  102. Rebecca

    hi my names rebecca im 13 play flute get good grades youll always have fun with me im dedicated and love to have fun please consider me

  103. Madison Robinson

    Name: Madison Elizabeth Robinson
    DOB: 12/22/97
    hair color: black and red (naturally: curly and brown but It’s colored and always straight)
    eyes: they change colors in the light from brown to green and sometimes goldish brown.
    Strengths: Acting and dancing.
    ethnicity: Caucasian, African American and Native American.

    I love to act and go to an online school which makes my hours extremely flexible. I am mature for my age and take these types of things very seriously. I have been a dancer and in the chorus in two school plays. I have done several monologues at my old school in drama class and got very good grades on them. If I put my mind to something, I CAN do it! If i’m given the chance i promise you won’t be disapointed.

  104. Madison Robinson

    Name: Madison Elizabeth Robinson
    DOB: 12/22/97
    hair color: black and red (naturally: curly and brown but It’s colored and always straight)
    eyes: they change colors in the light from brown to green and sometimes goldish brown.

  105. Chetnica cadeau

    Hi my name is chetnica cadeau i love acting with all my heart i would love to audition for your show it my life to act

  106. Austin Hearron

    My name is Austin Hearron, I live in Washington State, I’m 15 years old (almost 16), I love acting, singing, rapping, directing, And writing. I use to have a sketch comedy webshow called Mega Smash Comedy, where I use to direct the videos, write scripts, and act. Acting is something I’ve been super passionate about since I was about 5 years old, I use to be in acting classes in 3rd – 5th Grade. I’m 5’9″ about 140lbs dark brown hair, blue eyes. I would love to be part of Nickelodeon, I’ve wanted to be ever since Drake and Josh first aired. I remember watching it and saying to myself ” that’s gonna be me one day” please e-mail anytime, I want this more than anything.

  107. Elexus Glass

    name: Elexus Glass
    Age: 13
    Birthday: november 4th 1998
    City: hemet, ca
    Race: african american
    Hair: dark brown
    Eyes: dark brown
    Weight: 124
    Height: 5’4-5’5
    Grade: 8th

  108. Airrick Dotson

    Name: AIRRICK
    Ethnicity: African Amerian/ hispanic
    Age :17
    Weight :200 lbs
    Height 5’7



    Beaty and the Beast
    Sound of Music


    lots of laughs
    Living life

    Music and acting is my whole life everyday i wake up its something new to sing about…………………………..

  109. Sade Scott

    My name is Sad’e Scott , I live in Colorado. I have curly brown hair and big brown eyes. Im mixed with black in white. Ive performed in many natural pageants and placed high. Im naturally hilarious and crazy ! I been announced as best improv actress at my school and I love acting. Im pretty much the daredevil. Dissapointment is no match against me ! I always rise to the occassion and will get thingadone !

  110. Elexus Glass

    im 13 about to turn 14 next month and im 5’4 im african american and ima pretty good actor i wanted to be an actor all of my life since i was six years old its been 7 going on 8 years now i always act in front of family and friends when they dont know im acting becouse im believeable actress and i love acting and i feel like thats what i was put on this earth 4 acting its my passion and my dream i will love to be on rachels show becouse like i said i love acting and i love and look up to her and i believe i worked my way to my dream and i want this more than u can imagine

  111. Gianna Malloy

    Hello Nick :)

    Name (Full) : Gianna Shae’ Malloy
    Age: 13
    DOB: 7/18/99
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 108lbs
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Race: African-American

    Hello, my name is Gianna Malloy and I am a singer, actress, and athlete. I am currently living in Germany, and I know this may or may not be a reason for you to pick me, but I truly hope there is a way I could still be considered. My father is stationed in Germany, so I will not be returning state side till summer ’13. Recently I have begun vocal lessons, and I have done plays in the children’s theatre in Savannah, Georgia such as Babes in Toyland and The Wind in the Willows. I have also been in a Christmas story put on for the military community. I am very focused on what I want and I am ready to put in the time and work needed to succeed in the entertainment business. Along side singing and acting I also am on my school’s track and field team, I am a sprinter and long jumper. My sprinting events are 100 meters, 200 meters, and sometimes 400 meters. I do not have experience on television, but I am excited, willing, and prepared to learn the ropes. Thank you for you time:).

  112. Alyssa white

    Hello my name is Alyssa white I’m a Triple threat as some call it i sing dance and act and to be on a show would be the best opportunity ever I’m 16 years old and i really want my voice to be heard ! Please give me a chance:) i wont let you down

  113. Carrington Isiah Blade

    Hey, My name is Carrington Blade im 12 and, i’ve seen you on X-factor an im a fan of yours. But i seen you are having a show ,and i think i’d be perfect for it. I dance sing and act, i went to acting class for the last three summers while playing on my aau basketball team. I haven’t always wanted to sing,dance,and act really wanted to be an olympic athlete. If your what i look like im 5’2 ,brown eyes, black hair, kinda skinny, Dark skin, and often wear hazel contacts clothining im use to wearing Levi Skinny jeans ,Snapbacks, Rosaries, Nike elite socks, Cargos, Jean jackets, and Hollister Co.

  114. Madisyn Allen

    My name is Madisyn Allen
    Im 13 years old but can do any given age.
    Im african american, dark brown hair and pretty brown eyes
    I am a songwriter, singer,dancer, and I love to act.
    I have a bright, funny and one of a kind personality/mind.
    I focus on what I want to accomplish and set goals. Im a funny person but serious when I need to be.
    And I think it would be a honor working with someone that has had that point of view. Thats why I should get a role. Thank u

  115. Jaleny

    Hi my name is Jaleny and I’m 12 years old. I have blue eyes and I have brown hair. I’m funny,nice and i have good marks. Plzz give me this shot. I’ve been in school plays. And i love acting and singing. Plzz pick meeee, thank you and have a nice day



  117. Tiana Larmond

    I’ve been striving for an acting career forever. Its my dream and it would be a pleasure working side by side with Rachel Crow.My age is 14. Im adventerous,fearless,and determind. So please at least give me the chance to audition and show my talent to you here in Atlanta,GA , Im willing to do anything. Thank You for your time! (:

  118. Michelle

    i would love to be a part of the rachel crow show(hey it rhymes! :) i would just need to know what its about, im 5’8.5″ and im 13 years old and im athletic.

  119. destiny

    Hi im Destiny. Im 12 years old, I turn 13 in January. I love Rachel Crow.
    Birthday-January 6 2000
    Body type-slim
    Hair color-brown and blonde
    Eye color-dark brown
    I did ballet jazz and hip-hop for about 3 years and I have been in choir since kindergarden and I have been in a play when I was 7.

  120. Gavin Santiago

    Hi, i’m Gavin. After i read this, the first thing i did was look up her audition on the x factor. She is amazing:-). I think she has what it takes to b the next big Nickelodeon star. I would really love to be in this show with her. I understand that you have to deal with thousands of people wanting to start in shows like this, and that there are alot of people that deserve an opportunity like this more than I do. My dream is to become an actor, and to be someone’s role model. I am a 14 year old boy, I am 5 feet tall, and 95 pounds. I took drama last year, whice is when i realized how much i love acting. I know how to put enthusiasm into my acting, and my teacher said i was one of the best. I can also dance. I understand if u don’t need me, but the most i will hope for is a response. Thank you.:D

  121. chyazia

    Hi its me again i know that i have already made a response but this is how much i want it to is my fist time actually taking that chance that i could be in a show you dont know how much this would mean to me the problem is their will not be any auditions taking place in kansas City if you could some how make that possible i would be very thankful sincerly, chyazia

  122. Na'ima Ball

    Hey, name is Na’ima, or Na’ima for short. I am funny, cool, and I sing. Want to learn more email me.

  123. Ronday

    my name is ronday i hae been singing and writting since the age of 15, I am hispanic 5,9 140 lbs i thing i would be a great addition to this show because im fun and outgoing and have singing experience

  124. Anaiya Collier

    hiyaa haha my name is anaiya im 14 years old will be 15 in march im just a youngin trying to make her dreams come true ! i love tooo singggg and dance (: and i love making people laugh im a little goofy and crazy but i dont care what anybody thinks about me i love me for who i am , but since this is a new show i would love to be on it i can audition anywhere for it . just email me thank youu (:

  125. Aubraheeim Brown

    Name:Aubraheeim”AB” Brown
    Hight: 5’8″
    Weight: 155
    Gender: male African American
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Born: february 11 1994,Minnesota
    Personality: I am very down too earth and funny, I joke around very much but can be super serious when i have too. I am very committed to what i do, im very focus on what i want and what i have to do . I have lots of energi and always try my best. In the beginning i can be a bit shy but after a day i can be myself. Im that kind of person that gets along whit everybody and very easy going, when i get to know someone im always my self that is an fun-loving, funny, caring and focust person and im ready to work hard and always do what it takes. I can sing more in a miguel style, with a mix of trey songz , but i put my own style on my music.

  126. Maryka

    My name is Maryka. I am 16 years old. I speak both English and Russian fluently and know basic Spanish and Hebrew. I have some acting experience and have done ad work. I am looking to expanding my acing career. I am about 5’7 and full figured. I hope you will consider me for a role in this new series. -Thank You!

  127. Tommy Delt

    Hi, I know I’m not going to get picked but, put one up anyway. I am african american, I sing,act, and write songs. I Have been looking for a website like this for ages. I Know i’m not going to get picked but its worth a try right?

  128. Tommy Delt

    Hi, I know its 1 in 1000 Chance to be an actor on nick but, i think i have a shot. I’m 13, I am African American, i just started acting but i love to sing/songwrite. I hope you take me into consideration.

  129. April Galindo

    15 years young, Super Talented , Sweet, 5`5 , Nice, vary professional no matter what the chance is e-mail me you wont regret. Give Us Young Actress Or Actors a chance of a lifetime as well as Rachel Crow. Make Our Dreams Come True – Love Feature Sensation April(: <3

  130. Arlen Lopez Duarte

    My name is Arlen Lopez I am 15yrs of age. I would love just to have an opportunity to work with Rachel Crow. I can sort of sing, I play the viola. I also am Hispanic. I want this opportunity extremely bad I want to break from that racial barrier. I want to be a role model for people of my kind and others to show that anything is possible

  131. Rebecca Sage

    Age range: 13-17
    DOB: 11/09/1995
    Height: 5’5 1/2
    Weight: 156lbs
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Bright blue/Green
    Race: white
    Body Type: Athletic
    Special Skills: Acting, Dancing, Modeling ,Can Speak some Spanish, Computer skills, and much more!
    Location: Glendale,AZ
    If anyone gets a chance to read this, I would like to thank you in advance for your time. I am 16 years old with brown hair and Blue eyes I am 5’5 and I’ve always been wanting to do acting, modeling since sixth grade. I am also a dancer for my high school. It is my dream to become an actress and hopefully Auditioning for this role will make my dreams come true.

  132. paige zabel

    Hi my name is Paige zabel
    D.o.b 10/26/99
    from Nashville tn
    Black hair brown eyes
    I really want to be an actress its my dream it would be a dream to work with reacheal crown she is an amazing singer please please please give me a shot to prove everyone wrong no one think I can do it.

  133. Nicolette Palombo

    Hi, my name is Nicolette Palombo. I am 14 yrs old. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. My passion is singing and I love love love Rachel Crow. She is amazing!! I would love to be a part of her show. Please check out my videos on youtube under Nicolette Palombo. :)

  134. Ashley Branch

    Hi, my name is Ashley i am 15 years old i love to act and sing.i participated in school musicals.I have been singing since i was 9 years old and it is my passion.i have a great personality and i enjoy making people laugh.This will be a great opporitunity and im ready to give it all i have, thank you.
    eye color:hazel
    Race:african american
    hair:light brown

  135. rogan vredenbregt

    • Height: 6’1
    • Age: 14
    • Hair: Dark Brown
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Gender: male
    DOB: 10/2/98
    – Hair: Short Brown mini Afro
    – Bio: Hi i am 14 years old and i really enjoy singing and acting. it has been my dream to sing or act professionally. i would really like showing people my fun and serious approach to acting

  136. Jordan Utterback

    I am 13 years old I am a boy I am an awesome singer and actor and I would love an opportunity to be on this show with racheal crow because she is an inspiration to me.

  137. willow

    my name is willow im 11 years old i love to act im going on all web sits to get picked i hope this one work out im sweet nice fun funny cute got one of my cut off like willow smith i love goin shopping goin skateeing skatebording in i hope u can give me a call or just email me love this…

  138. Kathrin Angela Vähi

    Gender: Female
    Age: 12 (May 1, 2000
    Height: 163 cm
    Weight: normal
    Eye color : grey/blue/green
    Hair: brown (curly)
    Experience: school pays

  139. Nyaisha Pierre

    -Name:Nyaisha Pierre




    -Hair: Medium brown

    -Gender: Female

    -Race: African American

    I am very outgoing and outspoken. I love to act, that has been my passion since i was a little girl. I am very cheerful and I almost rarely get mad. I have took acting classes at J.R.P (John Robert Powers) when i was 7,8,or 9 years old. I would be VERY honored and happy if you give me the chance to make you proud and act on a t.v show. Im also a good singer.

    Thank You!

  140. chianti williams

    Hi im chianti i want to let you know that if you pick me for your show you picked the right person because i can read well and i sing and i love Rachel Crow she is a great singer and i have a cosin that was on a show that you know i can dance too I’m in the 4th grade and every spelling yes ever since i was in 1grade i got 100 present on all my spelling and don’t lie either I’m 9 and i always wanted to be on tv I’m a great actress.

  141. Samantha

    Hello, Now before I tell you about me, I wanna say that I wanna be on this show to start my acting career, not to meet some big time celebirty! Acting has been a dream of mine since a very very very young age. I want to be on this show more than the world. I have done my my school’s musicals/plays every year & I sing in my school’s chorus. I choose music over anything basically almost every day. This is my dream & I will do anything I can to make it come true..(:
    Name: Samantha
    Birthday: 9/10/98
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Gender: Girl
    Skills: Singing & Acting & a very very little bit of dancing.

    I wanna sing & act for the rest of my life. I really wanna do something I love for the rest of my life. Like this quote says ‘You don’t wait for your dreams to happen, you make them happen.’ I wanna make my singing & acting dreams come true!(:

  142. Unique Ceus

    Heyy :) My name is Unique Ceus and Im the girl for this show. Before I say anything about my self I just liked to say you are a awesome singer and you outgoing ways push me harder and harder to be a star. Im am 12 years old turning 13 this Febuary, I am in the 7th grade and im 5’1 i have dark blonde hair and I am African American and Indian. My whole life have been dedicated to performing. I have been in dance school all my life and and my voice just comes natural to me i never been did singing lessons before because my voice just comes natural to me i have a strong but soft and fierce voice at the same time.For me to have a opportunity to even be on a show to show my talent would the be the greatest gift anybody could give me, And trust me i know there are alot people who want it and im sure they do but me theirs nothing more i rather do then to share my talent to the world but not just for me but for other people will have the strength to push harder, Everyone has a idol, And you Rachel are one to me so thank you so much and i will hope that you would choose me. Thank you and God Bless <3

  143. Samantha

    Hello, Now before I tell you about me, I wanna say that I wanna be on this show to start my acting career, not to meet some big time celebirty! Even though that would be amazing, that’s not why I WANT to audition for this show. Acting has been a dream of mine since a very very very young age. I want to be on this show more than the world. I have done my my school’s musicals/plays every year & I sing in my school’s chorus. I choose music over anything basically almost every day. This is my dream & I will do anything I can to make it come true..(:
    Name: Samantha
    Birthday: 9/10/98
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Gender: Girl
    Skills: Singing & Acting & a very very little bit of dancing.

    I wanna sing & act for the rest of my life. I really wanna do something I love for the rest of my life. Like this quote says ‘You don’t wait for your dreams to happen, you make them happen.’ I wanna make my singing & acting dreams come true!(:

  144. Jerae' Milton

    Hi, my name is Jerae’ Milton. I recently auditioned for the X-Factor!(: I have the ticket, pictures & everything, it was a great experience! My auditioning city was Kansas City, Missouri. It was my first time traveling ever and it exposed me to ALOT of things.
    Upon coming back from “The X-Factor” I auditioned for Starz 102 a.k.a ARTS-Applause Rising Talent Showcase. I performed in front of Kim Myers & in return was asked to come back and perform in Orlando Florida at the World Marriott Center in December. I was unable to come up with the funding money. I was devastated. I was hoping that this could be my second chance 😀

    Name: Jerae’ Milton
    Age: (15)
    Height: 5’6″
    Education: I am currently a Sophomore. Have never failed and I have always kept good grades.
    Hometown: Michigan
    Race: Mixed(White & African American)
    Eyes: Light Brown
    Personality: Fun, Creative, Enthusiastic, Bubbly, Caring, A Leader, Quick & Fast Learner, Upbeat, Never falls behind kind of girl.
    Talents: Singing, Acting, Improve, Dancing, ect.

    I hope to be hearing from you soon! Thank You for overlooking my information.

  145. Rosa Isela Uvalle

    Hello my name is Rose.=) Let me start of by saying that I am a really outgoing person, I love to random things as pointed out by those close to me. I love and live to make people laugh. Acting is more than a dream, I come from a town that not many people strive to achieve more than a simple government job. I want more that that I want to follow my dreams and do what I enjoy the most. I take criticism as a way of improvement, I love to learn new things, and learn quickly. Performing is a way of releasing stress, and I just enjoy being in front of people. I am a leo and being noticed is what we strive to attain.
    I am 19 years old
    long brown hair
    light skinned.
    I weigh 110
    height is 5’3
    athletic body
    I love to act(1 year) and dance(4 years), not quite the singer but did do choir(2 years).
    I would love to be a part of the nickelodeon family.
    Thank you for your time
    Hopefully I am one of the lucky chosen ones

  146. Jessica Radoicic

    Hi there, I’m Jessica and I would like to be on the show :)

    I’m from Illinois, close into Chicago. I’m 13 years old, and am 5’4, weighing in at about 120. I have blond hair and brown eyes, and am Italian.

