Fred:The Show

Fred:The Show

Lucas Cruikshank, the Youtube sensation that has entertained millions of fans with his original character Fred Figglehorn is now a full on television star with his hit Nickelodeon series Fred:The Show.

Fred had small beginnings as Lucas and his two cousins Katie and Jon decided to start making videos staring the character of Fred Figglehorn, a 6 year old boy with anger management and family issues. The clips proved incredibly popular on Youtube and more videos followed. Fred Figglehorn has now officially become a true phenomenon and Nickelodeon has jumped on board the Fred business. Following two films and guest appearances on several television shows Lucas Cruishank has now come full circle with his hilarious character in Fred:The Show. Early episodes have proved so popular that Nickelodeon has increased it’s initial order. Fred Figglehorn is going to be around for a while and so will opportunities for his millions of fans to watch the incredible show! Leave a comment below and we will keep you in the know with all of the Fred news.

This is your chance to be a fan of one of the funniest shows on television today! Lucas Cruikshank is taking the teen comedy world by storm with his immense talent and his unforgettable Fred Figglehorn character and you could soon get in on the fun. Stay tuned for series updates for Fred:The Show.

Fred: The Show Cast:

Lucas Cruikshank – Fred Figglehorn

Rachel Crow – Starr

Siobhan Fallon – Hilda Figglehorn

Gracie Dzienny – Holly

Jake Weary – Kevin

Series Directed by:

Dave Payne

Jonathan Judge

Series Written by:

Lucas Cruikshank

Adam Schwartz

Josh Herman

You can check out a Fred:The Show page here:

74 thoughts on “Fred:The Show

  1. ms ray ray

    I’m eleven, five two have red hair and blue/green eyes and 145 pounds I’m female to.

    I’m to crazy and to much drama I look and act older. I’m a girl that loves art and has a double chin i make weird yet creepy faces to. But once you get to know me and my jelly rolls we both will put a smile on your face. One more thing i love to dance more than anything so I’ll leave fred to the singing.

  2. tatyanna sanchez

    hello im tatyanna i play the trumpet and also speak in a chipmunk voice naturally im very funny :]. im 14 years old and im 5’4 or 5’5
    i have wavy hair. plz email me back i think me and Lucas would become an amazing team that would make even more of the world watch.
    * have brown eyes
    *fast learner
    * some times wears glasses
    * thin
    * brownish hair
    *mixed race

  3. sebriah gardner

    my name is sebriah gardner im 15 years old, african american and i sing act and dance. although i dont have acting experience i know i can do it. i’ve been in the posta and pops concert at my school and i use to have a dance group, and the reason im mentioning all of this is because i know the actors/actresses on nick are all multi-talented and so am i.

  4. Melissa Morier

    Hello, My Name Is Melissa, Acting Has Been A Passion Of Mine For Quite Some Time, And I Bet You Get Alot Of These But Hey !Why Not, I’ve Been In Many Plays And I’ve Been In Musical Theatre Before. I’m Currently In Singing Lessons So I’m Not Shy To Anything And I Just Really Need A Chance To Prove Myself! <3

    Dirty Blonde Hair
    Hazle Eyes
    I’m About 5’3-5’4
    I Speak English
    And Yeah, I’m Really Out Going And Would Take Any Role, I’m Up For Anything! So Please Reply <3 Thank You For Your Time.

  5. James Martin

    My name is James Martin and i am 15 years old and a huge fan of this show i live in Sydney Australia but say the word and i will be i California ready for any Job you want me to do
    I have some acting experiences such as
    -Wizard Of OZ musical (i was the lion)
    -and numerous other plays and musicals here in Australia!

