Henry Danger

Henry Danger

Henry Danger

What do you get when you take every kids dream and turn it into a TV show? A hilarious superhero comedy and one of the most popular shows on Nickelodeon today. Henry Danger is battling crime and tickling the funny bones of millions of loyal fans each week and it has quickly established itself as much-watch television for Nick audiences worldwide.

Henry Danger combines the knee-slapping laughs that are the trademark of every high quality Nickelodeon production with the added element of wild action as it tells the story of Henry Hart, a mild-mannered young boy enjoying an ordinary life in the town

of Swellview. Everything quickly changes when he accepts a part-time job and things turn significantly out of the ordinary. That’s because his part-time job is as sidekick to the superhero Captain Man. Now know as operating as his alter-ego Kid Danger, Henry battles crime after school, operating out of a curiosity store called the Junk n’ Stuff where his best friends and family think he does his real job. Fighting evil doers, learning from the greatest superhero in the world and keeping his identity secret from those closest to him – it’s all in a days work for Henry Danger!

Starring a funny and lovable cast of rising talents and featuring some of the most clever story lines on Nick today, this series is a certified hit for the world’s most watched network and it’s popularity only continues to grow. Tell us what you think of this outstanding comedy series below and stay tuned for more news, updates and fun facts for Henry Danger.


Henry Danger Cast:

Jace Norman – Henry Hart

Cooper Barnes – Captain Man

Ella Anderson – Piper Hart

Riele Downs – Charlotte

Sean Ryan Fox – Jasper Dunlop

Series Created by:

Dana Olsen

Dan Schneider

Series Directed by:

Steve Hoefer

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