    I’ve been acting for a while, in plays such as Annie, and random skits my friends and I put together. I have taken a couple singing lessons, and am improving in that category.I would consider myself someone who is very crazy and outgoing, and love to have fun. I’m loud and bold, and have been told I light up the room. I’m also a dancer, I dance ballet, lyric, acro, and poms. I’m also a writer, and have been told I’m very good at it.:) I also know how to body board and play volleyball (At least, dodging the ball and trying not to get hit in the face) I’ve auditioned for modeling jobs before. I’m not currently with any agency.

    I would love to be on the show, as would every other girl. I think I should be on it because I believe I have a special spark when it comes to acting, and would really like to see myself on TV. I do feel that I would be a good choice. I get along with people easily, and it’s always been a dream of mine.
    Thanks for your time, Jessica.

  147. Ric'kesha Chavez

    Ric’kesha Chavez 4’1″/4’2″ Black Hair, Brown eyes

    Well were do i start My name is Ric’kesha Chavez but my friends call me Ricky. I never acted before in a movie or anything big but i was in my 8th grade choir. Im short, fat, and im african american. Im kind of shy but when you get to know me im funny, outgoing and silly. I know you might be looking for a person that can do more then what i can do but i wish to be apat of this show, i would love to be an extra. Just given a chance to start acting would be a blessing. I think this is all ill put in here because i dont want to bore you, so thank you for reading this and being helpful to me.

  148. Danielle Baudeloque

    Hi my name is Danielle. I have plenty of acting experience.
    I have brown hair and brown eyes. I have light skin. Im 13 years old. Please email me for more info
    Thank you

  149. Kaylah Humphrey

    My name is Kaylah Humphrey. I live in both Los Angeles and San Diego.
    Age:12 – DOB: December 16, 1999 (Can be portrayed as older.)
    Hair color: Dirty Blonde
    Hair texture: Soft, Natural Curls. Can be flat ironed or left natural.
    Eye color: Hazel
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 116 lbs.
    Skin tone: Tan (Not too dark nor too light)
    Special Skills: Acting, Picture taking, Playing the saxophone, Singing, Playing soccer, Playing Softball, and doing Hair and Makeup.
    Why you should consider me: I have a fun and bubbly personality and I’m ready for anything! I’m just getting started in the acting world and i think this show would be great for me! I’m very funny and according to others, quite the charmer. I LOVE to sing and act. I am always the lead in plays, so I have acting skills. I’m very humble and down to Earth, so I don’t think that will change.
    Thanks for considering me and/or reading this!

  150. Taylor Renee Hancock

    Hello. My names is Taylor Hancock, I have been interested in acting for almost a year now. I am 13 years old, In the eighth grade. I’m really funny. I love to be around people, plus I love trying new things! I live in Kentucky. I having been in love with singing and dancing ever since I was 6. I have always wanted to travel, so traveling places shouldn’t be a problem! If you are interested in having me on your show, Just contact me.
    Thanks! xx
    • Height: 4″11,
    • Weight: 103 lbs.
    • Age: 13.
    • Hair: Dark Brown
    • Eyes: Blue/Green
    • DOB: July 19, 1999 (07/19/99)

  151. justin white

    Wassup my name is justin
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Race: black
    Hometown: detroit MI.

    I am a very good acter and I’m very funny so if u need a decent looking funny and cool guy to be a part of the cast I would be the best person for it …. And I’m very open minded , mature and responsible

  152. Kennedy Robinson

    Hi name is Kennedy and I’d like to try out for the rachael crow show I’m 5’4 medium sized mixed with African American and white I can sing and not very sure about acting but I’d like to give it a shot <3

  153. Greta Putnam

    Name: Greta Putnam
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5 foot
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Auburn
    Weight: 110lbs
    Age: 15 (I can look both younger and older than my age)
    I have a passion for acting, dancing, and singing! I would love to be given the chance to audition for even a small part on the show.

  154. Andres Rodriguez

    Hey I’m Andres Rodriguez , I’m a boy 14 year old looking to be in a show, my dream have always been to be a nick star, I’m a great singer and actor, in school I’m always that main character, I’m in highschool freshman

    Thank you for your time

  155. Keiyana

    Born: February 22
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 115lbs
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Race: African-American

    Hi! My name is Keiyana Bryant and I live in sunny California. It has always been a dream of mine to be on a Nickelodeon show. I know I will be a great addition to The Rachel Crow Show because I’m sweet, funny, crazy, bubbly, dorky, a lot of fun, hard-working, and well-mannered, just like I believe Rachel Crow is! I love to sing, act, dance, model, and play my guitar. Singing is definitely a huge passion of mine and it’s what I feel I’m put on earth to do! I’ve been singing since I was 3 years young and I’ve been dancing for 2 years. I also learned how to play the guitar all on my own. I’ve been in two plays, The Phantom of the Opera and Camp Rock 2 the Musical, and that precious feeling I had, after all of my hard work was appreciated by the people who enjoyed the show, was something I will never be able to put into words. Becoming a well-known singer/actress/model/dancer has always been a dream of mine and it would be an honor to work with Rachel Crow, who I’ve been a huge fan of since her first audition on the show XFactor! This would be a fantastic and wonderful opportunity! Thank You:) I’ll be waiting for that email!

  156. Oralia

    hey, my name is oralia and thanks for this oportunity
    Main info about me:
    Age: 11
    Gender: female
    nickname: yaya
    hieght: 4’9
    wieght: about 80 pounds
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: brown
    Race: american/hispanic
    i speak perfect english and a little bit spanish

    dancing(ballet tap jazz hiphop ect)
    working with duct tape

    making stuff out of duct tape
    pogo sticking
    eating sweets

    Acting expirences:
    Dollhouse( guthrie theater)

    Auditions i did:
    a christmas carol
    beauty and the beast


    Favorite colors:
    lime green
    any glittery color

    track & field
    cross country
    some soccer
    i can do 53 sit ups in 30 sec!

    Other stuff:
    i love to run
    i am a FAST learner
    i am a hard worker
    i can curl my tongue ( like a taco, borrito, and a 3-leaf clover)
    i luv any kind of food
    i have a dog named sparkles!

    if you want to know any other just email me!
    thanks for reading!

  157. Jaylah Jones

    My name is Jaylah Jones, I’m from Detroit, Michigan, and I’m 13 years old! I have an amazing personality, I’m well spoken, and I’ve always wanted to act. I just turned 13 this past July, but if you pick me, I promise I wont disappoint.
    I love Rachel Crow, and I would love to be apart of her show!

  158. Armani thomas

    My name is armani and I have a great personality and I yhink me and rachel could be a great mix i love to sing and ill do anuthing just to make my dreams come true and I hope u pick me because im so involved and serious about everything I do

  159. Isis

    Hi, my name is Isis(I would like to be known as that), and I think I’ll be great for the show. I could most likely pull off Rachel’s best friend because I’m really goofy, silly, and sassy. I wouldn’t mind being dumb either. I’m a 13 year African American teenager. I love to play soccer and track. I really hope you consider choosing me, because I’ll work my butt off.

  160. Michael Jacob Efferson

    Hey i am Michael I know that all the people above want it and probably are really good at acting but i would really like to be apart of the Nickelodeon family. I am 15 years old i have brown hair and hazel eyes i am 5″8-5″10. i am white lean and i have to tell you i have never acted before but i can learn quick I live In Louisiana and no i don’t have a southern accent like most people think haha so i hope y’all read this and send me a a responses
    Michael Efferson

  161. Marissa Barrera

    I would love to audition for this show, because first off Rachel Crow is very talented and would love to work with her and also I like to sing and that’s something we have in common.

  162. Sarina Villegas

    Hi my name is Sarina i am 13 years old and as for many people its my dream to become a actress. i understand that this only happens for a few people and i pray that one day i will be one of them. I hope whoever is reading this will take me into consideration and understand i take this serious. i hope to hear from someone very soon but until then i will keep trying.

  163. Bianca Rendon

    Hi my name is Bianca Rendon, I am 12 years old, going on to 13 and I have a passion for Acting/Singing/Songwriting! I am 5’5, Hisapanic, and my hair is brunette with 2 purple strands in the front. I have brown eyes and a amazing Personality! I like to write songs when I have nothing to do I perform to my friends and family, I also act in school plays when they open acting classes! I really love to sing, act and write songs. If you’re asking why I chose to be on the Rachel Crow show Is because I have been bullied and I have been put down by people saying that I’ll never make it. But I believe I can make it, No matter what they say I’m still going to go at the big time. Because I love to do that and Rachel Crow made me believe more that I can make it to the big time because she made it…So I have a chance to make it too and It would be a honor working on a show with her. Thank you :)

  164. Bianca

    Hi my name is Bianca Rendon. I am 12 years old and going on to 13. I have a big passion of singing/songwriting/acting! I am fun, outgoing and loving! I am a Hispanic girl. I am 5’5 ,my eyes are brown and my personality is just amazingly awesome and I always wanted to be a Singer/songwriter / actress … I am chooseing to be on the Rachel Crow show because I have been bullied saying that I’ll never make it to the big time but Rachel Crow makes me believe that I can…. I just wanted to say that..thank you :)

  165. Melinda Baptista

    My name is Melinda I. Baptista and I am 14 years of age.
    I have always wanted to act and have never had many opportunities in and around my city. I am confident and bubbly but I definitely know when to be serious. I am a singer and I have a passion for acting too. I hope that this could be an opportunity to really shine.

    Thank you

  166. Iesarn

    I think this is one of the most important info for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But wanna remark on some general things, The site style is perfect, the articles is really nice : D. Good job, cheers

  167. Macy Marcum

    Hello my name is Macy Marcum. I am 17 years old and 5’6. I have already put in my info to audition, but I thought I might tell you a little about myself that wasn’t included. I would love to be part of the show , I dont want to be on the show just to meet the band. I want to be on the show to express my talent, entertain people, and make them laugh. I often talk to my family about dreams of becoming an actor. They usually say that my dreams are too big or unrealistic – but isn’t that why they’re called dreams? My family is not supportive of what I really want to do, but I wont give up, that’s just not me. I also graduate high school in December and I have no idea what i want to be or do in my life, and that’s scary. But I do know that I have always wanted act and make people happy. And I think your show can get me there. So if you gave me chance I would love to be part of your show. Thank you.

  168. Macy Marcum

    Hello my name is Macy Marcum. I am 17 years old and 5’6. I have already put in my info to audition, but I thought I might tell you a little about myself that wasn’t included. I would love to be part of the show , I dont want to be on the show just to meet the band. I want to be on the show to express my talent, entertain people, and make them laugh. I often talk to my family about dreams of becoming an actor. They usually say that my dreams are too big or unrealistic – but isnt that why they’re called dreams? My family is not supportive of what I really want to do, but I wont give up , that’s just not me. I also graduate high school in December and I have no idea what i want to be or do in my life, and that’s scary. But I do know that I have always wanted act and make people happy. And I think your show can get me there. So if you gave me chance I would love to be part of your show. Thank you.

  169. Rose Fuege

    Hi I’m Rose.
    Date of birth: 10/28/2001
    Currently 10 years of age
    Living in New Jersey.
    I am an awesome singer. I’ve been singing for a few years now and I think I’m ready

  170. Shara

    Hello! My name is Durshara Kirby (but Shara is preferred) and I’m 16 years old. Acting and singing are my passions, and I plan on making them apart of my career as I get older. I’m 5’2″ in a half, and I’m African American. Rachel Crow is a very talented young girl, and she’s honestly one of the reasons why I’m applying for this. To work with that kind of talent and live my dream would be amazing, and I would love to be given the chance to do this. I live in Michigan & I have worked on at least one acting project, a play in which me and a group of other young actors/actresses wrote a play and then performed it and, although the role wasn’t large, people said that I (although with the cast) did an amazing job.

    This would be an amazing opportunity and I thank you for allowing me and others to have a chance at living their dream. Thank you for your consideration.

  171. Carrington

    My name is Carrington and i would like to audition for this show. I think i will be a good person for this job because acting is one of my interests.I’m 5″7, light-skinned Afican-American. Ihave a great personaility that is funny but knows when to be serious, sweet and pay very good attention when need to. Please consider me.
    -Thank you :)

  172. Rhiannon Wills

    hi. i am rhiannon. ive been reading these and think i have a pretty good idea on how to do these. im 13 almost 14 and everyone says i look 16 or 17. i love to act and sing. and i am always making up new characters and using them everyday. its like my life is one big movie. i dont know how people would describe me. but my friends think im pretty fun. i love nickelodeon and infact im watching spongebob right now. i was in choir for 4 years and am in it now. i really love to sing. when im in school im always singing and i get yelled at alot by my friends and classmates and teachers to shut up. i believe i have a very good voice and have been told by almost everyone who has heard me sing to pursue a career in singing. i am always acting dramatic because i love to pretend everything is ten times better or worse than it should be. i would die for just one chance to pursue a career in acting or singing. <3 thanks

  173. Jose Suero

    My name is Jose suero, I’m 20 yearls old and I’m from Dominican Republic but I’m living in the Bahamas Right now I Speak Speanish Fluently and ENglish I also know some portuguese how can I audition My dream is To become an actor I wish I could be in one of your shows…..please answer me.

  174. Somer Ann

    Hello, my name is Somer pronouced Summer. (:

    Gender: Female

    Age: 14

    Birth date: 09/06/1997

    Race: caucasian

    Grade: 9th ; freshyyy(:

    Hair: Dark Blonde and wavy (I usually straighten it)

    Eyes: Blue, but i actually i have different colors in them. They are dark blue around the edge, crystal blue by the pupal and they have light green streaks! I do wear glasses, but i wear my contacts alot!

    Height: 5’4

    Weight: 142

    Body Type: Curvy

    Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA

    Hobbies: Dance, sing, draw.

    Sports: Tennis, softball, baketball.

    I don’t have any professional experiences in acting but im really good at learning new things quickly!

    Personality: Loud, funny, shy at first, always laughing, bubbly, hard-working.

    Why I would like to be picked: I have always wanted to be on Nickelodeon as a kid. It has been my dream for the longest time to get slimed!! I look at Rachel as a GRAND inspiration. I watched her on The X-Factor, and i voted for her!! I know how to be serious when its needed, but im also bubbly and laughable. I can really get into character, so im not shy to be the clueless/crazy character on the show!

    Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.
    Bye. <3 x

  175. Veronica Santini

    Hi my name is Veronica and I love acting! Music is another major thing in my life but I want to focus on acting right now.

    Here are a few details about me:

    Age: 15 years old

    DOB: April 11, 1997

    Height: 5’6ish.. I’m pretty short

    Ethnicity: Hispanic/ Puerto Rican/ Latina

    Hair color: Curly Brown

  176. Janay

    Hello my name is Janay. I am 15 years old and I have wanted to be an actress for a long time but I was never given the opportunity. I love making people laugh and brightening others day

  177. Stephanie

    ello! My name is Stephanie Perez. Im Puerto Rican. I love acting, and i would like to make a career. I have little expirience with acting but if given the opportunity i would work hard and give my 100%.
    • Height: 5’2
    • DOB: 11/23/1994
    • Age: 17
    • Hair: medium light brown
    • Eyes: hazel

  178. taylor myers

    hi there, my name is taylor myers i am 11 years old 12 on october 5th i a currently taking voice lessons from an amazing teacher i have also gotten the solo in my school spring concert for singing as well i have been in a play too. went to several acting/modeling auditios all have ben scams except for one a modeling one that i have gotten a “callback” from but sadly, my grandma couldnt afford the 150 dollars that was requierd for a portfolio, my grandma is an amazing women and always says that if your good enougth and they want you to be in a show etc. they wont have you pay money, but please this is my DREAM and i know you hear that all the time but this really is my DREAM my passion and i couldnt imagine myself doing anything else but performing infront of thousands of people plus i have had experiance and i am not shy at all! so please pick me!! :)

  179. Elicia Hernandez

    Hey i’m Elicia Hernandez!
    Born: May 7,1998
    Age: 14 years old
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Caramel
    Gender: Female
    Race: Hispanic
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 115lbs
    State: Texas
    *** Well i am a singer, actress, and sometimes i model and dance. I used to be in Celebrity Star Event with Adrian R’ Mante, Matthew Timmons, Tanya Chrisholm, Tyler Steelman, Phill Lewis, Alyson Stoner, Jonathan Goldsteen, Cameron Goodman, and Giovonnie Samuels. So i have had experience. I have also been with OneSource Talent. I would really appreciate it if you would respond to me. Thanks and Have a blessed day!

  180. chyazia hughes

    Hi my name is chyazia and i would like to be in rachel crow’s new show i would put every thing i have in this show i have always wanted to be on a tv show watching the stars and how lucky they are to be up there and be so talented if you picked me you won’t regret it i love to act and i can be dramatic at times but thats how actress become the way they are you don’t know how much i would apriciate this so much and if you could say hi to rachel crow for me would you Thank you so much you won’t regret this Chyazia

  181. joshua lavizzo

    I am a african-american boy named Joshua lavizzo I wanna be on this show cause ive been in drama in middle school I’m going to high school now so I’m joining drama then I am a very bubblely person on some days I can be mean I would love to work along side of Rachel cause she seems pretty cool if u need to contact me 😉 hope u pick me thanks for reading 😉

  182. Ny'Keria Traxler

    Name : Ny’Keria Traxler

    Age: 13

    Birthday : December 12, 1998

    Height : 5’5

    Weight : 110

    Race : African American

    Reason Why I Would Love To Be Apart : I would love to be on The Rachel Crow Show because I live in Magee, Mississippi. And in Mississippi not many dreams happen here and this would be a dream come true

  183. chianti williams

    born:december 5,2002
    skills:jump rope,basketball
    talent sing ,dance,model,act
    eye color:light brown
    hair color:black

  184. Gabrielle Stubbs

    Hii, my name is Gabrielle. I am 14 years old. Im from Nassau, Bahamas. I am extremely talented. I can sing, dance, act, anything needed of me, I can do. I am not afraid to put my best foot forward. I would love to be on Nickelodeon. Not because of fame, money and anything else that comes with it. I just want to be an inspiration for other young Bahamians. That have always dreamed, but never get the chance to allow there dreams to come true.