    I am a BIG fan of all the fred videos and would love the opportunity to work with him

  6. Wilson Nguyen Jr.

    I’m 5″9 age 14 Asian/ Dominican and male.
    I really want to be in this show.
    Me and my sister used to watch your show back when it was just YouTube shows.
    We enjoyed it!
    I’m been doing acting classes and all my friend find me hilarious in a good way.
    so i can wait to audition your show. 😛

  7. Riley James Harshbarger

    My name is Riley James Harshbarger. I am fourteen years old, I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5’10” and currently weigh 140<150 pounds. I live in Phoenix, Arizona.
    It has been my dream to act since I was four years old. I'm not quite sure why. but the ability to truly become someone else in every way is truly amazing.
    I have an excellent memory and have been in numerous elementary/middle/high school plays, all as the lead role.
    I am very skilled at playing the piano, and can learn a new song in a matter of days if necessary.
    I hope to hear from you soon!

  8. destiny

    NAME- Destiny
    Race- white
    Birthday-January 6 2000
    Hair color- brown and blonde purple highlights
    Eye color dark brown
    Body type-slim
    I have been in one play when I was 7 and I did ballet jazz and hip-hop for 3 years and choir since kindergarden and gymnast for 1 year.
    a little bit of spanish
    a tiny bit of German and Swedish
    and I know some sign language
    nice can act mean
    I like to laugh with my friends and we like to sing and put on plays


  9. Mark Dreher-Sumpter

    Hi my nme is mark and I am 12 years old and I would be great for the Fred Show I’m an actor and I do preformances and a lot of other thing that invole Acting/Singing/Danceing etc. I am also in the play Alice In Wonderland at a local Stadium near my house. I would love to be part of the Fred Show and I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

  10. Christopher Meador

    I’d just love to star in this. I just worry I won’t be good enough. I try very hard for acting. No one thinks I can do it. I want to prove them wrong. I wanted to be an actor since I was very young. I got inspired by Miranda Cosgrove in Drake and Josh. I can play almost any role. I’m 16 and out of school. I think I’m ready for this.

  11. stacey freycinet

    Hi I’m Stacey Freycinet
    Age : 13 :)
    Height : 5 ft
    D.O.B. : 5-31-99
    Race : African American
    Hair Color : Brown
    Eye Color : Dark brown
    Hobbies : I play basketball and soccer. I also love to act. I love having fun with my family and friends. Oh and I sing just a little bit.

  12. Jessica Radoicic

    Hi there, I’m Jessica and I would like to be on the show :)

    I’m from Illinois, close into Chicago. I’m 13 years old, and am 5’4, weighing in at about 120. I have blond hair and brown eyes, and am Italian.

    I’ve been acting for a while, in plays such as Annie, and random skits my friends and I put together. I have taken a couple singing lessons, and am improving in that category.I would consider myself someone who is very crazy and outgoing, and love to have fun. I’m loud and bold, and have been told I light up the room. I’m also a dancer, I dance ballet, lyric, acro, and poms. I’m also a writer, and have been told I’m very good at it.:) I also know how to body board and play volleyball (At least, dodging the ball and trying not to get hit in the face) I’ve auditioned for modeling jobs before. I’m not currently with any agency.

    I would love to be on the show, as would every other girl. I think I should be on it because I believe I have a special spark when it comes to acting, and would really like to see myself on TV. I do feel that I would be a good choice. I get along with people easily, and it’s always been a dream of mine.
    Thanks for your time, Jessica.

  13. Ric'kesha Chavez

    Ric’kesha Chavez 4’1″/4’2″ Black Hair, Brown eyes

    Well were do i start My name is Ric’kesha Chavez but my friends call me Ricky. I never acted before in a movie or anything big but i was in my 8th grade choir. Im short, fat, and im african american. Im kind of shy but when you get to know me im funny, outgoing and silly. I know you might be looking for a person that can do more then what i can do but i wish to be apat of this show, i would love to be an extra. Just given a chance to start acting would be a blessing. I think this is all ill put in here because i dont want to bore you, so thank you for reading this and being helpful to me.

    I REALLY REALLY want this!!!

