Bella and the Bulldogs

Bella and the Bulldogs

Bella and the Bulldogs

There are lots fish out of water stories, but a Bulldog out of water story? That’s a first! Nickelodeon’s wacky comedy series Bella and the Bulldogs is making waves across the globe and establishing itself as one of the true gems of the Nickelodeon programming lineup.

Everything is bigger in Texas and that is especially true when it comes to football, that’s why when the quarterback of the middle school team goes down with an injury it’s seen as such an epic disaster. Who will step in to lead The Bulldogs? What will become of the team? How will life go on (wink)?

Cheerleader Bella Dawson was the answer that no one had in mind, but she’s exactly the one they needed. Armed with a strong arm and even stronger strength of character, Bella rises to the challenge of leading The Bulldogs out of despair and raising the hopes of an entire town. As if that’s not pressure enough, Bella finds herself in a social tug of war between her new teammates and her old cheer leading friends with hilarious consequences. This show truly has something for everyone and with a tone that balances both hearty laughs and inspirational social commentary, Bella and the Bulldogs is setting the already high bar for Nickelodeon series to new heights.

Football, laughs and Nickelodeon – what could possibly be better? Bella and the Bulldogs is one of the hottest shows on TV today and it’s easy to see why. Let us know what you think of this sporting good series below and keep checking back for more exciting news for this mega-popular Nick comedy production.

Bella and the Bulldogs Cast:

Brec Bassinger – Bella Dawson

Lilimar – Sophie

Coy Stewart – Troy Dixon

Jackie Radinsky – Sawyer Higgins

Buddy Handleson – Newt

Haley Tju – Pepper

Series Created by:

Gabriel Garza

Jonathan Butler

Chris Phillips

Series Directed by:

Shannon Flynn

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