  185. camryn hayes

    Hello my name is camryn Hayes I am 14 I live in Grand priaire I’m was a cheerleader in 7th and 8th grade I was in sevral church and school plays I’m about 5’3 and also used to do ballet when I was 4. Please I would love to be on the Rachel crow show

  186. chianti williams

    Name:chianti williams
    Born:December 5,2002
    Talent:dance,sing, act
    Skills:jump rope, basketball
    Eye color: light brown
    Hair color:black

  187. Marcell Whitfield

    DOB: September 22, 1997
    Age: 14
    Gender: male
    Ethnicity: African- American
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: brown
    Height: 5″7
    Weight:150 lbs
    Talents: I sing, act, model, and play multiple instruments

  188. Victoria Romero

    Hi my name is Victoria I’m 13 years old, and I live Los Angeles. I’m 5’1 and I love to sing and act. I have experience in acting, I’ve acted at the playground with Gary Spatz. I’m also very experienced in singing, I’ve been singing for 5 years. Please consider me

  189. Kathy Rodriguez

    name:kathy rodriguez
    age 17
    DOB 8/7/1995
    height: 5’1
    body type average. dark brown hair, brown eyes, half Guatemalan half american. I love to sing, have been singing since age 5 I love Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande they are both my inspirations

  190. sophie

    I am sophie and i would really love to have a role in one direction sitcom.I am 15, 1,58, with blonde curly hair and green eyes..I also wear glasses. I have nere taken acting classes,except of my school.But i think that i could do a very good work.I am fron Greece and I also live there.I would appreciate it if you could email me anytime.

  191. Valerie Robinson

    I would Love to star in show along with Rachel Crow.Rachel is a very beautiful girl and I loved her since she auditioned for the X-Factor.I also loved her on Fred:The Show and on Big Time Rush.I believe I am good for this show because I am very funny, outgoing and very serious when It comes to my work. I have acted a few times, none of the being television roles.I love to entertain people and making people laugh Is what I do best. Giving me a chance to audition would be mind blowing, thank you for your time.

  192. Erika Pereira

    Hi, I’m Erika
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 115
    Experience: Various school plays, Dear Santa, Idiots guide to Highschool, 10 ways to be popular, Grease, Tombstone Terror Stories, and The elf who stole Christmas
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
    Hair color: Auburn/Chestnut (Willing to change)
    Age: 14
    Birthdate: 3/15/98
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Hispanic/American

    Im a big fan of all Nickelodeon shows, and would love to take part in any available roles. Please contact me
    It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  193. kaila


    Hi my name is Kaila (Kayla) and i love singing and acting. I started singing when i was about 8 i and when i started i just could not stop. I would really love to be on Rachel crow new show because i grow up watching nickelodeon and it was always my dream to be on a nickelodeon show. It will be amazing if i get a part in this show i am a pretty good actor and i will get better each and everyday.

  194. qadirah

    hi i’m qadirah.
    ethnicity: african american, half west indian
    eye color: dark brown/ black
    hair color: dark brown/ black
    DOB: may 6, 1999
    i am from maryland
    i really would love this! i also want to meet and be like best friends with rachel. i look up to her and she has had the most amazing oppurtunities in life ever since the x factor and i love her. she is talented for a girl her age especially

  195. Rachel Reddin

    Name: Rachel Redding
    Birthday: October 26th, 1996
    Age: 15 almost 16
    Hair: Blonde, straight
    Eyes: Hazel
    Height: 5’3
    Race: White
    Currently living in: Houston, Texas
    Experience: Classically trained in Ballet, Modern, & Jazz. School plays, some modeling for local dance studio.
    Personality: Upbeat, quirky, sarcastic, outgoing, social, funny, confident, respectful
    I LOVE Rachel Crow! I voted for her on the X-Factor every single week and saw her on tour with BTR and Cody Simpson. I would like to explore an acting career along with opportunities in dance. I’ve been told I look younger than I am, but I seem older than my age. I have been dancing for about 10 years now, and have been cast in supporting roles in school productions. I used to make sketches and funny little youtube videos in middle school. I would like to explore singing, I have taken a few singing lessons. I also have done some modeling for a local dance studio and local photographers around Houston.

  196. Kristen Cahill

    Hey 😀 So I would love to be on this show.
    So I’ve never really acted before but i think i would be good at it.
    But who knows maybe im not.
    I Just really want to be an Actor because it would be so much fun for me plus i love Rachel Crow. 😀
    I think it would be a good Experience for me too.
    I am 15 and i can sing (So people say haha) But idk if that means anything. Plus i have red hair! Thats neat huh? Just kidding idk what that has to do with anything.
    Well i think it would be amazingly fun and a good experience.

  197. Brooklyn Smallwood

    Name: Brooklyn Smallwood
    Gender: Female
    Birthdate: July 9, 1998
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 105
    Body type: Athletic
    Race: White
    Hobbies: I enjoy making people laugh, hanging out with my friends and family, and playing sport.

  198. Erin Lingerman

    Height: 5’6
    Age: 18
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Green/blue
    DOB: 04/22/1994

    I love to sing and always wanted to act.

  199. Kalie Smith

    name: Kalie Smith
    Age: 15
    Birthday: September 30
    State: Ohio, US
    Race: white
    Hair: medium length, blonde with brown underneath
    Eyes: green
    Weight: 103
    Height: 5’3
    Grade: 10th
    i used to be in choir, i took a lot of dance classes when i was younger, ive played soccer my whole life, i also was a cheer leader & volleyball player (:
    this would be a wonderful experience

  200. shuail nabeel shuail

    my name is shuail nabeel shuail my mother is white father is half black half white i am from a country so close to Dubai i turned 17 years on july 2nd 2012 i am a big fan of movies and my dream one day to be a director like Chris Nolan i wish to start my dream with acting in one of the most popular channels be a tv star and walk in the path of my dreams

  201. Omar Miranda

    Name: Omar Miranda
    Age/D.O.B: 17 / 05-041995
    Occupation: Student/ Senior in High school
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Appearance :
    > Gender: Male
    > Height: 6’0
    > Weight: Approx. 127 (skinny)
    > Hair Color: Dark Brown
    > Eye Color: Brown
    > Watching Movies
    > Going to the beach
    > Being with family
    > Meeting new people
    > Writing Scripts/Stories
    Why would I like to be on the show?:
    > I am an aspiring actor trying to find a role somewhere. I want to prove to people that dreams do come true ! Many people say I wont be able to make it into the industry because my chances are slim, but I am working by myself in trying to become an actor. I would love to be on this show because I can relate to Rachel, coming from a poor family and chasing their dreams. I absolutely love Rachel Crow and supported her in the XFactor. I love to act and if ever given the chance I will not disappoint. I know I can do this, and want to show everyone that they can do whatever they put their mind on, they can do it as well. I am up for anything if it’s from being the goofball, to being the villain of the show, i am very nice,funny and outgoing person in reality though. I can pull it off. Please take me into your consideration when opening auditions for this show.

  202. Michelle Maldonado

    I would love to be an actor, singer, or songwriter in Rachel crows in show and I’m happy to be an extra and say some lines
    Age:12 (maybe young but I can do lots of things)
    Talents: singer-songwriter, actor, and can dance with practice
    Currently writing a new song and I would to Rachel crow and me to sing it. The is called “never change”. A song about being who r u and not to change cause everyone is perfect the way they are.
    3rd grade- wrote first song and school dance contest between classes
    4th grade- entered talent show and school play
    5th grade- hill performers a school music class that performs and complete against schools we played the recorder
    6th grade- hill band same thing but play the drums and percussion insturments
    Church plays and talents shows
    I don’t like to perform alone because I’m a team person theres no I in team
    Birthday: jan 21 00
    Fun fact: left-handed and also double jointed
    Born in and half raised in: Norwalk,Connecticut 7 in a half yrs
    Half-raised in:Houston,Texas 4 in a half yrs and located there
    Other: I’m learning to play guitar and reads a lot. Also very good at cheering people up. Spends most of her time reading, writing songs, writing books for fun, listening to music, exploring life, having fun. Can’t really fit in but still “Never Change”. Friends use her trod cheer up or using her talent for their needs, but doesn’t mind cause she loves helping! Hopes this helps to make a character for me and this is true about her. Dosent mind if her part is a minor role like a friend, sister, or anything that u can think of.
    I thank u for reading this and hope have have luck

  203. Karla Castro

    Hello , My Names Karla (:
    I’m currently 15 years old, but will be turning 16 next month .
    My D.O.B is September 22 , 1996 (:
    I live in SunValley CA , Los Angeles (:
    My height is very short for a 15-16 year old I’m 5’3 (:
    My hair color is dark brown but it looks black in the dark but it’s dark brown y’all .
    My eye color is dark brown also but they look black as well (:
    My back round : I’m Mexican (:
    About me : Well , I can say my personality is really out going , I smile a lot , my friends say I’m funny , I can get along with almost everyOne I meet (: , I’m very nice , I’m open minded , very enthusiastic , energetic , always pumped for new things , if someone is in need of help I’m there even if I don’t know the person (: , I’m just a short , fun , loving girl who loves making funny faces and loves eating brownies , and hoping her dreams of being on T.v with Miss Rachel Crow would come true , I’m a small girl with big dreams ! 😀 staying positive , always happy , & wishing her dreams would become a reality ! (:

  204. Marlayna Stokes

    Name: Marlayna Stokes
    Height: 5″7
    Race: Bi-Racial
    I think i would be wonderful for this show. I am really inspried by Rachel Crow and love her music. Rachel and I have smililar stories and that why i look up to her. i would love to work with her.

  205. Kendra Shugars

    Hello, My name is Kendra Shugars. I am very passionate about music and when I watched Rachel’s audition for The X-Factor I literally got goosebumps. I think it would be an amazing oppurtunity to be able to act and sing along side this talented and beautiful girl. If you chose me to take part in her show, I know that I will dedicate myself completely. I’m known as trustworthy, hard-working, creative, and talented. I love to act and sing and I am currenlty learning the piano. Music is my life. You can contact me. Thanks!

    Height: 5’7″
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Long brown
    Interests: singing, acting, photography, and traveling.
    Race: Caucasian

  206. kevin

    i love to sing i wont to be a star rachel crow i love you and your music im 11 5’4 tall i was born 2001 march 6 im a african american my name is kevin moses i love nickelodeon all my life thank for every thing

  207. Ariana Silva

    My name is Ariana Silva, I’m 15 years old. Im a sophomore. I live in San Antonio TX. I LOVE acting and singing. And we dont really get casting calls or anything like that in San Antonio so I’m not always aware. I’ve loved acting and singing ever since i was little, which is probably like 5 years old. Please get back at me. i would love too get this opportunity :)

  208. Julee-Anna VanVelzor

    Hello my name is Julee-Anna VanVelzor. I love being an actress. I am a fun and ecentric girl. I act anytime I get a chance, any where from school plays to auditon for shows and commercials. I am also very smart I am and A-B student. I always give 115%.
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’7′
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Birthday: 3/31/1997
    Age: 15
    Race: Alaska native and white
    Hair: brown, medium
    Eye color: Hazel
    skin: tan

    Please consider me for this show and get back to me. Thank you

  209. TAIRAH


  210. Nishae Falu

    • Height: 5’3
    • Age: 20
    • Hair: Short and Dark Brown
    • Eyes: Brown
    • DOB: 11/17/1991
    • Bio: I’m half black and Puerto Rican. I love music and acting, both which i would like to pursue as careers. I can rap, sing, dance, and songwrite. I have only a little bit of experience with acting but I am a hard worker and i always give 110%. I would love to work with Nickelodeon if given the opportunity.

  211. Taryn Chriswell - Jackson

    Name: Taryn Chriswell – Jackson
    Age: Currently 12 years of age
    Birth date: September 1, 1999
    Gender: Female
    African American
    I’m not sure of my exact height but I’m almost 5 feet.

    If needed I can sing very excellently. I sing in my church’s choir and I learn songs quickly.

    I act so great that you’ll think that I am my character. I’ve been in my school’s plays every year I’ve been there. With the exception of 2nd and 4th grade. I’m currently in 8th grade. I memorize scripts well. Not just my lines but everyone else lines also.

    Thank you for your time and I hope I hear from you soon.

  212. Celestia Feagin

    -Ethnicty: African American, Indian,
    Irish ,Bi- Racial
    • Height: 5’3
    • Age: 12
    • Hair: Dark Brown
    • Eyes: Brown
    • DOB:09/15/99
    – Bio: Hi. Everyone im Celestia K. Feagin. I love to sing, Act, And Show My Love Towards anyone i encounter. The Thing thats special about me is that im my own self. I like being me. And only Me. I have 4 Years of experience.I love my fans already. I have a Youtube account and that show I can sing. I have a Great Smile, Personality and other key points need for a actor. Im going to be true to you and say I may not have a chance. But one day I know I can make it. Rachel Crow, Your Awesome. Being Side By Side to you would be a dream come true. So take the time to emal/call me if you can. Check Out My Youtube Videos. And Good Luck To all.

  213. website

    Thanks , I have recently been looking for info about this topic for ages and yours is the best I’ve found out so far. However, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you certain concerning the supply?|What i do not understood is in truth how you’re not actually a lot more smartly-favored than you may be now. You’re so intelligent.

  214. Alissa Ramirez

    Hello! I am a 14 year old girl who lives in fort worth texas who has a passion for singing. This would be a great oppurtunity because i wanted to do something big in my life. I am african american and hispanic and i have curly hair like rachel. She is such an inspiration because she knows that you can do anything you set your heart to, and i would be so greatful to be considered for a part.

  215. Ashley R

    Hi, my name is obviously Ashley. I’m thirteen and I’m about 5”2. I have blue eyes and light chestnut colored hair. I love acting. I have been acting since I was two. I have been to many auditions like the cat in the hat. I have also made many call backs. I can learn my lines very quickly. When I’m acting I take it really seriously, because it’s something I enjoy doing. I would be a great pick for this sitcom because I’m not new to the acting business. If you pick me I promise I will give 150% in everything I do. So please consider me, it would mean the world to me. Now that I’m older I understand that I have to work to reach my dreams. So please I want to prove that you can follow your dreams if you put your mind to it. Well if you could email me either way that would be great. Thanks I hope you pick me, I won’t let you down. :)

  216. Lauren Williams

    Name: Lauren Williams
    Age: 11
    D.O.B: 3/22/01
    Gender: Female
    Height: 4’5
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dk Brown
    Ethnicity: african american
    Skin: Brown
    Languages: English
    Age range I can play: 11-13

    I Really want this part because this the chance that I have been waiting for, people have always told me that I can be a great actress if I try and put my mind to it; I want this part so I can show people what I can really do. Its been my dream since I was 5 to be an actress, and I have not stopped trying to get a role since.

  217. abriella richards

    im 10 but i can act 11-12 years old maybe even older i love to act i have signed up already but i have missed the calls plse call me or email me all the details i really would love to be on the rachel crow show

  218. Melia Lewis

    Melia Lenae Lewis
    Height : 5’5
    Mixed : White & Balck
    Great Personality , Funny , Love having a good time ,
    Light Brown / Black Hair
    08 / 16 / 97
    City : Fairfield , CA
    Skills : Acting , Dancing , Singing .
    Young Girl W. Big Dreams <3
    as a young girl i would go on stages sing karaoke in front of lots of people
    i took dance class after i cheer's for 6 years. now im looking forward into acting & singing :)

  219. Tabasam Khan


    My name is Tabasam Khan and I am British and it has been my dream to proceed in a acting career.

    I am very enthusiastic, passionate and hard working. I have an excellent work ethic and give 100% in everything that I do.

    I am versatile, able to adapt to any role and am suitable as a leading lady because I am full of fun and confidence.

    I am 16 years old, with shoulder length, exotic, silky black brown hair, chocolate brown eyes and pale skin. I am 5 ft 8.

    Acting is something that I am very passionate about, as I love getting into the skin of different characters and telling a unique story each time. I’m a good listener and am able to learn quickly, and have a strong, vibrant personality. I have been involved in many school productions and now am waiting for the right opportunity. These auditions are a great chance, and I would love to be considered!

    So please get back to me!

    Thank You
    -Tabasam Khan

  220. Leon Clark

    Hi, my name is Leon Clark and I’m a 16 year old aspiring actor. I am a huge fan of Rachel Crow and she was by far my favorite contestant on last year’s X-Factor. It would be a compete honor to be able to work with her and be her co-star :)

    Thank you

  221. Safia Alim

    Hi, my name is Safia im 12 (turning 13 this September) im 5″5 and could probably pass for about 15 or 16 though i live in Indianapolis,Indiana. my parents are from Guyana a place in south amarica so i have really dark brown hair and i look mixed. I play guitar (am working on learnng completely) i love singing alot i have preformed in my schools talent shows and have been in choir for 3 years. I really love acting ive been in a few plays too and enjoy getting into chacter and being someone else, i also memorize things really fast which is a pretty good thing for me. I would Love to be on this show with one direction and think it would be a very good experience and alot of fun and really really cool to hang out with all of the boys becaUse i love them and am a huge fan, i really hope im considered for this show.

  222. Rachel Ekwerike

    Hi my name is Rachel. I am 12 years old. I live Indianapolis, Indiana. I’m 5’4. I’m African-American and from Jamaican and Nigerian decent. I have dark brown skin and really dark brown hair.and I can pass for a 13-15 year old. I’m really funny I enjoy making people laugh. I’m very outgoing and love to try new things. I have been in two plays which I had major roles in. I can memorize things easily and I love pretending to be a diffrent character. I’m very dramatic and I love acting. Please consider me as a actress on your show. Thank You

  223. nyesha adams

    hi im Nyesha i love to sing and act i will be auditioning for xfactor in December I’m 12 yrs old i will be turning 13 on Sept,16 I’ve always had a passion for acting and singing if i dont get this chance to try out i will breakout in TEARS :'( rachel crow is my idol i did all the covers she’s done my favorite one is “id rather go blind”. i currently live in Pawtucket Rhode Island i moved from atlanta 2 months ago before then i lived in Providence Rhode Island . ive had some downs in my life but i find my way out through singing and acting out scenes out of Disney channel and nickelodeon i hope i get the chance to audition!

  224. Kaylen Garrett

    Hi! I’m Kaylen, and I’m 14 almost 15 years old I’m a girl. I love Rachel Crow. I love how she got her start on The X-Factor, USA. And how before she was famous she was poor. My family is unbelievably poor, and I have been acting since the age of 7. I love acting, and It makes me so happy. Please, please consider me. It would mean the world to me. All my life my family has been telling me how I could never become famous. This is MY chance, to show them I can. Please get back to me. Just give me 5 minutes of your time. I’ll prove everyone wrong.