  14. Cristina Hernandez

    Name: Cristina Hernandez
    D.O.B: June 17, 1994
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    From: McAllen, Texas
    Body Type: Curvy
    Weight: 136 lbs
    Height: 5’3
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Language: English and Spanish
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown

    Talents: Singing, Dancing, and Acting (;
    Sports: Tennis, Basketball, and Volleyball

    Qualification Highlights:
    · Quick Learner · Perfectionist
    · Enjoys Challenges · Energetic
    · Enjoys Group Activities · Works Independently
    · Photogenic · Loyal to Company

    I absolutely love Fred The Show it’s hilarious and makes the whole family enjoy themselves. I’d love to work with Fred Figglehorn!
    I have not had much experience except some performances in my local theatre.
    I am a confident person when performing in front of people and enjoy myself onstage.
    I can put accents on and impressions if needed for the part.
    I would be greatful for any part.
    Please consider me for the part on the show. (;

  15. Jose Suero

    My name is Jose suero, I’m 20 yearls old and I’m from Dominican Republic but I’m living in the Bahamas Right now I Speak Speanish Fluently and ENglish I also know some portuguese how can I audition My dream is To become an actor I wish I could be in one of your shows…..please answer me.

  16. Margaret Carlson

    Name: Margaret Carlson
    Age: 11 going on 12 in October
    Race: Caucasian
    Home: New york (state)
    D.O.B: 10-18-00
    Sex: Female

    Trust me, I am obsessed with Lucas, and Corpse Bride, sorry, I love that movie, but yeah, I have acted a bunch of times and plan to do it again. Here, I don’t want to do this for money or fame, I would like it for the experience, and no, Im not acting now, its true, i would like the experience. I chose Fred: The Show to write this on because my fave tv show is this, so why not. I have to say, acting is one of my favorite things to do. I would have done this play, Aladdin, but it interfered with my 4H work. I was working with the Greene County Youth Fair that week. I was in a reanactment of the death of Julis Caeser, Willy Wonka, lemonade (lil miss muffet, I WAS 5!) Alice In Wonderland,what nothing better than to audition for a show?

  17. Lauren Mieczkowski

    Hello my name is Lauren Mieczkowski i am 14 years old 5″5. I live in Michigan. I would love to be on this show because i am intrested in acting and i can sing and are currently taking vocal lessons.
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Blue

  18. Lucas Mieczkowski

    Name:Lucas Mieczkowski
    Age: 11
    Birthday: April 17
    State: Michigan
    Race: White
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Weight: 103
    Height: 4’11
    Grade: 6th

    I am young, smart and an outgoing person. I love acting, and dancing. It has been a dream of mine, to be in the buisness since I was a little kid. It would be an amazing opportunity for me to be on a TV show. I take everything seriously, but sometimes I can be a little crazy. Thank you.

    -Lucas Mieczkowski

  19. Marcell Whitfield

    Dob: september 22,1997
    Ethnicity: African-America
    Talents: acting, singing, pianist, and violist

  20. Rachel Struck

    Hi my name is Rachel and I love to sing and dance and act. I’ve won solo’s for singing in my music class an have gotten lead roles In my schools music class. I think I would be great for this because I work really well with others and like to have a good time, although I’m serious when I need to be.

    Name: Rachel Struck
    DOB: Jan. 23 1997
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: green
    Weight: 120
    Height: 5’0″
    Body type: Curvy but fit; hourglass figure
    Hobbies: Dancing, acting, singing
    Race: Caucasian
    Location: Detroit

  21. Marina Parada

    Hi, my name is Marina
    Age: 13
    DOB: May6,1999
    Race: Hispanic
    Height: 5’4

    i like this show and i’m willing to give it a try , i can learn lines / rolls really easily . i am 13 but look older around 15/16 year old.