  225. Aaron Swain

    Rachel Crow is like amazing.. I would love to get a audition for this show.. I’m 17. My birthday is 1/24/95 which I just found out is a day after hers. I’m a black guy, 5’9″ and I’ve been acting for four years now.. GO RACHEL CROW!

  226. Donovan Firano Madaran

    My name is Donovan Firano Madaran and i am a boy from 13 old. I love it to acting and i love to sing. I am verry good in acting and i can sing. I now that this show is just the right show for me. I did always wanted be in a Nickelodeon TV-Show,because it is funny,nice and the most of the show is allot with music,and i love that kind of tv-shows and i love it to play in that kind of shows. if you’ll take me,i promisse i will be doing my best and i will work hard !!

    i am a boy from 13 years old.
    Black hair.
    My skin is a little bitt brown.
    i have brown/black eyes.
    i am long.

  227. Jeremy Harold

    Hi I’m Jeremy. I’m 13 , and i have that boy long brown hair. I’m tall like 5’9 so i could play an older role if needed. ( my voice is pretty deep). I just really wanna shot. I know you will get so many comments. And i really understand you can’t just choose everyone. I can fake cry. Be angry. Be funny. And improvise if needed. This is my shot. But i understand thanks so much. The only flaw, is i live in Plymouth…Massachusetts. but if you could ever do something to help which is really impossible. But please try to reply, thanks again. I could do an audition in Boston and they could sent it to you!! but you know whatever.

  228. kasi

    name- kasi
    age- 14
    dob- 3rd may 1998
    that all i can say. but i know i have one in a million chances to be on this show and honestly i want it badlyXOXOXOXO

  229. Justina Saenz

    Name: Justina Saenz
    Age: 14 will be 15 this month
    D.O.B: August 29, 1997
    Height: 4’9
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Ethnicity: mixed (Korean, hispanic,white)
    Skin: Light brown
    Languages: English,
    Age range I can play: 10-16

    Hi, my name is Justina. I love to act, I always act on my own time! I love to sing, and dace I would love to be and actress on your new show, I love your singing it is so amazing and i love how you are so outgoing, you are my inspiration I’m fun, out going, nice, and not shy. I love to goof around but I know when it’s time to be serious and get the job done. Thank You for the opportunity.

  230. Amaris Williams

    Gender: Female
    Birthday: 10/11/1998
    Age: 13
    Race: African american/Hispanic
    Height: 5′ 3″
    Weight: 105
    Eye color : Dark Brown
    Hair: Curly.
    Body type : Thin.
    Bio: Hello (: My name is Amaris Williams, I looveee to sing & goof around with my friends and family. Me and my sister like to make pretend shows with my friends. I love sports I run track. Very fast I’ve been told, haha. But mostly I just like being me and hanging out(:

    Talents/Skills: Singing and acting. I took a theater arts class and my teacher told me I was a good actor. I was also In multiple talent shows. Out of them all there was on 1 that was A competition and I won for singing Ave Maria by Beyonce.(:

  231. Sakiema

    My name is sakiema and i live in philadelphia, pennsylvania
    i am 5ft 5inches tall.
    i have dark brown hair recently dyed red.
    i have dark brown eyes.
    i have braces and they will be removed sometime this year.
    i am i singer and i have been singing since i was 5 years old and i recently have a audition for america’s got talent.
    i am in the 9th grade and i attend south philadelphia high school where i sing for all their assemblies.
    i am in JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Trainning Corp) and my rank is a copral.
    i am very friendly, funny, and caring.
    every year i volunteer with city year to help neighborhoods all over philadelphia.

  232. Tah'Janay

    Im 8 years old im not much of a fortunate child this carrer would help me and my family become better at life

  233. tahjanay

    I think i should be ? on the show because i can sing And because i was folling my dream for long time!

  234. Taviance laster

    Hello I am a 12 year old female and my height is 5’2 and I am African American with a lighter almond skin tone and I am easy to work with and I can take firm critiszm and I also don’t mind putting in those extra hours of work for perfection And I also sing It was actually my first love I just walk around my house singing or watching china Anne McClain and Saying I know I can do that! I hope I spark your interest thank a million !

  235. Michaela

    Name- Michaela
    Nickname-Kayla, Kay Kay, and MiMi
    Age- 13
    D.O.B- Febraury 20th 99′
    Hair- Black wit tints of brown
    Eye- Brown
    Ethnicity- African American+Native American
    Hobby- A little bit of singing and song-writing

    Bio- I have been singing since I was just two. Along the way, I stopped, cuz of I doubted that I could ever even sing. People told me, Kayla, it’s impossible, just give up…even some of my own “friends” said it to. At first, I needed work, but I practiced and got better. I sing in choir at school and church. I’m entering the eigth grade this year. I’ve always wanted to act. It seems cool and fun:) I even met Rachel here in my hometown of KC, Missouri for the Big Time Tour three days ago. She was really sweet and nice and even complimented me, my friend, and little sister! So, I REALLY want this! So bad! Thanks!:)

  236. Nina Blake

    NAME: Nina Pearl Blake
    AGE: 13 years old.
    DOB: March 25th, 1999
    HEIGHT: 5’4
    TALENTS: Singing,Dancing,Acting,Model and Sports.
    HAIR COLOUR : Blonde (straight)
    EYE COLOUR: Hazel
    SKIN COLOR: White
    ETHNICITY: White
    LANGUAGES:Spanish French and I am fluent in English

    I have been passionate about acting and singing since i was 6. I know it takes LOTS OF HARD WORK but I’m up for the challenge. I believe I can do anything if i set my mind to it. I don’t have an agent, because they’re are’nt agents available where I live.

    For other needed information, please contact me
    Thank You !

  237. Andrew woodle

    Hi i am andrew woodle i have had two acting classes, done short monologues, was in my third grade play. I am smart with a photographic memory
    Y, and have been acting a very long time.
    Gender: male
    Age:12 almost 13
    Hair:dirty blonde
    Height 5’1
    Weight 91 lbs
    State: florida

  238. Tula Childs

    Name: Tula Childs

    Age: 11 (12 in September)
    Talent: Music (Vocal and Instruments), Acting, Dancing, and Modeling.
    I can play the age ranges of 11 to 16.

    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’3
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Skin Tone: Light Brown

    I admire Rachel Crow’s incredible talent and would be more than honored to have the chance to work with her! Please consider me! Thank you.

  239. Sabrina

    Full name: Sabrina Denise Wesley
    Bday: Nov. 30, 1998
    Gender: female

    Hi, my name is Sabrina and I love, and I have always wanted to be a actor all my life. I’m not going to tell you everything about in a comment, but I’m kinda shy at first but when you get to no me I am crazy and I no you have a LOT of people wanting to be in our sitcom but I have never had acting classes but some people that don’t have casting classes may tune to be the best, but I hope u give me a shot.

  240. Tiffany

    Name – Tiffany Buddy
    Age – 13
    Birthday – March 5
    Height – 5’4”
    Eye Color – Hazel/Green
    Hair Color – Dark Brown
    Race – I’m mixed but mostly African American

    Hey! I’m Tiffany and I guess this is my bio! I’ve loved Nickelodeon since I was at least 5. I remember watching Dora, Rugrats (reruns), Spongebob, CatDog (reruns) and a bunch of other shows and I still love some of the shows on Nick! I have had acting and singing experience before. I’ve taken acting classes and I’m currently in singing lessons. I’ve played piano since I was 5 and violin since I was 11 and I still am doing both of them. I’m an all around nice, but shy girl but in most of the plays I’ve done, I’ve played the mean girl. I guess that’s about it! I really hope I get chosen! :)

  241. Jennifer West

    My name is Jennifer West, I can sing and I’m seeking to get into acting. I would love to audition for The Rachel Crow Show, and it has always been one of my dreams to be on a Nickelodeon show.

  242. Jean Whitley

    Hi my name is Jean Whitley I am 18, african american male, and I have done theatre, and choir/solo singing my whole life.

    Plays/Musicals I have been in:
    Godspell – John The Baptist/Judas
    Thoroughly Modern Millie – Chorus
    Dreamgirls – C.C.
    The Boys Next Door – Lucien

  243. Enoch Donte Cray

    D.O.B; February 26, 2000
    Eyes; Dark Brown
    Hair; Black
    Ethnicity; African American
    Skin; Brown/Ebony
    Languages;English, Some ASL
    Age Range I Can Play;12-15

    Hey, My name is Enoch Cray, My family calls me by my middle name(Dont’e(Don-Tay) , I have acted before and am told I am really good and acting iss my life and music I have played and accomplished these instruments. ; Cello,Clarinet, and I am playing now Oboe. And some piano, I love singing. I was in All County Chours and Dedicated Voices . I would be amazed If I make it because acting on a show is my dream. Thank yo.

  244. Allie

    My name is Allie and I am 12 years old. I love to sing, and I sing ok. I also love acting and I am a good actress. I play the violin, keyboard and I am learning guitar. I would love to be on the Rachel Crow Show. It would be a dream come true. Please please please give me a chance.

  245. Dayejah A. Coates

    Age: 13
    D.O.B: Feb. 9, 1999
    Weight: 105 lbs.
    Height: 5’3
    Size: Thin
    Ethnicity: African American
    Skin: Light Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Age Range: 12-15
    Hobbies: Acting, cheerleading, singing, writing, and hanging out.

    I would love an opportunity to live my dream, I really love acting and this is MY dream i’m only doing this for me and my dreams nothing more, nothing less. I am very outgoing and funny, I would never let money and fame get the best of me. I love Nickelodeon, my favorite show is Victorious. I do believe I am a very good actress and I have been told so also. I have done many school plays and scripts from elementry up until middle school. I have also done church plays and have written a few. I was recently accepted into Images Agency and am thinking about whether i’m going through with it or not. I thank you for your time and you will not go wrong with this. I think you’ve found a keeper!

  246. Yasmeen Morgan

    Name: Yasmeen Morgan
    Age: 13
    D.O.B: September 12, 1998
    Height: 5’2
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dk Brown
    Ethnicity: mixed (But mostly african american)
    Skin: Light brown
    Languages: English, Spanish, Latin, Greek and French
    Age range I can play: 12-16

    Hi, my name is Yasmeen. I went to a modeling and acting school and graduated. I learned how to do drama and comedy. And I also did photoshoots and runways walks, so I do know how to walk in heels. I play the piano. I did karate for two years, and a public speaking class for two years. I’m fun, out going, nice, and not shy. I love to goof around but I know when it’s time to be serious and get the job done. Thank You for the opportunity.

  247. Ariana

    Hi I’m a 17 year old aspiring singer/actor . I have auditioned on many singing shows but I havent gotten my big break yet. I would love to have to opportunity to audition for a spot on this up and coming show. I am Hispanic and really short like 4’11 just so you can get a mental picture of me

  248. Theresa Riley Cole

    NAME: Theresa Riley Cole
    AGE: 12 years old.
    DOB: June 18th, 2000
    HEIGHT: 5’9
    TALENTS: Singing,dancing,acting, and modeling.
    HAIR COLOUR : Dark brown/black (straight)
    EYE COLOUR: Dark brown/black
    SKIN TONE: Olive
    ETHNICITY: Vietnamese (Asian)
    LANGUAGES: I am fluent in English, Vietnamese, and French

    I have been passionate about acting, modeling, dancing and acting.  I know it isn’t going to be easy and I know it takes LOTS OF HARD WORK but I’m up for the challenge and I believe I can do it. I have a lot of confidence and I believe that I can do anything. I have no agent, because they’re no agents available where I live (Ontario, Canada) . For headshots, singing videos, or anything other needed information, please contact me
    thank you ! 

    lots of love, Theresa Riley Cole :)

  249. Theresa Riley Cole

    Hi ! My name is Theresa Riley Cole and I am a 12 year old singer, dancer, and actress. I love to sing and I soon want to be discovered in the music, dance, and acting industry.

  250. Erica Di Lullo

    Hi! My name is Erica but my friends call me Keke. Here’s some information about myself:
    Birthday: 10-1-00
    I live in Carmel,California
    Race: Caucasian
    Talents:Dancing, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Acting
    Hair: Light Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    I am really outgoing and have no stage fright and can remember lines very easily. I am not afraid to try new things, if you consider me than email me. Thank you for your time.

  251. Amari

    My name is Amari, and I’m 14 years old. I live in springfield , Ohio. A small town, and I would love to be on this show. Please, get back to me as I would love to do it. I have a descent voice, and I can act. Resume: eyes: light Brown with touch of green. Hair color: dark brown/ black skin color: light brown .

  252. Morgan Ellison

    Hi, my name is Morgan Ellison. I am 12 years old I have been in dance since I was four and have been in a modeling/acting agency. I would LOVE to be on your show because it would be an honor and I love your singing, personality, and everything else about you! Thank you for your time.
    P.S: If I don’t get on the show, I will just be happy to watch it. :)

  253. Nora Drew

    Name: Nora

    Gender: Female

    Age: 14 (everyone in theatre says I look to be 15-17)

    Height: 5 foot 6in.

    Experience: I have performed in 11 area musicals. Many of them I have had a lead or at least a solo in. I have also taked dance and piano since 1st grade. I participated in a civic coral youth chorus for a year.

    Hair color: Brown

    Eye color:Gray

    Race: Caucasin

  254. jayme greene

    pick me me me me me rachel crow aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:D 😀


    raCHEL! I AM YOUR GURLLLL! i watched your apperances on X factor all through! i even cried when you did and just for it…you singing beyonce wasss just soooo inspiring!!!!! my name is kahtia johnson…i am 13 years old 5 feet 6 talll i am african american, italian, and indian!!! i love your new song “mean girls” :) i love ur work and it would mean the WORLD TO ME if you let me on your show!!!!!! i have a medium length african hair, i am not your averge girl i am different and PLEASE GIVE ME A SHOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT PLEASE DONT IGNORE THIS AND IF ITS NOT RACHEL PLEASE TELL HER I SAID HI! :) PLEASE EMAIL

  256. Tamila

    Name: Tamila A
    Age: 15
    Location: Germany Cologne,Uzbekistan Tashkent ( distance is not a problem for me)
    Eye colour: green with grey
    Hair colour: Dark brown
    Nationality: Russian a little bit of Armenian and Uzbek
    Languages: Russian ( native language), English, French and I am lerning German.
    Hobbies: Acting and Photography
    I was in one movie in my country and really want to acting because
    Its my life I really like it and I also was in one magazine in my country. I
    Want to acting because I am this kind of people who was born with it. And I hope I will act somewhere I really want it.Thank you.

  257. Ana Ciriaco

    Hey I’m 11, 5’2. I have acted in school productions but not anything major. I have also done a little singing. I know I maybe young and not a major actor but if you give me the chance I will do my best. Plus, this will also fufill my dream of being on show business. Thanks please take me under consideration.

  258. Tashay

    Hi, my name is Tashay and I am 14 years old. I am currently taking acting classes at Tvi Studios in NYC. I cant play any instruments but am willing to learn. My only talents are singing and acting. I’ve watched Nick and think that I could be one of those stars if given the oppurtunity. I also love Rachel Crow and think that she is an inspiration for kids all over the world. Please consider me!

  259. Nyree Davis

    It has always been my dream to be on a tv show and Rachel Crow is one of my idols and she inspired me to try out for x factors next season even though i am the same exact age! It would be amazing to work alongside her. Please give me this one in a lifetime chance to work with rachel :)
    you can contact me anytime <3

  260. Brittany White

    Hey Rach I know that last year you were representing for the young teens who couldn’t be on that show. But that teenager was me I’m 14 and I’m just a ordinary girl looking for her big break. I’m a singer, dancer, and comedian so Ive been told Haha! :) Last year I was going through a crisis and therefore couldn’t be on the show. I DONT disappoint when it comes to acting, singing, dancing, and being funny. My life is anything but normal and if you pick me I guarantee that you wont be disappointed and you wont regret it either. I live in MI and I would love to be on your show! Email me girl if you have any questions comments or concerns. I would love it if YOU made my dream come true.
    Yours Truly,
    Britt~Bratt <3 Bye

  261. Carolyn Hill

    Hello, my name is Carolyn Hill and i think it will be awesome to be on a nickelodeon show. A lot of people say I’m funny and weird. my personality is funny, weird, energetic, kind of shy, but outgoing , talented, and i always wanted to go out in public in a mascot outfit and dance =D. The only thing is i don’t really have is any acting experience but i think I’ll be good =D. many people say i look 16. almost the whole school knows me because of my dances that i do at the dance. They call me the LMFAO robot ( yea I’m THAT good )

    Gender: female
    Height: 5″ 6
    Weight: about 125
    Hair color: dyed dark pink (natural hair color) dark brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    Date of birth: August, 19 1990 ( I’m 12 )
    Talents: Singing, Dancing

  262. Leah Powell

    Name: Leah Powell
    Height: 5’5
    Hair: Really Dark Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Date Of Birth: 08/30/1998

    Hello Im Leah! I would love the opportunity to work with Rachel and nickelodeon. Im in 9th grade and i love to act and sing.. dancing is another story, but ill try! I love trying new things and meeting new people, i would really love this experience. Thank you!

  263. Amy Butterworth

    hi! i’m Amy i really hope i’m chosen i love one direction so much but i would harass them i’m 13 i’m from California. I am 5’5 and blonde with greeny blue eyes. both my parents are British and i can do accents i love acting so much it has been my dream ever since i was 6 to be an actress i can sing i am really funny and nice and i get along with people really well and don’t really get mad at people. i spend my free time doing the town/school plays or going to the beach to surf. i am always singing wherever we are in the car, in class or anywhere. i’m pretty much always happy and i get good grades so i wouldn’t fail school if i was accepted i’m really weird but funny weird and a lot of people say i will be famous but i don’t believe them please please consider me for a part of this show it would mean everything to me ad it would be the best day of my life please consider me it would make my life dream come true:)

  264. Dominique

    This would mean the world for me to be on this show Ik millions of other teenagers have said this but I really mean it Ik I have that special something! I hope I get to audition

  265. lucy lopez

    hi my name is lucy(may remember the show i love lucy)yeah my favorite show.well iam 16 i love to dance ,sing,and act.their my passion just like you i wanna have a time where i can show the world what i can do but if u live in hoiston tx like me it be one in a million itll hapend to you. pleass give me a chance to show you what i can do and i promise you wont regreted anx i wont forget it.
    thankz for listening,
    lucy lopez

  266. adedayo

    heyy my name is Adedayo i am 13 years old born on :march 24 1999
    dark skin, brown eyes ,
    dark brown and black hair between chin and shoulder length born and raised in new york and part nigerian part african american i may have no experience but im extremely talented unique random and funny with a personality like this i deserve to be on nick it would be an extreme honor for me to finally prove and show my talent i hope you read my comment and see that i stand out from most people ihope you pick me cuz its my DREAM lol iwont my sending you guys a casting video just email me lol

  267. lucia

    hi I’m Lucia. I’m argentinian. I speak english and spanish.I’m going to drama classes. I would like to audicion for The Rachel Crow Show but I can’t because as I said I live in Argentinian, gime a chance please.
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: 12/17/1997
    Height: 1,68 (in Argentina)
    Weight: 60 (in Argentina)
    Eye color : Brown
    Hair: brown
    Body type : normal, a little thin
    Talents/Skills:Thank you.

  268. Sidney Hernandez

    Rachel if your reading this please pick me it would mean the world to me please give me a chance & an audition it would change my world forever just like i have been dreaming for years and years to come pick give me the chance to live up the fame like you did in the x factor i love hanging out with all types of people give me a shot i am not a snobby kid

  269. Sidney Hernandez

    Please reply back to me I have personally met rachel crown & she is SOOOO NICE , please me & rachel would make an awesome team please consider me

  270. Keleia Coleman



    Bday:June 5,2000

    Hair:Dark Brown


    Race:African American

    Bio:I’m a born star ready to be discovered.I’m a singer/songwriter and as a lot to show to the world.Getting on this show would be an honor and a great opportunity to speard my wings on Tv

  271. Jayla Wells

    Name:Jayla Wells
    Skills:Improv,Singing, Acting,Piano,Bass,and Triditional Guitar

  272. Kyara

    Name: Kyara Singh
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 9
    DOB: July 3, 2003
    Weight: 77.6
    Ethnicity: Mixed
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Brown
    Skin Color: Carmel

  273. Emiezo Dania

    Hi, my name is Emiezo Dania, I’m 12 years of age, 5’9, Nigerian and Brazilian, I have short curly hair, and brown eyes. This would be a great opportunity for me to use my experiance in acting. I have auditioned for many shows and have had many singing gigs. Thank you.

  274. curlene francis

    i am african
    born and raised in trinidad.i’m 15 years of age and my birthday is november 12.i love to dance.
    i have brown short hair
    brown eyes
    i’ve no acting lessons i other words i’m an amateur but
    i can act very well

  275. Oscar

    Name: Oscar
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’4”
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Hair length: Short.
    Eye color: Dark brown.
    Skin color: White
    Languages: English, Spanish
    Hello,My name is Oscar and I’m am interested in being part of the The Rachel Crow Show i would like to be able to take part on the show.This show sounds like fun.I have attended John Robert Powers one of the best acting schools in America.I am ready for any roll and i hope to get feedback.Thanks!:)

  276. Monica Ramirez

    Whatup,Whatup Peeps!
    Crowmie Hereeeeeeeeee!
    My Name Is Monica! I Am 14 Years Old.
    I Would LOVE To Be In This Future Show Because,Well,Rachel Helped Me Out Quite A Bit With Her Song “Mean Girls” SO Inspirational.
    I Am A Huge Fan!
    It Is ALSO One Of My Many Dreams To Start An Acting Career!
    Please Consider Me For This Show!
    Would Be Amazing. :)

  277. M

    I am a 17 year old female who can sing, act, and dance really well. I am 5’6 with brown eyes and long, thick, straight dirty blonde hair with natural highlights. I speak three languages and I am really social. I have a really good memory and I can do facial expressions and body language and accents and voices really well, I can do anything I need to for the job please get back to me thank you!

  278. M

    I am a 17 year old femaile who can sing, act, and dance really well. I am 5’6 with brown eyes and long, thick, straight dirty blonde hair with natural highlights.I speal three languages and I am really social. I have a really good memory and I can doo facial expressions and body language and accents and voices really well, I can do anything I need to for the job please get back to me thank you!

  279. Mia pachat

    Hi my name is Mia I’m 11 years old I can sing and act I have been in My school play we did high musical one I was sharpe the lead i had multiple singing parts in play and I would love to be on your show I might be young but I hope you will give me chance

  280. Lidia

    Hi my name is Lidia. I would really love to be on the first season on Rachel’s new show. I love to act and its a big passion of mine. This chance would be a huge opportunity for me. I’ve been in acting school for about 5 years. I’ve also been accepted to proscout. I was also in a commercial so I have a little taste of what the business is like. I’m a very dedicated and hard-working girl. I have a really good and fast memory. Which means I can memorize lines quickly. I love to goof around with friends, I love making people laugh, I get along with people, and love to have a good time. I’m very outgoing and love to sports. It would be a honor to work with Rachel Crow cast and the great producers and directors. I promise I won’t let you down. Thank you for your time and please consider me.

    Name: Lidia
    Gender: Female
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Hobbies: Acting, Singing, Basketball
    Role Model: Selena Gomez

  281. MacKenzie Rentz

    Name: MacKenzie Rentz
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    DOB: 5/25/99
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
    Skin Color: White
    I really love acting! So, pick me? (:

  282. Hope Dunner

    Hello, my name is hope, (as you can see), but I am writing here today not only because of a chance to be on TV, but a chance to guide me into a field that could help me become a bigger person that I am today. I have done a few acting jobs, such as a play on off Broadway , and I have been in the musical field as long as I can remember. I have always seen nick shows and have wanted to be on it, but I knew I couldn’t because of my age. This would be the best opportunity for me, thank you.
    Hope dunner

  283. RedThaTeller

    my names Jare im 19. I am an artist but i’d also like to venture into acting. I can easily be the biggest thing to be on nick mainly because the acting is so weak with most of the casts on these shows.

  284. sadiyah carter

    Name:Sadiyah Carter
    Hair:dark brown curly

    I am not rich I am not snotty I work hard for all the things that i have but if I do get an audition that wouls be a dream come true I am very smart,strong,tall,and i can sing. Please consider me for an audition you will not regret it. P.S If Rachel Crow is reading this I saw her on X-factor and how crushed she was when she didnt win I would feel the same way if I didnt atleast get a shot of show. Please I worked really hard and I am sick and tired of being rejected because I am not rich or dont have an agent or i live in the wrong city in california. Please nickelodeon and Rachel give me a shot. Thanks for reading this
    Sincerly,Sadiyah Carter <3 😀

  285. Shannon Awhitu

    Name: Shannon Awhitu
    Birthday: 18/12/1995
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male

    Weight: 65-75 (KG)
    Body Type: Average | Slim
    Hair: Brown | Eye Colour: Hazel
    Ethnicity: European | Maori

    Country: New Zealand – North Island
    City/Town: New Plymouth
    Hi there, My name is Shannon Awhitu. I am 16 years old, soon to turn 17 years old. I am an identical twin, and have both Maori and European descendants. I live in New Zealand in the North Island in a town called New Plymouth. I currently attend High School (Year 12). I have been in a few School productions and recitals but nothing major. I love hanging out with friends and family and just chilling. I have a passion for acting just haven’t had a big break, as New Zealand has a small acting industry.

    Feel free to contact me on the above email address’s above.

    Cheers Shannon.

  286. Cameron Cahill :)

    Hey there! My name is Cameron Cahill! I’m a very spunky girl who absolutely loves to act! Acting is my DREAM! Im also very competitive! I get along well with everyone I meet! I would love to be able to be on this show thank you for your time and consideration! :)
    Eye color:brown
    Hair color:brunette
    Body type:petite
    Thank you do much for your time and consideration! :)

  287. Matthew Holliday

    Hi my name is Matthew. I’m a male, African-American, with short black hair, dark brown eyes, and a winning smile. I’m 5’9, 165lbs, and 15 years old. Some of my interests include: Dance, Singing/Rapping, Acting, Basketball, fashion, and overall being a performer ( i have many personalities i like to portray when i act). I do not have much experience in the industry, but i am willing to learn and Nickelodeon is the perfect place for me to start. I am located in New York City where i have lived my entire life and i attend Brooklyn Technical High School. Its not a performing arts school, but there’s plenty of arts. I am in the school’s Chamber Chorus, participated in the school’s musical, and i’m an executive of the school’s dance club. I have participated in student workshop productions with roundabout theatre in NYC. I would love to work with Rachel! She’s a young and fun artist like me and we would make two adorable co-stars. I’ve sang in my church’s choir for a number of years as well. It would be amazing to perform with Rachel, her being so young and having such a powerhouse voice. This opportunity is one i would love to explore.

    Thanks for reading! Matthew H.

  288. Yves EsApa

    Name: Yves EsApa
    born: 10 11 1995
    Eye Color: black
    Hair Color: black
    Height: 5″11
    Age: 16
    Language: english (brittish accent and an american accent), spanish
    Hobbies: singing and acting

    Hi this is a bit of facts about me. Two more things are that im a boy and i live in florida
    Thanks for taking your time reading this. Contact me ASAP

  289. Troie O'Bryant

    *Name – Troie
    *DOB – 1/1/98 (14)
    *Height – 5’5 1/2
    *Weight – 139 lb
    *Ethnicity – African American and Dominican
    *Eye color – Brown
    *Hair color – Dark Brown
    *Hair type – Curly
    *Skills – Singing (Vocal range – Alto/Mezzo Soprano)
    *State – Virginia

    I’ve always been a dramatic kind of person. I love to act, and I have been taking various acting classes since I was about 5 years old. I have acted in various plays and low productions films, but nothing huge like this would be. This would be an awesome opportunity for me to act alongside Rachel Crow in a television show. I have sung in my choir and have had various solos. I have no fear singing in front of large crowds. I’m also a very fast learner, so when I have a script I can look at it a few times and be able to recite the words well enough. I really hope you consider me for a role in this TV show!

  290. Nicole Cowans

    • Height: 5’4″
    • Age: 19
    • Hair: Dark Brown
    • Eyes: Brown
    • DOB: 01/23/1993
    – Hair: Short Brown naturally curly
    – Bio: I am a vocal performance music major at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska but am willing to travel. I am half black and half Puerto Rican. In high school I played lead roles in numerous musicals such as “Hairspray” and “Once Upon This Island”. I also worked as an understudy for a lead role in the production of “The Stoned Guest” with OperaFairbanks. I would love to have the opportunity to work with Nickelodeon. I am a hard worker and this is truly my passion. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

  291. Laura Candelas

    Hello, My Name Is Laura Candelas I’m A Fun And Outgoing Person, I Am Loud And I Lkve To Laugh A Lot, I Can Be Crazy And Just Be Myself. I Also Love To Copy Accents And Try New Things. It Would Be An Honor To Work With Nickelodeon. Thank You

    Hair Color:Brown
    Eye Color:Brown, Glasses
    Race: Hispanic

  292. Nacely Lovo

    Birthday: 09/12/1998
    Age: 13
    Acting age range: 13-19
    Location: Virginia
    Height: 5’2′
    Weight: around 100-110
    Eye color : Medium Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown Waving/Straight
    Body type : Slim
    Interest: Volleyball,Soccer,Acting,Modeling and Singing
    Performance skills: I have experience in acting, I have performed in many plays. I also have been singing since I was 6 years old, I have participated in plenty of competitions, and enjoyed them very much.

    Please Consider Me

  293. Maria Carbajal

    Name: Maria Lourdes Carbajal
    Age: 18
    Birthday: March, 26, 1994
    Race: Hispanic
    Height: 5”2
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    I’m from Riverside, California. I love singing, dancing and acting. I’ve never done anything professionally but I would love to one day. Ive singed in places and ive acted in plays before and it was really fun! I’m very out going I like to meet new people and just have a good time. It would be an amazing experience if I do get in audition for this. Singing and acting is my passion I always wanted to do something big with acting or singing. Hope to hear from you guys thank you.

  294. Taniqua

    i will love to be a actress. this was always my dream most people were i come from don’t get chances like most people so my point is please choose me.i smart my talents are singing,dancing, and more i will be your best friend so please choose me and if you don’t well good luck.

  295. hope and larayja

    Hi my name is hope I go to a performing arts school and do lots of types of dance and I sing a act I love Rachel Crow so I would love to be on a show with her I have dark brown hair dark brown eyes I’m the same skin color as Rachel and I have mid long hair Kk het back to me on and Info or auditions in Ohio hehe thanks !!

  296. Marley

    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’8
    Acting age range: 12-18
    I’ve been dancing and aiding since I was a little girl, acting has been a newfound passion of mine and I couldn’t live without it! I’m very versatile in the roles I play. I’d love to be on the show, thanks for all your consideration!

  297. Jessica Ross

    Hi I’m Jessica and I’m 17! I would love to act on this show, I’m an outgoing person and I would be so excited for a part.

  298. Vaneola Joseph

    Full Name: Vaneola Nyvols Jospeh
    Bday: September 21, 1995
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’4
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: black
    Ethnicity: Haitian American
    Getting chosen for his role would be a dream come true, to not have to see my mother struggle, not to have to worry where our next meal is coming from would be a blessing. I Shoot for the moon,
    even if i miss i will land among the stars.

  299. Catherine Currie

    Hi, My name is Catherine, but I am mostly referred to as Catie. I am 12 years old. I am 5 foot 5 inches. I would like to appear on this show because I love to act and dance. I also followed Rachel Crow throughout her journey on X-Factor. She is an inspiration to me as well. I danced for about three years and am furthermore going back into the art. For any additional information please e-mail me.

  300. Kapi tshiteya

    Name: kapi
    Age: 11 turning 12 in august
    Hobbies: soccer , school , reading, watching tv, dance team, school and church choir, school and church plays
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 110-120
    Hair color : dark brown almost black
    Eye color : brown
    Personality: kove to act , sing, and dance . Love nickelodeon, beginner acting besides school and church plays

  301. Myra Valenzuela

    Name: Myra Alyssa Valenzuela
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’2
    Language: English
    D.O.B: January 2,1999
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hobbies: Acting/Singing/Dancing
    Hello! I’m Myra! i love acting and singing! and just having fun Rachel Crow is one of my favorite singers and to be on a show with her would be a dream! i’m outgoing love to make people laugh! and entertain! i really hope you consider me !! (: its would be a dream come threw! Thank You.

  302. Tito Colman

    Age : 13
    Ethnicity : (Mixed) Caucasian/Latino
    Hair : Short Black
    Eye : Light Brown

    Three Years Of Experience In Learning To Be A Pro Actor.

  303. Summer Moore

    Hi I’m Summer Moore
    Age: 12
    Hair: long and dirty blonde
    I really hope you will pick me I dream of becoming an actress I love singing and acting. I am sweet bubbly and fun I love being around people and being in the spotlight and I really want this and I realize this is once in a lifetime chance so I hope you pick me.
    Sincerely, Summer Moore

  304. Kaamil Jones

    Eyes:dark brown
    Ethnicity:African American
    I love to act and sometimes sing and I love being on camera and I love Rachel Crow.I have the power to make people laugh and I have the ability to do professional things.

  305. destiny

    omg i wounld love to be on this show be racheal and i have the same goal in life: to live your dream and to have fun while doing it. i am funny sweet outgoing and if u give me the chance or time of day i promise i will blow you away with my talnt and may even find your next superstar :)

  306. Ernst

    I am very patience i am often told im very funny easy to work with very smart never got lower than a B in elemantry school PLZ CONTACT ME FOR THE AUDTION INFO

  307. Kiana

    I’m Kiana! i’m 13 years old and I live in Arizona. I’m a 5’4 caucasion and i have long brown hair and brown eyes. I’ve been singing and acting and dancing since i was five years old. i look older than 13 so i can play pretty much any part. i have an angent and she lives in New York. I’d be great for this show because i have a lot of talent and experience and i’d always make it fun. I look frward to hearing frm you guys. Thank you!

  308. sarha cisse

    I am really intrested to work with rachel crow because we are the same age and we could be best friend thank you and please send me an email

  309. sarha cisse

    Hello my name is sarha cisse and I am really instrested in working with rachel crow because I. Have seen her on figure it out and we have the same additude and we are about the same age if you pick me maybe we can be best friends on the tv show and I really love to act this is my lifes dream please pick me for this part I would be the happiest persone on earth and by the way I am 13 I weight about 180 lbs and by d.o.b is july 8th 1999 thank you please send me an email

  310. Soraya Raji

    Height: 5″3
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Sports: Track, Soccer, Basketball, Football
    Talents: Dancing, Cooking, Singing, Baking, Song Writing, Poetry, Story Writing, 4.0 GPA
    My name is Soraya Raji, I have been singing since I was three years old. I play guitar, as well as make my own song. I love to dance, and make up my own dances. I like to run, play soccer, basketball and football on my free time. I will always thrive to achieve and peruse my dream as a singer/song player. Please consider, and thank you for your time. My YouTube is SorayaRaji if you’d like to listen to my music. Thank you

  311. April Wilkins

    Name: April
    Grade: 9th
    Favirtore things: singing and acting
    Color: African American
    I cant say to much but, all i know is my dream is to be as
    someone who had a pasion for acting && singing
    I would love to be stared in this show
    Thank You

  312. Manyia McClain

    Hey my name is manyia and I would love to be on the Rachel crow show it would be a pleasure if you would choose me if you need any info pictures or anything just email me

  313. Viktoria Bashan

    To whom it may concern,
    My name is Viktoria and I am interested for the following casting. I am from Russia and have moved to Florida 4 years ago. I speak Russian and English fluently. I can sing, I am a dancer at an art school, and have previously participated in short films, and theatre performances. DOB: April 9, 1997, Age: 15, Hair color: Blonde/dirty blonde, Eye color: Hazel, Height: 5’5. For further information feel free to email me. Hoping to get contacted. Thanks.

  314. Vasco Sanders

    Heyy on my last entry i made lots of mistake but im starting over.I’m 13 i can dance,act, and i love seeing people smile and i love Rachel Crow.From being on X-Factor till now and i would love love love to meet her in person and be on the even if i have to be a extra i’ll will do what it takes Thank you for listening P.S.not a cyco fan lol

  315. Vasco Sanders

    heyy the reasom i would like to be on this showis because its a chance to show the world my triple threat talents im a actor,dancer,and comedian and Rachel Crow is halarious to me i just need one chance to prove it.