  22. kevin

    im a 11 my name is kevin moses 5’3 tall i love fred i watch fred online and his website i will love to be on this show

  23. Jeremy Harold

    I COULD DO THIS. I live and hour away from Boston. And I think I would be good. I’m really funny. And i know i could get along with Lucas. I don’t want a part for fame, I want It because i think i would be good!!! thanks

  24. Teniger Lee

    Hi my name is Teniger Lee I’m 17 and I’m going to cut straight to the chase I have been singing since I was 5, I can act kind of, I know how to play the guitar like I was playing One Direction “I Wish”. I can’t dance I will take work prefessionally I love to laugh and joke around and be serious when I have to I dance like a dieing chicken if that is possible I love being on stage it’s like a dream come true the feeling of being on stage is undeniably amazing feeling I never get nervous when i get up on stage and sing it’s like a second life for me once I get on stage I never want to get off I am African American, I have Brown, Hazel eyes,I’m 5″0, I love to smile and make people smile an dgive some one good advie or help even though I don’t think I give good advice but I try my best with all that being said I hope I get chosen if not I wish a congradulations to the person who was chosen
    – Teniger Lee xoxo

  25. Christina

    Name:Christina Polychronopoulou
    Eye color:brown
    Hair color:brown

    Hello!It is my dream to become an actress since I was 5 years old!I have a little experience too!I have participated in school perfomances!Well,I was born in Germany and I lived there for 5 years…But then my family and I went to Greece…and today I live in Greece!So,I know 3 languages:Greek,English and German!I can also sing and dance!

    Thank you for your time…!I will be waiting for an e-mail..!!!

  26. Diante Taylor

    Name: Diante Taylor
    DOB: June 30, 1999
    Age: 13
    Ethnicity: African American
    Location: Charleston, South Carolina
    Height: 5″7
    Weight: 130 lbs.
    I have been acting for 7 years and it would be great if I got picked! If I don’t get picked I know that there will be something else that I can audition for, and I would certainly be happy for the other people that did get picked! I have also auditioned for Disney and I have been in front of huge crowds of people and a camera before. I am in all honor classes and I also have good grades! I think that Fred is awesome and I would love to do the “Figgle Wiggle” with him someday! Hopefully, I get chosen!
    – Please and Thank You!

  27. Brittany Pearce

    I love fred! I have been in acting for a long time and would love to be on your show. I love fred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  28. Jessica Alvarez

    Hello im Jessica Alvarez
    Im from and live in Los Angeles California
    Iv been acting for 7 years now,Going on my 8th
    Height : 5’3
    Age: 14
    Hair : Brown and curly
    Eyes: Light brown
    Race: Hispanic and Asian
    Body Type: Athletic
    Hobbies : Cheerleading,Softball,Dancing and Fashion ,Comedy Skids
    I play guitar and love acting out any female personality
    Working with you guys would be an absolute honer.
    PLEASE contact me me for further information
    If I could have atleast 1 chance,you’ll see I WONT disappoint you:)
    -Sincerely Jessica Alvarez

  29. Margelia Perez

    Hello there, my names Margelia but i like to be call Mar for short. I was raised in L.A but I now currently live in Richmond, Ca. Since I was little I love to act, dance, sing & of course be on T.V. At first I might seem like a very shy girl but the more i see or spent time with people the more I get used to them. I don’t really have any experience but if you never give a girl a chance when is she gonna have any ? It’s been a dream of mine to act, specially in comedy because I enjoy making people laugh. Besides this being my dream, i really want to do this because i want to make my parents proud of me. Well , i’m just a girl with high expectations, (:

    Margelia Perez
    14 years
    Played Co-ed Soccer , Girl’s Soccer , & Girl’s Volleyball.
    In Middle School I had Dance Class .
    I’m a good writer

  30. rida chetbane

    i live in holland en i am taking acting classes people say that i’m very funny en a good actor two i am a male en i am 15 years old i want to go to america end become a great actor i have black hair end brown eyes my hobby’s are soccer,reading en swimming thank you all end i hope that you gonna pick me for this show if you want a pictture just email me thank you end pick me i am an very very good actor

  31. sheldon

    hi my name is sheldon ,i am 12 years old and i would love to be on this show , i have done plenty of camercials , photo shoots , and modeling so i am very experienced , i love to make people laugh and have fun wich is why i would probably fit great in this show.