  316. Kennedy Harris

    Im Kennedy
    Im 13
    i live in Memphis, TN
    Im a male
    I am african american
    I have Brown eyes
    I act, sing, and dance
    My hobbies are singing, acting, and danceing
    Please email me about auditions.
    Thank you for your time
    Kennedy Harris

  317. selena

    im a latina 4ft’11,
    16 years old
    shy,bold, sweet attitude inspiring actress from MN

  318. brittany hawkins

    hi my name is brittany i was born 5/15/1998 i am 14 and i would love to be on your show it is and always will be my dream to be on tv and work with others when something big like this happens i would always work hard and do my best on what i have to do personality i think i would be a good actress someday . thank you for your time :)

  319. kameko sasaki

    this is really really my dream I’ve dreamed about this chance forever ,ever since i was born please just give me a chance and i can approve to you guys that i can do this

  320. Abosede Ibikunle

    Hi, I am 15 years old and live in New Jersey. Its always been my dream to act on nick ever since. I am very funny and outgoing. I don’t have any acting experience but I think I am already a good actress. I always watch the nick shows and think to myself that should be me and I could do that. If I get the chance to audition you will not be sorry and I will blow your minds away and If I get the role you will not REGRET it. I think I am really fit for nick and nick is fit for me.

  321. Nissi

    hey im Nissi..i live in Ireland and trust me im a great craack to be with im an irish broaad hahaha lol
    but thats not the point i alwways wanted to be an actress/singer/presenter and me being in icarly would be the biggest dreaam come truee.. Trust me if you pick me you will never regret im very serious at what i do .. and trust me i would be a great crack
    love nissi

  322. DD Sims

    Name: DD Sims
    Age: 12
    Gender: Girl (female sounds to traditional)
    Hair: Brown, short, and curly
    Eyes: a nice brown to match my hair
    Body: im pretty skinny if u ask me
    Birfday: April 29, 2000
    Abilities: I mostly sing, act, dance, and play sports
    State: California

    I gots a joke for yall. What is the most talented bird… Racheal Crow *cricket noise* (that joke was pathetic)

  323. Adonia Atkins

    I believe i’m perfect for this show ! I love talking , sharing my personaltiy and did I mention talking?! I’d love to be taken into consideration for this part, so why not give me a shot ? 16 , african -american, and a big suprise of personality !

  324. Miranda Singleton

    Age: 14
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 130
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: brown

    Hey there! I’ve been acting since i was 4 and I’ve been acting in plays and musicals ever since. I have an amazing voice! I’ve been told that I couldn’t be an actor for a tv show or anything. If I get this audtition it would mean a lot to me I’ll get to prove those people wrong and take my dream to the next step.

    Khay thanks!

  325. Leeana

    Hi. My name is Leeana. I am 16 years old. Caucasian, brown hair, blue eyes. I am from a small town called Shelby, located 45 minutes from Birmingham, Alabama. I am very interested in being in this show because acting & singing are dreams I’ve had since I was little. I am outgoing, funny, easy to get along with, & down to earth. I also have a very distinctive laugh, I can do different voices (british is my favorite:), & I have participated in the major plays at my school. think I would be a great addition to the show, but that is your decision to decide. I hope I can fit the part. (:

  326. Marina McGinley

    Name: Marina McGinley
    Height: 5’5″
    Age: 14
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: dark brown
    DOB: 10/07/97
    I am a performer. I would love to co-star with Rachel. She seems so down to earth. She is an amazing singer. If I don’t get this I will probably try out for x-factor. I love singing, dancing, and acting. I have plenty of experience. I do dance shows with my dance company, at my school we have school musicals. In my school musicals I was a main part in all of them. I would love to have this chance! I would be so grateful. (:

  327. christopher

    Hello I’m Chris and I’m 10 years old and living in Florida I would like if I got Got to be on the show and has always been my dream to be a nickelodeon star. I like playing sports my favorite is baseball. I am just a ordinary kid following his dreams and getting an acting experience. I have red hair and blue eyes. I like to do magic tricks and to ride my bike. I also enjoy going outside and playing with my friends. I do good in school and get good grades I really hope I get the part thank you and Hope to hear back from you

  328. Alexis lovett

    Hi my name is Alexis Lovett I am 14 years old I have always had a dream about famous and I think this could be my big start and I hope you think so to.
    Name:Alexis Lovett
    I would really love to work with rachel crow.I have loved her since her audition for x-factor and stll today I love rachel crow.

  329. trevor banks

    Im handsome tall and a great actor singer and dancer. You put me on your show and the Rachel crow show want be on Nick it will have his own channel

  330. hailey francois

    Age-13 Height-5’4″ Experience-some Hello I’m 13 years old and I love to act and sing and I have been acting and modeling since I was 2 I have acting classes and stuff.and I think y’all can help me become big in my dreams.I have meet 1d a couple of times on the street and stuff but I really want to auditioni have been following to famous ppl footsteps and stuff for a while so For this it can help me become e big I always wanted this for a good time now.please give,me my audition and contact me back and it would be a honored to work with y’all

  331. Alexis Copeland

    Me: As you can see my name is Alexis. I am 16 Years Old. Live In Washington DC. To be honest I dont really know what to put. I could put what Others think of me or I think of myself. but Im gonna let you come up with that on your own.

    Bye ladies and gents

  332. Rachelle

    Hi My Name Is Rachelle Daniel I love Acting And Dancing When i act and dance i express my feelings. I would love to be on The Rachel Crow Show.
    Thank You

  333. Rickeyna

    Well hello my name is Rickeyna(yes its a different name i know) . I am 13 years old and acting is my passion.I do have expierence in the acting field i was featured on PBS and have played in school plays.I play the violin,piano and im trying to learn the gutair. Im not the serious type but when acting i get down to work.Like all the 153 other people it would be adream to act on nick and the rachel crow show.For me just doing something i really love for a living is what i dream. I am currently starting a web-a-show with a friend called R.I.C.K.I.I. its a random show qith different skits.

  334. Hailey

    Age: 13
    Weight: 103
    Size: 0-2 s and XS
    Hair: dark brown
    Body type: athletic
    Ethnicity: mixed with black ect

    I really admire miss.Crow. She seems really nice and fun to be around just like me! I cannot sing but I enjoy acting and I’ve been doing what I love for 7 years, gymnastics! I’m really to do anything and face any obstacle in my way.

  335. Chelsea Moni'Que Monroe

    Hi,I think i would be perfect for this show.
    I have an ing experience,a wonderful personality,and straight A’s!
    I’m 13 (Jan.22.99)
    and,this would be a huge deal for me.
    Thank You for reading.

  336. Peninnah Stone Charles

    I am an allaround girl.I am funny outgoing and can make alot of people laugh on a regular bases.I would really like to be on this show with Rachael Crow.
    Thank You and I hope we will be in touch.

  337. Samaria Gaines

    Hi my name is Samaria Gaines. First off it would be an honor to be on this show. I’ve always wanted to be an actress, ever since I was a little girl. I have been in many school plays. I have also modeled in photo shoots and fashion shows, I’ve also been in local commercials. Hopefully my next step will be on Nickelodeon. Here are some more facts about me;

    Height: 5’3
    Age: 14 Years old
    DOB: 4/24/98
    Weight: 118
    Ethnicity: Hispanic, Caucasian, African American
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Hair Length: Long (It goes past my shoulders)
    My hair is naturally curly but I always straighten it

    I hope you consider me.

  338. Neely Ellis

    i’ve wanted to act sence i was a little girl! The felling of people wanting to see you. nobody knows how much i want that please at least let me show you

  339. Rodrekous Hunter

    • Height: 6/0
    • Weight: 190
    • Age: 19 years old
    • DOB: 11/29/92

    I would like to be on this show. Imagine a nerdy fresh prince of bel air thats exactly me. I took acting for some years now and it really is a habit to me now. Im also a rapper and a pop artist.

  340. madalynn holguin

    Name:Madalynn holguin
    Hair:Dark brown
    Clothing Size:10-12

  341. madalynn holguin

    I been dreaming of becoming a SINGER and a INSPIRING ACTRESS. And when i ready THE RACHEL CROW SHOW it just felt it “CLICK” to me, like the show would be PERFECT for me.

  342. Maia D.

    Heyy my name is Maia and I am 14 years old. I live in the bay area California. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I am Brazilian and American. I love sports and I am a pretty chill, down to earth, caring person, but can be silly at times. I have loved acting my whole life and it recently hit me that this is something that I actually want to pursue. This show also sounds like a load of fun and I really would love to work with Rachel Crow!!
    Thanks a bunch and I really hope I get the chance. xx

  343. Davenia A. Boothe

    Age: 13
    Height: 5’7
    Talent: Singing, acting, and dancing. I also enjoy writing music and stories, and drawing ( even though I kinda suck)
    Eye Color: dark brown
    Hair Color: almost jet black
    Extra Info: I enjoy singing Rock and Roll, however, I could sing just about any genre of music, but I usually prefer to sing the Rock type.
    I would really love to be on this show because singing is basically my life, ever since I was about 8 years old. I would deeply love to have a chance on this show, even if its just as an extra or something. So PLEASE give me at least 1 chance!

  344. Natalie

    Age: 12
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 124 lbs.
    Acting Is My Desire I’ve Been Doing It Ever Since I Could Walk. When I Act All The Pieces Of My Life Come Together. You Should Consider Me Because Right When I Hit Center Stage I Give 210% All The Way. Thank You For Your Time And Consideration

  345. Deissy

    Name:Deissy Garcia
    Hair color:brown -blonde
    Personality :Shy,down to earth,loud at times but I know how to calm down,I started acting at a young age but not professionally.I live in new Jersey but I’m up for a challenge :) if you can consider me and get back to me please and thank you

  346. Shakir Philippe

    Name: Shakir Philippe
    Gender: Boy
    DOB: May 16, 2012
    Weight: 107
    Ethnicity: African American
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color:Dark Brown
    Skin Color: Brown

    I been dancing since i was just four years and i have so much experience. i danced as a Nets Kid professionally and i believe i am right for Shake It Up or any Television/Film. I’ve also been taking many professional singing and actng classes in NYC/NJ. I Love Rachel Crow!!

  347. Summer Hinton

    Hey! My name is Summer Hinton. I am 13 years old. I have lots of acting experience. Such as 5 plays one of which I had the lead role of which was “Dorothy” in “The Wizard of Oz”. I can sing, dance, and act. I never forget lines, lyrics or dance moves. I have applied for many acting oppurtunities but I have never had my “big break”. Im hoping this will be. Please consider me. If I got to do this it would mean the world to me. I want to do this for the rest of my life. Its my passion.

  348. Nikko Smith

    Good evening! My name is Nikko Smith. I’m 16 years of age and I would love to be apart of this show. I’m a hard working, reliable, and outgoing girl that just loves to have fun and make people laugh!
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 103
    Ethnicity: Native American
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Dark Brown

    I have experience with improv, dance, voice, and of course, acting! Please let me know if I could be of any help! :)

    Thanks, and I hope to be considered!

  349. Yanhelle Rosales

    Hi there! Im Yanhelle, i’m turning 12 in september. I go to acting classes at Barbizon of Hollywood and i’m graduating in september. ever since I was young, I have wanted to be an actor but I’ve never chased after that dream, untill now that I finally see the talent in me that is waiting to explode! When i’m acting, i’m a whole other person like I could do anything! Acting is my life!

  350. Marteshia Wimbush

    Age: 17
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 130
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: brown

    Have you ever felt like yoy belonged on tv. Like you’re a magnet and you’re just getting pulled towards that lifestyle. Well that’s me. My family tells me that being in this field isn’t good enough but I’d like to think otherwise. I think that if I have just the right amount of faith in myself I can do anything. I’m just a girl with a dream and trying to make it come true. And I don’t care what role I get if you choose me because there is NO SMALL ROLE ONLY SMALL ACTORS. :) and you have to start off with small roles to get to big ones.

  351. Jenna Sadler

    Hey Nickelodeon! My name is Jenna Sadler I am 13 years old(14 tomorrow), 5’4 and 130 pounds, brown hair and brown eyes and acting is my life. I have some experience in acting and singing and i would love to get my big start on the Rachel Crow show. I think I should be in this show because i am dedicated and i love Rachel Crow. I have been following her since her first audition on the X-Factor and cried when she got voted off. I honestly believe she should have won. It would be an amazing experience for me and my family because growing up I didnt have much and i had a bad childhood. My father has put me though a lot and I want to show him and eyeryone else who didnt believe in me that i can do it. Rachel is my inspiration and i love nickelodeon! Please give me a chance to show you that i am a star and that i can do this!

    ~Jenna <3

  352. LeAnn Gomez

    I would love to be on your show i love how you sing. AMAZING! Ever since i was little i have been told i’m dramatic i don’t have acting expirience but i would love to be part of your show!
    Hair Color: Black/Brown
    Eye Color:Dark Brown

  353. James Neal III

    Hey I’m James, I love nickelodeon and would love to be on! Gonna get straight to the point!
    Talents: Singer, Musician
    Age: just turned 18!….great for an older brother!!!
    Ethnicity: African American
    Height: 5″10
    Weight: 157
    Please contact me!

  354. Erykah Simpson

    Name- Erykah Simpson
    Age- 14.5
    D.O.B.- 12/2/97
    Hair Color- Dark Brown
    Eye Color- Dark Brown
    Hieght- 5’7
    Race- Indian, African American, and French
    I always wanted to be an actress and i would be so thankful to be apart of working with Rachel Crow. I love her voice and was hoping that she would of won on X-Factor. I am very confident in front of the camera or in front of an audience of people. I also play sports and love to play roles. I love music and all types. I have a great personality and I have alot of talents that I want people to see. you wouldnt regret having me and I would be appreciated to be accepted. Thank you ~ Erykah S.

  355. Naudia Moore

    My name is Naudia I’m 13 years old and would like to be on your show because i am experienced in acting. Rachel you are awsome i’v seen you numerous of times on The X Factor and you were great,but i’m still shock how you didn’t win the competition. Anyway i hope you pick to be part of your cast, if not its okay.

  356. Anna

    I’m 11 and I really love acting. I’ve never been in anything serious before but my friends all say I should become an actress. I’m kinda short for my age and I’m kinda shy at first but later on I open up. I have black hair and very dark eyes. Please consider me. Acting has always been my dream. Thank u.

  357. Dayanna Contreras

    Name: Dayanna
    Age: 14
    Birthday: February 11,1998
    Race: Latina,Hispanic
    Height: 4’11
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown

    I live in Lancaster,California and would love to be part of this show.I’m really passionate about acting,singing and dancing..This would mean the world to me if i can just audition and i promise if i get the chance to part of this i’ll give my all:)Thank YOU for taking just the time to read me comment..:)

  358. amadou konate

    age 14
    height 5-2
    weight 160
    i am really cool funny i love acting so much and i have a fun personality

  359. Daisy

    Hey, My name is Daisy I’m 16 soon to be 17, I’m 5’2 and a hopefully soon to be actor. I’m a big fan of One Direction. I have been into acting for a long time, its something i hope to make a career of. Even though i dont have much experence I would love to be a part of the One Diection Show even if it means playing an Extra. I really hope you take me into consideration and hope to hear back from you.
    Thank you for your time..(:

  360. blair

    blair im 15 and i want to act ive been in two plays an had a leading role, and i love rachel crow i cried when she left the X- factor :[

  361. Kayla Weisheit

    Height: 5’7
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Interests: Singing, dancing, drawing, writing, drama, and acting.
    Age: 14
    Sex: Female
    State: Indiana
    D.O.B.: 4-8-1998

  362. Traell D Jones

    Name: Traell Jones
    Age: 16
    Height: 5,10
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair color: Black
    Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
    Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Acting

    I believe i can be a part of this and do good!

  363. Brianna Faith Penn

    HI everybody! I’m Brianna!
    Alright, let me get started ha ha. Although I’m already 16 and will be a senior this coming school year, my ultimate goal in life has been to become a star on television, specifically Nickelodeon. I’m very outgoing and bubbly, not to mention, known to crack a few jokes every now and again. Countless people have told me I should be in the acting/music/modeling business based just off of my personality, knowing me personally, and from hearing me sing! This has honestly been my goal my entire life, this is the the one thing that I have been looking forward to! I love being in front of a loving audience and performing! I have even spoken on my county’s school channel for the news going on throughout the schools (which i enjoyed doing VERY VERY much). I have been selected by Barbizon, but my family has never had the money for me to pursue my dreams. I’m active in my school’s theater arts program (being in a play and musical), so I’d say I’m pretty well rounded, being 1st chair trombonist in Symphonic Band, keeping a 4.0 GPA, and have been in marching band, as well as cheerleading. Plus, you will have no doubt in knowing that I am able to memorize and deliver lines exceptionally well!! (:
    I promise I will not let you down, Nickelodeon! You will not be dissapointed in my abilities, I assure you! I’ll give you my all in everything I do! Please get back to me, you’ll be very happy that you did! I hope that you can give me the chance that I’ve needed for so long!! (:

    By the way guys (:
    Nationality: African American (5/8), Native American (1/8), French(1/16), Caucasian(1/16).
    Age: 16, 17 on September 25th, 2012
    Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia
    Height: 5′ 2 1/4″
    Weight: 130

  364. Tiffany

    Hi, I’m Tiffany, and I’ll be honest.
    I don’t really know who Rachael Crow is, but I’m starting to hear more about her and it would interesting to work along side her. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. :)
    It would be appreciated if you e-mail me.
    Thanks again :)

  365. Faith Hensley

    hi my name is faith hensley i would love to be on your show i am black brown eyes and reddish brownish hair and i am 11 i was born on feb,7,2001

  366. Kmt Williams

    Hello. My name is Kmt Williams. My first name is hard to pronounce, I know. I think an easy way to pronounce it is Kuh-met… That’s the best I got. Well, I’m 14. My birthday is on February 25, 1998. I’m 5’2. My eyes are brown, my hair is dark brown with honey blonde highlights. I live in Portland, Oregon. Now that you know my appearance, now you get to know me. Well, I’m different. Unique is a word that I’ve been described with. I love to sing, I’m pretty good if I say so myself. I can honestly say I’m a kind hearted person, but at the same time I will tell somebody off if they disrespect me or people close to me. I come to be shy at first when I’m with a group of people that I don’t know but the fun begins once I get to know everyone. I didn’t want to make this long but I think I did. Well, email me? I would surely appreciate the chance.

  367. Jimmy Lopez

    Hi! My name is Jimmy Lopez! I love to sing, act, dance, and just have fun doing it! Singing is in my blood and acting is something my family and drama teacher and teachers say I should pursue as a career! I have been to many places to be an actor and just haven’t found the right one! And have been in many play’s, musicals, and talent and singing contest! I feel like I was born to do this! I am very smart and a cool person! But I don’t actually want you to believe me! You’ll just have to see for yourself! I believe that someday my dreams would come true!
    Hight: 5″8″
    Haircolor: brown/black
    Eyecolor: brown/hazel
    Speak Spanish and english!
    Date of birth: 9/9/97

  368. Kayla Christensen

    Would like to know more about the auditions. Information will be given upon request. Please e-mail me about updates. Thank you

  369. Daniella Doromal

    Full Name: Daniella Doromal
    Bday: March 23, 1994
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’1
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: black
    Ethnicity: Asian ( Filipino)
    I live in Torrance, Ca. I’ve been singing, dancing ever since I was a little. I’m an experience dancer and singer, I sing for the church choir, and I was a part of the school choir and I was able to perform with the LA master Chorale at the Disney Concert Hall last 2011. I also auditioned for the California Honor’s Choir. I can sing and dance any type of genre’s and I can say Im a very good actress too, since I always take part in our church’s play. I took 2 years of dance class and was a part of the Folk dancer in the Philippines.

    I know I deserve to be in the show cause I have confidence in myself and Im experienced and mature enough to handle the stress that Im gonna face on the taping. I learn really fast and I’m very attentive, obedient and responsible. I hope I’ll hear from you guys soon! Thank you!

  370. Mariama Bah

    Hi my name is Mariama Bah and i am 14 years old and i and SO passionate about acting.I’m even hyperventilating writing this because im so excited! It would be a dream come true to be on this show and act with Rachael crow!(i mean come who doesn’t love this girl) I live in Columbus, Ohio but that doesn’t stop me from trying to be a actor !Some of my hobbies are singing, dancing and acting (on my own lol) and writing stories and playing soccer. Again this would be a Dream Come True!
    Height: 5’4
    Birthday: January 1st,1998
    Eyes: brown
    Im African American girl

  371. Tiffany Victor

    Name: Tiffany Victor


    Height: 5’2

    Weight: 261 pounds

    Clothing size: 24-26

    Body type: 3X Large but curzy

    Skills: I can do funny voices and draw pretty well.

    I am not gunna let anything hold me back because of how I look. and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to work with Rachael because well…………SHE SO DAMN ADORABLE~!!

  372. Sheryl Voltaire

    My name is Sheryl Voltaire
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: brown
    Age: 11
    Talent: I sing and I play the recorder.
    Being on this show would be a honor and this would start my career. My friends say I’m really funny and I can also can play a nerdy or creepy role.

  373. emanuel lockhart

    Bottom line, i love music….it can change people, through emotions i love writing music for example: on my mission, im wish’n to audition for rachel crow and cast a role on the show dedicated to put my heart and soul into it, and pick up the script then cite it back to her fluent, ts real……

  374. emanuel lockhart

    My name is emanuel lochart iv been a nick fan since i was 6, i do remember the nick throw backs from the 90’s ive wanted to cast a role on a show by nick for a while…no need for additional info, it will be i my resume and head shots
    Current Age:16
    Height: 6’00
    Weight: 145 lbs
    eye color: brown
    Race: african American, white, cherokee indian

  375. Essence

    Hello my name is Essece Young I’m a black 13 year old girl I’m 5’4 & I am very talented I live in St.Louis I will travel so getting there isn’t a problem & it would be a honor to be on The Rachel Crow Show I’ve seen her on the X-Factor & The Fred Show I think she did a amazing job on The Fred Show & let me say she did an awesome job at her singing I’ve been wanting to be an actor for the longest & not for the frame or the money but bacause I want to live my dream my mother always told me never give up on anything & this is something I want to do & if you guys do pick me I’m going to be the best I Promise you wont regret it & I would also love to work with Rachel I know me & Rachel would be good friends so I’ll say it again you wont regret picking me if yall do & if i dont get picked i want who ever get picked to know I’m happy for you & I’m happy you got picked but if i dont get this part I’m not going to stop here I’m going to keep going & that’s all I have to say & I hope my words on never give up help other people do what they want to do in life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Never Give Up

  376. Haley evans

    My name is haley! I am 13 years old and very outgoing!
    I am 5′ 2″ and love to sing and have straight a’s on my report card! I have golden brown hair and blue eyes with a teal ring around the iris’! I have a passion for singing but i also love rock clombing and cheer! I am naturally skinny but i am also athletic! I would love to take part in this show! It would mean so much to me because i have never really gotten a chance to show my talent to the world untill now! I think i would make a fantastic member to the nickelodeon crew! Thanks!

  377. Kelsey Alexandria

    Hello! My name is Kelsey Alexandria. I am 15 years old and my birthday is November 22. I am a funny, outgoing, random girl and i would love the opportunity to audition for you. I can carry a tune, and i can also dance, but of course acting is my main talent.

    Thank you! –Kelsey A.

  378. Jayson Hairston

    Hey my name is Jayson Hairston I am 14 years old and I am 5’5. I have black hair and people say I have a wonderful smile. I love acting and singing and it would be an honor to work with Rachel Crow on her new upcoming tv show on Nickelodeon. I would love to audition. I am from Georgia

  379. Tiana Lemus

    Can I just say that Rachel is the cutest little thing in the entire world! I would like to audition for this show, I sing and act, and will promise to make a good impression, thanks.

  380. Eli Bryant

    Hi my name is Tristan Johnson and my stage is “Eli Bryant”. I am a rapper/songwriter and every once in a while i sing and dance. I believe i have what it takes to be one of the cast members on “Rachel Crow Show”. I can show others that i have the talent to rap on the show because Nickelodeon doesn’t have any rappers on any shows and i can change that by being apart of this show. Thanks!

  381. James Neal III

    Hey I’m James, I love nickelodeon and would love to be on! Gonna get straight to the point!
    Talents: Singer, Musician
    Age: just turned 18!….great for an older brother!!!
    Ethnicity: African American
    Height: 5″10
    Weight: 157
    Please contact me!

  382. Kyara Young

    DOB: 06/03/99
    Age: 13
    Height : 5’2
    Gender : Female

    Hello my name is Kyara Young. I am a very talented person, when i was youg i always wonted to be on tv , but now that I’m older i want to follow my dream. My is to be somebody , that all the people that said i wouldn’t be anyone , will see that i can achieve , what i wanted to be. I live in Kansas City , MO , and it would be an honor to be on The Rachel Crow Show. When i seen Rachel on the C-Factor, I thought her singing was amazing. I always wanted to be actor , and when i started seeing kids at the age of 5 and 7 getting a career , i woulf always say to myself “If they can do it , you can do it too.” Im very outgoing , silly , fun to hang out with , and funny . I really honestly think that Rachel and I will become really great friend once i meet her . Thanks for taking your time just to read this .

  383. szanaiya sanford

    hi my name is szanaiya aka niya well i always loved to act im always in my churches plays and im in drama at my school i love sing but i dont really have classes but the most thing i love is to write my own songs the most i fell confident when i act i always play my part i love challenges no matter what you give me i would try my best to perfect it

    eye color-brown
    whieght”136 thank you if reading this

  384. Jayson Hairston

    Hey my name is Jayson I’m from Atlanta Georgia I would love to be apart of this sitcom I love acting and i love dance and sing. I’m 14 going on 15. Im 5’5 black hair , brown eyes. I always dream about being on nickelodeon so this is my dream come true

  385. Caroline Vazquez

    Gender: Female
    city : chula vista , ca
    Birthday: 0ctober 23 1996
    Age: 15
    Acting age range: 13-19
    Race: white , puerto rican
    Height: 5′ 4
    Weight: around 115-125
    Eye color : hazel
    Hair: dirty blond , wavy
    Body type : average/athletic
    Preformance skills : dancing , acting

  386. Essence

    Hi my name Essence Young I’m a black 13year old girl & I’m very talented I live in St.Louis I will travel & it would be an honor to be on The Rachel Crow Show I’ve seen her on X-Factor I enjoyed watching her sing I thought she did an amazing job at her singing I’m 5’4 I have been wanting to do acting for the longest & I’m not in it for the money or the fame I’m doing it to live my dream of being an actor I would do anything to live my dream I’m going to be the best if you guys pick me & I promise you wont regret picking me if you do & I know me & Rachel would be good friends I would love to work with Rachel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  387. Stacie

    Hi my name is Stacie and, I am a SINGER / ACTRESS and I would love to be part of the Rachel Crow Show.I was born in Fort Lauderdale Florida and rised there.I know i kinda sound like Im 85yrs old but im only 12yrs old.when you see me your most likely going to think Im 16 or 17 because i look so much older than i really am.I am very FUN to be around and I am VERY nice and Friendly.

  388. charity

    being an actor has been my dream and i always wanted my talent to be shared with everyone being on nickelodean would be an honor to me so then i can come out of the shadows and let my talent show

  389. Karina

    Hi my name is Karina Thiesen ever since I was small I have always wanted to be an actress. I know that their are other people who also want to be an actress but if you choose me to be on a show I know that you will be happy. I am fluent in spanish and english and live in California.I am a bit flexible with my back and owuld love to be on the rachele crow show. You will not be disapointed in chosing me. :)
    eyes-dark brown

  390. Ilda

    Hi my name is ilda and I want to act I’m I have a nice personality and I’m very bubbly I smile a lot im a very nice girl that doesn’t get distracted

  391. Jesse Timmerman

    Im a really good singer and i usually practice an hour a day so you wouldnt get let down im also a great actor aand at the top of my performing arts class

  392. Tiaura Townsley

    Age: 13

    I’m African-American my height is about 5’2 I have long brown hair (past my chest) I am light skin and I’m petite

  393. Destane Jackson

    Hello I am young (11) and talented and I have been singing since I was able to talk. ihave many videos that I could show to prove my unique and wonderful talent > Destane J. Thank You

  394. lyric

    hey im lyric i love to entertain others imake alot of people laugh i passed my audition at this agency called barbizion for singing and acting i have always wantted two be on tv showing the world and making kids laugh i really do hope you give me a shot please and thank you.

  395. Masa

    I can sing but not as good as her but i can RAP as good as ludacris 😀
    15 year old girl looking for a break :)
    Contact me

  396. bianca juarez

    my name is bianca juarez and i love acting and singing .I want to be someone big in life that wants to have the best career and love every second of it .i want to let my emotions out so everybody could see what i feel inside and what i love doing .acting lets me express my feelings through the character .even if i do a small part i’ll enjoyed every second .

    gender: female
    date of birth:8/1/99
    fact:love acting and singing
    idol:ariana grande

  397. denver colt

    Hello. My name is Denver Colt.
    eye color: Green
    Talent: I play guitar, bass and drums. I am good at improv acting
    Other: I have been in a couple popular local internet shows from RED C 2 entertainment . I like to write. I am good with kids and love making people laugh. I think even if I do not get a speaking park, I would love to be an extra.

  398. Glorie Boodoo

    Hello my name is Glorie. I’m a little bit older than most people who’ve already posted, but I’m not ashamed to say that I still watch Nickelodeon. I enjoy singing, dancing and acting. I was in the Drama Club in school and it has been a dream of mine to become an actor ever since I can remember. I’ve seen Rachel on the X-Factor and I was really sad to see her go. I’m excited to see that she is getting her own show. She deserves it. I would be truly grateful to have the opportunity to work along side her. I love her voice.
    – DOB: 6/21/92
    – Height: 5’5”
    – Weight: 104 lbs
    – Multicultural

    Good Luck to everyone!!!

  399. Rico Martinez

    Okay, Hi my names Rico and i was born December 8th 1998. I’ve always to be an actor since I was 7 amd nothing more. I always love to watch Nickelodeon and wonder how it would be to be on TV and just have so much fun. I’m a very fun, energetic, funny, cool, person. Stage and Acting makes me feel special inside and zi think to myself if I could only show people my true and real talent and show everyone who I really am inside then my life would just be complete. There’s people and “friends” that say I can’t do it, but if you could give me at least one chance and let me show them that AT LEAST got an audition it would mean the world to me. And to Rachel Crow, I love you so much, you inspire little children amd even teens to be whatever they want to be, and to never give up in what you belive in. Please consider e-mailing me. PLEASE!

  400. kimberly

    hey i am a 12 year old girl with brown eyes and black hair i am going to be 13 next month in july 28 i am searching for adutions and i really think i am great for this show i love rachel crow she sings good so please contact me

  401. whitney harris

    • Height: 5’5,
    • Age: 13
    • Hair: Dark Brown
    • Eyes: Brown
    • DOB: 10/26/98
    – Hair: Short Brown mini afro
    – Bio: iam 13 i love to sing and act. I live in Sacramento CA, and im light skinned. My mom is mixed and my dad is african american. I am the youngest of 6 kids haha sucks sometimes but i manage. Thank you for considering me.

  402. whitney harris

    Hi my name is whitney harris and i am 13 i am a singer and an atress and would love to be a part of rachel crow’s new show. Ive been wanting to be on nick since i was 7 and now its my chance. So i hope you give me a chance to show you what i can do. Thank you for even considering me.

  403. brianna'danyale

    im 22 but can definitely pass for a teenager.
    im 5’3
    ive been in several independent films, drama and comedy
    ive taken acting classes
    im very outgoing and outspoken.
    ive been told im great to work with
    i can sing dance and act

  404. Dyjere speaks

    hi .(: My Name Is Dyjere Speaks And I Know That Other People May have More Talent With Singing And Dancing , But I Have A Talent Of Acting And I Would Love If You Would Help me Persuie It , I Also Know That Im Not The Best Looking Or The Best Size But This Is A Dream Of Mine
    Age : 13
    Height: ”5’3 1/2
    Hair: Light Brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    DOB : 4/18/99

  405. Lyndsey Harris

    Name: Lyndsey Harris


    Height: 5’3

    Weight: 97 pounds

    Clothing size: 14-16

    Body type: Average but skinny

    Features: I have a nice smile, Big Brown Eyes, Golden hair, Kind voice, and a nice funny personality

    Special Skills: Acting, Singing, Dancing, Talking to others, I learn things really fast, and Comedy.

    I would love to be on a TV show. I have always watched rachel since her acting career started. I think her voice is BEAUTIFUL! I am not a mistake and I am really good at acting. I have been in 5 plays and all got standing ovations. I pick up on things really fast and I promise if you give me a chance you wont regret it. I have always wanted to be on a show. Nickeloden is my fav channel. Im not really the popular type but I would just LOVE to be on a show with Rachel. (:

    Thanks for your time

  406. mecallon hartzell

    im 13 have dirty blonde hair at medium length and blue eyes im 5’6 and weigh 110 pounds i live in Tucson Arizona my birthday is march 29 1999 im a very determined person and i am female i am mature but can have fun and hope you will consider me

  407. roshanna

    im such a big fan ! ever since on X-factor i routed for here and new that i would see much more of her ,im 15 i live in new york im 5’4 my 3 major talents are SINGING/ACTING/DANCING so i honestly think im perfect for this show .im very hard working and dedicated to my work ,im a joy to be around and very easy to work with im open to new ideas and information. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME ! i will be looking forward to be working with you.

  408. Alexzandra brant

    Hi my name is Alexx short for alexzandra. I think racheal crow is awesome and a great singer I watched her on the xfactor and on Fred the show and figure it out. I wanted to see her with big time rush but I couldnt. I can act and sing I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I think that is all I think I should put up here. I hope you consider me.

  409. Michelle Njiva

    eyes: brown
    Height: 5-3
    Weight: 105
    Body type thin/slim
    Talent: Dancer: hip hop, Jazz, Ballet and Belly Dancing, Singing: Pop, Country, RnB, Soul
    Hie i am 17 year old african american and i am so dedicated, im a female acting is my passion and i dont live a life full of opportunities and it you could just give me a chance to be part of your movie you wont be dissapointed, this is my dream to be an actor and you can help me make it come true, i am hardworker, dedicated, work well with others, i follow directions and i promise you i wont let you down, please give me this chance thank you so much.

  410. Nia Moore

    wow,im still writing another comment because i really want this oportunity job.
    also,for the show i definetly know theres going to be music and really great at writing songs so i know for sure with some of my songs and rachel crow songs put together on the same show this show will be a big hit everybdys going to want interviews,photographs,and autographs. i can be a one in a lifetime star.some instraments i can play are the drums and the bass guitar.pcking me for the show woud be amazing and you wont regret i am a real one in a millional,original,full of talent,pretty smart girl whos waiting for a once in a lifetime opportunity job like a crab in a shell waiting to break out free.everywhere i go people reay do adore me not to brag but its because of my personaity so pretty please with cherries on top pick me. my voice will blow you away! born, December 7,2012

  411. Nia Moore

    Ethniciy:african american
    Hair:mixed with black and brown(brown when its sunny)
    hi my name is nia moore im from jersey city new jersey i would really love to be on the rachel crow show because i have plenty of talents also because even though im younger than her i can still play the role of a teenager because sometimes when im in school almost everybody ask me are you thirteen and im like no its just my height i get it from my dad.those talents i have are singing,rapping,modeling,fashion designing,and acting even though i have applied to other shows like how to rock i would love being on this show even more because rachel crow inspires so much.
    my grades are really good in school so i shouldnt really have alot of problems with working in a scene in a school classroom.myf avorite subjects in school are writing,reading,and history, hate math! if u could pick me it would really mean alot to me.also on march 28,2012 i performed on tv as a nets dancer so im really Good with working with cameras and lights in my face.i dont get out of focus fast because im willing to do whatever i can to be on this in the 6th gade.PLEASE CONTACT ME I PROMISE YOU I WLL GET THE JOB DONE NO MATTER WHAT AND IF U ADLEAST CONSIDER ME I WILL GIVE YOU MY ACTUAL PHONE personality is funny,caring,outgoing,crazy,and fun to be around.making friends is very easy for me because all i do is keep it real and be myself,and any character i get i will portray that character really well like i am the character in real life.meeting big time clebrities would be excellant . my vocabulary is very aware of all tyes of words so memorizing lines is kinda accomplish my dreams im determined and ready as ever to take a wide variety of risk. thank u for your time

  412. Alex Juffre

    Name: Alexandria “Alex” Juffre
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    DOB: 01/02/1999
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: 5′ 5″
    Weight: 100-110
    Eye-Color: Dark Brown
    Hair: Long (5-10 inches below shoulder), Mostly Straight/ Wavy in some places, Dark Brown
    I’m very outgoing and talkative, I can get along with anyone, and I love cracking jokes and getting people to laugh

  413. Nardica Tyner

    D.O.B: March 13,2000
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Hair color: Sandy Brown ( hair changes color in light)
    Location: Dearborn Hieghts, Michigan, USA
    Hobbies: Cheerleading, Acting,Caring for pets, and Track Competitions
    Idol: Rachel Crow
    Talent: I can move m ears up and down like Dr. Suess and i am very athletic

    Ive always loved all of my hobbies and ive been looking for the perfect audition, and i think i may have found it and also my dad is a proessonal boxer and his name is Lanardo Tyner . Thank you
    – Nardica Tyner

  414. anastaja davis


  415. anastaja davis

    hi my name is anastaja davis i would love to be on the rachel crow show becuse i have been though a lot and my daddy has past away resently and was taking some acting lessons and he never got to see me go to middle school and that was a very hard time for me and now i just want to show he in heaven that i can achevvi my dreams and i hope to god that yall see this anad let me have a chance and let my dreams come true god bless yall and thank you

  416. matthew watkins

    Hey my name is Matthew Watkins from Montgomery,Alabama. I can sing, I can dance,and I can act and being on this show will be a blessing in itself. Resume and references on request!!!!!