  32. jade

    i really want to be on this show because i really love dancing, modeling, and acting. i always dance, act , and sing in the mirror at home. this was my dream from since i was 4. plz email me 😀 :) <3

  33. jade

    Hi, my name is jade. I would love to act in your tv show. Im funny, friendly, outgoing, pleasant and easy to learn. Im 11 yrs old and is in the 6th grade. Im so looking foward to this. plz email me 😀 :) <3

  34. whitney giroux

    Hi my name is whitney. I Really love acting and singing this is like a dream come true! I’m five foot three. I’m African American. I’ve been acting since I was 5 and singing since I was 7. If I choose me. Your not going to be sorry. I dont have an agent because my family doesnt believe in me. Please email me with any questions. Oh yah im 14 ill be 15 in march. Plz. Ill be a big star one day. Ill work so hard you will cry. This is my dream. I need someone to belirve in me

  35. Javier Ochoa

    Hi, my name is Javier Ochoa. i am 13 years old. my date of birth is : January 15, 1999. i have experience in acting/ singing. i have been in a few play like : twus one crazy night before christmas, the true story of cinderella, and aladin jr. i have been a model but when i was a baby. i have VERY dark brown hair, brown eyes, and i am 5’3. i would love to be part of a TV show, that is my dream.
    thanks, Javier

    please write back if you can!!

  36. Sidney Hernandez

    HELLO!!!!! my name is sydney & i am athletic, sweet, & caring i would love to be on this show as A GUEST STAR please it would mean a-lot to me if you give a chance then in the future when i am famous i will say that i started on this show & give all my props to you who made it ALL come true. I am a lean pretty average kid like fred, i would get along with the crew pretty well pick me i am 5ft’41/2 inch give me a shot please and you wont regret it! i am 14 & i just turned this age on july the 7th keep in touch with me

  37. joe

    NAME – Joe
    ETHNICITY – Caucasian
    Height – 5’8
    EYE COLOR – brown
    HAIR COLOR -black
    AGE – 15, turning 16 in august
    PERSONALITY – funny, active, loves to have fun and laugh
    WHAT DO I DO ON MY FREE TIME – hang out with friends, play sports and rest
    WHAT DO I WANT TO DO WHEN I GET OUT OF HIGHSCHOOL – i would like to be in the entertainment business of some sort.

    Thank you for reading this,

  38. Emiezo Dania

    Hi, my name is Emiezo Dania, I’m 12 years of age, 5’9, Nigerian and Brazilian, I have short curly hair, and brown eyes. This would be a great opportunity for me to use my experiance in acting. I have auditioned for many shows and have had many singing gigs. Thank you.

  39. Jordan

    Name: Jordan Hobson
    Age: 12
    Birthday: October 13,1999
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: 4’11
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue

    I live in Taylorsville,IN and would love to be part of this show I really enjoy acting, even though I don’t have any big expirience, If I was given a chance, I could pursue my dream of acting. I enjoy Fred, and I was addicted to his show on youtube. I would really aprreciate if you have me this oppurtunity. Thanks

  40. MacKenzie Rentz

    Name: MacKenzie Rentz
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    DOB: 5/25/99
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
    Skin Color: White
    I really love acting! So, pick me? (:

  41. Yves EsApa

    Name: Yves EsApa
    born: 10 11 1995
    Eye Color: black
    Hair Color: black
    Height: 5″11
    Age: 16
    Language: english (brittish accent and an american accent), spanish
    Hobbies: singing and acting

    Hi this is a bit of facts about me. Two more things are that im a boy and i live in florida
    Thanks for taking your time reading this. Contact me ASAP

  42. Maria Carbajal

    Name: Maria Lourdes Carbajal
    Age: 18
    Birthday: March, 26, 1994
    Race: Hispanic
    Height: 5”2
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    I’m from Riverside, California. I love singing, dancing and acting. I’ve never done anything professionally but I would love to one day. Ive singed in places and ive acted in plays before and it was really fun! I’m very out going I like to meet new people and just have a good time. It would be an amazing experience if I do get in audition for this. Singing and acting is my passion I always wanted to do something big with acting or singing. Hope to hear from you guys thank you.