  417. matthew watkins

    I sing,act,and dance I’m 12 years old from Montgomery,Alabama and references and resume on request!!!

  418. Olivia Mudd

    Name: Olivia Mudd
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: African american
    Height: 5′ 3
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Body Type: Petite/skinny
    Bio: Hi, I am Olivia I love to sing, dance and act (trust me I am a real drama queen). I love to let people see my talents and gifts. And I love to make people smile and just feel better. I love all the Nick shows and I do not get chosen it’s okay, I will still watch the shows.

    Thank You

  419. Brianna

    Im Brianna
    Im 16
    i live in Georgia
    Im a female
    I am mixed but i have a white skin color
    I have Hazel eyes
    I act, sing, and dance
    I can do a British accent fairly well to be believable
    My hobbies are singing, acting, and danceing
    Please email me about auditions.
    Thank you for your time
    Brianna Flowers

  420. Aaliyah Segrest

    Hi, my name is Aaliyah Segrest, I’m 14 years old , and my race is black. Acting and singing is my life it is the only thing I can see myself doing. so being on this show would be a big accomplishment for me. If you give me the chance I can be one of the biggest nick stars.

  421. Hannah

    Hey, I’m Hannah and I am a performer! I sing and act, but not normally on television. I have waited months and months, years really, to find the perfect show for my first sitcom audition! I have brown hair and gray eyes and I’m thirteen. I’m so excited to see what happens with Rachel Crow’s new show as she is such a great role model to me, and I would love to be a part of it!

  422. Olivia Mudd

    Name: Olivia Mudd
    Height: 5′ 3″
    Race: African American
    Weight: 95-105
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Body Type: Petite
    Performance Skills/Talents: Singing/ Dancing/ Acting (Trust me I am a real drama queen)
    About Myself: I love to let everyone know that I have a gift and want to share.
    Thank You

  423. Samantha Onstad

    Height: 5.11
    Hair Color: Blonde (it’s always changing)
    Eyes: Blue-Green-Organge
    Clothing Size: 14-16
    I’m 19 years old. I’ve been singing for 10 years, and participating in a number of Honors Choirs and National Choirs for 6 years. I’ve always wanted to try acting, but I never had time to fully experience it because I was always busy with singing and playing lacrosse. I have a bubbly personality, I love being strange and weird. I often make people laugh by doing impressions of other people in weird voices and telling stories. I love to just be crazy and have alot of fun. II’m super easy to get along with and would love to join a show with such an amazing and talented lead like Rachel

  424. Shawna

    Hi my name is shawna, I am 16 years old and i Love your voice its like soul comes from you and you are so young but so amazing i was one of your fan all the way thought the X-factor, I wanted you or Astro to win , you guys where both amazing and soulful and i would love to work with such a amazing insiration like you.

  425. Sondra Montague

    My nae is Sondra Montague and I am 13 years old. I live in Tracy, California and I am 5’7″ and I weigh 120 lbs. I love to act, swim, walk my dog, and go shopping. My ethnicity is Russian and Mexican, but my dad was born in Scotland. I think I would be a good adition to the show because it is something that I have a passion for and I have a lot of fun doing it. I have experience from doing some small school plays. Contact me if you would consider me, thank you.

  426. Brianna Flores

    Age: 15 going on 16 on july 16th
    Height: 5’1
    Hair: long, brown
    Eyes: big, brown
    Body type: slim

    Hello, I am Brianna Flores, I live in Corpus Chrisit,TX i’m a sweet, loving, down-to-earth girl, I love meeting new people, I play tennis, I like to dance, and I love acting! When I was a little girl I knew instantly I wanted to be an actress I was so amazed how someone I don’t know could make me laugh,cry,smile,or be mad.. acting is truely beautiful and I know in high school people want to be doctors, nurses, teachers, but I always have and always will want to be an actress, and I hope to be able to follow my dreams wether its a main part in the show or a minor part. Just the opppertunity to be doing what I love would make my life complete. I hope I will be recieving an emai from you soon, I won’t let you down I will give it my all everyday, thank you for your time!

    p.s Rachel Crow YOU ROCK!

  427. Christina Stevens

    Hi. My name is Christina and I am 12 years old. I really would love to act next to Rachel Crow. I am not shy at all and I always be myself. It would be an honor to act with such a huge superstar like Rachel Crow. I am funny and really have a great personality. I really don”t mind if I have a big part or a small part. Rachel Crow has amazing abilities and I would love to act with someone with a lot of talent!!!!! These are my qualities: Black hair, Black eyes, height-5,2,age-12. I also can dance!!!!! Please consider me!!

  428. Jalen bradford

    Hi my name is jalen Bradford I am a 13 year old African American Ive been acting since possible I think I would be great for any role because I am a multi talented person I sing,dance,piano,and play sports. I love to act it is my passion I was born to act.Iit will not only be a great oppertuntie for me but for you to have a great actor .If I’m just saying the smallest line I guarantee you will love it so please consider me for the role (I’ve been told by plenty of people I look like racheal crow so I would be excelet)

  429. Jamaal

    Hi my name is Jamaal Mohamed and in the past three had no luck any anything with entertainment with all of companies that want me to join but for a huge price.I’am and amazing singer and actor and my idols are Nicki Minaj and lady gaga, I very funny and happy I love to dance and goof around. Hopefully if you are reading this I’m not begging you to send me a email or even count your reading this right now.
    height: 6’0
    weight: 140
    ethincity: African American but look Biracial
    hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Brown

  430. Nauctica Foster

    Name:Nauctica Foster
    Ethnicity:African American
    Haircolor: Black

    please email me for resume’s and headshots .

  431. McKayla Zeigler

    McKayla Zeigler
    Age: 14
    Height: 5’5
    DOB: 12/17/97
    Race: African American
    State of residence: Georgia
    Performing Experience:Played peter pan in peter pan, has sang solos in front of crowds, did an acting showcase, had acting teaches with Actress Brianne Gould and casting director Alpha Tyler
    Bio: Hello! My name is McKayla Zeigler, I love to perform! I’ve known since i was very young that I wanted to act and sing. My skills can always use polishing but I’m eager to learn more. I also write songs, poems and monologues. Anything I’m told to do I can try my very hardest to learn it and do so! I’m outgoing and love meeting new people. I’m also a huge fan of nickelodeon! I hope to learn as i go along and polish my singing and acting skills! Thank you!

  432. Rachel Arzu

    Hellur! My name is Rachel, I am 13 years old and I would just love to be a part of this! I’m 5”6 with black medium hair that can be curled if needed. I’m skinny and tall. I have brown eyes and I’m brown-skinned. I am a very comedic Hispanic girl (I speak Spanish and English) and I can also be serious. I love to have fun, be loud and be crazy! I’m always my self and i am hoping this could be my big break into the acting business. Thank you for reading this and i Hope i get a part in this!

  433. Ashlie

    Hey, my name is Ashlie Wachsmann!
    age: 16
    height: 5’6″
    weight: 125 lbs.
    hair color/length: dirty blonde/ long
    eye color: green
    body: athletic (running and soccer), tan
    ethnicity: caucasian
    location: dallas, tx (distance is not a problem)

    I know my chances of being cast are small, but it is worth a shot because i know that the experience would be great especially with the other great actors/actresses, i really like to act, and acting is what i want to pursue. I memorize lines very well, i am gereat with all kinds of people, and i have a very good personality! Thank you so so much for your time and consideration!!

  434. Christina Stevens

    This is a continue on from my other comment. I am 12 years old. I have dark brown eyes that look black, I am 5,2, and I am a aspiring actress. My dream ever since I was young is to be on a future hit tv show. I really believe that this could be my start as an actress next to Rachel Crow. Please take this very seriously because I want to start mhy acting career!!!!!! It would also be an honor to act next to Rachel Crow!!!!!!

  435. Christina Stevens

    I would absolutely love to be on her show. It would be really fun to meet Rachel Crow and a great experience too. Im a girl and her age too so it would be fun and great to be next to her on her show.

  436. Andrea Arana

    hi iam 12 years old and i live in california,los angeles and i hope my dream come true and i always wanted to show everyone that looked at me wrong that iam gonna be the next thing so please make my dreams come true

  437. shawndrianna

    hi my name is shawndrianna im 12 i watched you on xfactor and i really think we cabecome besties it would be my pleasure to work with you

  438. lydia douglas- lynch

    Hi there my name is Lydia Douglas Lynch, im 14 years old and live in Sacramento, California. if I can have a moment of your time so you can read this it would be wonderful to me.
    Gender: female
    Hair: dark brown
    eyes: I have dark brown eyes
    body build: thick
    Height: 5’7
    Race: african american and others
    Skills: I can sing, dance and act
    Things that people should know about me: I’m nice and respectful to every one. Love to sing, act, and dance. I’m also really funny, but am serious when it is down to business. I also love how Rachel crow sing and hope that I can work with her in anyway. Thank you for letting me post a comment and i hope that you considered me for a part. Have a great day to all.

  439. Natalie Nichols

    My name is Natalie. I am 13 years old but I look much older. I love to sing and act. I have had many roles in many plays and I was recently in the movie 42 about Jackie Robinson. I was just an extra but I had a great time filming. I have sung in singing competitions, talent shows, and recitals. Singing and acting are very big parts of my life; even in school. I take lessons and classes in both of the arts. I really like Rachel Crow and it would be so amazing to even have a shot at this show. Thank you so much.

  440. Madeline Carter

    Name: Madeline Carter
    Birthday: 4/3/2000
    Age: 12 (although i look older)
    gender: female
    Weight: 100-110
    body type: skinny/athletic
    Hair: brown/ wavy
    state: wisconsin
    skills: dancing, acting, singing, guitar,
    eyes: blue
    i do a lot of plays at my school and i love to act! im fearless, confident, funny, and determined. please email me! thanks!

  441. Selena Frazier

    Iv’e always watched her on xfactor my grandma would always say she reminded her of me, i had no idea what she was talking about than i started to know that Rachel was going to do a show so i really want to be apart of that. Iv’e always wanted to act and sing and this would actually be a great oppitunity to do so. I am 14 and hopefully i can be on Nickaldeon one day (: that would be absolutly amazing! um if i could describe myself if we are suppose to than i am mixed black and white, i have brown eyes dark brown hair. I really don’t know how much info i should do lol but yeah i guess thats it so far (:

  442. Nyjuwon Hatcher

    Hey! My Name is Nyjuwon Hatcher! I’m an 18 year old male singer, actor, dancer, and musician! I believe I would be a great apart of this show because I love to sing, dance, and act crazy like Rachel!! I hope you guys pick me! :) Hope to hear/talk to you soon! Goodluck Everyone!

  443. Sidney Hernandez

    My name is sidney Hernandez & I love to act please give me a chance. Therefore, give me a part big or small. Give me a chance to show you how wonderful I can be on TV. Rachel crow is one of the best artist of the teen girls of right now. And i would love to be on a TV show just like rachel. My ethnicity is hispanic. Which could bring in more views !

    gender: female
    height:5’5 1/2
    hair:chestnut brown
    DOB: 7/7/98
    size: 0-1

  444. Geovanna Armendariz

    Gender: Female
    Birthday: 09/27/1998
    Age: 13
    Race: Hispanic
    Height: 5′ 3″
    Weight: about 96 or 97 pounds
    Eye color : Dark Brown
    Hair: Dark brown-wavy/curly (can be straightened.)
    Body type : thin/fit
    Bio: I’m a very kind girl. I hate being rude but I can be if the situation calls for it. I’m a fast learner. I’m an honor roll student. I can be hyper and crazy sometimes. I’m usually happy and optimistic. I will always try my best in everything I do.
    Talents/Skills: Acting, talking to others, and I’m a really fast learner. I don’t mean to brag but I’m a really good singer. I love to sing! Music is my life. I cannot live without music. I can play piano, a bit of the bass, a bit on the drums, and viola. I will be learning to play both acoustic and electric guitar. It would be an honor to work with One Direction. It would also be a great way to get tips to improve on my singing and music playing.
    Please consider and get get back to me. If you do, you won’t regret it. Thank you.

  445. Ryland Tucker

    Name,Ryland Tucker
    birthdate,january 7 2002
    hair color,brown
    professional singer,8years
    professional dancer,8years
    other shows,wizards of waverly place,pair of king both sesson1
    why i want to be on show,becuse my dad says ill never getin but i now i can
    commet,i hope get in :]

  446. Allison

    Hehehe. I like Rachel. She’s real. So am I. And now I sound desperate and rude. My apologies. Well I like her, I can sing okay-ish, and I have a passion for acting. Contact me

  447. Nauctica Foster

    My name is Nauctica Foster i am a New Actress/Model for The Model Shop Agency in Florida . I have outstanding acting abilities and i am
    qualified to play any role you assign me. I believe that any one can do anything they put their minds to . So I am more than sure I will be able to work with you and be Excellent at it. I would be more than happy to be apart of this sitcom or any other. Please Consider me .

  448. Ngonyo M.

    I would love to be on this show. I loved her voice on the X Factor and she seems talented and funny. I saw her on Fred also and she did a amazing job!
    I’ve got a nice, crazy, and weird personalty so please give me a shot 😉

  449. imani reves

    i am 15 years old
    my birthday is march 12 1997
    i am 5’3
    weight 110lb
    i have dark brown hair and eyes
    my ethic is African American/Native American

    i did some school plays and i took a modeling and acting class i did some product prom for macy’s, runway, and photography i run track and cheerleading, and i’m from Michigan thanks <3

  450. olivia

    hair color:light brown eye color:blue-green height:4’10 skin color: fair singing skill: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i can rap im 9 and i live in SC pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  451. malachi jones

    yo Malachi Jones i really would like to be in a sitcom i’m you know kida halarious contact

  452. Jada and Jordan Parker

    HELLO our name is Jada and Jordan Parker we are twin sisters and we LOOOVVEE to sing and act.. we are 14 yrs old and want to showcase our talents to everyone so Plz pic us! :)

  453. Stephanie

    • Height: 5’6, 167cm, 1.69m
    • Weight: 9stones, 60lbs
    • Age: 15 9 months.
    • Hair: Dark Brown
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Clothing Size: 8-10
    • DOB: 19/09/96

    Why I want to be an actress is because it’s what I love to do, it calms down and it’s something I know I’m good at. There aren’t many films and casting role in the UK since Harry potter happen, but I’m hoping I can get my big break in Hollywood and leave my mark. I also just want to live my life meeting new people and act. This is my dream and it’s the only thing I have that I call support because I don’t have anyone to support me, no father, my mum doesn’t have a permanent job to pay for acting classes and to barely feed me. But that why I need to help her, to show her I’m not a mistake and I can be become big in life, and I’m hoping you see it in me to.

  454. Tyreese Bowman

    I would love to audition for a show such as this one, please do a talent search in Columbus, OH.

  455. Tyreese Bowman

    I would love to be on a show such as this, please do a casting search in columbus ohio.

  456. Ashley Santos

    I’ve been looking for auditions for any show on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel and this might be my chance and I feel that I should take it! :)

  457. Jami Small

    I think this would be an amazing chance and I am ready to give it all it takes. I have wanted this for so long and I have my eyes set on one goal and one goal only…doing my absolute best at what I do best !!!

  458. Tiana Larmond

    I’ve been striving for an acting career forever. Its my dream and it would be a pleasure working side by side with Rachel Crow.My age is also 14. Im adventerous,fearless,and determind. So please at least give me the chance to audition and show my talent to you , Im willing to do anything. Thank You for your time! :)

  459. Itzel

    I would really really really want to be in a show like this. so please let me have a part and show how i can act.

  460. Asia Miller

    I am a 12 year old dancer. I am going to be 13 in August. I love to entertain people all the time. I’ve been the lead in almost every school play and dance rectital. I am a hard-working,funny,nice,and talented. I’ve won many hip-hop dance competitions. I dance at Planet Funk Academy and have to gone to numerous dance conventions including The Pulse,Monsters of Hip-Hop,and Jump. I’ve very passionate about being on TV. This is a dream.

  461. Destiny La'mone Tatum Jr

    Yes being on this Show would be Great. I would Love to be On a Game show. Especially this one. I mean you know it would be fun ;)…….. if your looking for a person to be on the tv show i would be the perfect person to be on a game show cause you know……………… I GOT GAME!!!!!!!! Ps: I DONT REEK OF DESPARATION

  462. Danielle jefferson

    This is really my dream I am a nice funny and outgoing, person pleadePLEASE PLEASE PLEASE JUST GIVE ME THAT ONE SHOT TO PROVE IM WORTHY

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