  43. oshusnae callender

    Name: Oshusnae Callender
    Age: 12
    Hoddies: play, do pranks, shop, watch t.v
    Apperence: tall,skinny,brow hair,brow eyes, brown skinned
    Sex: female
    favourite sports: soccer, football, basketball, volleyball ,kickball

    I would love to be on the show because my brother and i would watch fred videos on youtube. I don’t have acting experence, but i’d write plays and practice them my self in my room. I have always wanted to be a actress even my friends know how much i want this. If i get this role i want some one fun and energenic. Thaxx for reading<3

  44. Summer Moore

    Hi I’m summer Moore I have brow eyes and long wavy dirty blonde hair. I love fred the show I think its awesome I’m fun nice and outgoing. My friends say that I’m funny and I would love to be on this show I live in Fenton Michigan I am 12 years old. I have always wanted to be an actress I have acted for 3 years and I love acting because I love acting like a total different person. My favorite things to do are act and sing. I can speak French but mainly I speak english I love trying new things and going on adventures and I hope you pick me.
    Sincerely, Summer Moore

  45. Vasco Sanders

    Heyy Nickelodeon i want to be on Fred The Show because i would totally fit into the show because of my personality and i have been acting for about three years and i have now have thought about taking it serious if you give me a chance you’ll see why i should be on the show thanks see you when i see you.

  46. Israel Hadley

    Hey my name is israel, I really enjoy watching fred the show
    im 15
    Born in florida
    love acting
    Gender: Male
    and it would be soooooooooo cool to be on the show!! Hope to hear from someone soon


  47. Mae

    Hello Im Mae. I am 12 years old and I live in Canada. I have always loved fred. He is just so funny and annoying.

    Ive acted in plays before but not on television. I do strive to suceed in life with becoming and Actress or a Drama Teacher. I want to try things new and experience the fun.

    Im always hyper active, kind, fun, bubbly etc. But i can be a serious person when needed to do so :).

    I hope that I get considered. :))

  48. Deissy

    Name:Deissy Garcia
    Height :5’4
    Hair color:brown-blonde
    Personality:Down to earth,funny,loud but I can calm down,I been acting all my life but I unfortunately never tired going professional even though my drama teacher thinks I should so if you can consider me and get back to me please and thank you

  49. Naudia Moore

    My name is Naudia i am 13 years old and i would like to be part of your cast on the show, because i’m experienced in acting.I want to be part of this show because it is hilarious and watch it everytime it comes on. So, i hope you choose me to be on the show, if not its okay.

  50. Sheryl Voltaire

    Name: Sheryl Voltaire
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: brown
    Age: 11
    Talent: I sing and play the recorder.
    I love Fred the show and I would be perfect to star in the show. I relate to Fred because people always say I’m weird.

  51. selena rendon

    OMG i would totally love to be on fred:the show!! i want to be part in the hilarious tv show! it would be a pleasure to be in the show. Of course i want start acting cause i havent been in one but now i think is a good start! i’m 12 years old and live in visalia and i hope my dreams come true! thankyou:)

  52. Jesse Timmerman

    im 13 years old and i would love to be on this show because its just like fred movie so i would be perfect for it because i can be goofy when i need to be and serious when i need to be. I would love to have a big part since im a good actor being at the top of my performing arts class.But if the big parts are full ill be happy to fill in anywhere

  53. denver colt

    Hello. My name is Denver Colt.
    eye color: Green
    Talent: I play guitar, bass and drums. I am good at improv acting
    Other: I have been in a couple popular local internet shows from RED C 2 entertainment . I like to write. I am good with kids and love making people laugh. I think even if I do not get a speaking park, I would love to be an extra.

  54. leah seitner

    name: leah seitner
    D.O.B: 7/17/99
    eye color: green
    hair color:dark brown
    location: orlando, florida
    talents: acting and modeling
    i love love love this show , it’s amazing , it would be life changing if i could sctually be a part of the show , thankyou ,much love :)

  55. Brianna

    Im Brianna
    Im 16
    i live in Georgia
    Im a female
    I am mixed but i have a white skin color
    I have Hazel eyes
    I act, sing, and dance
    I can do a British accent fairly well to be believable
    My hobbies are singing, acting, and danceing
    Please email me about auditions.
    Thank you for your time
    Brianna Flowers

  56. Shawna

    Hi, I am shawna and i am 16 years old and I love you, I watched all your videos on youtude and watch you get famous on ICarly, Do i belive your amazing? Yes, you are just the total package and its crazy, well enough about you. I am shawna as you already know i love to act and sing and when it comes to acting i will shoot for the moon and fall but get right back up some one once told me that “Strong people fall down Weak people stay down” so i have been falling for a long time but my father alway rise me to get back up again . <3

  57. Brianna Flores

    Age: 15 going on 16 on july 16th
    Height: 5’1
    Hair: long, brown
    Eyes: big, brown
    Body type: slim

    Hello, I am Brianna Flores, I live in Corpus Chrisit,TX i’m a sweet, loving, down-to-earth girl, I love meeting new people, I play tennis, I like to dance, and I love acting! When I was a little girl I knew instantly I wanted to be an actress I was so amazed how someone I don’t know could make me laugh,cry,smile,or be mad.. acting is truely beautiful and I know in high school people want to be doctors, nurses, teachers, but I always have and always will want to be an actress, and I hope to be able to follow my dreams wether its a main part in the show or a minor part. Just the opppertunity to be doing what I love would make my life complete. I hope I will be recieving an emai from you soon, I won’t let you down I will give it my all everyday, thank you for your time!

  58. T'erica Johnson

    Name:T’erica Johnson
    Eye color: brown
    Race: African American
    Hair color: brown
    Acting experiences: School Musicals(How To Successed In Bussiness Without Really Trying, Curtains), In The Devils Garden(student play)

  59. Rachel Arzu

    Hellur! My name is Rachel, I am 13 years old and I would just love to be a part of this! I’m 5”6 with black medium hair that can be curled if needed. I’m skinny and tall. I have brown eyes and I’m brown-skinned. I am a very comedic Hispanic girl (I speak Spanish and English) and I can also be serious. I love to have fun, be loud and be crazy! I’m always my self and i am hoping this could be my big break into the acting business. Thank you for reading this and i Hope i get a part in this!

  60. Daniela Ramirez

    Hi, my name is Daniela
    Age: 11 almost 12
    DOB: July 17,2000
    Race: Hispanic
    Height: 5’5

    Well what could I say. I am the biggest Fred fan in the WORLD. It would be an honor if you chose me to work with Lucas. He inspires me to be as wacky and crazy as I am, sometimes I could even get annoying. I love to be wacky, crazy, and I love dancing. I am from San Diego CA and once again it would be an honor if you chose me to work with Fred.
    Thanks for your time

  61. alexis sanchez

    i love fred i think i would be able to land a part because i love acting and i think i can land a part! im 11 and i think being on the show would be good for me.

  62. Cecilia

    OMG i <LOVE3 Fred and i love his show! me and my friends are always acting crazy together and its awesome! i would LOVE to be on this show because i ive been involved with acting and this show looks like TONS of fun and me and my friends are really random and hilarious like Fred 😀

  63. Destiny La'mone Tatum Jr

    HEY HEY HEY, its TEDD, :) FRED’s new Friend………… I am the most scrumptious, Most chewy-est, Most chocolaty——– Oh sorry. I was reading the back of a box of cookies. I would be great for the FRED show and if you want i could play a spunky, wacky character on The up coming FRED MOVIE. I would be the perfect person for the Show just Letting You Know 😉

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